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Unit 2 Cloning
Ⅰ.阅读理解 (2017·9 月浙江宁波十校联考) What is the nature of the scientific attitude,the attitude of the man or woman
who studies and applies physics,biology,chemistry,geology,engineering,medicine or any other science?
We all know that science plays an important role in our societies.However,many people believe that our progress depends on two different aspects of science.The first aspect is the application of the machines,products and systems of knowledge that scientists and technologists develop.The second is the application of the special methods of thought and action that scientists use in their work.
What are these special methods of thinking and acting?First of all,it seems that a successful scientist is curious—he wants to find out how and why the universe works.He usually pays attention to problems which he notices have no satisfying explanation,and looks for relationships even if the data available seem to be unconnected.Moreover,he thinks he can improve the existing conditions and enjoys trying to solve the problems which this involves.
He is a good observer,accurate,patient and objective and uses the facts he observes to the fullest.For example,trained observers obtain a very large amount of information about a star mainly from the accurate analysis of the simple lines that appear in a spectrum(光谱).
He does not accept statements which are not based on the most complete evidence available.He rejects authority as the only basis for truth.Scientists always check statements and make experiments carefully and objectively.
Furthermore,he does not readily accept his own idea,since he knows that man is the least reliable of scientific instruments and that a number of factors tend to disturb objective investigation.
Lastly,he is full of imagination since he often has to look for relationships in data which are not only complex but also frequently incomplete.Furthermore,he needs imagination if he wants to guess how processes work and how events take place.
These seem to be some of the ways in which a successful scientist or technologist thinks and acts.
【语篇导读】本文是一篇说明文。社会的进步依赖于科技的进步和应用,科技的应用涉及两方 面,一是科学家所研发的机器、产品和知识体系,二是科学家在研究中特别的思考和行为模式。本 文主要介绍了科学家在科学研究中的思考和行为模式。 1.Which of the following statements about a curious scientist is WRONG?

A.He focuses on the problems that have no reasonable explanations.

B.He makes efforts to investigate potential connections.

C.He is interested in condition-improving and problem-solving.

D.He rejects authority as he believes himself to be the only reliable one.

答案 D

解析细节理解题。根据文章第三段可知,A、B、C 三项均为正确选项。根据第五、六段可知,科学家

拒绝把权威作为事实的依据,而是以客观和公正的事实依据为基础,故 D 项错误。

2.According to the passage,a successful scientist would .

A.easily appreciate others’ research work

B.easily believe in unchecked statements

C.always accept authority as the only basis for truth

D.always use evidence from observation to the fullest

答案 D

解析细节理解题。根据第四段“He is a good observer,accurate,patient and objective and

uses the facts he observes to the fullest.”可知,D 项正确。

3.Which word can be used to describe the author’s attitude that a good scientist

holds towards the scientific research?

A.Objective and careful.

B.Curious and casual.

C.Cautious and arrogant.

D.Subjective and down-to-earth.

答案 A

解析细节理解题。根据第五段“He rejects authority as the only basis for

truth.Scientists always check statements and make experiments carefully and

objectively.”可知,一名优秀科学家的态度是非常严谨和客观的,故选 A 项。

4.What does the passage mainly discuss?

A.Key to a successful scientist.

B.Scientists’ ways of thinking and acting.

C.Progress in modern science.

D.Application of modern technology.

答案 B

解析主旨大意题。根据最后一段“These seem to be some of the ways in which a successful

scientist or technologist thinks and acts.”可知,文章主要谈了科学家的思考和行为模式,

故选 B 项。

?导学号 29402157?


Due to a car crash,Tony Smith,a 14-year-old boy became disabled.Doctors told him

he had a 20 percent chance of 1 high school.Yet eight years later,Tony achieved

the nearly 2 with the help of a man,50 years older than Tony.

The families were not 3 —the Greens had moved to the area just nine months

earlier.But when Ernest Green,a(n) 4 worker,heard about Tony’s accident and the

fact 5 his parents would not be able to care full-time for their son,he offered

to 6 the boy while they were at work.The Smiths 7 accepted.Tony,now 23,says

it was hard for him to 8 then “how someone I didn’t know would drop everything

to help me”.

Ernest sought training to care for Tony and then began arriving at the Smiths’

home early on 9 mornings.At first,the age difference was a challenge—one like

rap, 10 didn’t.But they learned to 11 .“Older folks are just older versions

of you,”says Tony.

Some days were better than others.“He can’t do for himself,so he can be

12 ,”says Ernest.But he admits that Tony’s strong will got him through 13


Tony graduated from high school with the rest of his class and was 14 to

nearby High Point University.Ernest 15 him to every class.“The first year was

interesting,”Ernest 16 .“Tony didn’t want to stand out.”Ernest,on the other

hand,says he took full 17 of the opportunity,taking notes and often 18 in


On graduation day,Ernest received an honorary 19 in humanities(人文学科).“I

was surprised,”he says.

Tony wasn’t 20 .“Ernest is a godly example of the way a man should live—

calm,and modest,”he says.

Today the two friends don’t see as much of each other.But they will always have

a relationship.

【语篇导读】本文是一篇记叙文。14 岁的 Tony 在一次车祸后成了残疾人,一位已经退休的邻

居主动帮忙照顾 Tony,直到其大学毕业。两人不仅克服困难,迎接挑战,还成了彼此欣赏的好朋友。





答案 B

解析根据文章开头可知,由于车祸,14 岁的 Tony 成了残疾人。根据下句中转折连词“Yet”可以推

测,当时医生告诉他他只有 20%的可能性能完成高中学业。故选 B 项。

2.A.impossible B.possible



答案 A

解析根据第五段第一句中的“Tony graduated from high school with the rest of his

class”可推知,残疾后的 Tony 完成了几乎不可能的事,即完成高中学业。故选 A 项。





答案 C

解析根据下文中的“the Greens had moved to the area just nine months earlier”可知,这

两家并不是很熟悉。acquainted 意为“熟悉的”,符合语境。故选 C 项。





答案 A

解析上文提到,Tony 是在一个比他大 50 岁的人的帮助下做成了不可能做成的事,下文提到,Tony 的

父母去上班时 Tony 由 Ernest 照顾;由此可推知,Ernest 是一位退休工人。故选 A 项。





答案 C

解析“the fact”和后面的从句“他的父母不能把全部时间都用来照顾他们的儿子”之间是同位

关系,从句成分、意义均完整,因此用 that 引导这个同位语从句。故选 C 项。

6.A.look through B.look after

C.look into

D.look up

答案 B

解析上文提到,Tony 的父母不能把全部时间都用来照顾他们的儿子,因此 Ernest 主动提出照顾这个

男孩。故选 B 项。

7.A.generously B.curiously



答案 D

解析 Ernest 主动提出帮忙照顾 Tony,因此 Smith 夫妇应该是很感激地接受。故选 D 项。





答案 B

解析此处是指现在 23 岁的 Tony 说,对于 14 岁的他来说很难理解为什么一位素不相识的人会放下

自己的一切来帮助他。understand 意为“理解”,符合语境。故选 B 项。





答案 D

解析根据第二段中的“he offered tothe boy while they were at work”可知,Ernest 是在

Tony 的父母去上班时照顾他,也就是工作日。故选 D 项。

10.A.the other B.other



答案 A

解析此处提到的年龄差距是指 Tony 和 Ernest 两个人的年龄差距。one...the other 指两者之间,

表示“(两者中的)一个……,另一个……”。故选 A 项。





答案 C

解析上文提到,Tony 和 Ernest 两人的年龄差距太大,喜好也不同,由此结合空格前的“But”可推

知,他俩学着妥协,以此来缩小差距。故选 C 项。

12.A.demanding B.confusing



答案 A

解析根据上文中的“He can’t do for himself”可知,因为有些事 Tony 不能自己做,所以 Tony

有时会沮丧,不好相处。故选 A 项。





答案 B

解析上文提到了 Tony 因车祸成了残疾人,故此处 Ernest 讲到是 Tony 的坚强意志使他度过了困难

时期。故选 B 项。





答案 D

解析根据空格后的“to nearby High Point University”可知,此处指 Tony 被附近的 High Point

大学录取。短语 be admitted to...意为“被……录取”。故选 D 项。



C.accompanied D.recommended

答案 C

解析此处指 Tony 上了大学后,Ernest 也陪着他去上每一堂课,这也是下文提到的 Ernest 获得人文

学科的名誉学位的原因。故选 C 项。





答案 D

解析上下文都是 Ernest 在谈论 Tony 上大学时的事,所以此处应为 Ernest 回忆说。故选 D 项。





答案 D

解析根据下文中的“taking notes”可知,此处应指 Ernest 说 Tony 充分利用机会做笔记。固定

结构 take advantage of 意为“利用”。故选 D 项。

18.A.sleeping B.working



答案 C

解析根据上文可知,Tony 不想表现得很突出,但 Ernest 却正好相反,因此很容易排除 A 项;B 项意为

“工作”,在课堂上工作是不可能的;D 项意为“做演讲”,在此场合不合适;C 项意为“发表意见”,

他经常在班上发表意见符合语境和逻辑。故选 C 项。





答案 A

解析根据本句中的“in humanities(人文学科)”和“honorary”可知,此处应指 Ernest 获得了人

文学科的名誉学位。故选 A 项。





答案 B

解析上文提到,Ernest 为自己获得学位而感到惊讶,而 Tony 却说“对于人们应该具有的品质——

冷静、谦虚而言,Ernest 是一个神圣的榜样”;由此可知,Tony 对 Ernest 获得学位这件事并没有感

到惊讶。故选 B 项。

?导学号 29402158?


阅读下面短文,根据其内容写一篇 60 词左右的内容概要。

Five years ago,my father and I had a heated disagreement and really never

resolved it since that time.We avoided seeing each other unless we had to be at

family gatherings.But even then,we hardly spoke to each other.

Last Tuesday I convinced myself I was going to tell my father I loved him.I

called my dad to see if I could come over.When he answered the phone,I just

said,“Dad,can I come over after work tonight?I have something to tell you.”My dad

responded,“Now what?”I assured him it wouldn’t take long,so he finally agreed.

I came to my parents’ house,praying Dad would answer the door.I was afraid that

if Mom answered I would chicken out and tell her instead.But as luck would have

it,Dad did answer the door.

“Dad,I just came over to tell you that I love you.”

It was as if a transformation came over my dad.His face softened,and the wrinkles

seemed to disappear.He hugged me and said,“I love you too,son,but I’ve never been

able to say it.”

It was such a precious moment that I didn’t want to move.Dad and I hugged for a

moment longer and then I left.

Two days later,my dad,who had heart problems,but didn’t tell me,had an attack

and ended up in the hospital,unconscious.I don’t know if he’ll make it.

So my message to all of you in this is:Don’t wait to do the things you know need

to be done.What if I had waited to tell my dad—maybe I will never get the chance

again!Take the time to do what you need to do and do it now!

参考范文 There was a time when the relation between Father and me was tense.(要点 1)Finally
I decided to make peace with him.(要点 2)After fierce struggle I picked up all my courage to tell him I loved him.(要点 3)After two days,Father was badly ill in hospital,senseless,which left me in sorrow and in relief.(要点 4)In our life,don’t delay what you should do today.(要点 5)
?导学号 29402159?



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