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2013高考英语书面表达讲义及训练(28)参考范文 英语写作引导句型(2)

2013 高考英语书面表达讲义及训练(28)及参考范文:]英语写作引 导句型(2)

3.1 There is much discussion today about whether fast economic growth is desirable. Those who criticize economic growth argue that we must slow down. They believe that society is approaching certain limits on growth. These include the fixed supply of natural resources, and the possible negative effects of industry on the natural environment. People who want more economic growth, on the other hand, argue that even at the present growth rate, there are still many poor people, They maintain that only continued growth can create the capital needed to improve the quality of life and provide the financial resources required to protect our natural surroundings from industrialization. 现在围绕快速的经济发展是否应该正展开一场热烈的讨论。那些持反对意见者认为我们必须 放慢发展速度。他们说发展已接近某种极限!这其中包括有限的自然资源供应和工业对环境 造成的消极影响。然而要求更快发展的人则认为,即使按目前的发展速度还是有许多穷人。 他们认为经济的持续快速发展才能创造提高生活质量所必需的资本,才能提供用来保护环境 不受工业化破坏的资金。 *******************************************************结束

7.假设你是李华,你的美国老师 Miss Morgan 要求你们明天下午去听一个美国历史的讲 座。你因故不能参加。请你根据以下要点,写一封短信向 Miss Morgan 请假。 内容要点:*表示歉意 *理由:去机场接人 *询问:是否有录音,以便补听讲座 注意:1. 词数:100 左右 2. 可根据内容要点适当增加细节,以使行文连贯 Dear Miss Morgan, ______________________________________________

______________________________________________ Yours sincerely Li Hua One possible version: Dear Miss Morgan, I am so sorry that I won't be able to attend the lecture on American history tomorrow afternoon. My uncle is returning home from France, and I have promised to meet him at the airport at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon. I am very much interested in American society and history. I wonder if it is possible for the talk to be recorded, and if so, could I borrow the tape? It would mean a great deal to me to listen to the tape and learn what is covered in the talk. Yours sincerely Li Hua ********************************************************结束 3.2 There is a general debate on the campus today over the phenomenon of college students' doing a part-time job. Those who object to it argue that students should not spend their precious time in this way. But people who advocate it, on the other hand, claim that, by taking a major-related part-time job or summer job, students can not only improve their academic studies, but gain much experience, experience they will never be able to get from the textbooks. 关于大学生打工这一现象,校园里正展开一场讨论。反对大学生打工的人指出大学生不应该 把宝贵的时间花在这上面。然而赞成者则认为,通过从事一些与专业有关的工作,可以提高 学生的学习,还可获得到书本上得不到的许多经验。

4 Now, It is commonly generally widely believed thought held accepted

felt recognized acknowledged that.... They 4 claim believe argue that .... But I wonder doubt whether ...

4.1 It is commonly believed that the rise in teenage smoking is the inevitable result of economic development. They argue that if there are no cigarette advertisement on TV, no cigarettes available everywhere, and no adequate pocket money, teenagers are unlikely to take up the habit of smoking. But I doubt that it is a satisfactory explanation. While conceding the effect of advertising and other commercial factors, I think that the primary cause is social and individual rather than economic. 人们普遍认为青少年吸烟人数上升是经济发展不可避免的结果。他们认为:如果电视上没有 香烟广告,香烟不是到处可买得到,孩子的零用钱不是很多的话,青少年不太可能染上吸烟 的习惯。但我怀疑这是否是一个满意的解释。虽然有广告和其它商业因素的影响,我认为主 要原因是社会和个人因素而不是经济上的。

4.2 It is widely felt that there is a fear plainly uppermost in the minds of most people today. They are afraid of the future, and if you ask them why, they conveniently blame the atomic bomb. But I suspect that the nuclear weapon is only the scapegoat for our fears. We are not afraid of the future because of a bomb. We are afraid of bombs because we have no faith in the future. I believe people no longer have faith in our ability to control our own future. 人们普遍感到现在大多数人明显地有一种恐惧感。他们怕将来。如果问他们为什么怕,他们 会很随意地怪原子弹。但我怀疑,核武器不过是我们害怕的替罪羊。我们怕将来不是因为有 了原子弹,说我们怕原子禅,实际上是对未来没有信心。我认为人们对自己是否有能力控制 将来已丧失信心了。


8.你是李华。当闻知某合资宾馆招收 10 名女服务员后,便写信与饭店外方经理联系求 职。求职信应包括下表中所列全部内容。

姓名 住址 个 人 简 历 爱好及



年龄 婚否

20 未婚

文化程度 健康状况

高中毕业 良好

深圳市深南路 48 号

6~12 岁 12~18 岁 18~20 岁 20 岁至今

在第一小学学习 在深圳中学上学 在建筑工地干活 在邮政局当邮递员

上学期间学习了六年英语,中学毕业后一直不间断学习英语,现在英 语口语和打字都很熟练。 特长 喜欢唱歌和跳舞。2004 年曾获深圳市业余歌手比赛一等奖。

Dear Mr Margaret, I'm glad to know that ten waitresses are needed in your hotel. I'd like to be one of them. I'm a Chinese girl of twenty. I'm single and healthy. I started school when I was six. I studied in No. 1 Primary School. At the age of eleven, I went Shenzhen Middle school for learning. After graduation in 2003 I began to work on a constructions site as an ordinary worker, I became a postwoman when I was twenty. I had learned English for 6 years at school, and have kept on learning it since I left school. Now I can speak good English and type well. I enjoy singing and dancing. Last year I won the first prize in the competition for the spare time singers in the city. Could you let me have a position in your hotel? Looking forward to your reply. Yours faithfully, Li Hua




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