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2015年中考英语专项突破 非谓语动词易错题汇编(含解析)

满分: 班级:_________ 一、单选题(共 48 小题) 1.I always tell my students ______ on the road because it’s really dangerous. 姓名:_________ 考号:_________

A.not to play B.to play not C.not playing D.not play 2.—I didn’t hear you come in just now. — That’s good. We tried _____ any noise, for you were sleeping.

A.not make B.not to make C.to make D.making 3.—Dad, why must I stop ______computer games? —For your health, my boy.

A.play B.to play C.to playing D.playing 4.—Driving less, walking more is good for our health. —So I'd rather____an hour's walk to work than consider____a car.

A.take, drive B.take, to drive C.take, driving D.taking, driving 5.—I will go to Harbin for my summer vacation. What about you? —I haven’t decided where ______.

A.go B.went C.going D.to go

6.Lucy is shy. She would not invite her classmates _____dancing with her.

A.practice B.practices C.practicing D.to practice 7.—How is your grandma? —She’s fine. She used to___TV at home after supper. But now she is used to ___out for a walk.

A.watch; go B.watching; go C.watching; going D.watch; going 8.—What are you going to do when you grow up? —A singer, but my parents wish me _____ a teacher.

A.am B.to be C.will be D.be 9.Don’t throw away the waste paper. It needs _____ so that it can be reused.

A.to destroy B.destroying C.to collect D.collecting 10.Paul made a nice cage______ the little sick bird till it could fly.

A.keep B.kept C.keeping D.to keep 11.It was time for class. Mr. King asked all the children _____ down quietly.

A.sit B.sat

C.to sit D.sitting 12.She’s not strong enough _____ walking up mountains.

A.to go B.going C.go D.went 13.He lost his key. It made him _____in the cold to wait for his wife’s return.

A.to stay B.stayed C.stays D.stay 14.—What about _____ a rest? —Let's go for a walk.

A.to take B.take C.taking D.taken 15.Many children are left alone in the countryside. Let’s try our best ____ them.

A.help B.helping C.to help D.helps 16.Our English teacher often says to us,“____ English well is very important.”

A.Learn B.Learning C.Learned D.To learning 17.Everyone may feel time____ very quickly when they do something interesting.

A.go by B.to go by C.went by D.going by


18.— I’m looking forward to _____my parents soon. What about you? — Me too.

A.seeing B.see C.saw D.to see 19.Seeing their teacher _______ into the classroom, they stopped _______ at once.

A.walk; telling B.entering; to speak C.enter; to tell D.walking; talking 20.The retired couple enjoy_____photos.They always go out with their cameras

A.take B.took C.to take D.taking 21.I'm sleepy. I prefer ________ at home to going out for a walk.

A.sleeping B.to sleep C.slept D.sleep 22.At times, parents find it difficult ________ with their teenage children

A.talk B.talked C.talking D.to talk 23.You look too tired. Why not______a rest?

A.stop to have B.to stop having C.stop having D.to stop having


24.—Would you mind_____the window? It's very hot. —No, not at all.

A.open B.to open C.opening D.to opening 25.How kind you are! You always do what you can ______ others.

A.help B.helping C.helps D.to help 26.—What a heavy rain! —So it is. I prefer ____ rather than ___on such a rainy day.

A.to go out; stay at home B.to stay at home; go out C.going out; stay at home D.staying at home ; go out 27.He promised _____his old friend during his stay in Tianjin.

A.see B.seeing C.saw D.to see 28.—Excuse me. Could you tell me ____get to the nearest post office? —Sorry, I am new here.

A.how can I B.how I could C.how to D.what I can 29.The Great Green Wall can stop the wind and sand?_____ to the rich land in the south of China.



B.to move C.from moving 30.Animals are our close friends. We are supposed _____ them.

A.to protect B.protecting C.protect 31.The boy is often heard _____in the music room. He sings very well.

A.practice singing B.to practice singing C.practiced singing 32.The children decide _____ their school yard this Friday afternoon.

A.clean B.to clean C.cleaning D.cleaned 33.I found a letter ______ on the floor when I came into the classroom.

A.lying B.lay C.lie D.lies 34.—Why are you so excited today? —We were told ____ a picnic this weekend.

A.have B.to have C.having D.had


35.The little boy pretended _______ when his mother came in.

A.sleeping B.asleep C.to asleep D.to be asleep 36.Many young people took part in _______ trees on Tree Planting Day.

A.planting B.plants C.to plant D.plant 37.— I feel stressed from time to time. Could you give me some advice? — ______ sharing your worries with your parents?

A.Why don't you B.How about C.Why not D.Would you like 38.一 Can you finish______these books before 10 o'clock? 一 Yes, I can.

A.to read B.read C.reads D.reading 39.—Would you like______ camping with me? —I’d like to. But I’m busy______ my homework.

A.to go; to do B.to go; doing C.going; to do D.going; doing 40.When you move somewhere new, the first thing for you is to find a place______ .

A.to live

B.living in C.to live in 41.He often drinks two cups of ______ water when he comes back.

A.boiling B.boil C.boiled D.boils 42.Tom,would you please ________ the box? It’s for your sister.

A.not open B.don’t open C.not to open D.to not open 43.Jessica's parents always encourage her ____________out her opinions.

A.speak B.speaking C.to speak D.will speak 44.—Let's play football on the playground. —It’s too hot outside. I would rather______ at home than______ out.

A.to stay; go B.staying; going C.stay; to go D.stay; go 45.He wants to have his TV ______.

A.repairing B.repaired C.to repair D.repair 46.Remember ________ off the lights when you leave the room, please.


A.to turn B.turning C.turn 47.一 What do you usually do in the morning? 一 I often practice _____English.

A.speak B.to speak C.speaking 48.It takes me half an hour_____the piano every day.

A.play B.playing C.to play

答案部分 1.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: tell sb. to do sth:告诉某人做某事.tell sb. not to do sth:告诉某人不要做某事。根据句意 故选 A

答案:A 2.考点:非谓语动词


试题解析: try to do sth:努力/尽力做某事.try not to do sth:尽力不要做某事。句意指尽量不去制造任何 噪音。故选 B

答案:B 3.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: stop to do sth:停下来去做另外一件事;stop doing sth:停止正在做的某件事.句意:—爸爸,我为 什么必须停止玩游戏?—为了你的健康,孩子.故选 D

答案:D 4.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: would rather do:宁愿干某事.后面接动词原形.consider doing:考虑做某事.后面接动名词。故选 C

答案:C 5.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: 句意:-我将去哈尔滨过暑假,你呢?-我还没有决定去哪里。Decide+宾语从句,Decide+疑问词+不 定式.故排除 A、B 和 C 项。故选 D

答案:D 6.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: invite sb. to do sth. 邀请某人做某事。故选 D

答案:D 7.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: used to do sth:过去常常做某事;be used to doing sth:习惯于做某事。句意指的是奶奶过去晚 饭后常常在家看电视。但是现在习惯于饭后散步了。故选 D

答案:D 8.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: 句意:—你长大后将要做什么?—歌手,但我的父母希望我成为一个老师。固定结构:wish sb to do sth:希望某人做某事.故选 B

答案:B 9.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: 句意:别乱扔废纸。它需要收集起来再利用。need doing sth:需要被做某事。(该结构表示被动含 义)故选 D

答案:D 10.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: 句意:保罗做了一个好看的笼子来养那只生病的小鸟,直到它能飞。后面动词不定式作目的状语, 故选 D

答案:D 11.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: ask sb. to do sth:要求某人做某事。故选 C

答案:C 12.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: 句意:她的年龄还没足够达到去爬山的地步。be enough to do sth:足够达到什么程度做某事。 故选 A



13.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: 句意:他丢失了钥匙,这使他呆在寒风中等待他妻子回来。make sb do sth:使某人做某事。 故选 D

答案:D 14.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: What about 后接名词或者动名词。故选 C

答案:C 15.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: try one’s best to do sth:尽某人最大的努力去做某事。故选 C

答案:C 16.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: 考查动名词作主语,表示“学好英语非常重要”。故选 B

答案:B 17.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: 句意:每个人都能感到时间的快速流逝。动词 feel 表示“感觉”,后跟动词不定式作宾语补足语时 动词不定式符号 to 要省略。故选 A

答案:A 18.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: look forward to:期望,期盼.其中 to 为介词,其后跟 v.-ing 形式,故选 A


答案:A 19.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: 句意:看到老师走进教室,他们立刻停止了谈话。see sb doing sth:看见某人正在做某事;see sb do sth:看见某人做过某事。stop doing sth :停止正在做某事;stop to do sth:停下来去做另 一件事情。故选 D

答案:D 20.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: enjoy doing sth:喜欢做某事。故选 D

答案:D 21.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: prefer doing Asth to doing Bsth:比起做 B 事情,更喜欢做 A 事情.prefer+动名词形式。故选 A

答案:A 22.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: 句意:有时,人们发现与青少年交谈是有困难的; find+it+adj.+for sb.+to do sth:发现做某事 是?, (it 做形式宾语,to do 不定式做真正的宾语)。故选 D

答案:D 23.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: 句意:你看起来太累了,为什么不停下来去休息一下呢?why not do sth 为什么不做某事,后跟动 词原型;stop to do sth:停下来去做另外一件事;stop doing sth 停止正在做的事。根据句意 故选 A


24.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: mind doing sth:介意做某事。故选 C

答案:C 25.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: 由句意你总是竭尽全力地去帮助别人。可以知道竭尽全力的目的是帮助别人。故用不定式作目的状 语,故选 D

答案:D 26.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: prefer to do A?rather than do B:宁愿做 A 这件事情也不愿意做 B 这件事情。故选 B

答案:B 27.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: promise to do sth:许诺做某事。故选 D

答案:D 28.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: 考查“特殊疑问词+不定式结构”的用法。句意:打扰了,你能告诉我如何到达最近的邮局吗?对 不起我是新来的。当主句的宾语和从句的主语一致时,宾语从句可以用疑问词+不定式结构。故选 C

答案:C 29.考点:非谓语动词


试题解析: stop sb. /sth. from doing:阻止某人或某物做某事;句意:长城能够阻止风沙侵入,保护南方肥沃 的土地。故选 C

答案:C 30.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: be supposed to do sth:应该/ 被期望做某事。故选 A

答案:A 31.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: 考查被动语态的中的非谓语动词用法。在主动句中:hear sb do sth;听见某人做过某事。 在被动句中:sb be heard to do sth:某人被听见做过某事。故选 B

答案:B 32.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: decide to do sth:决定去做某事,故选 B

答案:B 33.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: 句意:我走进教室的时候,我发现地上躺着一封信。find sb. doing sth. 发现某人做某事。故选 A

答案:A 34.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: tell sb. to do sth:告诉某人做某事;sb be told to do sth:某人被告诉要做某事(被动语 态)。故选 B


35.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: pretend to do sth:假装做某事,asleep 是形容词,不是动词,因此 to asleep 不正确。故选 D

答案:D 36.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: take part in:参加,其后用动名词(介词+V-ing)。故选 A

答案:A 37.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: Why don't you+V 原形;How about+V-ing;Why not+V 原形;Would you like+to do。由答句中的 动词 sharing 知,故选 B

答案:B 38.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: finish doing sth:完成做某事情。故选 D

答案:D 39.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: would like to do sth:想要做某事;be busy doing sth:正忙于做某事。故选 B

答案:B 40.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: 考查动词不定式作定语修饰名词,和所修饰的名词存在动宾关系,排除 B;当动词不定式作定语和 前面名词存在动宾关系,动词若是不及物动词,需要在动词后加介词构成动宾关系。故选 C


答案:C 41.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: boiled water:烧开的水;boiling water:沸腾的水。故选 C

答案:C 42.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: Would you please (not) do sth:请你(别)做某事好吗?句意:汤姆,请你别打开那个盒子好吗? 它是(送)给你妹妹的。故选 A

答案:A 43.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: encourage sb to do sth:鼓励某人做某事。 故选 C

答案:C 44.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: would rather do than do:宁愿??而不愿??表示主观愿望,即在两者之中选择其一。故选 D

答案:D 45.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: have sb./sth. doing 让某人/某物一直做某事;have sth. done 让某事被??。句意:他让别人 帮他修电视。电视机是被修理,TV 和 repair 之间是被动关系,用过去分词表示被动,故选 B

答案:B 46.考点:非谓语动词


试题解析: 句意:你离开房间时,请记得关灯。remember to do:记得去做某事,这件事情还没有做; remember doing :记得做过的事情,这件事情已经做过。故选 A

答案:A 47.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: 句意:—早上你通常干吗?—我经常练习说英语。practice doing sth:练习做某事。故选 C

答案:C 48.考点:非谓语动词 试题解析: It takes sb. some time to do sth:花费某人多少时间去做某事。 句意:我每天花半小时练钢琴。故选 C







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