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2015 高考英语满分作文范文及翻译(1)
假设你叫王明,昨天收到了笔友 David 的 e-mail,得知他不久要到北京来学习中文。他想了 解如何学好中文。请你用英文给他回复一封 e-mail,介绍学习中文的体会和方法,提出你的 建议,以及表达你帮助他学好中文的愿望。 【例文】 Dear David, I'm glad you'll come to Beijing to learn Chinese. Chinese is very useful, and many foreigners are learning it now. It's difficult for you because it's quite different from English. You have to remember as many Chinese words as possible. It's also important to do some reading and writing. You can watch TV and listen to the radio to practise your listening. Do your best to talk with people in Chinese. You can learn Chinese not only from books but also from people around you. If you have any questions, please ask me. I'm sure you'll learn Chinese well. Hope to see you soon in Beijing. Yours, Wang Ming 【翻译】 亲爱的大卫, 我很高兴你会来北京学习中文。中国是非常有益的,许多外国人正在学习,现在。这很 难为你,因为它是相当的英语不同。你要记住尽可能多的中国话。同样重要的是做一些阅读 和写作。你可以看电视,听广播练习你的听力。你最好不要谈论与中国人民。你可以学习汉 语,不仅从书本上,而且从你周围的人。如果您有任何问题,请问我。我敢肯定你会学好中 文。 希望能尽快看到你在北京。 此致, 王明

2015 高考英语满分作文范文及翻译(2)
请你根据下面的提纲,以“我的家乡”为题,写一篇 100—120 字的短文。 提纲: (1) 家乡的地理位置; (2) 解放前的情况; (3) 解放后的变化; (4) 对家乡的感情。 【例文】 My Home Town My home town is a beautiful place. It stands beside a wide river and is rich in fish and rice. But in the old days it was a poor and backward little town. Many people had no work. They lived a hard life. In 1949 my hometown was liberated. Since then great changes have taken place there. The streets have been widened. Factories, schools, hospitals, cinemas and theatres have sprung up one after another. The life of the people is greatly improved. I love my hometown. All the more I love its people. They are working hard so as to make it

still richer and more beautiful. 【翻译】 我的家乡 我的家乡是一个美丽的地方。它站在旁边是一个宽阔的河流和丰富的鱼和米饭。 但它是一个贫穷落后的小镇时光。许多人没有工作。他们过着艰苦的生活。 1949 年我的家乡解放。自那时以来已发生很大变化那里。街道已拓宽。工厂,学校, 医院,电影院和剧院便如雨后春笋,一个接一个。人民生活大大改善。 我爱我的家乡。更爱我的人。他们正在努力,以使其更丰富,还有更美丽。

2015 高考英语满分作文范文及翻译(3)
健康对于我们每个人来说是非常重要的, 但你的父母天天忙于工作而忽略了这个问题, 你很 为他们担忧。请你以此为话题,并结合提示给他们写一封信。 提示:1.要走路去上班,而不是开车或坐车; 2.每周至少去体育馆锻炼一次,或打球、或游泳; 3.饮食要健康; 4.不要工作太晚,要早休息。 要求:1.短文结构完整,意思连贯,语言流畅,语法准确,符合逻辑; 2.80—100 词左右; 3.开头和结尾部分已给出,不计入总词数。 【例文】 Dear Dad(Mum), You’re so busy every day that you don’t pay much attention to your health. I’m worried about your health all the time. I’d like to give you some suggestions. I hear walking is the best sport. Your company isn’t far from home, is it? Why not walk to the office? You’d better take exercise at least once a week, such as playing tennis in the gym. Going to swim is also a nice choice, too. What’ s more, it’ s necessary to have healthy food. Try not to stay up too late. Having enough sleep can help your brain work better. Dad, please accept my advice. I really wish you healthy! Your loving son (daughter) Tom (Mary) 【翻译】 亲爱的爸爸(妈妈), 你每天这么忙, 你不重视你的健康。 我对你的健康担心所有的时间。 我想给你一些建议。 我听到走路是最好的运动。您的公司没有远离家乡,是吗?为什么不步行到办公室吗?你最好 锻炼,每周至少一次,如在健身房打网球。去游泳也是一个不错的选择了。更重要的是,它 需要有健康的食物。尽量不要熬夜太晚。有足够的睡眠可以让你的大脑工作得更好。 爸爸,请接受我的意见。我真的希望你健康! 您的爱子(女) 汤姆(玛丽)

2015 高考英语满分作文范文及翻译(4)
【例文】 Doing sport builds up our body strength and reduces diseases. Though we lead a better life, our health is becoming worse now. So "EXERCISE ONE HOUR A DAY,KEEP ILLNESS AWAY" has been raised by the government. At noon or after school we play ball games, swimming and running. Look!The playground seems smaller because lots of students are playing on it.The school life has become colorful and we are energetic.As a result we study harder and better. The Sunny Sports has brought an exciting change to us. Let’s keep on doing it. 【翻译】 做运动建立了我们的身体力量,减少疾病。 虽然我们过上更好的生活,我们的健康越来越差了。因此, “每天要锻炼 1 小时,保持 因病逝世”已经提出的政府。 在中午或放学后,我们玩球,游泳和跑步。瞧!操场似乎较小,因为很多学生都在操场 上后援学校生活变得丰富多彩,我们 energetic.As 因此我们努力学习,更好。 在阳光体育运动带来了一个令人振奋的变化给我们。让我们继续这样做。

2015 高考英语满分作文范文及翻译(5)
【例文】 Career or Family: which is more important? When asked about their opinion of career and family, people always respond differently. Some people deem it more important to pursue their career, while there are always other people who argue that family should be the number one in one’s life. It goes without any question that career plays a key role in our life. In the very first place, career can give us an aim to live on. Without career, much of our living time will be certainly wasted. What’ s more, career can provide us with a means to live on. Most of the people earn their income from a job. On the other hand, family is also an indispensable part of life, as many people will admit. Family is always regarded as a place where we can escape from troubles in life. In addition, we can obtain a sense of belonging to from family. Without it, anyone will feel lonely and desperate. In my opinion, career and family are not in opposition to each other. Rather, they can enhance each other so that one’s life can become better and better. Therefore, it’s not a choice between right and wrong, but one between ideal and practical. 【翻译】 职业或家庭:哪个更重要? 在谈到自己的事业和家庭的意见要求, 人总是有不同的反应。 有些人认为这更重要的是 追求自己的事业,而总有那么谁认为家庭应该是一个人的生活的人数 1 人。 毫无疑问,任何事业在我们生活中起着关键作用。在第一个地方,可以给我们一个职业 生涯的目标是生活。没有职业生涯中,大部分时间我们的生活一定会被浪费。更重要的是, 职业生涯可以提供一种手段,对我们的生活。大多数人从工作中赚取的收入。另一方面,家 庭也是生活中不可缺少的一部分,因为很多人会承认。家庭一直被认为是一个地方,我们可

以摆脱生活中的麻烦。此外,我们可以得到一个属于家庭的感觉。没有它,人会感到孤独和 绝望。 在我看来,职业和家庭是不反对对方。相反,它们可以加强彼此,使自己的生活能够越 来越好。因此,它不是对与错之间的选择,但理想和现实之间的一个。

2015 高考英语满分作文范文及翻译(6)
【例文】 Olympics and I Dear friend, I have a great news to inform here. Through long efforts, Beijing has been granted the right to host 2008 Olympic games. As a resident in Beijing, I feel quite excited and like to share with you my happiness. This success means a lot more than a game to me. In the first place, this Games will definitely promote the development of our economy. According to a recent survey by some experts, this games will raise our GDP by about 3%, and offer about 10,000 jobs. What’s more, our culture will be widely recognized and accepted all over the world through the Games. People will come over from every corner of the world, and experience Chinese culture in every aspect. Besides, through the games, our living environment will be greatly improved. For example, the public transportation system will be up-dated. Moreover, it’s known that more trees will be planted, and grassland will be considerably expanded. My friend, I really look forward to the coming of this great Games. As an individual, I’m all ready to offer my help in any way I can. I also hope to invite you all to come here, and watch the games in 2008. Sincerely yours, 【翻译】 奥运与我 亲爱的朋友, 我有一个好消息,告知这里。通过长期的努力,北京已获得申办 2008 年奥运会。作为 一个在北京居住,我感到很兴奋,你想分享我的快乐。 这一成功意味着很多超过我的游戏。首先,本届奥运会一定会促进我们的经济发展。据 一些专家最近的一项调查,这项比赛将提高约 3%的国内生产总值,提供职位约 1.0 万。更 重要的是, 我们的文化将得到广泛认可和接受世界各地通过奥运会。 人们会走过来从世界的 每一个角落,体验中华文化在各个方面。此外,透过游戏,我们的生活环境将大大改善。例 如,公共交通系统会过时。此外,据了解,将种植更多树木,草地将大大扩大。 我的朋友,我真的期待着这个伟大的奥运会的到来。作为个人,我都愿意提供我的任何 方式我可以提供帮助。我也希望能邀请大家来到这里,观看 2008 年奥运会。 此致, 敬礼

2015 高考英语满分作文范文及翻译(7)

Tourism in China Recent years have seen a tendency in China that tourism is growing faster. According to a recent survey made by some experts, about 47% urban residents travel regularly, and 28% rural residents also make their tour across the country. The survey also shows that more people are interested in tourism, and will join the army in the future. Facing this tendency, we can’t help exploring some underlying factors that are responsible. In the very first place, with the policy of reform and opening up, Chinese people’ s living standard has been greatly improved, and therefore, most of them can afford to travel around. What’s more, it is believed that people now take a more positive attitude to tourism, and regard it as a life style. In addition, tourism facilities are becoming better and better. For example, transportation develops fast, and many scenic spots are available now. 【译文】 中国旅游 最近几年,在中国的趋势,旅游业增长较快。根据最近的一项调查显示一些专家认为, 约 47%城镇居民定期作出旅行,28%的农村居民,也使他们的全国巡演。该调查还显示,更 多的人在旅游有兴趣,并会在将来加入军队。 面对这一趋势,我们不能不说是负责任的开发一些潜在因素。在第一个地方,随着改革 开放政策,对中国人民的生活水平有了很大提高,因此,他们大多数都不能周游。更重要的 是,它相信,人们现在更积极的态度,旅游业,把它作为一种生活方式。此外,旅游设施正 在变得越来越好。例如,交通运输发展迅速,许多景点都已经上市。

2015 高考英语满分作文范文及翻译(8)
【例文】 What a disaster(灾难)!So far,it's reported that more than 60,000 people died in the SiChuan earthquake.What's more, millions of people there have become homeless.And they are still in the danger of illness and other difficulties. Anyway, thanks to all the kind people, in and abroad,the situation has been changing well.But we still work hard at it,especially to build houses for those homeless people and cure the injured people. What can we do now? Besides doing our own job well,we can donate money to them.We firmly believe that with the party and the government's strong leadership, and with the people of all nationalities throughout the country to aid,this earthquake relief will be a victory! 【译文】 什么是灾难(灾难)!到目前为止,有报道称,超过 60,000 人在四川 earthquake.What 的死 亡,再加上数百万人民有成为 homeless.And 他们在疾病和其他困难的危险之中。无论如何, 感谢所有善良的人们,在国内外形势已经改变 well.But 我们仍然在努力工作的,特别是为那 些无家可归的人建造房屋和医治受伤群众。 现在我们可以做什么?除了做好自己的工作做好,我们可以捐钱给 them.We 坚信,有党 和政府的坚强领导,有全国各族人民的援助国,这将是一个抗震救灾的胜利

2015 高考英语满分作文范文及翻译(9)
【例文】 Recently, we have made a survey of the people on physical training. Only 35 percent of the people surveyed have taken part in physical activities. Over half of the people say they haven’t got enough time to take exercises. 34.9 percent of them complain they don’t have places where they can relax themselves and that there are not enough training facilities, while another 12.9 percent of the people feel that they live too far away from the training centers. Some of them even don’t know how to train. For lack of physical training, many people are not in good health. People should realize the importance of it, and measures should be taken to provide people with training facilities. 【译文】 最近,我们提出了对体育锻炼的人的调查。只有 35 的受访民众曾经参与体育活动的一 部分。 超过半数的人说,他们已经没有足够的时间采取演习。其中百分之 34.9 抱怨他们没有 地方可以放松自己,并没有足够的训练设施,而另一百分之 12.9 的人认为他们生活太远的 训练中心。他们中有些人甚至不知道如何培养。 对于缺乏体育锻炼,许多人并不健康状况良好。人们应该意识到它的重要性,并应采取 措施,以提供训练设施的人。

2015 高考英语满分作文范文及翻译(10)
例文】 Where is my home? Some fish are forced to leave polluted water and are flying in the sky. But unfortunately, air is also so polluted that they have to wear masks. Each of them is crying, “Where is my home?” What a terrible sight! Mankind has brought so much pollution. Waste is being poured into rivers and seas. Poisons to kill pests in farming and chemicals go into rivers and seas, too. Poisonous gasses from factories also make the air so dirty. The whole balance of nature is being destroyed as a result of our ignorance of the environmental protection. Personally, man can not live alone on the earth. Should fish die from serious pollution, so would man! It is high time we did something to prevent such a scene from happening. 【译文】 何处是我家? 一些鱼类被迫离开受污染的水,并在天上飞。但不幸的是,空气污染,也使他们不得不 戴上口罩。他们每个人都在哭, “我的家在哪里?”这太可怕了! 人类带来了如此多的污染。 废物被排入河流和海洋。 毒药杀死农业害虫和化学品进入河 流和海洋去,太。从工厂有毒气体也使空气这么脏。整个自然界的平衡被毁坏了我们对环保 的无知造成的。 就个人而言,人不能独自生活在地球上。如果鱼死了严重的污染,将男人!现在是时候 我们做了一些,以防止发生这样的场面。

2015 高考英语满分作文范文及翻译(12)
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【例文】 Recently I have made an investigation on whether a model-test paper for Senior Three should be difficult or easy.Opinions are divided on this matter. Some students think that a difficult exam is just like a challenge.The harder, the better.It can help students find out where they are weak in studies and improve their learning approaches. Others, however, are against a difficult exam.In their opinion, if it is very difficult, they may become discouraged and feel terrible about the coming College Entrance Examination.Besides, with an easy exam,they can get high marks and gain confidence. I prefer it to be neither too difficult nor too easy, because if it is too easy,teachers will not know how we are getting on with our studies, but if it is too difficult, we will lose heart 【译文】 最近我有一个关于调查是否为高三的模型试卷应该是困难或 easy.Opinions 分为此事。 有些学生认为考试难度就像 challenge.The 困难是,better.It 可以帮助学生找出他们薄弱 的研究和改善他们的学习方法。 然而,其他人很难 exam.In 是对他们的意见,如果它是很困难的,他们可能会变得灰心 丧气,感到未来具有易于考试高考 Examination.Besides,他们可以得到很高的评分和获得信 任的可怕。 我宁愿它既不太难也不太容易, 因为如果太容易, 教师会不知道我们如何让我们的研究, 但如果是太困难,我们会失去信心。

2015 高考英语满分作文范文及翻译(13)
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【例文】 Graduation and Moving on Graduation is a time when we move on, from school to university, or out into the real world. Before graduating from school, We usually have a variety of activities, like taking pictures, leaving encouraging words to one another in memory of our friendship, or giving presents to our teachers express our thanks and show respect. However, I have mixed emotions about moving on.I want to stay and have more fun with my friends, but I will have to move on.Graduation means taking a step forward---moving onward and

upward.Thus I can learn more and will be more skilled and experienced. Graduation is coming whether we are ready or not.Let's make great efforts so that our dream will come true. 【译文】 毕业和移动的 毕业的时候,是我们继续前进,从学校到大学,或外面的现实世界。 从学校毕业之前,我们通常有不同的活动,如拍照,留在我们的友谊,或给予礼物给我 们的老师鼓励的话记忆彼此表达我们的感谢和尊重。 不过,我对移动 on.I 百感交集想留下来,与我的朋友们更多的乐趣,但我将不得不采 取行动 on.Graduation 意味着向前迈出的一步---移动开始和 upward.Thus 我能学到更多将更加 熟练,经验丰富。 毕业来临,我们是否已经准备好或 not.Let 之作出巨大努力,使我们的梦想将成为现实。

2015 高考英语满分作文范文及翻译(14)
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【例文】 Different Job Outlooks Nowadays university graduates have different job outlooks. For most of them, to find a job with satisfactory pay is their most important wish while majority want to be self – employed. However, a certain number of graduates are not in a hurry to hunt for jobs. They are just waiting for better chances. Toward this point of view, some experts warn that it is not wise to be just waiting. They advise that graduates should find a regular, full-time job as quickly as possible so that they can earn money to support themselves and get working experience, which will help to find a better position later. Moreover, it might be more difficult to find a satisfactory job next year. 【译文】 不同的工作观 如今大学毕业生的就业前景不同。 对于大部分孩子来说, 要找到一个令人满意的支付工 作是他们最重要的希望,而多数是希望能够自我 - 就业。但是,一定数量的毕业生不急于 寻找就业机会。他们只是在等待更好的机会。对这一观点,一些专家警告说,这是不明智的 只是等待。他们提醒毕业生应该找到一个正规,全,兼职工作,以便尽可能快 that they 可以 挣钱来支持自己和 get 工作经验,这将有助于找到更好的位置,以更高。此外,它可能更难 以找到一份称心如意的工作明年。

2015 高考英语满分作文范文及翻译(15)
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【例文】 Time seems to speed up as soon as the students step into their final and vital year.The college entrance examination is approaching day by day.Quite a few students have moved out from their dormitories to live in a rented room near the school to make every minute count. It cannot be denied that they have their own time schedule after classes and easily concentrate on lessons alone in their small room.What’s important,with their morns taking care of them,they can spare more time for studies.However,there exist some disadvantages.For example,sometimes their minds go wandering easily without competitors round.Furthermore,a student who is left alone to study at rather an easy atmosphere tends to get distracted or even feel tired easily. In spite of the fact that the dorm life is full of fun and friendship,noisy songs and shouts in the dorms after evening classes only quiet down long after the blackout at 10: 30 p. m., leading to a serious lack of sleep,I think.Worse still,they don’t make fullest use of time to study so,from my perspective.I prefer to live in the rented room. 【译文】 时间仿佛加快只要到他们的最终和重要 year.The 高考学生的步骤是接近一天 day.Quite 不少学生已经从宿舍出来,在学校附近的一个出租房住,使每分钟数。 不能否认,他们有自己的时间后,班级的时间表,容易在他们的小 room.What'单独集中 教训很重要,他们的早晨,对他们的照顾,他们可以腾出更多的时间用于 studies.However, 也存在一些缺点。例如,有时他们的头脑去流浪很容易没有竞争对手 round.Furthermore,一 谁是独自学习的气氛,而一个学生往往容易分心,甚至觉得容易疲倦。 鉴于该宿舍生活的乐趣和友谊,充分和嘈杂的音乐班后,晚上才安静下来后不久,在 10:30 停电山口尽管在宿舍条留言米,导致睡眠严重不足,我 think.Worse 的是,他们不从我 perspective.I 充分的时间来研究,以便使用,宁愿住在出租房内。

2015 高考英语满分作文范文及翻译(16)
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Should Yuanmingyuan Be Rebuilt? Yuanmingyuan, “Garden of all gardens” , was burnt and fell into ruins in 1860. Recently my classmates had a discussion about whether it should be rebuilt or not. Supporters of rebuilding the garden say only by doing so can we see the original sight of the garden, which reflects the Chinese civilization. And it will be another place of interest for tourists. If partly rebuilt, it will provide a comparison and help us remember the history. Those who disagree think it more reasonable to keep the garden like this. The ruins will remind us of the past. We should never forget the history. Other buildings like Palace Museum and Summer Palace can also be symbols of the Chinese culture, so it isn’t necessary to rebuild this garden. Some also worry that the environment will be destroyed when the construction goes on in this district. Personally, it is advisable to rebuild Yuanmingyuan , which will add beauty to the city . What’s more , the new scenic spot will no doubt promote the economic development of the local. 【译文】 应该重建圆明园? 圆明园, “所有园林花园” ,被烧毁成废墟 1860 年下降。最近我的同学们进行了关于是 否应该重建与否的讨论。 重建的花园支持者说, 只有这样, 我们才能看到花园的, 它反映了中国文明的原始景象。 这将是一个供游客感兴趣的地方。如果部分重建,它将提供一个比较和帮助我们记住历史。 谁不同意那些认为较合理的保持这样的花园。 该遗址将提醒过我们。 我们决不能忘记历 史。 如故宫博物院, 颐和园等其他建筑物也可以是中华文化的象征, 所以没有必要重建此园。 有些人还担心会破坏环境建设的推移,当在此区。 个人而言,这是明智的重建圆明园,这将增加美丽的城市。更重要的是,新的景区,无 疑会促进地方经济发展。

2015 高考英语满分作文范文及翻译(17)
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【例文】 Last month in Paris, a French company auctioned two bronze sculptures ---- a rat’s head and a rabbits head captured from China, which has aroused great public concern in China. As is known to all, the two bronze animal heads were made during the Qing Dynasty to decorate Yuanmingyuan. In 1860, the British and French troops broke into Beijing and burned

down the royal garden, taking away millions of Chinese art works, including the two head relics. The Chinese government is strongly against this auction and has repeatedly asked for the free return of them according to the international laws. At the same time, the Chinese people have taken actions, too. Some people even flew to France, trying to stop the selling. However, the French company just wouldn’t listen. In my opinion, the auction should be strongly condemned. Not only has it hurt the feelings of the Chinese people but also it brought shame to France. As middle school students, we must study harder so that we can make our country more powerful in the future and stop any such things from happening again. 【译文】 上个月在巴黎,一家法国公司拍卖两个铜像----老鼠的头部和一个兔子头捕捉到中国, 这在中国引起很大的关注。 由于众所周知, 这两个青铜兽首均是在清代装饰圆明园。 1860 年, 英法联军闯入北京, 烧毁了皇家园林,带走了中国的艺术作品以百万计,其中包括两个头的遗迹。 我国政府强烈反对这次拍卖,并一再为他们自由返回要求按照国际法律。同时,我国人 民已采取行动,太。有些人甚至飞到了法国,试图阻止销售。然而,法国的公司就是不听。 我认为,拍卖应该受到强烈谴责。它不仅伤害人民的感情,但也带来了耻辱,法国。作 为中学生, 我们必须努力学习, 使我们能够再次发生在我们的祖国更强大的未来和制止任何 这样的事情。

2015 高考英语满分作文范文及翻译(18)
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【例文】 Good afternoon, everyone! The topic of my speech today is “My Attitude to Pursuit of Fashion in School”. Now in our school there is a hot pursuit of fashion. Some students live a very expensive life. They have the same hairstyles as their favorable stars and wear top brand of clothes and shoes. Some use expensive mobile phones. The reasons why they do so are as follows. Firstly, they hope to look smart and special. Secondly, they want to win others’ admiration and respect. In addition, it makes them feel cool . As far as I am concerned, we students should hold the right sense of values. We should practice thrift in our daily life because it is one of our Chinese traditional virtues. What’ s more , it

is advisable for us to donate some pocket money to the Hope Project so that those poor children in rural areas can return to school to receive normal education. Last but not least, it is the inner beauty rather than our appearance that makes us respectable. Thank you for listening! 【译文】 大家下午好! 我今天演讲的题目是“我的态度在学校工作,追求时尚” 。 现在在我们学校有一个追求时尚热点。 有些学生生活非常昂贵的生活。 他们有他们的有 利星级相同的发型,穿的衣服和鞋第一品牌。有些使用昂贵的移动电话。 究其原因,他们这样做如下。首先,他们希望看起来聪明和特别。其次,他们想赢得别 人的钦佩和尊敬。此外,它使他们感到凉爽。 据我所知,我们的学生应持正确的价值观念意识。我们应该在日常生活中实践节约,因 为它是我们中华民族的传统美德之一。更重要的是,这是值得我们捐些零用钱给希望工程, 使农村地区的贫困儿童能重返学校, 接受正常的教育。 最后但并非最不重要的, 它是内在美, 而不是我们的外表,使我们尊敬的。 谢谢你的关注!

2015 高考英语满分作文范文及翻译(19)
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【例文】 What a Great Olympic Games! The 29th Olympic Games has been over in Beijing, China on August 24,2008, which has left a great impression on the whole world. About 204 countries and regions attended the Olympic Games. In the Games, our Chinese athletes have won 51 gold medals, while America,36; Russia,23. This is the first time that we, Chinese athletes have won so many gold medals in one Olympic Games, which means our sports games belong to the first class in the world! It is our athletes’ intelligence and other qualities that have won the great honor for us Chinese all! Days when we were looked down upon have gone forever! From the very Games, we have proved that our government has the ability to hold the Olympic Games successfully! Not only can we hold the Olympic Games well, but also we can perform well. The fact has showed everything to the world! It is the successful 29th Olympic Games that destroys the saying of those

who doubted about it days ago! What a great, successful and impressive Olympic Games! 【译文】 多么伟大的奥运会! 第 29 届奥运会已在北京结束,在 2008.8.8-2008.8.24,这对整个世界留下一个伟大的印 象中国。约 204 个国家和地区参加了奥运会。在奥运会上,我国体育健儿获得 51 枚金牌, 而美国,36,俄罗斯,23。这是我们第一次,中国选手夺得一奥运会,这意味着我们的体育 比赛属于世界一流这么多的金牌! 这是我们的运动员已获得的情报,并为我们伟大的荣誉中的所有其他品质!当我们被轻 视时已一去不复返天!从非常奥运会,我们已经证明,我们的政府有能力举办奥运会成功!我 们不仅能举办奥运会良好,但也可以表现良好。事实已经表明一切的世界!这是第 29 届奥运 会成功摧毁这些谁对此表示怀疑天前说!真是一个伟大的,成功的和令人难忘的奥运会!

2015 高考英语满分作文范文及翻译(20)
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【例文】 TVs and Radios TVs are more useful than radios. From TV you can see and hear what is happening in the world. However, radios are not disappearing. They are still with us. And the number of listeners is becoming larger. Do you know why? One reason for this is the invention of the transistor. A transistor radio can be very small. It is very easy to be carried. Besides, radio broadcasts are better for blind people. Many old people don’t have good eyesight. They can’t watch TV, but can listen to music or news over the radio. What’s more, a radio is cheaper than a TV set. 【译文】 电视及收音机 电视比收音机有用。你可以从电视看到和听到在世界上发生的。然而,收音机都没有消 失。他们仍然和我们在一起。与听众人数越来越多。你知道为什么吗? 其中一个原因是晶体管的发明。一个晶体管收音机可以非常小。这是很容易被通过。此 外,无线电广播是盲人更好。许多老人根本不具备良好的视力。他们可以不看电视,但可以 在电台收听音乐或新闻。更重要的是,一个比一个收音机电视机便宜。



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