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【创新方案湖北】2015届高三英语复习讲义(课前基础互动探究课后知能提升):必修二Unit 1 Cultural relics


Unit 1 Cultural relics

(2013 浙江高考)请以“One Thing I'm Proud of”为题,用英语写一篇 100-120 个词的短 文,记述一件你自己认为得意的事情。要求如下: 1.记述事情经过; 2.简要说明你感到得意的原因或从中得到的启示。 One Thing I'm Proud of I still remember how I became a good table tennis player.The first day I went to high school, I saw some of my classmates playing table tennis. Amazed at how skilful they were, I was determined to be just as good. ①Later on, I often watched them carefully to learn their techniques. ②Then I kept practicing until I became confident enough to challenge the good players. At the end of the term, I became one of the best players in my class. I am really proud of this experience, because it helps me realize that we all can fulfil our potential and achieve our goals through hard work. It also helps me better understand the proverb “Practice makes perfect.”

句型转换 1.Later on, I often watched them carefully to learn their techniques. →Later on, I often watched them carefully so_that_I_could_learn_their_techniques.(改写为 目的状语从句) 2.Then I kept practicing until I became confident enough to challenge the good players. →Then I didn't_stop_practicing_until I became confident enough to challenge the good players.(用 not ... until 改写)

Ⅰ.词海拾贝 ?基础记忆 1.rare adj. 稀罕的;稀有的;珍贵的 2.design n. 设计;图案;构思 vt. 设计;计划;构思 3.fancy adj. 奇特的;异样的 vt. 想象;设想;爱好 4.remove vt. 移动;搬开 5.former adj. 以前的;从前的 6.worth prep. 值得的;相当于??的价值 n. 价值;作用 adj. (古)值钱的 7.local adj. 本地的;当地的 8.sink vi. 下沉;沉下 9.debate n. 争论;辩论 vi. 争论;辩论 10.valuable adj.贵重的;有价值的→value n.& vt.价值;重视→invaluable adj.极有用 的 极宝贵的 11.survive vi.幸免;幸存;生还→survival n.幸存→survivor n.幸存者 12.amaze vt.使吃惊;惊讶→amazing adj.令人吃惊的→amazed adj.吃惊的→amazement n.惊奇 13.select vt.挑选;选择→selection n.选择 14.decorate v.装饰;装修→decoration n.装饰 15.doubt n.怀疑;疑惑 vt.怀疑;不信→doubtful adj.怀疑的;不确定的 16.evidence n.根据;证据→evident adj.明显的;明白的

?语境记忆 17.It is necessary that we master some basic skills, which will greatly increase our chances of survival.Luckily, I survived the terrible car crash last week and I was the only survivor of the accident.(survive) 18.There is no doubt that Catherine is doubtful of her future, for she doubts whether she can continue to work.(doubt) 19.It was evident that all the evidence we collected proved him to be guilty.(evident) ?篇章记忆 The castle of that dynasty was designed in a fancy style.One palace was decorated with carefully selected valuable and rare jewels and it had a beautiful entrance.To our amazement, it survived a great explosion once, which is evidently in doubt. Ⅱ.短语互译 1.属于 belong_to 2.作为报答;回报 in_return 3.处于交战状态 at_war 4.拆开 take_apart 5.而不是 rather_than 6.in search of 寻找 7.serve as 充当;起作用 8.less than 少于 9.think highly of 看重;器重 10.develop an interest in 培养对??的兴趣 Ⅲ.句型一览 1.could not/never have done 本不可能做?? Frederick William Ⅰ, the King of Prussia, could_never_have_imagined (绝不可能想到) that his greatest gift to the Russian people would have such an amazing history. 2.There is no doubt that ... 毫无疑问?? There_is_no_doubt_that (毫无疑问) the boxes were then put on a train for K? nigsberg, which was at that time a German city on the Baltic Sea. 3.what 引导名词性从句 After that, what_happened (所发生的一切) to the Amber Room remains a mystery. 4.“疑问 词+不定式”作宾语 In a trial, a judge must decide which_eyewitnesses_to_believe_and_which_not_to_believe (哪些证人的话可信,哪些不可信). Ⅳ.语法自测——限制性定语从句和非限制性定语从句完成句子 1.My brother bought a ring for my mother, on_which/where_there_is_amber,_and my mother loves it very much.(be) 我哥哥给我母亲买了一枚戒指,上边有琥珀,我母亲非常喜欢。 2.These articles are written in simple language, which_makes_them_easy_to_read.(read) 这些文章是用简单的语言写的,这使得它们读起来很容易。 3.The preschool teacher in Henan Province who_held_a_child upside down by the legs and exposed him to the cold weather was fired.(hold) 河南幼儿园女教师倒提孩子到教室外受冻被开除。 4.Life is like a game_where_you_play_five_balls in the air — work, family, health, friends and spirit.(play) 生活就如一场游戏,你在同时玩耍五个球,即工作、家庭、健康、友谊和精神。 5 . It was written in 1946, since_when_the_education_system_has_undergone great changes.(undergo) 它写于 1946 年,自那以来教育体系发生了巨大变化。


1.survive vt.比??活得长;幸免于;从(困境中)挺过来 vi.幸免;幸存;生还 (1)A survive B (by ...) A 比 B 活得(长??) survive sth. 幸免于;从??中挺过来/活过来 survive on 依靠??生存下来 (2)survivor n. 幸存者 survival n. [U]幸存;[C]残存物 ①Chinese firms have increasingly turned to overseas markets to acquire the knowledge they need to survive at home. 中国企业越来越转向海外市场以获得在国内生存所需的知识。 ②Of all the museum's paintings, only one survived the fire. 在这次火灾中,该博物馆的全部藏画仅有一幅幸免于难。 【 语 境 串 记 】 The old man survived the tsunami, but nobody knew how he survived.Finally, he survived his wife by 10 years. 这位老人在海啸中幸免于难,但是没有人知道他是如何幸存的。最后,他比他的妻子多 活了 10 年。 【对点练习】 根据英汉提示完成小片段 这个小女孩是大地震中整个家庭的唯一幸存者。 她告诉记者她在被埋的日子里只能依靠 很少的食物生存。我想她的幸存真是一个奇迹。 The little girl was the only survivor who survived the strong earthquake in the family. She told the reporter that she had to survive_on little food during the days when she was buried. I think her survival was a real wonder. 2.design n.图样;设计 vt.设计;计划;构思 (1)by design (= on purpose) 故意地;蓄意地 (2)design sb./sth. to do sth. 打算让??从事?? design sth. for ... 为??而设计某物 be designed for/to do sth. 计划做;打算用来做 ①The system has been designed to give students quick and easy access to the digital resources of the library.(浙江高考) 设计这个系统的目的是给学生们快速且容易地使用图书馆电子资源的机会。 ②Do you think that he didn't turn up by accident or by design? 你认为他是偶然没出现还是故意没出现? 【对点练习】 Ⅰ.完成句子 ①I arrived in the classroom with paper cards designed_in_the_shape_of maple leaves.(design) 拿着设计成枫叶形状的卡片,我走进了教室。 ②This book which is_designed_to_help children read turns out a success.(design) 旨在帮助孩子阅读的这本书很成功。 Ⅱ.句式升级 ③This_book_designed_to_help_children_read_turns_out_a_success.( 用分词短语作定语改 写练习②) 3.remove vt.移动;搬开;开除;脱去;消除

remove ... from ... 把??从??移开 remove sb. from school 开除某人;勒令某人退学 remove one's doubt/trouble 消除某人的疑虑/烦恼 ①If a nest has four eggs and you remove one, the bird will not notice. 如果鸟窝里有 4 个蛋,你拿走了一个,鸟儿不会注意到这一点。 ②We shouldn't be too crazy about learning English, but it is also too extreme to remove English from college entrance exams. 我们不应该对于学习英语过于狂热,但高考取消英语也过于极端。 【对点练习】 写出下列句中 remove 的含义 ①Will you please remove your handbag from the seat?拿开 ②The boy removed his dirty shirt and threw it into the sink.脱掉 ③The top official was removed from office last week.开除 ④Mum's words eventually removed my doubts.消除 4.worth prep.值得的;相当于??的价值 n.价值;作用
? 值得??;值?? ?be worth + n. (1)worth? ?be worth doing 某事值得被做 ? (2)worthwhile adj. 值得做的;值得花 时间的 It's worthwhile doing/to do sth. 值得做某事

be worthy of + n. 应得某物 ? ? (3)worthy?be worthy of being done 某事值得被做 ? ?be worthy to be done 某事值得被做 ①I think Mount Tai is a true natural wonder and worth a visit. 我认为泰山是一个真正的自然奇迹,值得一游。 ②This article is well worth reading, but it is not worthy of being translated/to be translated. 这篇文章很值得一读,但不值得翻译。 【关键一点】 worth 一般只作表语,可用程度词 well 修饰;而 worthy 和 worthwhile 既可作表语又可作定语。 【对点练习】 Ⅰ.完成句子 ①I think that's a good sort of software worthy of being_downloaded_to_help_with your English.(download) 我认为那是一种值得你下载以帮助你学习英语的软件。 ②The book is excellent, which is worth reading_a_second_time.(read) 这本书很好,值得再看一遍。 ③I don't think it is worthwhile_to_take/taking_the_trouble_to_explain the question to him.(take) 我认为费力去给他解释这个问题是不值得的。 Ⅱ.一句多译 ④他的建议值得考虑。 ④-1His_suggestion_is_worth_considering/consideration.(worth) ④ - 2His_suggestion_is_worthy_of_consideration/to_be_considered/of_being_considered. (worthy) ④-3It_is_worthwhile_considering/to_consider_his_suggestion._ (worthwhile) 5.evidence n.根据;证据 ①Unless we have enough evidence, we can't win the case. 除非有足够的证据,否则我们就不能胜诉。

(1)There is some evidence that ... 有证据证明?? in evidence 显眼;显而易见 (2)evident adj. 明显的;明白的 be evident to sb. 对某人来说很明显 It's evident that ... 很明显?? ②There is some evidence that he was there that night. 一些证据证明那天晚上他在那里。 ③The first signs of spring are in evidence. 春天的最初迹象已显然可见。 【对点练习】 翻译句子 ①有一些迹象表明经济正在改善。 There_is_some_evidence_that_the_economy_is_improving. ②很显然,有一些人将会失业。 It_is_evident_that_there_will_be_some_job_losses. 6.debate v.& n.辩论;争论 ①In the 1920s there was a debate in the United States about jazz music. 在 20 世纪 20 年代,在美国关于爵士音乐存在了争论。 debate sth. with sb. ? ?1? ?和某人争论某事 debate with sb. about/on sth.? debate+wh疑问词+不定式 讨论;思考 (2)beyond debate 无可争辩 under debate 在讨论中;在争论中 ②He was debating whether to go for a walk or to visit a friend. 他在考虑是去散步还是去访友。 ③The motion under debate was put to a vote. 辩论中的提议已付诸表决。 【对点练习】 Ⅰ.用 debate 的适当形式填空 ①This is one of the most hotly debated issues today. ②They were_debating what to do next when I came in. Ⅱ.完成句子 ③One_of_the_questions_under_debate over education in many colleges is whether education is a lifetime study.(debate) 在许多大学,在争论中的许多教育问题之一是教育是否是终生的学习。 ④I think it is no use debating_it_with_him over the matter for such a long time.(debate) 我认为就这件事情与他讨论这么久是没用的。 7.in search of 寻找;搜寻;寻求 (1)in one's search for 寻找 (2)search sth./sb. 搜查某物/搜身 search for = look for 寻找 search ... for ... 为找到??而搜查?? ①The rescue workers removed the bricks and stones with bare hands in search of any survivor in the earthquake. 救援人员徒手移去砖石,搜寻地震中的幸存者。 ②The police searched the suspect but found no weapon on him. 警察搜查了嫌疑犯,但在他身上没有发现武器。 【关键一点】 名词 search 前有 the, a 或 one's 等限定词时,介词常用 for; in search of 结构中 search 前不带任何限定词。search 作动词用时, search 的宾语是指搜查的范围,可 以是人、物或地点;而搜寻要找的人或物时,要加介词 for。

【对点练习】 介、副词填空 ①If left alone outside, dogs and cats can be very smart in their search for warm shelter. ②Scientists are in search of a cure for the disease. ③After a long search for the murder weapon, the police found a knife. ④Firefighters searched the buildings for survivors. 8.belong to 属于;为??的一员 ①Nothing can change the fact that the Diaoyu Islands belong to China. 没有什么能改变钓鱼岛属于中国这个事实。 ②As is known to us, China is a country belonging to the Third World. 众所周知,中国是一个属于第三世界的国家。 【关键一点】 (1)belong to 表示“是??的财产;是??的组成部分;是??的成员(属于)”。不用于 被动语态和进行时态;作后置定语时常用现在分词形式。 (2)belong 还可用于除 to 以外的其他介词或副词前面, 表示“某人/某物处在适当的位置; 在这个地方正合适/有用”。 【对点练习】 完成句子 ①Professor Williams keeps telling his students that_the_future_belongs_to the welleducated.(belong) 威廉姆斯教授总是告诉学生未来属于受到良好教育的人。 ②In my opinion, you'd better put the book where/to_which_it_belongs.(belong) 依我看来,你最好把书放回应放置的地方。 9.in return 作为报答;回报 in return for 作为对??的回报 in turn 依次;逐个地;转而;反过来 ①We give dogs time, space and love we can spare, and in return, dogs give us their all. 我们给予狗我们能腾出来的闲暇时间、 多余的空间和爱, 作为回报狗也会把它们的一切 给予我们。 ②I invited him to dinner in return for his kindness. 为了报答他的好心,我邀请他吃晚饭。 【对点练习】 选词填空(in return/in turn) ①He has given me so much help that I really want to do something for him in_return. ②He spends too much time on maths, and this in_turn affects the progress of his other subjects. 10.think highly of 看重;器重;对??评价高 (1)think well/much of ... 认为??好;对??评价高 think ill/poorly/little of ... 认为??不好;对??评价不高 think nothing of 不把??当回事 (2)speak highly/well of ... 高度赞扬?? speak ill of ... 说??的坏话 (3)sing high praise for ... 高度赞扬?? ①The manager thought highly of the young man's performance in the company. 经理对年轻人在公司的表现给予了高度评价。 ②She sang high praise for the teacher, although she complained about his strictness. 尽管抱怨老师过于严格,她还是高度赞扬了他。 【关键一点】 当 think highly/well/much of ... 用于被动语态时,副词应放于其修饰的 动词前,即 be highly/well/much thought of。 【对点练习】

完成句子 ①Run Run Shaw, one of the pioneers of the 20th century Chinese film industry, who_was_highly_thought_of,_died at the age of 107.(think) 受到高度评价的 20 世纪中国电影业的开拓者之一邵逸夫逝世,享年 107 岁。 ②Thinking_nothing_of_the_heavy_snow,_he walked on.(think) 他没有把大雪当回事,继续向前走。

11.select/fancy/decorate ①select vt. 挑选;选择 select sb. to do sth. 选拔某人做某事 selection n. 选择;选拔 ②fancy adj. 奇特的;异样的 vt. 想象;设想;爱好 fancy doing sth. 想要做某事 fancy goods 装饰品 ③decorate v. 装饰;装修 decorate sth. with sth. 用??装饰?? decoration n. 装饰品;装饰 【对点练习】 完成句子 ①It's the second time that six theatre companies have_been_selected_to_take_part_in this festival.(select) 六个剧团第二次被选定参加戏剧节。 ②She had her room decorated_with_flowers last week.(decorate) 上周她用鲜花装饰她的房间。 ③I_don't_fancy_staying at home tonight.(stay) 我今晚不想待在家里。

1. There_is_no_doubt_that the boxes were then put on a train for K? nigsberg, which was at that time a German city on the Baltic Sea. 毫无疑问,这些箱子后来被装上火车运往哥尼斯堡,当时德国在波罗的海边的一座城市。 【句型透视】(1)There is no doubt that ... 为固定句型,意为“毫无疑问”, that 引导的从 句为同位语从句,说明 doubt 的内容。 Although Gaokao is a great milestone in their lives, there is no doubt that Chinese students and parents will remember it as a time of worry and pressure. 在中国学生和家长一生中, 虽然高考是一座伟大的里程碑, 毫无疑问他们将记得这是一 段有担心和压力的日子。 (2)doubt 用作名词时,在肯定句中用 whether (不可用 if)引导同位语从句;在否定句中用 that 引导同位语从句;动词 doubt 在肯定句中,其后多跟 if/whether 引导的宾语从句;在否 定/疑问句中接 that 引导的宾语从句。 There is some doubt whether he can win the first prize. 他是否能赢得一等奖还有些疑问。 (3)类似句型还有:


? ?no need to do sth. 没有必要做某事 clause 有/没有可能?? ①There is+?a/no possibility thata chance that 有可能?? ? ?no hurry to do sth. 不急于做某事
②It is no use/no good doing sth.做某事没有用处/好处 It is no wonder thatclause (= No wonder thatclause ...) 难怪;怪不得?? There is no point (in) arguing with them about it. 和他们争论这事没有意义。 There is a possibility that the company will suffer a great loss this month. 这个月公司有可能遭受巨大损失。 【对点练习】 用适当的引导词填空 ①There is no doubt that they will benefit from regular exercise. ②I doubt whether/if the new one will be any better.③I don't doubt that Chinese diet is the healthiest in the world. ④There is some doubt whether he will come soon. 2.In a trial, a judge must decide which eyewitnesses to believe and which_not_to_believe. 在审判中,法官必须断定哪些证人可以相信,哪些证人不能相信。 【句型透视】该句为“疑问词+不定式”结构,在句中作宾语。whether, what, which, whom, who, where, when, how 等加不定式构成的结构在句中起名词作用, 可以作主语、 表语和宾语。 When and where to go on an outing hasn't been decided yet. 何时何地去郊游还没有决定。 No one could tell me where to buy the interesting book. 没有人能告诉我在哪儿能买到这本有趣的书。 【对点练习】 完成句子 ①When_and_where_to_hold the meeting remains to be discussed further.(hold) 何时何地举行会议有待于进一步讨论。 ②The question is how_to_find_him as soon as possible. (find) 问题是如何尽快找到他。

no point ?in? doing sth.做某事没有意义

Ⅰ.单词拼写 1. They debated (讨论) with each other about/on the environment protection and economic growth. 2.His car fell into a deep valley.Luckily he survived (幸存) the accident. 3.This course is designed (设计) as an introduction to the subject. 4.Informal (非正式的) clothes are suitable for wearing at home or in ordinary situations. 5.We found further scientific evidence (证据) for this theory. 6.Some firefighters put out the fire before the car exploded (爆炸). 7.Who has been selected (挑选) to take part in the project? 8.I don't fancy (喜欢) going out in such bad weather. 9.We were busy decorating (装饰) the house for Christmas. 10.It was not until he removed (摘掉) his sunglasses that I recognized him. Ⅱ.选词填空 in turn, be highly thought of, belong to, take…apart, search for, protect… from, on doubt,

survive, rather than 1.It's wellknown that cultural relics belong_to human beings rather_than individuals. 2.The plan was_highly_thought_of;_as a result, it came first in the competition. 3.My watch stopped, so I took it apart to check it. 4.Theory is based on practice and in_turn serves practice. 5.Some people try their best to search_for cultural relics and take possession of them illegally. 6.There is no_doubt_that it is our duty to protect cultural relics. 7.Some of them have been damaged while only a few survive. 8.Everyone of us should make efforts to protect cultural relics from being destroyed. Ⅲ.根据汉语提示,选用练习Ⅱ中的句子,加入适当过渡词后联句成篇 1.众所周知,文化遗产属于全人类而不是个人。 2.有些人想方设法寻找它们,并非法占有它们。 3.其中一些文化遗产已遭破坏,只有少数幸免于难。 4.我们每一个人都应尽最大努力避免它们遭到破坏。 5.毫无疑问,保护好文化遗产是我们的责任。 It's wellknown that cultural relics belong to human beings rather than individuals. However, some people try their best/take great pains to search for them and take possession of them illegally. Some of them have been damaged while only a few survive. Therefore, everyone of us should make efforts to protect them from being destroyed, for there is no doubt that it is our duty to protect cultural relics.

Ⅰ.多项选择 1.(2014· 湖北省八校联考)Electrical products no longer in use contain dangerous materials which can be released into the environment when they are________. A.taken apart B.given away C.fixed up D.handed over 解析:选 A 考查动词短语辨析。句意:当把不再使用的电子产品拆开时,电子产品含 有的有害物质会释放到环境中。take ...apart 意为“拆卸;拆开”;give away 意为“泄露; 失去;赠送”;fix up 意为“安排;修理”;hand over 意为“交出;交付;交给”。 2. (2014· 天门市、 仙桃市、 潜江市高三期末)Ever since the middle of December, trees in the streets have been ________ with lights, which reminds us of the coming festival. A.crowded B.rewarded C.decorated D.designed 解析:选 C 考查动词辨析。句意:从 12 月中旬开始,人们就用各种灯具来装饰街边 的树木,这让我们想起了即将到来的节日。A 项意为“拥挤;挤满”;B 项意为“报酬;酬 谢”;C 项意为“装饰;布置”;D 项意为“设计;构思”。分析题干可知,灯具应该是装 饰树的,故 decorated 符合题意。 3.(2014· 泉州模拟)Chinese people between the ages of 18 and 70 read 6.7 books ________ last year, including paper books and ebooks. A.on purpose B.on average C.in return D.in common 解析:选 B 句意:去年年龄在 18 岁至 70 岁的中国人平均读了 6.7 本书,包括纸质书

和电子书。on average“作为平均数,通常”; on purpose“故意地”; in return“作为回 报”; in common“共同”。 4.(2014· 北京东城模拟)As a comic (小品演员), Mr.Zhao is always ________ by the audience all over the country. A.thought little of B.thought poorly of C.highly thought of D.thought nothing of 解析:选 C 句意:作为一名小品演员,赵先生总是得到全国观众的高度评价。 think highly of“对??评价高”,此处用其被动语态。 5.As it is ________for this virus to be directly spread from birds to humans, there is no need to panic about killing birds. A.substantial B.arbitrary C.rare D.apparent 解析:选 C 考查形容词辨析。句意:因为这种病毒很少直接由鸟传播到人身上,所以 不必对捕杀鸟类感到恐慌。substantial“大量的;实质的”;arbitrary“任意的”;rare“稀 有的”;apparent“明显的”。故 C 项正确。 6.The spokesman said that this was a ________ negotiation because it solved a lot of problems between the two sides. A.decorative B.defensive C.protective D.productive 解析:选 D 考查形容词辨析。句意:发言人说这是一次有成果的商谈,因为它解决了 两方之间的很多问题。productive“有成果的,富有成效的”,符合句意。 7.With no immediate________of a crime, police declared the explosion in the factory was simply an accident. A.defence B.assumption C.prediction D.evidence 解析:选 D 考查名词辨析。句意:没有直接的犯罪证据,警方宣布工厂里的爆炸只是 个意外。defence“保护”;assumption“假设”;prediction“预测”;evidence“证据”。 故 D 项正确。 8.The authorities will ________ the case further before they can come to a conclusion about it. A.look out B.look up C.look through D.look into 解析:选 D 考查动词短语辨析。句意:官方要对此案做进一步调查才能得出结论。根 据句意可知选 D,look into“调查”。look out“找出”;look up“查阅”;look through“浏 览”。 9.There is no doubt that these cultural relics ________ the state should return to their state. A.belonging to B.referring to C.devoting to D.appealing to 解析:选 A 句意:毫无疑问,属于这个国家的这些文化遗产应该回到国内。 belong

to“属于”,符合句意。 10.It is common ________ to give children some lucky money on Chinese New Year's Eve. A.debate B.practice C.knowledge D.belief 解析: 选 B 句意: 在除夕之夜给孩子红包是普遍的惯例。 debate“辩论”; practice“惯 例,通常的做法”; knowledge“知识”; belief“信仰,信念”。 Ⅱ.完成句子 1.A lot of people often forget that oral exams are_designed_to_test our communicative ability.(design) 很多人经常忘记设计口语测试是用来检测我们的交际能力的。 2.Up to now, thousands of red phone boxes, the old image of Britain, have_been_removed due to mobile phones.(remove) 至今,作为大不列颠的旧形象,数以千计的红色电话亭由于移动电话而被移除了。 3.When_and_where_to_build_the_new_school is still being discussed.(build) 什么时候在哪里建新学校仍然在讨论中。 4.Well_worth_reading,_the article needs to be translated into three languages.(worth) 这篇文章很值得一读,因此需要翻译成三种语言。 5 . In order not to fail in the interview where_100_people_would_compete,_Mary had prepared for a long time.(compete) 为了通过将有 100 人竞争的面试,Mary 已经准备了很长时间。 6. Whatever you have picked up, you should give it back to_whoever_it_belongs_to.(belong) 无论你捡到什么东西,你都应该物归原主。 7 . It was only when all the evidences had been showed to him that_he_admitted_the_mistakes.(admit) 直到所有的证据摆到他的面前他才承认错误。 8.Jonathan of whom_we_think_well/highly has just recovered from his operation and will come back to work soon.(think) 我们器重的乔纳森刚从手术中恢复过来,他将很快就会回来工作。 9.Mark is the best player at school, so the team leader has him_selected_into the national team.(select) Mark 是学校最好的运动员,所以队长让他入选国家队。 10.There_is_no_doubt_that it is human activity that has caused this global warming rather than a random but natural phenomenon.(doubt) 毫无疑问是人类活动而不是一个随机的自然现象导致全球变暖。 Ⅲ.完形填空 It was about the third week in June last year. My 15yearold son had already settled into his summer routine: go to __1__ at 2 am and wake up at 1 pm only to get back on his computer to play computer games __2__ dinner. It was the middle of the __3__ when the sound of his computer games woke me up again. I couldn't __4__ that any more and decided it was time for him to get a summer job. I got on the computer and found a lifeguard certification class that would __5__ the next day, and a company that __6__ teenagers to guard their pools. From that day I woke him up at 8 am every day for him to __7__ the class. At first, he continued to complain that I was __8__ his summer. But by the end of the week, he was actually __9__ going. He learned something about first aid, figured he really could __10__ someone from drowning, and got some ideas on how to __11__ work for a living. Two weeks later, he had a __12__ as a lifeguard. He took his responsibility very __13__ and never went to work late. This summer, he will be working fulltime at a pool. He says lots of his __14__ don't have jobs. And I say that is because their mothers didn't try __15__ enough! Even if your kid is extremely __16__ with finals and afterschool activities and doesn't have time, you can __17__ job information for him. Whether it is an ice cream store, a movie __18__,or a summer camp, you can ask if they are hiring __19__ for the summer. After your kid gets a job, pay attention to the __20__ to make sure

he is never late. 1. A.school B.study C.bed D.work 解析:选 C 从下文的“wake up”可知,他是凌晨两点才去睡觉的,故用 bed。 2. A.around B.until C.after D.during 解析:选 B 根据上文内容可知,15 岁的儿子总是玩电脑游戏,故应该是一直玩到晚 饭时间,应用 until。 3. A.night B.noon C.morning D.afternoon 解析:选 A 从上文可知,儿子总是凌晨两点才睡觉,故应是午夜时他玩电脑游戏的声 音又把作者吵醒了,所以用 night。 4. A.watch B.appreciate C.notice D.stand 解析:选 D 作者已经忍无可忍了,所以决定给他找份暑期工,故此处用 stand,表示 “容忍”。 5. A.last B.rest C.start D.develop 解析:选 C 作者发现了一个第二天开班的“救生员证书班”,所以用 start。 6. A.hired B.forced C.persuaded D.asked 解析:选 A 还有一家雇用青少年看管游泳池的公司,故用 hire,表示“雇用”。 7. A.give B.attend C.observe D.help 解析:选 B 从那以后,作者每天早上 8 点叫儿子起床去上课,故用 attend。 8. A.designing B.ruining C.enjoying D.joining 解析:选 B 儿子原来在假期一直玩电脑游戏,突然很规律地去上课,并不适应,所以 应是抱怨作者毁了他的暑假,故用 ruin,表示“毁坏”。 9. A.looking into B.looking out of C.looking down upon D.looking forward to 解析: 选 D 由“But”可知, 后来儿子应该是变得非常期待去上课了, 所以用 look forward to,表示“期待”。 10. A.recognize B.conduct C.save D.buy 解析:选 C 他学会了一些急救措施,能够救助溺水者,所以用 save,表示“救助”。 11. A.roughly B.luckily C.actually D.suddenly 解析:选 C 根据下文他得到了一份救生员的工作可知,此处是说他实际上懂得了如何 为谋生而工作,故用 actually,表示“事实上”。 12. A.job B.problem C.goal D.reward 解析:选 A 由后一句中的“never went to work late”可知,两周后,他有了一份工作, 故选 job。 13. A.slowly B.seriously C.calmly D.quickly 解析:选 B 根据空后的“never went to work late”可知,作者的儿子是非常认真负责的, 故用 seriously,表示“严肃地,认真地”。 14. A.teachers B.colleagues C.students D.friends 解析:选 D 儿子还是学生,故他应该是说他的很多朋友(friends)在暑假并没有工作。

15. A.hard B.fast C.early D.directly 解析:选 A 根据上下文语境可知,儿子的朋友们没有外出工作,这可能是因为他们的 母亲并没有(像作者这样)努力,所以选 hard。 16. A.clear B.excited C.busy D.disappointed 解析:选 C be busy with sth.是固定短语,表示“忙于做某事”。 17. A.write down B.think about C.wait for D.search for 解析:选 D 根据语境可知,作者认为即使孩子很忙没有时间,家长也应该为孩子寻找 一些工作信息,所以用 search for,表示“查找,搜寻”。 18. A.theatre B.square C.park D.factory 解析:选 A 根据常识可知,电影院是 movie theatre。 19. A.experts B.foreigners C.teenagers D.villagers 解析:选 C 根据全文尤其是“After your kid gets a job”可知,这里是指“是否为青少年 提供暑期工作岗位”,故用 teenagers。 20. A.habit B.schedule C.tradition D.determination 解析:选 B 根据空后的“make sure he is never late”可知,孩子找到工作后,家长要注 意(孩子的)时间表(schedule),以免他迟到。 Ⅳ.阅读理解

A British pub must never be confused with an American bar. Pubs are an important part of the life and culture in the UK. The word “pub” comes from “public house”. In older times, the term signified someone's house that had been opened to the public. A pub is truly the neighborhood's living room. There is no table service in English pubs. Order and pay at the bar. The barman or barmaid is very aware whose turn is next. Signal your readiness to make a purchase by holding money in your hand. All purchases are in cash. Not many pubs take credit cards. British pubs used to allow smoking, but not anymore. England banned smoking in pubs in 2007. While some parts of the UK have been slower to follow suit, some pub managers allow people to continue to smoke outside in the beer garden. But this is at the discretion ( 自行决定权) of the pub manager and should not be expected as a general rule. Proper British pub etiquette (礼节) requires people to offer to buy a replacement drink if they have accidentally spilled someone else's drink. The person may well refuse and not care much about the spilled drink. But it is still polite to make mention of it and you will be expected to at least offer to replace the drink that you have spilled. There is no tipping in an English pub! To offer a tip is to display your unfamiliarity with pub etiquette. If you have a particular helpful barman or barmaid, you may offer him or her a drink. He or she will then simply charge you for one additional drink and drink the beverage, but probably will wait until near closing time to do so. When the barman or barmaid rings the big bell, closing time has arrived. The publican rings the bell twice. First time, it means “last call”. Second time, it means “the bar is closed”. 语篇解读:本文告诉我们英国酒吧的一些习俗。 1.In what kind of British pub would you probably smoke? A.A pub which has a beer garden.

B.A pub whose manager allows the customer to smoke. C.A pub which is the neighborhood's living room. D.A pub whose manager is a smoker. 解析:选 B 细节理解题。根据文章第四段中的“some pub managers allow people to continue to smoke”可知,应选 B 项。 2.You should ________ when you spill someone else's drink by accident. A.make an issue of it B.apologize for it C.buy him a drink D.offer to pay for it 解析:选 C 细节理解题。根据文章第五段第一句可知,如果你不小心弄洒了别人喝的 东西,你要给他再买一杯。 3.If you tip the barman or barmaid, it shows ________. A.you don't know about British pub etiquette B.the barman or barmaid is helpful C.you expect it as a general rule D.you are satisfied with his or her service 解析:选 A 细节理解题。根据文章第六段前两句可知,如果你付小费,证明你不了解 英国酒吧的礼节。 4.The main idea of the passage is ________. A.how to tip in a British pub B.what to drink in a British pub C.how to order in a British pub D.how to behave in a British pub 解析:选 D 主旨大意题。本文讲的是英国酒吧的一些习俗。故选 D 项。




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