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7B U1 Dream homes 基本知识点

7B U1 Dream homes 基础知识点
Comic stripe 1、Would you like to live in a palace, Eddie? 埃迪,你想住宫殿里吗? ①Would you like sth? 肯定回答: Yes, please. 否定回答: No, thanks. ②Would you like to do sth? 肯定回答:Yes, I’d like/love to. 否定回答: I’d like/love to, but? — Would you like to donate(捐赠) your pocket money to the children in poor areas? — ________________. A. I think so. B. Yes, please. C. Yes, I’d love to. D. That’s right. 2、(1) next to (prep.) 紧邻,在??近旁 介词,后面加宾语,人称代词用宾格 例:①She sits next to___________(I). ②His classroom is next to_________(I). 翻译:在我旁边的男孩是 Tom。__________________________________________________ (2) next (adj.) 下一个 next week/month/term (学期) 3、There are twenty restaurants in town. 镇上有二十家餐馆。 例:There are about 8,000,000 people living in London. 大约有八百万人住在伦敦。 ①表示某地有??,用 there be 句型,谓语动词就近原则。 There __________(be) an art room, a music room and two computer rooms in our school. ②表示有事情要做,用 there be sth to do。 There are lots of things ___________(see) in places of interest. 翻译:今天又很多回家作业要做______________________________________________________________ ③表示有某人做某事,用 there be sb doing sth.。 On game shows, there are always famous people_____________(talk) about their lives. 4、The biggest one in Fifth street! 在第五大街最大的那一家。 √big-bigger-biggest 例:大象是陆地上最大的动物。The elephant is the biggest animal on land. √ in Fenghuang Street on Nanjing Road

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泛指,用来指代前面提到过的那类人或物, This tie doesn’t match my shirt, would you like to show 复数形式为 ones me another one? 特指,用来指代前面提到过的那个物 The book is very interesting, would you like to have a look at it?

Reading 1、I live in a town 15 miles from London. 我住在离伦敦 15 英里的一个镇上。 be far (away) from 离??远,但出现具体距离时,不用 far 翻译:①我家离学校很远。My home is __________________from the school. ②My home is 5 kilometres ___________________from the school. A. away B. far C. close 2、enjoy a cup of tea 享受一杯茶 enjoy one’s dinner 津津有味的吃饭 enjoy good health 拥有健康的体魄 enjoy oneself= have a good time= have fun 例:①We have great fun ______________(play) with each other in the playground. ②What great fun we have ___________(play) with each other in the playground. ③ It’s great fun ______________(play) with each other in the playground. 3、I share a bedroom with my sister. 我和妹妹共享一间卧室。 share sth. with sb. 和某人共享?? 例:我需要一个可以和我分享担忧的人。I need someone to _____________________________. 翻译: 我能与你合用你的钢笔吗?Can I share your pen with you?

D. next to


7B U1 Dream homes 基础知识点
4、We often listen to music in bed. 我们经常躺在床上听音乐。 ①in bed 意为 (躺)在床上,bed 前无冠词修饰。 Don't read ________________. 不要躺在床上看书。 be ill in bed 生病在床 ②in the bed 在床里面,被窝里 I was so tired and wanted to sleep in the bed right now. "我太累了,真想马上躺在被窝里睡觉" ③on the bed 表示某样东西在床上。 There is a book _________________. 床上有本书。 5、I have my own bedroom and bathroom.我有自己的卧室和浴室。 own ①(adj.) 自己的 用于形容词性物主代词或名词所有格后,加强语气 my own car their own of one’s own 属于某人自己的 have one’s own...=have sth of one’s own 拥有某人自己的....... I have___________(我自己的) bedroom. = I have the bedroom _____________. When children grow up, they will have families__________________. A. on their own B. of own C. their own families D. of their own ②(vt.) 拥有 owner (n.) 物主,所有人 He______________(own) a big company in New York. He is the______________(own) of a big company in New York. 6、I Love to sit there and look out at the beach and the sea. 我喜欢坐在那里向外看海滩和海。 look out at sth 向外看?? look out of… 朝??的外面看 翻译: look out of the window 朝窗户外看 look out at the window 朝外看窗户 例:①It’s good for your eyes to ______________ the green trees for a minute or two. A. look out of B. look out at C. look out from D. look for at ② She looks ____________(happy) at me, and she looks ______________.(happy) 7、The living room is the best place to chat and watch TV. 客厅是聊天和看电视的最佳地方。 ?the best place to do sth 做某事的最好地方 例: 这是钓鱼的最好地方。This is the best place to go fishing.square 夏天是游泳的最佳季节。 Summer is the best place to go swimming. Grammar (一)基数词构成及读法 1、1-12 为独立的单词,有其各自的形式 one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve 2、13-19 都以 teen 结尾 thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen 3、20-90 之间的“整十”都以 ty 结尾 twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety 4、20-99 之间的“几十几”,先说“几十”,再说“几”,且中间加连词符。 如:22 twenty-two, 49 forty-nine, 94 ninety-four 5、101-999 之间的非整百的基数词读法为: 百位数和十位数(或个位数)之间用 and 连接。 如:608 six hundred and eight, 732 seven hundred and thirty-two 6、四位数及以上的基数词读法为:先将数字从右向左每三位加一个逗号,第一个逗号读 thousand(千),第二个 逗号读 million(百万),第三个逗号读 billion(十亿),读数时从左向右依次读出来。 如:7,003 seven thousand and three 80,690 eighty thousand, six hundred and ninety 9,911,120 nine million, nine hundred and eleven thousand, one hundred and twenty 2,100,010,001 two billion, one hundred million, ten thousand and one (二)基数词的部分用法 1、表顺序。由单数名词 + 基数词,此时名词和基数词第一个字母大写。 如:Class One, Room Five, Lesson Ten, Page 108, No. 9 Middle School


7B U1 Dream homes 基础知识点
2、确数与概数的表达 确数:基数词+计数单位的单数(hundred, thousand, million, billion)+ 名词复数 There are six hundred workers in this factory. 注意:① hundred, thousand, million, billion 用单数 ② several hundred students 几百个学生 概数:计数单位的复数(hundreds, thousands, millions, billions)+ of +名词的复数 Thousands of visitors have come to Hangzhou in the last two weeks. 注意:two hundred of the students 学生中的两百个 3、“整十”的基数词的复数形式可用于表示“几十年代”或“在某人多少岁时”。 In the 1960s 在二十世纪六十年代 My father is in his fifties. 我的爸爸五十多岁。 4、“another+基数词+名词复数”或“基数词+more+名词(复数)”表示在已有的基础上再增加一定的数量,意思 是“再、又、还”。 He ate another two cakes. = He ate two more cakes. 他又吃了两块蛋糕。 We need one more hour to finish the work. = We need another hour to finish the work 我们还需一小时来完成这项工作。 练习 (1) The wall is ___________, that’s to say, it’s a _____________________ wall. A.5 meters tall, 5-meters-tall B.5-meter-tall, 5 meters tall C. 5 meters tall, 5-meter-tall D. 5-meter-tall, 5-meters- tall (2) There are about three __________ workers in that factory. Two ___________them live in it. A. hundreds, hundred of B. hundreds of, hundred C. hundred of ,hundred D. hundred, hundred of (3) How do you say 15,858? A. Fifteen thousands, eight hundred and fifty-eight. B. Fifteen thousand, eight hundreds and fifty-eight. C. Fifteen thousand, eight hundred and fifty-eight. D. Fifteen thousand, and eight hundred and fifty-eight. (4) My elder brother is in his _____________ (thirty) . (三)序数词的构成 1、第一到第三需逐个记忆 first, second, third 2、第四到第十九,特殊的是:fifth, eighth, ninth, twelfth。其余都由相应的基数词加 th 构成。 3、20-90 之间“第几十”的序数词由相应的基数词去掉 y 加 ieth 构成。 twentieth, thirtieth, fortieth, fiftieth, sixtieth, seventieth, eightieth, ninetieth 4、21-99 之间的“第几十几”的序数词,前面的十位数用基数词,后面的个位用序数词,中间用连词符连接。如: twenty-first, twenty-ninth, seventy-eighth。 5、100 hundredth 6、对比以下序数的写法:fourth, fourteenth, fortieth ninth, nineteenth, ninetieth th th th 11 , 12 , 13 21st, 22nd, 23rd, (四)序数词的用法: 1、序数词表顺序时,前要加定冠词 the,有物主代词或名词所有格不需要加 the。 The second picture is very beautiful. 第二幅图很漂亮。 Today is grandma’s______________(nine) birthday. He is always the first _______________ (come) to school in our class. The first ten people ______________ (finish) the work will receive a prize. 2、表示考试或比赛等的名次时,通常不加冠词。 He came __________(four) in the drawing competition. 3、序数词前也可以用不定冠词 a/an, 表示“再一,又一”。 I’ve tried twice, but I’ll try a third time. 我已经试过两次了,但我将再试一次。 4、表日期中的“日”。 2009 年 7 月 6 日 July 6th, 2009 5、分数的表达:分子基数词,分母序数词,分子大于一,分母加 s 2/3 的学生 two thirds of the students. 1/3 的学生 one third of the students.


7B U1 Dream homes 基础知识点
练习 (1) He lives on ___________________(seven) floor. (2) The ________________(twenty-nine) Olympic Games took place in Beijing. (3) Father ’s Day is the ________________(three) Sunday in June. (4) Now, everyone, please turn to Page________ and look at the _________ picture. A. Twelve, fifth B. Twelfth, fifth C. Twelve, five D. Twelfth, five (5) ________________(四分之三) of the workers in the factory _____(be)__________(woman) workers. (五)知识点 1. square ①(adj.) 平方的 square metre 平方米 Red Square in Moscow is about 91,000 ___________________in size.莫斯科的红场面积约九万一千平方米。 France has an area of over 260,000 square miles. 法国的面积超过 26 万平方英里。 ②(n.)广场 Tian’an men Square 天安门广场 2. area (n.) 地区,区域,面积 ①have an area of 面积为...... in poor areas 在贫困地区 例: 中国面积约为 960 万平方公里。 China has an area of about 9,600,000 square kilometers. This country has the largest area in the world. 这个国家在世界上占地面积最大。 3、France has an area of over 260,000 square miles. 法国面积有二十六万多平方英里。 over ① 超过 = more than France has an area of __________(超过) 260,000 square miles. ② 在??上方 强调正上方,反义词 under There is a bridge ________ the river. A. in B. on C. above D. over ③通过 over the radio/telephone ④结束 The film is over. 电影结束了。 ⑤ go over 复习 knock over 撞翻 (all) over again 再,重新 fall over 摔倒 think over 仔细考虑 Integrated skills 1、Thanks for your video. 回忆:因为某事/做某事二感谢某人 Thank sb for sth/doing sth 翻译:谢谢你教我们英语教的这么好。 Thank you for teaching us English so well. 怎么回答? That’s all right./ You’re welcome./ Not at all./ It’s my pleasure. 2、Your house is really different from the flats here. 你的房子和这里的公寓真的很不一样。 ★be different from? 和??不同,不同于?? different 是形容词,名词为 difference 反义词组: 和...一样 be the same as ?Our classroom is different from___________(he ). ?There are some _____________(different) between the four words. 3、Your garden is full of flowers. 你的花园充满了花。 ?be full of =be filled with 充满... 例: 这个瓶子里装满了水。 This bottle is full of water. 4、I hope to visit your home some day. 我希望有一天能参观你家。 ★some day 将来有一天,总有一天 主要用来指将来 ★one day 某一天 可以指过去,也可以指将来 例:He writes such wonderful stories that he _____________(make) a good writer some day. Task 1、I would like to invite my friends to watch films with me at the weekend. 在周末我想要邀请我的朋友和我一起去看电影。 ★invite (v.) 邀请 invitation (n) 邀请 ★invite sb to someplace 邀请某人去某地或参加活动 ★invite sb to do sth 邀请某人去做某事 翻译:他邀请我和她一起吃晚饭。 She invites me to have dinner with her.

7B U1 Dream homes 基础知识点
2、Each room has a new computer. 每间房间都有台新电脑。 each 用于两者及以上的每一个,后面可以直接跟 of。如 each of them/you/us every 用于三者及以上的每一个,后面不能直接跟 of, 如要表示每一个,可用 every one。如 every one of them/you/us ?Each student __________________(have) a book in his hand. ?Each of the students__________________(have) a book in his hand. ?The students each__________________(have) a book in his hand. 3、My friends like to come and stay here. 我的朋友喜欢来并且呆在这儿。 ① vt 停留,逗留 My friends like to come and _____________(待在这儿). ② n 停留,逗留 During our _________ (stay) in Japan, we can also try all kinds of Japanese food. ③ 系动词,意思是 “保持” stay healthy = keep healthy 五、四会内容 A、词组 1、dream homes 2、live in a palace 3、next to a restaurant 4、the biggest one 5、the capital of Japan 6、enjoy a cup of tea 7、in the center of 8、on the seventh floor 9、have a nice living room 10、share a bedroom with my sister 11、listen to music in bed 12、have my own bedroom 13、like the balcony best 14、look out at the beach and sea look out of the window 15、the best place to chat and watch TV 16、in most homes 17、cook meals 18、people from 180 countries and areas 19、1815 feet tall 20、91,000 square meters in size 21、have an area of over 260,000 square miles 22、be different from 23、be full of = be filled with 24、look big and comfortable 25、of one’s own 26、washing machine 27、at the foot of a hill 28、home cinema 29、more than enough food 30、invite my friends to watch films 31、on the ground floor B、句子 1、Would you like to live in a palace? 2、I live in a town 15 miles from London.

理想之家 住在宫殿里 在饭店隔壁 最大的一个 日本首都 享受一杯茶 在??的中心 在第七层 有一个漂亮的客厅 与我的妹妹合住卧室 躺着床上听音乐 有我自己的卧室 最喜欢阳台 朝外看着海滩和大海 看窗户的外面 聊天和看电视最好的地方 在大多数家庭里 做饭 来自 180 个国家和地区的人 1815 英尺高 91,000 平方米的面积 占地 260,000 多平方英里 与??不同 装满 看起来既大又舒适 属于某人自己的 洗衣机 在山脚下 家庭影院 超多的食物 邀请我的朋友来看电影 在一楼 埃迪,你想住在宫殿里吗? 我住在离伦敦 15 英里的镇上。

7B U1 Dream homes 基础知识点
3、I always have fun with my dogs there. 我总是和我的狗在那玩得很愉快。 4、love to sit there and look out at the beach and the sea. 我喜欢坐在那向外看海滩和海。 5、The living room is the best place to chat and watch TV. 客厅是聊天和看电视最好的地方。 6、There are about 8,000,000 people living in London. 大约有八百万人住在伦敦。 7、He is always the first to come to school in our class. 他总是我们班第一个到校的。 8、Your house is really different from the flats here in our town. 你的房子和我们城镇里的公寓真的很不一样。 9、Your garden is full of flowers. 你的花园里种满了花。 10、I also have a bedroom of my own. =I also have my own bedroom. 我也有自己的房间。 11、I hope to visit your home some day. 我希望有天能参观你家。 12、What kind of home do you live in? 你住在哪种类型的房子里? Which floor do you live on? 你住在第几层? 13、My dream home is at the foot of a hill. 我理想的家在山脚下。 14、There is a kitchen and a home cinema on the ground floor. 一楼有厨房和家庭影院。 15、I would like to invite my friends to watch films with me at the weekend. 周末,我想邀请朋友来看电影。 16、Each room has a new computer and all the beds are comfortable. 每个房间有台新电脑并且所有的床都很舒服。 课后练习 一、单项选择题 (1*20=20 分) ( )1.—_________to have dinner with me sometime next week?—Yes.I'd like to.Thank you. A.Would you like B.Do you like C.Would you D.Do you ( )2.----How do you say 320,605 in English? ---____________ A. Three, two, ,zero, six, zero,five B Three hundred and twenty six hundred and five. C.Three hundred and twenty thousand six hundred and five D.Three hundred and twenty thousand and six hundred five ( )3.There are________doctors and nurses working hard in that hospital. A.thousand B.two thousand C.two thousands D.two thousands of ( )4.My home_________a cinema. A.next to B.is next C.is next to D.is next in ( )5.Now,children,turn to page_________and look at the________picture in Lesson Two A.twentieth,one B.twenty.One C.twentieth,first D.twenty,first ( )6.The White House is in ____________ A. Beijing B. Washington D.C C. Tokyo D. Sydney ( )7.-----_________ is your favourite , Jim ? ----I like English best A. Where B. How C. Which D. Who ( )8.Do you share a bedroom__________your sister? A.with B.for C.of D.at ( )9.Lucy and Lily are sitting in the__________ when mother is cooking for them in the_____ A.kitchen , garden B. living room , kitchen C. flat, balcony D. sitting room , bathroom


7B U1 Dream homes 基础知识点
( ( ( ( ( ( ( )10.There are________in our school library. A.a lot books B.a lot of books C.lots books D.lots of book )11.That music sounds________.I want to listen to it again. A.well B.good C.badly D.bad )12.I like_______card with_________apple on it. A.the,the B.the,a C.a,the D.the.an )13.Please listen to the teacher carefully, Don't __________ the window. A.look to B. look into C. look out of D. look up )14.Your bike is different__________. A.from my B.from mine C.of me D.of mine )15.I live__________a small room__________my parents. A.on,in B.on,with C.in,with D.with.with )16.Nancy's sister doesn't__________bedroom. A.has her own B.have her own C.have her own's D.has her own's


)17.Millie with her family _________ in a small town now. A. live B. lives C. living D. lived ( )18.China has an area __________ 9,600,000 square kilometres. A.in B. over C. more than D. of over ( )19.Sunday is the _______ day of a week. A. sixth B. last C. seventh D. first 二词汇 (2*28=56 分)I、 根据句子意思以及汉语或首字母提示,填写正确得单词。 1. My__________ (理想的) home is the one with lots of trees and flowers in the garden. 2.Nanjing is the c ___________ of Jiangsu. 3.My uncle has a new house with a small ___________(果园,花园)behind it. 4.There's some bread on the plate.Let's _______________(分享)it. 5.I often play games with my friends on the_________(海滨). 6.We'll have a short ___________(逗留) in Huaian next month. 7.Mary is glad to have her (自己的)bedroom now. 8.—Where does Mr Fox live?—He lives in a small___ _____(小镇)in Britain. 9.There are about two__ ______(百)students in our school. 10. How many _________(刀) are there on the table? --Only one. 11. My father is reading newspapers in his ________.(书房) 12. We're going to _________(邀请) my teachers to Christmas party. 13.I live in a flat in the __________(中心) of Moscow. II、根据句子意思,用所给词得正确形式填空。 14. The elephants are the ____________(big) animals on the land . 15. We enjoy _____________ (chat) with each other under the tree under the tree. 16.My mother often makes me clean the __________(live) room. 17.--What's your favourite subject? --- I like English ____________(well) 18. The CN Tower is 1,815 __________(foot) tall. 19. Tomorrow will be my father's _____________(forty) birthday. 20. Our teacher asks us ______________(not play) on the road beacause of the heavy traffic. 21. I hope _________(visit) the Great Wall in the near future. 22.Today's weather makes us so ____________(comfort). Shall we go outing? 23. I'd like to invite my friends ______________(watch) films with me. 24. The living room is a good place ____________(watch) TV. 25. There are about 8,000,000 people _____________(live) in London. 26. ____________(hunderd) of visitors will come to Siyang next week.

7B U1 Dream homes 基础知识点
27. I____________(real) like wonderful places of interest from differnt countries. 28. There are ____________(many) than ten rooms in Simon's house. 三.根据汉语意思完成下列句子。(2*12=24 分) 1、王叔叔住在一家餐馆的隔壁。Uncle Wang lives next to a restaurant. 2. 伦敦是英国的首都。 London is the capital the UK. 3. 我们周末总是玩的很开心。We always have great fun at weekends. 4. 我与我哥哥共享一台电脑。 I share a computer with my brother. 5. Anna 喜欢躺在床上听音乐。 Anna likes listening to music in bed. 6. 她拥有一个属于她自己的美丽花园。She has a beautiful garden of her own. 7. 看!那个女孩正朝外看着树上的小鸟。 Look! The little girl is looking out at the birds in the tree. 8. Wilson 居住在第十二层楼。Wilson lives on the twelfth floor. 9. 我们的学校与他们的学校不同。Our school is different from theirs. 10. 你能为我捎个口信吗? Could you please take a message for me? 11. 很久以前,这个山脚下住着一个白发老人。 Long ago, there lived an old man with white hair at the foot of this hill. 12. 在春节,我家总是有足够多的美食。 There is always more than enough delicious food in my family in Spring Festival.




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7B Unit1 Dream homes(Reading1)教学设计_图文

7B Unit1 Dream homes(Reading1)教学设计_教学案例/设计_教学研究_教育专区。...四.教学目标: 1.知识与能力:1)能正确朗读并掌握一些有关住宅部分的名称及几...

7B unit1 Dream Homes单元教案精品详解

7B unit1 Dream Homes单元教案精品详解_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。《新课标...七年级下 牛津译林版 Unit 1 Dream homes 知识要点提示 dream 梦想, capital_...


2016-2017学年牛津译林版初中七年级英语下册-Unit1-Dream-homes-单元知识点、...2016-2017 学年牛津译林版初中七年级英语下册 7B Unit1 Dream homes 单元复习...

7B Unit1 Dream Homes教案

7B Unit1 Dream Homes 教学案 Comic strip and Welcome to the unit 主备人 ___ 【教学目标】 1.谈论学生自己理想的居所,引导学生思考不同的居住环境。 2....

7B unit1 Dream Homes

7B unit1 Dream Homes_政史地_初中教育_教育专区。词组。7B unit1 Dream Homes...4)一 般用来回答 how many +n,how much +n 及含 any+n 引起的疑问句。...

7B Unit1 Dream homes单元检测卷含答案

7B Unit1 Dream homes 单元检测卷满分:100 分 时间:90 分钟 得分:___ 一、根据句意及所给首字母或中英文提示,完成下列句子(每小题 1 分,共 10 分) 1....


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