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2012 届高考英语实战演练专题阅读理解(51-55) 《附详析》

(第 51 篇)
Cities alarmed by deaths and injuries of pedestrians are taking efforts to make crosswalks safer for people on foot, especially seniors and children who need more time to cross streets. A pedestrian is killed in a traffic accident in the USA every 110 minutes; one is injured every nine minutes, according to official data.Crosswalks can be especially dangerous for the elderly. Among people 70 and older,36% of pedestrian deaths in 2006 occurred in crosswalks, compared with 21% of those younger than 70, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The Federal Highway Administration(FHWA) advises that next year states increase by nearly 15% the amount of time traffic lights provide for pedestrians to cross the street after the flashing orange hand appears. FHWA spokesman Doug Hecox says reasons for the change include an aging population that needs more time to cross, health ? conscious Americans walking more , children encou ? raged to walk to prevent getting overweight and high gas prices pushing people to walk instead of drive. Pedestrian deaths went down by 12% from 5,449 in 1996 to 4,784 in 2006. But among those in 2006,471 were killed in crosswalks, down slightly from 488 ten years earlier, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA) says. [语篇解读] 横过马路时,行人的意外死亡率居高不下。很多城市正在努力采取措施保 证行人过马路的安全,尤其是老人和孩子。 1.Which of the following is true according to the text? A. Among 100 pedestrian deaths there were 21 people younger than 70. B. Old people are more likely to meet with accidents in crosswalks. C. Traffic accidents killed more old people than young people. D. About seven traffic accidents happened per hour. [解析] 事实细节题。第二段第二三句告诉我们:老年人在十字路口遭遇交通事故的可 能性最大。 [答案] B 2.What is FHWA’s suggestion to states? A. Fixing more traffic lights. B. Providing more crosswalks.

C. Giving pedestrians more time to cross streets. D. Increasing the time before the orange lights appear. [解析] 事实细节题。第三段告诉我们 FHWA 建议给行人更多的时间通过路口。 [答案] C 3.What’s the cause of the crosswalk safety problem according to the text? A. There’re many cars and buses on the road. B. Pedestrians are careless. C. Crosswalks are crowded. D. Drivers don’t give way. [解析] 推理判断题。第四段指出:老年人需要更多的时间通过马路,有健康意识的人 也好步行,儿童被鼓励步行以防止发胖,油价较高也让人们更倾向于步行而不是驾车。由此 可知十字路口的安全问题是过度拥挤。 [答案] C 4.The report from NHTSA suggests that ________. A. fewer people were injured in crosswalks B. crosswalk safety has been greatly improved C. much has been done to reduce traffic accidents D. pedestrian deaths in crosswalks remain a serious problem [解析] 推理判断题。最后一段 NHTSA 称:2006 年行人死亡人数 4,784,比 1996 年 (5,449)降低了 12%,但这一数字依旧很高,注意句中用的是 down slightly 稍微有点下降, 所以十字路口的安全问题依然严峻。 [答案] D

(第 52 篇)
Topping the class academically was certainly an advan ? tage. Studying was a breeze for Nigel. The reward was certainly incomparable to the little effort that he had to put in. It began when he was selected to help the teachers in the computer laboratories. The peak of his school career came not when he topped the school but when he was selected for the nationwide competition. Unlike everyone else, Nigel wanted to join the contest because he liked playing with the Lego sets and making something out of them. Nigel spent the next two months rebuilding his robot. It was during this time that Nigel found out about the prizes for the competition as well as another competitor,Alicia,from a neighboring school. His early intentions were forgotten. Getting the thousand ? dollar prize was more important than anything else. Nigel decided to befriend Alicia.Unaware of

his intentions,she told him all about the robot that she had been building for the competition. He even helped her to put the finishing touches to her robot. He was glad with the way things had progressed. His robot looked even better than Alicia’s and it was able to bounce a ball with its arm, something Alicia had failed to do. On the day of the competition, he saw Alicia. Everything dawned on her the minute she saw him among the competitors.She stared at him, puzzled at first, then angry and finally a look of helplessness came over her. The flashbulbs of the camera exploded in Nigel’s face. The robot had performed actions so unique and different that the specialists’judgments were the same. Nigel was so pleased with himself that he did not even notice the girl standing a few feet away from him. Without her, he would never have won the competition. 5. What reward did Nigel receive for doing well in his school work? A. He was offered a part ? time job. B. He was honored with a scholarship. C. He helped his teachers construct a robot. D. He helped in the computer laboratories. [解析] 细节理解题。由文中第一段“It began when he was selected to help the

teachers in the computer laboratories.”可以得知答案。 [答案] D 6. Nigel’s original intention of joining the contest was to________. A. be the top student of the school B. bring great honor to his school C. construct a robot with the Lego sets D. win the thousand ? dollar prize [解析] 细节理解题。根据第二段“Unlike everyone else,Nigel wanted to join the

contest because he liked playing with the Lego sets and making something out of them.” 可以看出答案。 [答案] C 7. Why did Nigel help Alicia finish her robot? A. He tried to make friends with her. B. He was fond of building robots. C. He intended to help her. D. He didn’t want her to suspect him. [解析] 推理判断题。由文中第二段“...as well as another competitor,Alicia,from a neighboring school.His early intentions were forgotten.Getting the thousand ? dollar prize was more important than anything else.”能够推断出答案。 [答案] D

8. What is the author’s attitude towards Nigel’s actions? A. He is mildly critical. B. He is strongly critical.

C. He is in favor of them. D. His attitude is not clear. [解析] 观点态度题。根据文中第一段第二、三句“Studying was a breeze for Nigel.The reward was certainly incomparable to the little effort that he had to put in.”可以判断学习对 于他是不费吹灰之力的事, 他付出很少的努力就能的到奖赏当然就是举世无双的了, 言语中 带着讽刺。 [答案] A

(第 53 篇)
Dear Friend, The recent success of children’s books has made the general public aware that there’s a huge market out there. And there’s a growing need for new writers trained to create the $3 billion worth of children’s books bought each year... plus stories and articles needed by over 650 publishers of magazines for children and teenagers. Who are these needed writers? They’re ordinary folks like you and me. But am I good enough? I was once where you might be now. My thoughts of writing had been pushed down by self ? doubt, and I didn’t know where to turn for help. Then, I accepted a free offer from the Institute to test my writing aptitude(潜能), and it turned out to be the inspiration I needed. The promise that paid off The Institute made the same promise to me that they will make to you, if you show basic writing ability: You will complete at least one manuscript(手稿) suitable to hand in to a publisher by the time you finish our course. I really didn’t expect any publication before I finished the course,but that happened.I sold three stories. And I soon discovered that was not unusual at the Institute. Since graduation, I have authored 34 nationally published children’s books and over 300 stories and articles. Free test and brochure We offer a free aptitude test and will send you a copy of our brochure describing our recognized home ? study courses on the basis of one ? on ? one training. Realize your writing dream today. There’s nothing sadder than a dream delayed until

it fades forever. Sincerely, Kristi Holl, Instructor Institute of Children’s Literature [语篇解读] 儿童读物有着巨大的市场,市场需要更多的儿童读物作家。参加我们的培 训课程,相信你就能成为儿童作家中的一员。 1.From the first three paragraphs, we learn that ________. A. children’s books are usually bestsellers B. publishers are making $3 billion each year C. magazines for teenagers have drawn public attention D. there is a growing need for writers of children’s books [解析] 推理判断题。这篇文章在为培训课程做广告,因此前三段先讲到儿童作家的市 场需求以吸引读者参加该课程。 [答案] D 2.When finishing the course, you are promised to ________. A. be a successful publisher B. become a confident editor C. finish one work for publication D. get one story or article published [解析] 事实细节题。 由文章“The promise that paid off”部分: You will complete at least one manuscript(手稿)suitable to hand in to a publisher by the time you finish our course. 可知。 [答案] C 3.Kristi Holl mentions her experience mainly to ________. A. prove she is a good instructor B. promote the writing program C. give her advice on course preparation D. show she sold more stories than articles [解析] 推理判断题。作者作为课程的主办方通过讲述自己的经历来推广该课程。 [答案] B

(第 54 篇)
Despite the fact that it has never been seen, almost everyone is familiar with the legendary unicorn (独角兽). Descriptions of unicorns have been found dating from ancient

times. The great philosopher Aristotle theorized that there were two types of unicorn—the so ? called Indian Ass and the Oryx,a kind of antelope. Unicorns are often used in the logo of a noble family, town council or university as their special sign. Even Scotland is represented by a unicorn. According to the legend, anyone attempting to catch a unicorn had to be extremely cautious as it has a reputation for being very fierce. A clever trick suggested by unicorn ? trappers, order to catch this magnificent beast without being hurt by its horn, in was for the hunter to stand in front of a tree and then to move quickly behind it as the unicorn charged. Hopefully,the creature could then be captured when its horn was stuck in the tree. When hollowed out and used as a drinking ? cup, the unicorn’s horn was said to have the power to offer protection against poison. It was believed that nobody could be harmed by drinking the contents of a unicorn’s horn. Right up until the French Revolution in 1789, the French court was said to have used cups made of “unicorn” horn in order to protect the king.In addition, the horn was said to have medicinal value, so much so that it could be sold for more than ten times the price of the same weight of gold. What, then, was “unicorn” horn? We know at times the rhino (犀牛) was confused with this legendary creature. A drinking ? cup supposedly made of “unicorn” horn was discovered to be made of the horn of a rhino. 4. Which of the following is TRUE of the unicorn? A. It was not historically recorded. B. Its horn was first used in France. C. It was similar to the Indian Ass and the Oryx. D. It could be the symbol of a university. [解析] 判断正误题。由第一段“Unicorns are often used in the logo of a noble family, town council or university as their special sign.”可知,独角兽是贵族家庭、城镇理事会或大 学的一个特殊标志。 [答案] D 5. To catch a unicorn, the unicorn ? trappers had to try all of the following EXCEPT________. A. tempting the unicorn to attack B. making use of the tree as a protection C. hiding quickly behind the unicorn D. having the unicorn horn stuck in the tree [解析] 细节理解题。由文中第二段可知,选项 C 在该段中没被提到。 [答案] C 6. The last paragraph is mainly about________. A. the properties of the unicorn horn

B. the users of the unicorn horn C. the price of the unicorn horn D. the comparison between the unicorn horn and the rhino horn [解析] 主旨大意题。 由文中最后一段的首句“...the unicorn’s horn was said to have the power to offer protection against poison.”可知,该段都是围绕着独角兽的角展开叙述的, 说明独角兽的角是重要的财产。 [答案] A 7. In the last paragraph, the word “unicorn” is in quotation marks( 引 号 ) because________. A. the cup is designed only for a royal family B. the unicorn does not exist in reality C. the unicorn is the rarest animal in the world D. the medicinal value of the horn is appreciated [解析] 推理判断题。最后一段的最后两句可知,犀牛角的产品是真实存在的,而独角 兽并不真正存在。

(第 55 篇)
A Western New Bridge Library Announcement Shortened Library Hours for Spring Break Library Hours have been shortened to 7 hours a day (9∶00 a. m. ? 4∶00 p. m. ) for Spring Break from March 24 to March 30. Coming Events ◆On Monday, March 24, at 10∶30 a. m. , Scott Sutton, a children’s writer, will tell stories to kids over seven. Sutton’ s attractive style will surely inspire everyone present ! ◆At 2∶00 p. m. , on March 25, a lecture will be delivered in Room 201, which focuses on the development of writing skill. Famous tutors from the district won’ t disappoint you. ◆At 1∶00 p. m. ,on March 26, the Georgetown Musicians will present an Irish Folk Concert, which will be entertaining for the entire family. Come for the music and stay to check out some relevant books for the rest of the week! ◆On Thursday, March 27, at 2∶00 p. m. , the annual Children’ s Gathering will take place in Room 201, the second floor. Pick up an invitation in the Children’ s Room and return your RSVP (回复)to reserve your seat at the table by 3∶00 p. m. on Tuesday, March 25. Only children are allowed in the Gathering.

◆At 10∶30 a.m. on Friday, March 28, Enzo Monfre of the hit kids’ science show, ENZOology, will bring Fossils Live! Surely Enzo will take the audience back in time, deep beneath the surface of the earth, to uncover the mysteries of killer dinosaurs, and more. Enzo recently appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show — come and see him at the library! Please note: In case of emergency, please call the Help Desk at 926 ? 3736 and follow the procedures outlined on the voice message. The call ? down service is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies. The Help Desk supplies service to you all the year round! For questions about all these, please contact_hld_@_wnbl._corg. Come for the great Fun; Stay for the relevant Books! [语篇解读] 本文是一则通知,属于应用文。文章主要介绍了寒假期间学校图书馆作息 时间的变化及将要举行的一系列活动。 1.Tim wants to polish his writing, it is best for him to attend the related activity on________. A. Monday C. Thursday B. Tuesday D. Friday

[解析] 推理判断题。根据 Coming Events 中的第一、二两条信息判断,提高写作技能 的活动是在 March 25 举行的,而由第一条信息可知 March 24 是星期一,所以选 B。 [答案] B 2.Which of the following descriptions about the annual Children’ s Gathering is true? A. Tickets are a must in order to attend it. B. Only those who have received an invitation are admitted in the Gathering. C. You have to make a reply to the invitation to make sure you get a seat. D. You’ d better apply in advance because there are not enough seats for everyone. [解析] 细节判断题。根据第四条信息可知,要想参加该活动,需要在儿童室取请帖并 回复以预订座位,因此 C 项正确。 [答案] C 3.Which of the following is NOT true according to the announcement? A. The children who are interested in the mysteries of killer dinosaurs can attend the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday. B. Children can’ t attend all the activities with their parents. C. Children can choose more than one of the activities. D. Children can borrow some relevant books for the activities. [解析] 细节判断题。 根据第五条信息的最后一句可知 A 选项中的 the Ellen DeGeneres Show 并非在假期所举办的活动。 [答案] A

4.If there is an emergency, you should________. A. call the Help Desk B. contact hld @ wnbl. corg C. stay in the library and wait D. ring 926 ? 3637 [解析] 细节理解题。由注意事项中的第一句话可知答案。 [答案] A 5.The announcement is mainly intended for________. A. staff members of the library B. parents of the school children C. the school children D. volunteers of the activities [解析] 推理判断题。根据通知内容可知,活动是为学生举办的,这则通知主要是让他 们了解活动的时间、地点及相关内容。 [答案] C



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