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Module 2

Arts and crafts


Cartoons and skills comic Traditional Period 2
Reading 1

Warming up:
1. What’s your favourite cartoon character? 2. Do you know how to make a cartoon?

Listen to the tape and pay attention to the conjunction of each paragraph.
What is Jason learning about? Where did you find the information?

How many stages are there in the passage?

B.There are six stages of making a cartoon. Read the first sentence of each paragraph in the article on page 51 and write the numbers 1-6 in the boxes.

Stage 1:Decide on _____________________________.

a. Make a rough sketch of the story. b. Have a_______________________________ good idea for a story. Stage 3:Make . c. Use a computer program to put the together. Stage pictures 4:Draw __________________________________ . d. Think about the characters. Stage 5:Putcolour ______________________________ . e. Add to the drawings. f. Record the voices and sound effects. Stage 6:Record _______________________________.

Stage 2:Think about _____________________________________.

Read Lines 1-8 and answer the questions.

First, you need to decide on some basic ideas for a story. This story is about a robot, Han. He always forgets things.

One day, Han meets his friends Sarah and Tim at the
underground station. He says, “I’m happy. I bought a new notebook. Now I won’t forget things.” Sarah says, “Yes. I have one too. Here it is.” Tim asks, “Where’s yours, Han?”

Han says, “Oh, no! I forgot to bring it!”

? decide to do something ? Tina's decided to go to Rome for her holidays. ? decide (that) ? It was decided that four hospitals should close. ? decide who/what/whether etc ? People have a right to decide how to spend their own money.

? decide on 决定、选定 ? What made you decide on Plan A? ? Have you decided on a date for the wedding?

? ? ? ?

decide to do sth make a decision to do sth be determined to do sth make up one’s mind to do sth

? character:n. 人物、角色 ? Yue Fei is a great historical character.

basic adj. 基础的,基本的 ? 拓展:base— basis (n.)基础— basic (adj.)基 本的— basically (adv,)基本上

What are basic ideas?
What is the story about? The story is about a robot.

Place? Basic ideas

At the underground station.


Han Tim Sarah

Read Lines 9-13 and answer the questions.

In the second stage, think about the kinds of characters you want and what they will look like. Han is a tall robot. He has square eyes. They are actually video cameras. Tim wears glasses, so he looks clever. Sarah is a pleasant girl. She has straight, black hair.


:the raised area in a theatre which actors or singers stand on when they perform

? on stage ? She is on stage for most of the play.

think –thought-thought
? Do you think I should call him?
? think of /about sth /doing sth 考虑、思考 ? I had never thought of becoming an actor. ? I’m thinking about going to Paris for vacation. ? 拓展:think of:想起、记起 ? I can’t think of his name. what do you think of/about sb/sth? (=used to ask someone for their opinion) What do you think of your new school?

video camera

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

forget v. 忘记 forget to do 忘记要做某事(动作没发生) I forget to turn off the light. forget doing 忘记做过某事(动作已发生) I forget opening the door.

? look like 看上去像 ? Tom looks like his father. ? 拓展:提问长相: What do/ dose sb. look like? ? 提问性格: What is sb. like?

Read Lines 14-20 and do True (T) or False (F).
Now make a rough sketch of the story. 1.Now make a detailed sketch of pictures the story. Next, use a computer to draw detailed and add 2.We should use a pen to draw detailed pictures. colour. Topicture make the characters and things appear tothe move, 3. Each should be made the same as each picture should one before it. be made a little different from the one 4.A computer program is used to put the pictures before it. as a In together the next stage, a film. computer program is used to put the pictures together as a film.

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

add… to…& add to add… to… 把……加到……上 Please add some salt to the water. add to 添加,增添(欢乐、困难等抽象名词) Do you have anything to add to the list?

? appear v.=seem 显得,看来,似乎 ? A woman suddenly appeared in the doorway. ? 拓展:appear (to be)+ adj./ n. ? She appears (to be) happy at the news. ? appear to do sth. ? You appear to travel quite a lot.

? a little& a bit ? 1) 两者都可以作副词用,用来修饰形 容词(原级或比较级),或动词。 ? I’m a little/ bit hungry. ? 2) 用作形容词做定语时,a little修饰 不可数名词,而a bit后面加of再加不可 数名词。 ? There’s a little water.= There’s a bit of water.

Read Lines 21-26 and put the items in the correct box on the following slide.

Finally, record the voices and sound effects. The actors will do the characters’ voices. Their speech must match the pictures. Sound effects, like the noise of the underground, must also be added separately. After everything has been checked, the cartoon is ready to be played for everyone to enjoy.


? ? ? ? ? ?

拓展:record n. 记录 set the record创造记录 break the record打破记录 hold the record保持记录 record v. 录音 I’ve recorded the whole concert.

? be ready to do sth. 已完成某事, 准备好做某事 ? The contract will be ready to sign in two weeks. ? 拓展:be/ get ready for sth. 为 ……做好准备 Are you ready for your test?


Sound effects

? Do you think this outfit matches? ? Your socks don't match. ? We painted the cabinets green to match the rug.

? separate something into something ? Separate the students into four groups. ? First, separate the eggs (=divide the white part from the yellow part).

? different: ? Use separate knives for raw and cooked meat. ? Keep the chicken separate from the other food.

? My wife and I sleep on separate beds.

Let’s retell the text. You may begin like this:

First, need to , decide on

Second, think about , characters you want, look like There are six stages of making a cartoon. First, some basic ideas Third, sketch arerough decided on. Second, the characters and their six for a story appearances are thought about. Third, a rough sketch of the story stages Forth, use..to., To make..appear move, each picture, a little different is made. Fourth, detailed pictures are to drawn and colour is added. You should make each picture a little different from the one before it to make the and things appear Fifth, a characters computer program, is used to, to asmove. a film. Fifth, a computer program is used to put the pictures together as a film. Finally, FInally, the voices and sound effects are recorded to match think about , characters you want, look like the pictures.



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