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高一英语语法填空专题练习 1 Unit 1 This is a true story. It happened in Amsterdam, Holland 1 the early 1940s after the German Nazis had ___2___(occupy) most of Europe. The Nazi Party ruled Germany from 1933 to 1945. One of their key (policy) was__4__ (kill) all the Jews in Europe. If any persons 5 (know) to be Jews were found, they would be sent to concentration camp farther east, mostly in Poland. Families were separated and transported in trains. For many days, they went food, water, sanitation or fresh air. __7___(avoid) this terrible fate, some Jewish families went into hiding, often with the help of 8 (Jewish) friends. This diary was written during the time 9 Anne and her family moved to escape from (kill) by Nazis. Unit 2 In only fifty years, English (develop) into the language most (2) (wide) spoken and used in the world. English is the working language of most international organizations, international trade and tourism. Businessmen and tourists often come to China without being able to speak (3) . Chinese businessmen, taxi drivers and students talk with them using English. English is also the language of 4 (globe) culture, such as popular music and the Internet. You can listen to English songs (5) the radio (6) use English to communicate (7) people around the world through the Internet. With so many people (8) (communicate) in English every day, it will become (9) (important) to have (10) good knowledge of English. Unit 3 My name is Wang Kun. Since middle school, my sister and I 1 (dream) about 2 (take)a great bike trip. When we graduated from college, we finally got the chance to do it. It 3 my sister 4 first had the idea to cycle along 5 Mekong River from 6 it begins to where it ends. The Dai live near the Lancang River, the Chinese part of the river that 7 (call) the Mekong River in other countries. Wang Wei soon got them interested in cycling too. She insisted that we 8 (find)the source of the river. She gave me a 9 (determine) look. Once She has made up her mind, nothing can change it. Finally, I had to give 10 . Unit 4 At 3:42 a.m. everything began to shake. It seemed 1 the world was ____2___ an end! Eleven kilometers____3_____(direct) below the city the greatest earthquakes of the 20th century began. It was heard in Beijing, ____4___ is one hundred kilometers away. One - third of the nation felt it. A huge crack that was eight kilometers long and thirty meters wide cut __5____ houses, roads and canals. Steam burst from 6 (hole) in the ground. Hard hills of rock became rivers of dirt. In fifteen terrible seconds a large city lay in ruins. Two-thirds of the people died or ____7____(injure) during the earthquake. Thousands of families 8 ( kill) and many children were left ___9___ parents. The number of people 10 were killed or injured reached more than 400,000. Unit 5

My name is Elias. I am a poor black worker in South Africa. The time (1)_______ I first met Nelson Mandela was a very difficult period of my life. I was twelve years old. It was in 1952 and he had opened a black law firm to advise poor black people (2)_______ their problems. I began school at six . The (3)_______ where I studied only two years was three kilometres away. I had to leave , (4)_______ my family could not continue to pay the shool fees and the bus (5) ______ . I could not read (6)______write. After trying hard , I got a job in a gold mine . This was a time when one had got to have a passsbook to live in Johanneburg. (7)______(sad) I did not have this passbook because I was not born there and I was worried (8)_____ whether I would be out of work. The day when Nelson Mandela told me what to do and helped me was one of the 9 (happy) days of my life . He told me how to get the correct papers so I could stay in Johanneburg. I never forgot (10) ______ kind he was and when he organized the ANC Youth League , I joined it as soon as I could . Unit 6 Nowadays, millions 31 lonely singles are now going online instead. 32 World Wide Web is quickly becoming the world’s most popular matchmaker(媒 人). Singles are flocking(涌向) to the Internet 33 (main) because their busy lifestyles leave them little time to look for a significant other. Using dating sites(约会 网址) is quick and convenient. Many singles say the regular dating scene 34 (just lead) them from one bad experience to 35 and are ready to try something else. Dating sites also make 36 easy to avoid someone 37 you are not interested in. In the real world, 38 , ignoring someone you don’t like can be difficult. Despite all the advantages, online dating also presents its own set of problems. People aren’t always those who they declare to be in their online 39 (describe). Safety is another concern. You are just 40 (like) to find a criminal online as you are Mr. Or Miss Right. Unit 7 Exercise is good for you, but most people really know very little about __31___ to exercise properly. So when you try, you 32_ __ run into trouble. Many people believe that when specific muscles are exercised, the fat in the neighbouring area is “burned up”. Yet the truth is 33 ___ exercise burns fat from all over the body. Studies show muscles which are not exercised lose their strength very quickly. To regain it 34__ (need) 48-72 hours and exercise every other day will keep a normal level of physical strength. To lose weight you should always “work up a good sweat” when 35__ _ (exercise). Sweating only reduces body temperature to prevent heating. This is nothing 36_ __ water loss. Walking is the best and easy-to-do exercise. 37_ helps the circulation of blood throughout the body, and has a direct effect 38_ _ your overall feeling of health. Experience says that 20 minutes’ exercise 39_ __ day is minimum

amount. But if your breathing doesn’t return to normal state within minutes 40___ you finish exercising, you’ve done too much. Unit 8 Once a man came to Allah (安拉) and said, “Oh Allah, I have many bad habits. Which one should I give up first?” Allah said, “Give up telling lies first and always tell the truth.” The man promised to do 31_ _ and went home. At night the man was about to go out to steal. Before setting out, he thought for a moment about the promise he made 32_ _ Allah. “If tomorrow Allah asks me where I have been, what should I say? Should I say that I went out 33_ _ (steal)? No, I cannot say that. If I tell the truth, everyone will start hating me and call 34__ a thief. I would 35_ _ (punish) for stealing. But 36_ _ can I lie.” So the man decided not to steal that night, and gave up this bad habit. Next day, when he was about to drink wine, he also remembered 37_ he promised to Allah, so he gave up 38_ idea of drinking wine. In this way, 39_ the man thought of doing something bad, he remembered his promise to tell the truth 40 _ all times. One by one, he gave up all his bad habits. Unit 9 Poor student behaviour seems to be an ____31____ (increase) widespread problem and I think that modern lifestyles are probably responsible for this. In many countries, the birth rate is decreasing so that families are smaller with ____ 32 ___(few)_ children. These children are often spoilt, not in terms of love and attention because ____ 33 ____ (work) parents do not have the time for this, ____ 34 ____ in more material ways. They are allowed to have ____ 35 ____ they want, regardless of price, and to behave as they please. This means that the children grow up ____ 36 ____ consideration for others and without any understanding of ____ 37 ____ their standard of living comes from. When they get to school age they have not learnt any self control or discipline. Teachers continually complain ____ 38 ____ this problem and measures ____ 39 ____ (take) to combat the situation. But I think the situation to the problem lies with the families, ____40 ____ need to be more aware of the future consequences of spoiling their children. Unit 10 Polar bears are suffering in a 31 (warm) world. Polar bears live in environments too cold for most animals. 32 much of the year, they live and hunt on the frozen Arctic sea ice. Nature has prepared 33 for the cold conditions. But nothing has prepared the bears for the danger that 34 (threat) the only home they know. The polar bears’ world is melting. Studies show that the polar ice has reduced by 9.8% every 10 years 35 1978. Now about 20,000 to 25,000 polar bears live in the Arctic. Polar bears depend on the sea ice for their 36 (survive). “The sea ice is more than just this platform that the bears walk over,” says Andrew Derocher, 37 scientist who studies North American polar bear populations. “ 38 it, they can’t exist.” Some melting and refreezing of the polar ice is natural. 39 in a warmer

world, these cycles speed up, and bears have less time to hunt. Normally, they have three months in the spring when they gain more weight. The extra fat is used later, 40 the bears are not actively hunting. Unit 11 One day, about ten years ago, while working at the cash register in the gift shop at my University Museum of Natural History, I saw 31 elderly couple come in with a little girl in a wheelchair. As I looked 32 ( close ) at this girl, I founf that she was fixed on her chair. I then realized she had no arms or legs , just a head, a neck and upper body, 33 ( dress ) in a little white skirt. As the couple wheeled her up to me, I turned my head toward the girl. When I took the money from her grandparents, I looked back 34 the girl, who was giving me the most optimistic, largest smile I had ever seen. All of a sudden, her handicap was gone and all I saw was this beautiful girl, 35 smile just melted me 36 almost instantly gave me a completely new sense of 37 life is all about. She took me from a poor, unhappy college student and 38 ( bring ) me into her world; a world of smiles, love and 39 ( warm ). I’m a successful business man now and whenever I think about the troubles of the world, I think about that little girl and the remarkable lesson about life that she taught 40 . Unit 12 Several men hit the Sao Paulo Museum of Art just before dawn on Thursday, December 20th, 2007. Authorities said that 31 thieves must have been well prepared, as 32 took them just three minutes to steal paintings 33 two world-famous artists, Pablo Picasso 34 Candido Portinari, which are worth millions of dollars. Images from the security camera show that three men began their action at 5:09 am, 35 the guards in the museum were going through their shift change (换岗). They broke through two glass doors, 36 (run) to the museum’s top floor and grabbed the two paintings from different rooms, somehow 37 (avoid) nearby guards. The alarm never rang, and by 5:12 am, they were making their escape. After that, the police were interviewing the 30 museum 38 (employ). “Everything indicates thieves were sent to do it by some wealthy art lover for 39 own collection. He was not rich enough to buy the paintings, 40 he was wealthy,” said the lead police officer, Marcos Gomes de Moura. Unit 13 Crying marriage? 31 (surprise), isn’t it? Factually, the custom of crying marriage existed a long time ago in many areas of Southwest China’s Sichuan Province, and 32 (remain) in fashion 33 the end of the Qing Dynasty. Though not so popular as before, the custom is still observed by people in many places, especially Tujia people, who view it as a 34 (necessary) to marriage procedure. It is very much 35 same in different places of the province. According to elderly people, every bride had to cry at the wedding. 36 , the bride’s neighbors would look down upon 37 as a poorly cultivated girl and she would become the laughingstock of the village. In fact, there were cases 38 which the bride was beaten by her mother for not crying at the wedding ceremony.

In a word, crying at wedding is a 39 by custom to set off the happiness of the wedding through falsely sorrowful words. However, in the 40 (arrange) marriages of the old days of China, there were indeed quite a lot of brides who cried over their unsatisfactory marriage and even their miserable life. Unit 14 Lake Titicaca, a famous lake in South America, is located on the border between Bolivia and Peru. But the lives of the ancient people who once lived around the lake and __31__ culture was thought to be highly advanced, have long remained a secret. Recently __32__, scientists taking part in an exploration project at the lake have found __33__ they believe to be a 1000-year-old temple __34__ the water. Divers from the study group have discovered __35__ building scientists think is the remains of a temple built by the people who once lived beside the lake. The project leaders hope to begin raising important materials from the site later this week __36__ bad weather forces a change in their plans. "The scientists have not yet had the opportunity to study the materials carefully," said project director, John Aubi. "But some __37__ (put) forward the idea that the remains date from this period because of their __38__ (similar) to those found elsewhere." The research team has so far this year made more than 200 dives into water 30 metres deep. During these dives, __39__ have been recording the ancient remains on film. There will be a meeting, __40__ (start) later this year to review the film. Unit 15 Television is now playing a very important role 31 our life. But television, like many 32 things, has both advantages and disadvantages. Do the 33__ (form)outweigh(比……更重要)the latter? In the first place, television is not only a convenient source of entertainment, but also 34 comparatively cheap one. For a family of four, for example, it is more convenient as well as 35 (cheap) to sit comfortably at home, with almost unlimited entertainment available, than to go out in search of amusement elsewhere. __ 36 they have to do is to press a button, and they can see plays, films, operas, and shows of every kind, not to mention the latest 37 (excite) football match. Some people, 38 , maintain that this is precisely 39 the danger lies. The television viewer makes no choice and exercises no judgment. He is completely passive and has everything 40 (present) to him without any effort on his part. Unit 16 The Internet is an amazing information resource. Students, teachers, and researchers use it as __31_ investigative tool. Journalists use it to find information for stories. Doctors use it to learn more about unfamiliar diseases and the 32_ (late) medical development. Ordinary people use it for shopping, banking, bill-paying, and communicating with family and friends. People all over the world use it to connect with individuals from _33 countries and cultures. However, __34____there are many positive developments __35__ (associate) with the Internet, there are also certain fears and concerns. __36___ concern relates to a lack of control over__37__ appears on the Internet. With television and radio there are editors to

check the accuracy or appropriateness of the content of programs, and with television there are 38 (restrict) on what kinds of programs can __39__ (broadcast) and at what times of the day. With the Internet, parents cannot check a published guide to determine what is suitable __40____ their children to see. Unit 17 In the United States, there were 222 people 1.__________ ( report ) to be billionaires(亿万富翁)in 2003. The 2.__________(rich)of these is Bill Gates, worth at least $ 41 billion, who made his money 3.__________starting the company Microsoft. Mr. Gates was only 21 years old 4.__________he first helped to set up the company in 1976. He was a billionaire 5. __________the time he was 6.__________, there are still some other people who have made lots of money at even 7.__________ (young)ages. Other young people who have struck it rich include Jackie Coogan and Shirley Temple. 8.__________of these child actors made over a million dollars 9.__________(act)in movies before they were 14. But 10. __________ youngest billionaire is Albert von Thurn und Taxis of Germany, who, in 2001, inherited (继 承)a billion dollars when he turned 18! Unit 18 Finishing their shopping at the mall, a couple discovered that their new car 1.__________(steal). They filed a report 2.__________the police station and a detective drove them 3.__________to the parking lot to look for evidence. To their 4.__________(amaze), the car had been returned 5.__________there was a note in it that said: “I apologize for taking your car. My wife was having a baby and I had to rush her to the 6.__________. Please forget the inconvenience. There are two tickets 7.__________tonight's Mania Twain concert.” Their faith in humanity restored. The couple attended 8.__________concert. But when they returned home, they immediately found. 9.__________their house had been ransacked (洗劫) . On the bathroom mirror was 10.__________note: “I have to put my kid through college somehow, don't I?” Unit 19 People 1.__________(live)in different countries made different kinds of words. Today there are about fifteen hundred 2.__________in the world. Each contains many thousands of words. A very large dictionary, for example, contains four 3.__________ five hundred thousand words. But we do not need 4.__________these. To read short stories you need to know only about two thousand words. 5.__________you leave school, you will learn only one thousand or more. The words you know are called your vocabulary. You should try to make your vocabulary 6.__________(big). Read as many books as we can. There are a lot of books 7.__________(write)in easy English. You will enjoy them. When you meet 8.__________new word, look it 9.__________in your dictionary. Your dictionary is your 10.__________(much)useful book. Unit 20 When you are in England you must be very careful in the streets 1.__________the traffic drives on the left. Before you cross a street you must look to the right first 2.__________then the left. In the morning and in the evening when

people go to or come from 3.__________, the streets are very busy. Traffic is most 4.__________(danger)then. When you go by bus in England, you have to be careful, 5.__________. Always remember the traffic moves on the left. So you must be careful. 6.__________(have) a look first, or you will go 7.__________wrong way. In many English cities, there are big buses 8.__________two floors. You can sit on the 9.__________ (two) floor. From 10.__________you can see the city very well. It’s very interesting. Unit 21 1.__________artist had a small daughter. Sometimes he painted women 2.__________any clothes on, and he and his 3.__________always tried to keep the small girl out 4.__________he was doing this, “She is 5.__________young to understand,” they said. But one day, when the artist 6.__________(paint)a woman with no clothes on, he forgot to lock the door, and the girl suddenly ran into the room. He mother ran up the stairs 7.__________her, but when she got to the room, the little girl was already in the room and looking at the woman 8.__________her parents waited for her to speak. For a few seconds the little girl said 9.__________, but then she ran to her mother and said 10.__________ (angry) , “Why do you let her go about without shoes and socks on when you don’t let me?” Unit 22 Most Americans don’t like to get advice 1.__________ members of their family. They get advice from “2.__________ (strange) ”. When they need advice, they don’t usually go to people they know. 3.__________many of them write letters to newspapers and magazines 4.__________ give advice on many different subjects 5.__________ (include) family problems, the use of language, health, cooking, child care, clothes, 6.__________ even on how to buy a house or a car. Most newspapers 7.__________ ( regular ) print letters from readers with problems. Along with the letters there are 8.__________written by people who are supposed to know how to solve such problems. Some of these writers are doctors, 9.__________are lawyers or educators. But two of the most famous writers of advice are women without special 10.__________(train)for this kind of work. Unit 23 Without proper planning, tourism can cause 1.__________. For example, too many tourists can crowd public places 2.__________are also enjoyed by the inhabitants (居民) of a country. If tourism create too much traffic, the inhabitants will become 3.__________ ( annoy ) and unhappy. They begin to dislike tourists 4.__________to treat them impolitely. They forget how much tourism can help the country’s economy 5.__________is important to think about the people of a destination country and 6.__________tourism affects them. Tourism should help 7.__________country keep the customs and beauty that attracts tourists. Tourism should also advance the wealth and 8.__________(happy)of local inhabitants. Too much tourism can be a problem. If tourism 9.__________ (grow) too quickly, people must leave other jobs to work 10.__________the tourism industry. This means

that other parts of the country’s economy can suffer. Unit 24 London was awarded 1.__________2012 Olympic Games on Wednesday, 2.__________(defeat)European rival Paris in the final round of voting to take the games back to British capital 3.__________the first time since 1948. 4.__________Moscow, New York and Madrid were eliminated (淘汰)in the first three rounds London beat Paris 54—50 on the fourth ballot(投票表决)of the IOC. In London crowds cheered and waved flags as 5.__________watched the announcement from Singapore 6.__________a giant screen in Trafalgar Square and in the east London area 7.__________the main Olympic complex (建筑群)will be based. Blair spent two days in lobbying(游说)in Singapore 8.__________leaving to host the G8 summit (8 国峰会)in Scotland. “My promise to you is we will be your very 9.__________ (good)partners,” Blair said. It’s the fourth bid (申办)from Britain after 10.__________(fail)attempts by Birmingham for the 1992 Olympics and Manchester for the 1996 and 2000. Unit 25 Why is setting goals so 1.__________? Because goals can help you do, be, and experience everything 2.__________you want in life. Instead 3.__________just letting life happen to you, goals allow 4.__________to make your life happen. 5.__________(success)and happy people have sets lots of goals to help them reach their aims. By setting goals you are taking control of your life. It’s 6.__________having a map to show you 7.__________you want to go. Winners in life set goals and follow through with them. Winners decide what they want in life and then get there by making plans and 8.__________ (set)goals. Unsuccessful people just let life happen by accident. Goals aren’t difficult to set, and 9.__________aren’t difficult to reach. It is up to you to find out what your goals really are. You are 10.__________one who must decide what to do and in what direction to aim your life. Unit 26 We often think of future. We often wonder 1.__________the world will be like a hundred years’ time. Think of 2.__________space. Perhaps a permanent station on the moon 3.__________ ( set up ) . Perhaps people will be able to visit the moon as 4.__________. Cheap rockets for space travel will have been developed, 5. __________(permit)long journeys through the solar system. When that time comes, people will be taking holidays in space and visiting 6.__________planets. Great progress will have been made 7.__________ medicine, too. Pollution will have been controlled in a hundred years’ time. 8.__________the world will have been developed—even Antarctica. We will have used up most of the earth’s land to build our cities, 9.__________floating cities will have been built. The Japanese have already plans of this kind. And there will be cities 10.__________the sea.

Unit 27 Once upon a time there was a rich merchant 1.__________ had 4 wives. He loved the 4th wife the most. He took great care of her and gave her nothing 2.__________ the best. He also loved the 3rd wife very much. He was very 3 .__________ (pride)of her and always wanted to show off her to his friends. He also loved his 2nd wife. She is 4 .__________very considerate person, always patient and in fact is the merchant’s close friend. 5.__________ the merchant faced some problems, he always turned to his 2nd wife and 6.__________ would always help him out and tide(帮助渡过)him 7.__________ difficult times. Now, the merchant’s 1st wife is a very loyal partner and has made great 8.__________ (contribute)in maintaining his wealth and business as well as 9.__________ (take)care of the household. 10.__________, the merchant did not love the first wife and although she loved him deeply, he hardly took notice of her. Unit 28 There once were a goat and a donkey 1.__________ lived on a farm. The donkey worked the hardest so the farmer fed it the most 2.__________. Sometimes the donkey was given more food 3.__________ it could eat. This made the goat so jealous 4.__________ it began plotting against (谋划对付) the donkey. "Hey, donkey," the goat said one day. "I think you do too much work on this farm. You carry such heavy things from morning to night. Why don't you pretend 5.__________(get) sick so you can take a day 6.__________?'' The donkey thought the goat had a great idea. So the next morning, the donkey lay in the stable (畜栏) on its side with its eyes 7.__________ (close). Right away, the farmer called the doctor. 8.__________ looking at the donkey, the doctor said it needed a special medicine made 9.__________ the heart of a goat. So the farmer killed 10.__________goat and gave the donkey medicine made from its heart. Unit 29 Dawn graduated several years ago. She 1.__________(be)a successful model, and finding a job had not been a 2.__________—until recently . When Dawn did start trying to find another type of 3.__________, she found in interview after interview that computer literacy(能力)was a must to 4.__________ (employ). Since Dawn had always been afraid 5.__________ learning computer while in college—our school didn't require to learn computer at that time—she managed to get a degree 6.__________ ever confronting(面对)a computer. Finally, after months of searching for a job, Dawn failed. She had to admit that sidestepping (回避) computer literacy (读写能力) hadn't been a good idea. 7.__________, She enrolled in a computer course at 8.__________adult vocational school. 9.__________ (surprise) , although she had been afraid of learning computer, she took to computers 10.__________much that after about a year she opened her own computer-based business. Unit 30 Some day,1.__________you are lucky, you may see a bongo(大羚羊). But the

only way most people will see it is in a 2.__________. They are found in Africa, 3.__________ they live deep in forests. Even in Africa, very few people ever get to see a bongo. The bongo does not come out of the forest very often. It is an animal that keeps to 4.__________. The bongo has beautiful coloring. Its hair is bright brown 5.__________ (mix) with orange and red. Down its back and across its sides the bongo has yellow-white strips(条纹). Animals that look 6.__________ food at night usually have big eyes. This helps them see 7. __________ (good) at night. The forests in which bongos live are very dark. The eyes of bongos are very big. So, they have no trouble 8.__________ (live)in the darkness. Bongos in zoos do not like to go outside on 9.__________days. They only go outside on those days 10.__________ it is dark or very cloudy. Unit 31 Gandhi, an Indian national hero, was honored 1.__________ the father of the Indian nation. He has been respected and beloved by the Indians. He was born in India in 1869. Following the local custom, he got 2.__________ (marry)at the age of 13. In 1888 he sailed to England, 3.__________ he studied law for three years and became a lawyer. On his return to India, he was sent to South Africa to work on a law case. In South Africa he 4.__________ (surprise)to find that the problem of racial discrimination (种族歧视) was serious. There he formed an organization and started a magazine to fight 5.__________ equal rights. Gandhi returned to India in 1915, 6.__________ India was controlled by the British. He led the Indians to fight for an end to the British rule and 7.__________ (depend)for his country. In the political movement many Indians including Gandhi were put in prison. 8.__________, the struggles never stopped. The British government had to give 9.__________and India won its independence in 1947. 10.__________ (fortunate) Gandhi was shot by an Indian who opposed his views and died on January 30th, 1948. Unit 32 Mrs. Wilson, the wife of a rich man, 1.__________some of her friends to lunch. She was trying a new way to cook fish and she was very pleased with 2.__________when the fish was ready. As the fish was very hot, she put it near the open window to 3.__________ for a few minutes. Five minutes later, when she came back for it, she was 4.__________to find the neighbor’s cat at the fish. She was in time to stop the cat 5.__________ it was too late. That afternoon every one enjoyed the fish. They talked and laughed 6.__________four o’clock. After the guests left, Mrs. Wilson felt tired 7.__________ happy. She was sitting down in a chair near the window when she saw the neighbor’s cat dead in her garden. She was sure the fish was bad. What 8.__________happen to her friends? She at once telephoned the family doctor for help. The doctor liked each guest 9.__________ (meet)him. Once again Mrs. Wilson was alone in her chair still tired but not longer happy. Just then the telephone rang. 10.__________ was her neighbor, “Oh, Mrs. Wilson,” he cried.” My cat is dead. She was killed by someone in a car and put in

your garden….” Unit 33 Nowadays, almost everyone 1.__________ (realize) that smoking is 2._________ (harm)to people’s health. Sometimes it 3.__________ causes fire. In China, about 38% of the people smoke. Every year, they smoke millions of packets of 4.__________. It’s bad news for the health of nation. It’s known that smoking can cause different kinds of disease. Every year, many people die 5.__________ these illnesses, such as lung and throat cancers. It also costs the government much money to look 6.__________ these sick people. Smoking is also harmful to those 7._________ don’t smoke, 8.__________ (especial) to children and women. In a word, smoking is no good. 9.__________ you want to smoke, just think of those who suffer from diseases 10.__________ the fires that destroy people’s lives and properties! Unit 34 Many people like to 1._________ the latest newspaper. But 2.__________ is it produced so quickly? The most important man may be 3.__________ chief editor. He decides 4.__________ to do. Every morning the 5.__________(journal) are sent to report the events. Sometimes they need a face-to-face interview with people 6.__________ do telephone interviews. Meanwhile, the picture editor sends photographer to take the 7.__________ they need. Later in the day, they pass the stories and the 8.__________ (develop) photos to the editor. The chief editor will choose the most important news for the front page. 9.__________ editors read the stories, make some necessary changes and write headlines for them. 10.__________ the newspaper is printed and delivered to different places. Unit 35 With the 1.__________ (develop)of industry, air pollution is getting more and more serious. In Beijing, many people suffer different kinds of illnesses because 2.__________ air pollution. Air pollution is caused by the following 3.__________: about half of the problem is caused by vehicles. There are more and more cars, buses on the roads, and they give off 4.__________ (poison) gases. 25% of air pollution is caused by factories. Another factor is the smokers. Smoking not only does harm to their health 5.__________ to others. 6.__________ these, about 10%of air pollution is caused by other reasons. We should take some measures to fight 7.__________ pollution. New fuel can be used to take 8.__________ place of gas. We can plant more trees. If everybody realizes the 9.__________(important)of environment and does something to stop pollution, the problem will 10.__________ (solve). Unit 36 Recently, a website has carried 1.__________ a survey about the common view

on graduates 2.__________ Beijing University. 28% of the interviewed companies think that they 3.__________(satisfy)with the graduates from Beijing University. The graduates in their companies have a wide range of 4.__________ (know)and they learn things very quickly and easily. 5.__________, most of the companies don’t think much of graduates from Beijing University. In their eyes, the graduates always stick 6.__________ their own opinions and lack the teamwork spirit 7.__________ they are working. Besides, they may not be satisfied with their jobs even with big companies, and they usually ask too 8.__________. As a result, 34% of the companies insist that 9.__________ will not employ graduates from Beijing University. In brief, society and even the students themselves expect too much from graduates from Beijing University. That’s 10.__________ a graduate claims that he is rubbish. Unit 37 As soon as I returned from the USA, I called 1. Lily, one of my neighbours. I dialed several times, but I still could not get 2.__________ it. “Is it her telephone out of 3.__________ or 4.__________she changed the number?” I thought. “She used to help me greatly when I was in need of her. She is a kind lady, 5.__________ is thought highly of by others. Anyway , I must go to see her this time.” The next morning, 6.________ wind was blowing hard. 7.________ (Regard) of the bad weather, I went to the shop, buying some presents. Then I took a taxi and drove to her home. I arrived ten minutes later. I knocked at the door. Out came an old lady. “Is Lily’s home here?” I asked her. “Oh, you are Tony!” The lady cried 8.________ amazement. “I myself am Lily!” “Is she Lily? She is much 9. .________(old)than Lily!” It’s my turn to be shocked this time. I starred at her for several minutes. “My God! She is Lily, 10._______ can one person change so much?” Unit 38 An idea to cycle to Tibet occurred 1.__________ me one year ago. I know it’s quite practical in economical 2.__________. For one thing, I can’t have too much money. For another, it is bound 3.__________(do)me good because I can take 4.__________ fresh air on the way there. I called Tom, who had borrowed me a sum of money, telling him my idea. He was excited at my words and promised to 5. off his debt as soon as possible. He also offered to team 6.__________ with me. 7. .__________(Apparent), he also showed great interest in this trip. Five months before our trip, we kept taking exercise and built up our strong bodied 8.__________ we knew it would be impossible to realize or dream without being healthy. I used to hear that some people making a trip there died from 9.__________ lack oxygen—they 10.__________ devote their lives to their dream! But the cost is too much. So both of us insisted on running in the morning from time to time. Unit 39 I went to the seaside to spend my holiday last summer holiday with my family. One day, I was swimming in the river 1.__________ someone shouted, “Look out. There is a shark not far away!” on hearing the shout, I was scared to 2.__________ because I was well aware 3.__________ its dangerous characteristic. “Just don’t

worry, Tom!” my father said to me, “but in order to avoid being harmed, let’s go back to our hotel.” We stayed in the seaside for about two weeks. Though the weather was 4.__________ hotter than that in my hometown, I got used to 5.__________and 6.__________ at home. Every morning, I got up earlier than my parents and went for breakfast ahead of time. Then I went to have 7.__________ chat with my new friend, John, who I happened to come 8.__________ during my holiday. John was a native and he was familiar with the seaside well. He was a man with good 9.__________ (quality). Soon we became very good friends. After we parted, we have been kept writing to each other. Now, I still often hear from him. We talked in our letter about things and persons 10.__________ we remembered in the seaside. Unit 40 Tom is a boy with physical 1.__________ (disable)and he can’t walk as 2.__________ normal boy. In order to offer him more convenience, his mother bought him a robot 3.__________ name is Jimmy yesterday. Jimmy accompanies Tom every day after his parents leave for work, 4.__________(take)care of him. Tom suffers from a rare disease. He can’t 5.__________ (动词短语) . Instead, he has to sit on an armchair all the day. Jimmy show sympathy to Tom and tries his best to make him happy. Some days ago, he took Tom to the park. He tried to protect him from being harmed. He gave Tom encouragement to have a try to walk. So Tom 6.__________. But to Jimmy’s disappointment, Tom sell on the ground, causing some other boys nearby to make fun 7.__________ him. “Don’t laugh at the disabled!” Jimmy turned 8.__________, warning those boys. They felt sorry and ran away immediately. The next day, Jimmy took Tom to the park once again. This time, Tom was 9.__________ to the circumstance and didn’t feel clumsy (笨拙的) any longer. He gets back his own confidence 10.__________ he is still a disabled boy.



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