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language points(3)

Unit 3

A taste of English humor
Language points
—Zhang Jingjing

Policeman: Why did you have to break into the same shop three times? Thief: Well, I stole a dress from that shop but my wife didn’t like it. So I had to go back and change it twice.

1.break (P17)

break into

break down

break out

break up

break into 强行进入 (1)_________ break down 机器)出故障,坏掉 (2)__________( break out (战争,火灾,疾病….)突然爆发 (3)_________ break up (群体中的成员)解散;(关系)终 (4)_________ 结;打碎

(Practice makes perfect)

1.A fire broke out last night and the firemen broke into our house to rescue us. 2.A car broke down halfway and a quarrel between the lovers. After broke out that they broke up with each other.

2.content (P18 L4)
L: Handsome boy, I am well content with you, and I am content to marry you.

帅哥,我对你很 满意,也很愿意 和你结婚

可是 我对 你不 满意!

B: But I am not content with you.

(1)be (well) content with sb./sth. 对……(很)满意 (=be very satisfied with sb./sth. =be pleased with sb./sth.) (2)be not content with sb./sth. 对……不满意 (3)be content to do sth. 愿意做某事 =be willing to do sth.

(Practice makes perfect)

1.We should not _______ ________ be content __________ what we have achieved.我们不应该 with 满足于现有的成就。
content __________waste to 2.Why are you __________ your time?你为什么甘愿浪费时间?

3.Don't__________ __________ be content ________such with a small success.不要满足于这样一个小小的成功。

3.astonish(P18 L6)



We are astonished at the astonishing news that China won the World Cup.

astonish v. 使惊讶 astonishing adj. 令人吃惊的 astonished adj. 惊讶的 be astonished at 对……感到惊讶

Sum up

有此类用法的词: surprise, disappoint, excite, interest, move, inspire…

astonishing magic tricks(魔 Liu Qian’s __________ 术戏法) _________ astonished everyone, and we were _________ astonished to see that the ring was found in the egg.

4.entertain (P18
entertain 使愉快;款待 entertaining 愉快的;有趣的 entertainment 娱乐;消遣;款待


Crayon Shin Chan

The boy entertained himself with dancing. 这个男孩跳舞自娱自乐。

To my entertainment, my boss usually entertains us to dinner after work. 令我快乐的是,我的老板经 常在下班后请我们吃饭。

5.cut off (P18 L27)

The shark fins are often cut off. 剪掉;割掉

Your water supply will be cut off if you don’t pay the water bill. 切断….(电源、水源)

He cut himself off from the outside world.


cut sth.off sb./sth. be cut off (from….) 剪掉;砍掉 1)___________ 切断(水、电源); 2)____________ 使…与外界隔绝 3)________________

6.pick out (P18 L29)
Yao Ming can be easily picked out.

There were many apples and they picked out the biggest one. 挑出;选出

pick out 认出,辨认出 挑出;选出

This picture was taken a long time ago. I wonder if you can_____ my father.(2005湖北高 考) A. find out B. pick out C. look out D. speak out

7.convince (P18 L31)
You must convince the teacher of your honesty. 你必须让老师相信你的诚实。 I convinced my mother to buy me a new car. 我劝说我妈妈给我买了辆新车。

convince sb. of sth. ________________

convince sb. to do sth. ____________________



1.As Victor Hugo once said,“ Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face”.(Para.1) 随着 随着 2.As time went by, he began making films.(Para.3) 3.He grew more and more popular as his charming character, the little tramp, became known throughout the world. (Para.3) 4.He is loved and remembered as a great actor who could inspire people with great confidence.(Para5)

As time went by, he began to realize that he should have studied hard. =With time going by, he began to realize that he should have studied hard.
as是连词,引导时间或原因状语从句. with是介词,不可以跟句子,后面跟复合宾语,即 with +宾语 +宾语补足语 As time goes by ,可以和 With time going by转

换 意为“随着…..”.

仿写句子: 随着暑假的来临,我感到越来越开心。
With the summer vacation coming near, I feel happier and happier. As the summer vacation comes near, I feel happier and happier.

As Victor Hugo once said,“ Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face”, and up to now nobody has been able to do this better than Charlie Chaplin. 时至今日 正如维克多· 雨果曾经说过的: “笑声如阳光, 驱走人们脸上的冬天。” 时至今日,没有 谁能比查理· 卓别林做得更好。


4.You may find it astonishing

that Charlie was taught to sing as soon as he could speak and dance as soon as he could walk.(Papa.2)

find +宾语+宾语补足语 的复合结构 find +it+ adj./n. + that…… to do……
温馨提示: 在find复合结构中,当宾语是不定式或that引导的宾语从句时, 先用it作形式宾 语,而把真正的宾语放在后面。 此时that不可以省略。

(Practice makes perfect)

The two girls are so alike that the strangers find ( ) difficult to tell from one to the other. A. it B.them C. her D.that

能用于这种形式宾语结构的动词还 有:feel, think, make 等等。
1.I to finish it in such a short time. A.think it not possible B.don’t think it possible C.think that impossible D.think that possible

结果状 语

5. Unfortunately his father died, leaving the
family even worse off.(Para2)

poor / badly off

rich / well off

Worse off than some, better off than many.

The mother devotes herself to work ,leaving her son crying. ,leaving the dishes undone.

看一看 想一想

leave+ 宾语+宾语补足语 leave sb./ sth. doing / done / adj…….

使处于某状态(而不管不顾) 含义:__________________________
温馨提示:在find 和leave复合结构中, 宾语补足语使用doing 还是done,取决 于宾语和宾补之间的主动被动关系,主 动关系则用doing,被动则使用done。

(practice makes perfect)

今天早上我去上学了,鸡蛋没吃,作业没做完,任 凭妈妈在后面喊叫。

A trouble maker
I went to school this morning, leaving the egg ________. uneaten

,leaving the homework________. unfinished
, leaving my mother____________ screaming behind me.


微型写作 (用所学知识写一段话)
随着社会的发展,人们的生活越来越富裕; 随着人们的生活变得越来越富裕,我发现越 来越多的多青少年购买手机来找乐; 因此,许多学生很难把注意力集中在功课上, 而任由学业荒废; 由于注意力转向玩手机,他们发现很难在学 习上取得进步。 因此,父母应劝说孩子改掉这一坏习惯!

? ________the With/As development of society, our life √ better off is becoming_____________. ? As our life __________________better off, I becomes/becoming √ buying mobile phones find many teenagers_______ to ________ ________, many entertain themselves. Therefore students can't focus on their lessons, leaving/leave ____________ their study in ruins. √ ? As their attention turns to playing with mobile to make progress phones, they find it hard ________ in their study! So, parents should get them ____________ convinced to get rid of the bad habit!

?1.break ?2.content ?3.astonish ?4.entertain ?5.cut off

?6.pick out ?7.convince ?8.as/with ?9.find+宾语+宾语补足语 ?10.leave+宾语+宾语补 足语

? Review the words and expressions. ? Recite the key sentences. ? Perfect your composition on your Exercise book A.


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