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一、用 that 或 what 填空 1.______ he wants is a book. 2. ______ he wants to go there is obvious. 3.The result is ______ we won the game. 4.This is _____ we want to know. 5.Is _____ he told us true ? 6.We should pay attention to ______ the teacher is saying. 7. I have no doubt _____ he will come. 8. I have no idea _____ he did that afternoon. 9._____ has made China_____ it is now? 10. we can’t get seems better than we have . 11.A computer can only do you instructed it to do . 12.He became so angry he couldn't speak . 13.There is the city we visited last year . 14.There is no doubt the price of cars will go down . 15.None of us has a clear idea the others want to do . 16.Do he or she tells you to do . 17. he did surprised us . 18. he did so surprised us . 19.This is all I know. 20.This is I know. 21._____ you have done might do harm to other people. 22._____ _ he said at the meeting astonished everybody present. 23______ you don't like him is none of my business. 24.The fact ____ he is a model teacher is well-known. 25.They expressed the hope____ they would come over to China again. 二、用 if 或 whether 填空 1. I asked her __________ she had a bike. 2.______ we will hold a party in the open air tomorrow depends on the weather. 3. We’re worried about ________ he is safe. 4. I don’t know ___________ he is well or not. 5. I don’t know ________ or not he is well. 6. The question is _______ he should do it. 7.The doctor can hardly answer the question___ _ the old man will recover soon. 8. I don’t know _______ to go. 9.______ you are not free tomorrow, I’ll go without you. 10.It depends on she will come. 11.I have no idea he will be back . 12.We must stick to our promise or no .
13. It is valuable ,I can't say . 14.I don’t know he is lying or not. 15. I didn’t know to laugh or to cry.

三、改正下列句子中的错误,每句一处错。 1.The American Civil War broke out in 1861 is known to many of us .(


2.That he saw there impressed him deeply .( ) 3.This is all what I know.( ) 4.Could you tell me where do you live ?( ) 5.The old minister came back with a message which the cloth was really magnificent .( 6.It is unknown if he will come .( ) 7.As is known to all that paper was first made in China .( ) 8.Anyone breaks the law should be punished .( ) 9.How we can get more reading materials have been discussed at the meeting .( 10.The professor was very satisfied with that his students had done in the experiment .( 11.The news which our team had won pleased everyone .( ) 12.I don't doubt whether he can work out the problem .( ) 13. I have been worrying about if I have hurt her feeling .( ) 14.I don't know that he wants .( ) 15.The reason why he didn't come is because he was ill .( ) 16.Who walks around in such a heavy rain will catch a cold .( ) 17.I think important that we learn English well .( ) 18.It's not certain that the sports meeting will be held .( ) 19.This is the suggestion which we have a trip the day after tomorrow .( ) 20.China is a great socialist country is well known .( ) 21.The question is if we can collect enough money .( ) 22.The trouble is she has lost his telephone number .( ) 23.We don't know that what we should do next .( ) 24.That he said in the office made everyone present very surprised .( ) 25.What we can't get seems better than that we have .( ) 26.Computer can only do how we instructed it to do .( ) 27.The fact why Lily got the first prize is well known to us all .( ) 28.Our city is no longer as it used to be .( ) 29.He said what he was pleased to meet all of us again .( ) 30.What he failed to pass the exam is very clear .( ) 31.The reason why he didn't attend the meeting was because he had been ill .( 32.Please give the note to whomever is in the classroom .( ) 33.Is that he told you really funny ?( ) 34.Please let me know that you want me to do .( ) 35.Those photos will show you what does our hometown looks like .( ) 四、用适当的连词填空:


) )


1. _ you don’t like him is none of my business. 2._____ _ we’ll go camping depends on ____ _ it will be fine tomorrow. 3.____ _ she comes or not makes no difference. 4.The question is ____ it is worth doing. 5.There is some doubt ____he will come./ There is no doubt ____he will come. 6.____ is a fact that English is being accepted as an international language. 7._____ has helped to save the drowning girl is worth praising. 8.It is said that the famous football star is not willing to play for ______ would pay him three million dollars a year. 9.It was about 600 years ago ____ the first clock with a face and an hour hand was made.

10.Go and get your coat. It’s ____ you left it. 11.You are saying that everyone should be equal, and this is _____ I disagree 12.--- I drove to Zhuhai for the air show last week. --- Is that _____ you had a few days off? 13.I remember ____ this used to be a quiet village. 14.---Do you remember____ he came? --- Yes, I do, he came by car. 15.It is generally considered unwise to give a child _____ he or she wants 16._____we can’t get comes better than ____ we have. 17.A computer can only do ____ you have instructed it to do. 18.It is pretty well understood ____ controls the flow of carbon dioxide in and out the atmosphere today. 19.A modern city has been set up in _____ was a wasteland ten years ago. 20.Do you have any idea ___ is actually going on in the classroom? 21.See the flags on the building? That was_____ we did this morning. 22.America was ____ was first called “India” by Columbus. 23._____ troubles me most is _____ I don’t know how to calm the sick old man. 24.I think it is ____ you are working yourself too much. 25.The reason ____ I plan to go is ____ she will be disappointed ____ I don’t. 26.Danby left word with my secretary ____ he would call again in the afternoon. 27.Do _____ you think is right, ________ they say. 28. It’s known to us _______ there is pollution, there is harm. 29.He made a promise ________ anyone set him free he would make him very rich. 30. It was at the very beginning ___ Mr. Fox made the decision ___ we should send more firefighters here. 31.I would appreciate ___ if you call back this afternoon for the doctor’s appointment. 32、It is very exciting _____ we are passing the flame in Shenzhen now.(传递火炬) 33、What we feel excited is ______ we are passing the flame in Shenzhen now. 34、We are excited about news _____ we are passing the flame in Shenzhen. 35、The news Mr. Li will be our new English teacher is true. 36、The news he told me yesterday is true. 37、The news he told me is that Mike would go abroad next year 38、The news Mike would go abroad next year is told by him. 39、She expressed the hope they would come to visit Shanghai again. 40、The hope she expressed is that they would come to visit Shanghai again 41. I can’t decide ____________ dictionary I should buy. 42. That’s ____________ he refused my invitation. 43. I am very interested in ____________ he has improved his pronunciation in such a short time. 44. ____________ we need is more time. 45. The fact ____________ she had not said anything at the meeting surprised everybody. 46. _________ and _________ they will meet has not been decided yet. 47. Please tell me ____________ you are waiting for. 48. Is that ____________ you are looking for? 49. Would you please tell me ____________ the nearest post office is? 50. I don’t know ____________ he will agree to the plan or not. 五、判断下列各句哪句含有名词性从句,并指出是什么从句:

1. China is no longer what it used to be. 2. The truth that the earth turn around the sun is known to all. 3. It was snowing when he arrived at the station. 4. How he persuaded the manager to change the plan is interesting to us all. 5. The news that they had won the game soon spread over the whole school. 6. The news that you told me yesterday was really disappointing. 7. That is where Lu Xun used to live. 8. He spoke as if he understood what he was talking about. 9. Do you remember the teacher who taught us English at middle school? 10. I wonder why she refused my invitation. 六、完成下列句子。 1.Do you still remember (你何时何地见到那位著名的歌唱家吗)? 2. (无论是谁最后离 开教室)ought to turn off the light . 3 (明天是否下雪) make no different to me . 4.This is (他出生的地方). 5.She expressed the hope (他将再来中国) . 6. (你不喜欢她)is none of my business . 7.One of them held the view (书中所说的是 对的). 8.The question is (这本书是否值得看) . 9.She always do (老师让她做的) . 10.They want to make it clear to the public (他们在做着一件重要的必不可少的工作) 七、语法填空: It is known to us 1 once Tom and Ann were 2 affectionate ( 恩 爱 的 ) couple. But to our surprise, 3 broke up two years ago. 4 made them part company ( 分 手 ) was 5 Tom was 6 absorbed in his business 7 he overlooked(忽略) his wife sometimes. I felt it was a pity, 8 ( hope ) that they would reconcile ( 和 好 ) . So yesterday 9 I heard the news 10 they lived together again, I felt very happy. 八.用名词性从句翻译下列句子。 1.你能告诉我他住在哪儿吗? 2.我不知道他住在哪里。



5.你记得他是怎样来这儿的吗? 6.我不知道你在这儿。 7.问题是我们是否需要它。 8.他在会上的发言使到会的每个人感到很惊讶。 9.问题是我们下一步该做什么。 10.我们不相信他所说的话。 11.我所需要的是更多的时间。 12.奇怪的是他昨天没有来。 13.遗憾的是我们不能去。 14.据报道我们中国队赢了这场比赛。 15.你告诉我的事情是真的吗? 16.这是因为他们学习特别细心的缘故。 17.理由是他病倒了。 18.这是因为他病倒了。 19.这些照片会使你了解我们村的面貌。 20.谁也说不清 100 万年以后人类会是什么样子。 21.我听说他一周以后回来。 22.他说他很忙。 23.老师说光比声音传播快得多。 24.他坚持要汤先生做这项工作。 25.我不知道他什么时候回来。

一、用 that 或 what 填空 1. What 2.That 3.that4.what 5. what 6.what 7.that 8. What 9.what, what 10. what , what 11.what 12.that 13 .that 14.that 15. what 16.what 17.What 18. That 19. That 20.what 21.What 22.What 23.That 24.that 25.that 二、用 if 或 whether 填空 1.if / whether 2.Whether3. Whether 4.Whether5.Whether6.Whether7.Whether8.Whether 9.if 10.whether 11.whether12.whether 13.whether 14.whether 15.whether 三、改正下列句子中的错误,每句一处错。 四、用适当的连词填空: 1. That 2. Whether, whether 3. whether 4. whether 5. whether 6. It 7. Whoever 8.whoever 9. that 10. Where 11. where 12. why 13. when 14. how 15.whatever 16.What, what 17. what 18. what 19.what 20. What 21. what 22. what 23. What, that 24. because 25. why, that, if 26.that 27. what, whatever 28.that where 29. that if 30.that, that 31. it 32-40 全部填 that 41. which; 42. why; 43. how;4 4. What; 45. that; 46. when, where; 47. who(m); 48. what; 49. where; 50. whether 五、判断下列各句哪句含有名词性从句,并指出是什么从句: 1、表语从句;2、同位语从句;3、不是;4、主语从句;5、同位语从句;6、不是; 7、表语从句;8、宾语从句;9、不是;10、宾语从句 六、完成下列句子。 1.when and where you met the famous singer 2.Whoever leaves the classroom last 3.Whether it will snow or not tomorrow 4.where he was born 5.that he would come to China again 6.That you don't like her 7.that what the book said was right 8.whether the book is worth reading 9.what the teacher tells her to do 10.that they are doing an important and necessary job 七、语法填空: It is known to us that once Tom and Ann were an affectio 恩爱的 couple. But to our surprise, they broke up two years ago. What made them part company was that Tom was so absorbed in his business that he overlooked his wife sometimes. I felt it was a pity, hoping that they would reconcile. So yesterday when I heard the news that they lived together again, I felt very happy.



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