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2013 届高考英语实战演练专题阅读理解(11-15)

(第 11 篇)
What is eBay? The simple answer is that it is a global trading platform where nearly anyone can trade practically anything. People can sell and buy all kinds of products and goods , including cars, movies and DVDs, sporting goods, travel tickets, musical instruments, clothes and shoes — the list goes on and on. The idea came from Pierre Omidyar, who was born in Paris and moved to Washington when he was still a child. At high school, he became very interested in computer programming and after graduating from Tufts University in 1988, he worked for the next few years as a computer engineer. In his free time he started eBay as a kind of hobby, at first offering the service free by word of mouth. By 1996 there was so much traffic on the website that he had to upgrade(升级) and he began charging a fee to members. Joined by a friend, Peter Skoll, and in 1998 by his capable CEO, Meg Whitman, he_has_never_looked_back. Even in the great.com crashes of the late 1990s, eBay has gone from strength to strength. It is now one of the ten most visited online shopping websites on the Internet. eBay sells connections, not goods, putting buyer and seller into contact with each other. All you have to do is take an e?photo, write a description, fill out a sales form and you are in business; the world is your market place. Of course for each item (商品)sold eBay gets a percentage and that is a great deal of money. Every day there are more than sixteen million items listed on eBay and eighty percent of the items are sold. [语篇解读] 文章向我们介绍了 eBay 网的一些情况。 1.We learn from the text that eBay provides people with ________. A. a way of buying and selling goods B. a website for them to upgrade C. a place to exhibit their own photos D. a chance to buy things at low prices [解析] 根据第一段内容可知。 [答案] A 2.Why did Pierre create eBay after graduating from university? A. For fun. B. To make money. C. For gathering the engineers. D. To fulfill a task of his company.

[解析] 由第二段第三句话可知。 [答案] A 3.From “he has never looked back ”in Paragraph 2 we learn that Pierre________. A. did not feel lonely B. was always hopeful C. did not think about the past D. became more and more successful [解析] Peter 由原来的业余爱好开始,逐步走向成功,创建了世界知名网站。 [答案] D 4.How does eBay make money from its website? A. By bringing sellers together. B. By charging for each sale. C. By listing items online. D. By making e?photos. [解析] 由最后一段第一句话可知,这个网站通过提供交易平台,然后收取适当的服务 费。因此 B 项正确。 [答案] B

(第 12 篇)
I was waiting for a phone call from my agent. He had left a message the night before, telling me that my show was to be cancelled. I called him several times, but each time his secretary told me that he was in a meeting and that he would call me later. So I waited and waited, but there was still no call. Three hours passing by, I became more and more impatient. I was certain that my agent didn?t care about my work, and he didn?t care about me. I was overcome with that thought. I started to shout at the phone,“ Let me wait, will you? Who do you think you are?” At that time I didn?t realize my wife was looking on. Without showing her surprise, she rushed in, seized the phone, tore off the wires,and shouted at the phone,“Yeah! Who do you think you are ? Bad telephone ! Bad telephone ! ”And she swept it into the wastebasket. I stood watching her, speechless. What on earth? She stepped to the doorway and shouted at the rest of the house, “Now hear this ! All objects in this room — if you do anything to upset my husband, out you go!” Then she turned to me, kissed me, and said calmly,“Honey,you just have to learn

how to take control. ”With that, she left the room. After watching a crazy woman rushing in and out, shouting at everything in sight,I noticed that something in my mood(情绪) had changed. I was laughing. How could I have trouble with that phone?Her antics_helped me realize I had been driven crazy by small things. Twenty minutes later my agent did call. I was able to listen to him and talk to him calmly. [语篇解读] “我”对自己的经纪人取消我的表演并且不及时接电话的行为大为恼火,冲

电话大吼以泄愤, 但接着妻子就此事的一系列异常及夸张的行为让我意识到自己对小事情反 应过火,最后我的情绪得到好转,冷静了下来。 5.Why did the author shout at the telephone? A. He was mad at the telephone. B. He was angry with his agent. C. He was anxious about his wife. D. He was impatient with the secretary. [解析] 推理判断题。从文中第一段“经纪人要取消我的表演、不接我的电话”等内容可 得知我很生气。 [答案] B 6.What did the author?s wife do after she heard his shouting? A. She said nothing. B. She shouted at him. C. She called the agent. D. She threw the phone away. [解析] 事实细节题。从文中第二段最后一句得知她把电话丢进了垃圾桶里。 [答案] D 7.What made the author laugh? A. His own behavior. B. His wife?s suggestion. C. His changeable feelings. D. His wife?s sweet kiss. [解析] 推 理 判 断 题 。 从 文 中 最 后 一 段 中 “How could I have trouble with that

telephone?...realized I had been driven crazy by small things.”得知“我”为自己刚才的行为 感到好笑。 [答案] A 8.What does the underlined word“ antics” refer to? A. Smart words. C. Surprising looks. B. Unusual actions. D. Anxious feelings.

[解析] 猜测词义题。由文章的最后一段第一句可知妻子行为异常。 [答案] B [长难句解读] After watching a crazy woman rushing in and out,shouting at

everything in sight,I noticed that something in my mood had changed.看着一个疯狂的女 人冲进冲出, 并冲着她看到的每样东西大喊大叫后, 我注意到自己的情绪已不知不觉地发生 了变化。“After watching a...in sight”为介词短语作状语,后面的主句中含有一个 that 引导 的宾语从句。

(第 13 篇)
How to Be a Winner Sir Steven Redgrave Winner of 5 Olympic Gold Medals “In 1997 I was found to have developed diabetes(糖尿病).Believing my career(职业 生涯) was over, I felt extremely low. Then one of the specialists said there was no reason why I should stop training and competing. That was it—the encouragement I needed. I could still be a winner if I believed in myself. I am not saying that it isn?t difficult sometimes. But I wanted to prove to myself that I wasn?t finished yet. Nothing is to stand in my way.” Karen Pickering Swimming World Champion “I swim 4 hours a day, 6 days a week. I manage that sort of workload by putting it on top of my diary. This is the key to suceess—you can?t follow a career in any field without being well?organized. List what you believe you can achieve. Trust yourself, write down your goals for the day, however small they are, and you?ll be a step closer to achieving them.” Kirsten Best Poet & Writer “When things are getting hard, a voice inside my head tells me that I can?t achieve something. Then,there are other distractions,_such as family or hobbies. The key is to concentrate. When I feel tense, it helps a lot to repeat words such as?calm? , ?peace?or?focus?, either out loud or silently in my mind. It makes me feel more in control and increases my confidence. This is a habit that can become second nature quite easily and is a powerful psychological(心理的) tool.” [语篇解读] 本文叙述了三位名人在成功的道路上所经历的不同的事情,一是战胜了病 痛,一定克服了精力分散的困难,一是通过坚持不懈努力,最后都取得了胜利。 1.What does Sir Steven Redgrave mainly talk about? A. Difficulties influenced his career.

B. Specialists offered him medical advice. C. Training helped him defeat his disease. D. He overcame the shadow of illness to win. [解析] 推理判断题。第一部分写了 Sir Steven 得了糖尿病,但最终克服了病痛拿到了 金牌,故 D 项符合题意。 [答案] D 2.What does Karen Pickering put on top of her diary? A. Her training schedule. B. Her daily happenings. C. Her achievements. D. Her sports career. [解析] 事实细节题。第二部分第二句中,it 指代前面的句子内容,即她的训练计划。 [答案] A 3.What does the underlined word“distractions” probably refer to? A. Ways that help one to focus. B. Words that help one to feel less tense. C. Activities that turn one?s attention away. D. Habits that make it hard for one to relax. [解析] 猜测词义题。从下文“The key is to concentrate.”可以推出是指分散作家注意力 的活动。 [答案] C 4.According to the passage,what do the three people have in common? A. Courage. C. Hard work. B. Devotion. D. Self?confidence.

[解析] 事实细节题。第一部分中“I could still be a winner if I believed in myself.”,第 二部分中“Trust yourself...”及第三部分中“It makes me feel more in control and increases my confidence...”都表明自信是他们三个的共同之处。 [答案] D [长难句解读] Trust yourself,write down your goals for the day,however small they are,and you?ll be a step closer to achieving them.相信你自己,不论目标多小,每天把它 们写下来, 这样你会向实现它们又迈进了一步。 “祈使句+and/or+现在将来时句子”结构中, 祈使句可转换成由 if 引导的条件句。 本句含有两个祈使句, 第二个祈使句又含有一个让步状 语从句。

(第 14 篇)
People diet to look more attractive. Fish diet to avoid being beaten up, thrown out of their social group, and getting eaten as a result. That is the fascinating conclusion of the latest research into fish behavior by a team of Australian scientists. The research team have discovered that subordinate fish voluntarily diet to avoid challenging their larger competitors. “In studying gobies we noticed that only the largest two individuals, a male and female ,had breeding(繁殖) rights within the group, ”explains Marian Wong. “All other group members are non?breeding females, each being 5~10% smaller than its next largest competitor. We wanted to find out how they maintain this precise size separation.” The reason for the size difference was easy to see. Once a subordinate fish grows to within 5 ? 10% of the size of its larger competitor,it causes a fight which usually ends in the smaller goby being driven away from the group. More often than not, the_evicted_fish_is then eaten up. It appeared that the smaller fish were keeping themselves small in order to avoid challenging the boss fish. Whether they did so voluntarily,by restraining how much they ate, was not clear. The research team decided to do an experiment. They tried to fatten up some of the subordinate gobies to see what happened. To their surprise,the gobies simply refused the extra food they were offered,clearly preferring to remain small and avoid fights, over having a feast. The discovery challenges the traditional scientific view of how boss individuals keep their position in a group. Previously it was thought that large individuals simply used their weight and size to threaten their subordinates and take more of the food for themselves, so keeping their competitors small. While the habits of gobies may seem a little mysterious, Dr.Wong explains that understanding the relationships between boss and subordinate animals is important to understanding how hierarchical (等级的) societies remain stable. The research has proved the fact that voluntary dieting is a habit far from exclusive to humans. “As yet, we lack a complete understanding of how widespread the voluntary reduction of food intake is in nature,” the researchers comment. “Data on human dieting suggests that,while humans generally diet to improve health or increase attractiveness, rarely does it improve long?term health and males regularly prefer females that are fatter than the females? own ideal.” [语篇解读] 人们节食是为了更有魅力。令鱼类专家们惊奇的是有种鱼也要节食。实验 发现它们节食可不是为了美,而是为了自我保护。如果身体大小吸引到竞争者的注意,会有

被殴打、驱逐,最后被吃掉的危险。 5.When a goby grows to within 5?10% of the size of its larger competitor, it________. A. faces danger C. eats its competitor B. has breeding rights D. leaves the group itself

[解析] 推理判断题。 从第三段可得知如果身体大小超过权威的规定范围, 会有被殴打、 驱逐最后被吃掉的危险。 [答案] A

6.The underlined words “the evicted fish” in Paragraph 3 refer to ________. A. the fish beaten up C. the fish fattened up B. the fish found out D. the fish driven away

[解析] 猜测词义题。从本段前文可知,体积超标的鱼会被赶出鱼群。接着说到,不仅 如此,这些鱼往往会被吃掉。这些鱼一定是指被驱逐的鱼。 [答案] D 7.The experiment showed that the smaller fish________. A. fought over a feast C. preferred some extra food B. went on diet willingly D. challenged the boss fish

[解析] 事实细节题。从第四段中的试验可得知这些鱼是自愿节食。 [答案] B 8.What is the text mainly about? A. Fish dieting and human dieting. B. Dieting and health. C. Human dieting. D. Fish dieting. [解析] 主旨大意题。文章通篇都是围绕鱼的节食来叙述。故选 D。 [答案] D

(第 15 篇)
Find Which Direction Is South Do you have a good sense of direction? If not, please take with you a compass. But if you forget to take a compass, you can still find your way. It? s never a good idea to imagine that the family member who was entrusted(委托) with the job of map?reading actually knows where the family is. You can tell by the

slightly confused look on their faces that nothing on the ground seems to match the map. Never mind. The sun is shining and it? s still morning. If you don?t know the exact time, you can still find out where south is, but you?ll need to be patient. ①Find a straight stick and put it in the ground in a place where you can mark its shadow. ②Try to position the stick as vertically(垂直) as you can.You can check this by making a simple plumb line (铅锤线)with a piece of string and weight. You haven? t got any string?OK, use a thread from your clothes with a button tied at the end to act as a weight. ③Mark the end of the shadow cast by the stick. ④Wait approximately half an hour and mark the end of the shadow again. ⑤Keep doing this until you have made several marks. ⑥The mark nearest the stick will represent the shortest shadow, which is cast at midday, when the sun is highest in the sky and pointing to the exact south. ⑦Pick a point in the distance along the line between the shortest shadow and the stick. ⑧That point is south of where you are. ⑨Now you can turn the map, like you did before, and find which way you should be travelling. [语篇解读] 你有好的方向感吗?如果没有,那就要带上指南针。如果没带指南针呢? 你仍然可以用其他方法找到方向,本文就是教你如何找到方向的。 1.To find the direction, we ought to be patient probably because________. A. it is not easy to find a proper stick B. it is not easy to position the stick C. it takes hours to make the marks D. it takes about half an hour to make the marks [解析] 推理判断题。依据文章中的③?⑤可以看出,做阴影的标记最费时间,所以要 耐心。 [答案] C 2.The passage would probably be most helpful to________. A. those who draw maps B. those who get lost C. those who make compasses D. those who do experiments [解析] 推理判断题。依据文章第二段,“我们发现地图上的标记跟身边的不一致”,可 以知道这是迷路时的现象,所以答案为 B。 [答案] B

3.Which of the following pictures best shows the way of finding the direction of south?

[解析] 依据文章中⑥的叙述,可知:离树棍最近的那条线代表的阴影最短,证明当时 太阳在天空最高,指向的就是最南方,对应的正好是 A。 [答案] A 4.The author presents this passage by________. A. telling an interesting story B. describing an activity in a lively way C. testing an idea by reasoning D. introducing a practical method [解析] 细节理解题。本文介绍的这种方法切实可行,所以作者是通过讲述一个很实用 的方法来阐述这篇文章的。 [答案] D



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