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(广东专用)高中英语 Unit 6 Design Period Four Lesson 4 Dream Houses课件 北师大版必修2_图文

Unit 6 Design Period Four Lesson 4 Dream Houses 课件(北 师大版必修2,广东专用)

Ⅰ.单词识记 1.______________n.村舍,小屋 2.______________n.虫,小虫 3.______________v.洗澡 4.______________n.仁慈,怜悯 5.______________n.车库 6.______________n.垃圾,废物 7.______________n.窗帘

8.______________n.栅栏 9.______________adj.潮湿的 10.______________adj.狭窄的









8.fence 9.damp


Ⅱ.短语天地 1.be ________ ________breath上气不接下气

2.arrive ________a conclusion得出结论
3.be ________ ________在??中沐浴 4.have mercy ________对??仁慈 5.________bathing 去洗澡 6.________mercy 毫不留情地

7.________conclusion 最后,总之

8.a ________mind 小心眼,小气量 9.________if 即使 10.at ________至少 答案 1.out of 2.at 3.bathed in 4.on 5.go



8.narrow 9.even


1. We don't have to be worried about the landlord being angry. [信息提取] [例句仿写] 介词后接动词要用ing形式。 你不必担心你的孩子会迟到。

Don't worry about your child ________ ________. 2.This was the house Papa talked about when he dreamed of being rich.


when 引导时间状语从句。

I was watching TV________the phone rang.

3.What I remember most is moving a lot. [信息提取] [例句仿写] what 引导主语从句。 我最想做的事是和你聊天。

________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ is

chatting with you.
4.But the house on the Mango Street is not the way they described it at all. [信息提取] [例句仿写] the way 后面的定语从句可以省略引导词。 我不喜欢你和老师谈话的方式。 3.What I want to do most

I don't like________ ________you talk with your teacher. 答案 1.being late 2.when

4.the way

Ⅳ.预读理解 1.Fast reading:True or False ①Before living on Mango Street , we lived on Loomis on the

second floor.(

) )

②We had to leave the flat on Loomis quick.(

③The house on Mango Street is the way they described it.(

④Papa and Mama always told us that one day we should move into a house that would be ours.( )

⑤At last everybody has a new bedroom in the house.(
答案 ①F ②T ③F ④T ⑤F


2.Careful reading:Scan the text and choose the best answers according to the text.

①How many kids are there in the family?
A.Six. B.Three. C.Four. ② Why did Mama and Papa look for a house? A.Because the conditions of the house they rented were too bad. B.Because they wanted to live in the city center.

C.Because the landlord was unkind.

③ Why did the girl want at least three bathrooms?

A.Because they had three rooms.
B.Because it was convenient (方便的) when they took a bath. C.Because they had a lot of money. ④Was the girl satisfied with the house on Mango Street ?Why? A. No.It is not what she had dreamed of and described by Mama

and Papa.
B.No.It is too big.

C.Yes.It has three bathrooms.

⑤What's the biggest problem with the house on Mango Street? A.It's too expensive. B.It has no bathroom.

C.It' s too small.
答案 ①C ②A ③B ④A ⑤C


We didn't always live on Mango Street.We moved a lot.The house
on Mango Street is ours,and we don't have to pay 1.________and worry about the 2.________being angry.But even so,it's not the house we thought we'd get. We had to leave the flat on Loomis quick because the water

3.________broke and so on.We had to use the 4.________nextdoor
and carried water over.That's why we moved into the house on

Mango Street,far away,on the other 5.________of the town.

My parents always told us that one day we would move into our own house.We would have a basement,at least

6.________washrooms,a big yard and grass growing without a
7.________.But the real house on Mango Street is 8.________and red with 9.________steps in front.Our back is a small 10.________for the car we don't own yet. 答案 1.rent 2.landlord 3.pipes 4.washroom 5.side

6.three 7.fence

8.small 9.narrow 10.garage

1.rent n.租金,租费 v.租用,租入 The rent for the apartment is $80 a month. 那套公寓的租金为每月八十美元。 We don't own our house.We rent it. 我自己没房子。这是租来的。


for rent 出租的
rent...from...从??那儿租 rent...to...出租(分??) pay rent 付租金

【完成句子】 (1)约翰和保罗同租一间小公寓并共同分担租金。 John and Paul ________a small flat and they share the________. (2)老妇人把房子以每周55美元的价格租给我们。

The old lady ________us her spare room for $55 a week.
答案 (1)rent;rent (2)rented

2.mercy n.仁慈、宽恕,宽容 They showed mercy to their enemies.

It's a mercy that she wasn't hurt in the accident. 她在事故中未受伤,真幸运。 He begged for mercy (of the king). 他祈求(国王)宽恕。

【拓展】 without mercy 毫不容情地 at the mercy of sb/sth 任由某人/某事物摆布或控制 have mercy on/upon 对??有怜悯心 out of mercy 出于仁慈 beg for mercy 讨饶 show mercy to sb ? ? ?怜悯某人,宽恕某人 have mercy on sb? ?

汉译英 (1)那只船在暴风雨中失去控制。

(2)可怜可怜我们吧。 ______________________________________________________ 答案 (1)The ship was at the mercy of the storm.

(2)Have mercy on us.

3.bathe vt.浸,冲洗,在河或海里洗浴n.洗澡

Bathe your blistered finger in hot water.
把你那起疱的手指浸在热水里吧。 I was bathed in sweat.我汗流浃背。 She was bathed in tears.她哭成了一个泪人。 Let's go bathing in the river.我们到河里去洗澡吧。

I went for a bathe this morning.

【拓展】 go bathing 去洗澡

be bathed in 沉浸在(水中或阳光下)
go for a bathe 去游泳 have/take a bathe 游泳,洗(海水)澡

(1)Let's go for________. 让我们去游泳吧。 (2)________your eyes twice every day. 冲洗你的眼睛,每天两次。


(1)a bathe



We will go downtown tomorrow.我们明天去市区。 (2)adj.商业地区的,闹区的,市中心的 Downtown traffic is a great problem. 市区交通是个大问题。

The park is only five minutes from downtown. 这个花园离市中心只有五分钟的路程。

We will go to downtown to do some shopping today. ______________________________________________________ 答案 We will go downtown to do some shopping today.

5.narrow adj.狭窄的,狭隘的

The house is small and red with narrow steps in front.
房子很小,是红色的,前面是窄窄的楼梯。 They made a plan to widen the narrow road. 他们制定了一个拓宽这条狭窄的路的计划。 She takes a rather narrow view of the subject. 她对这一问题有些偏见。

【拓展】 (1)a narrow escape 九死一生 The couple had a narrow escape from the fire.

(2)narrow v.(使)变窄,缩小范围 narrowly adv.勉强地,狭隘地 The river narrowed at this point. 河道在这里变窄了。

We narrowly missed hitting the other car.

【单项填空】 The sidewalk was so ________that we had to walk in a single line.

C.wide 答案 A


1.hold one's breath 屏住呼吸
Hold your breath and count to ten. 屏住呼吸,数到十。 【拓展】 out of breath(运动后)喘不上气,透不过气来

take a breath 深深地吸一口气
catch one's breath 喘息 save one's breath 不白费唇舌

We were out of breath after only five minutes.

She took a deep breath and dived into the swimming pool. 她深吸一口气,潜入游泳池。 I had to pause halfway to catch my breath. 我必须中途停下来喘口气。

Save your breath and the boss will never give you the day off.别白


The audience________to see who would win the gold medal.
A.took a breath C.lost their breath 答案 B B.held their breath D.was out of breath

2.at least 至少(常与数量词连用) Due to the oil crisis,the stock is at least fifteen percent devalued.

注意 :当 at least意为 “ 好在 ?? ;幸亏??” 时,一般都有语境

加以陈述,然后以 but等连词或破折号引入 “at least”的转折意思。 The hotel is not fancy,but at least it is inexpensive. 这家宾馆不豪华,好在还挺便宜的。

It requires ________two days. 这事至少需要两天。 答案 at least

3.too much 太多;太

I've got far too much to do.我有太多的事情要做。
You worry too much.你过于担心了。 This diet contains too much sugar and fat. 这种食物含有太多的糖分和脂肪。

【辨析】 too much/much too

too much :表示“太多 ” ;修饰不可数名词或动词,中心词为
much。 much too: “ 太,非常 “,作副词词组,修饰形容词或副词,中 心词为too。 She talks too much.她说话太多了。

My wife is much too busy to cook.

【感悟高考】 It's high time you had your hair cut;it's getting________.

A.too much long C.long too much 解析 B.much too long D.too long much

句意:你该去理发了。你的头发长得太长了。 应该用much

too 来修饰形容词 long。



1.(课文重现) Out back is a small garage for the car we don't own yet...出门往后院走有一个小车库,可我们现在还没有车??


本句是一个倒装句。out back在句中作状语,主语是a small garage; 表示方位的副词或介词短语,如here,there,then, up,down, in ,out,away,off,in the east,on the desk等位于句首作状语


Near the church was an old ruined cottage. 教堂附近有一幢破旧不堪的小屋。(介词短语) There rings the bell.(The bell is ringing.) 铃声响了。(用一般现在时表示正在进行的状态) In came Peter's wife with a wallet in her hand. 彼特的妻子手里拿着一个钱包进来了。 Away she ran,crying.她哭着跑开了。(副词位于句首,主语是 代词,不倒装)

【感悟高考】 —Is everyone here?

—Not yet...Look,there ________the rest of our guests!(2010·江苏)
A.come C.is coming B.comes D.are coming



本题考查主谓一致。本句中 there放在句首,句子采用了倒装句式,

谓语动词的单复数形式应该根据句子的主语the rest of our guests来
判断,B项和C项为单数形式,可被排除;come用于进行时态表示 将来的动作,不合题意,可排除;A项谓语动词的单复数形式与主 语一致,故答案为A。 答案 A

2.(课文重现)Each time it seemed there'd be one more of us.每次搬 家都觉得还会再搬。

each time此处作为副词,意为“每次,总是”。 Each time she smiles so sweetly. 每次她都笑得那么甜。 He did things in that way each time.


【拓展】 each time还可以作为连接词引导时间状语从句,可以和every time

替换,表示 “ 每次,每当 ” ,相当于 whenever ,常和一般现在时
或一般过去时连用,强调动作的经常性。 Every time I meet her,I always forget her name. 每次见到她我总忘了她的名字。 Each time I see him,he looks miserable.


Don't stop ________you meet with a word you don't understand. A.at the time C.by the time 答案 B B.each time D.sometimes

3.(课文重现)But the house on Mango Street is not the way they

described it at all.但是芒果街的房子完全不像他们描述的那样。
【句式分析】 本句为主从复合句。they described...是定语从句,修饰先行词 the 定语从句可以用that,in which引导或省略关系词。 Many students are interested in the way (in which/that) the teacher gives his lessons.



【拓展】 way作其他意思解或关系词不在定语从句中作状语时,定语从句的

Can you show me the way which you used in your new task? 你能向我演示一下你在你的新工作中用过的那种方法吗?

【单项填空】 What surprised me was not what he said but ________he said it.

A.the way
C.in the way 答案 A

B.in the way that
D.the way which

4.(课文重现)But what I remembered most is moving a lot.但我记 得最多的是我们搬了很多次家。

本句为主从复合句,what I remembered most为主语从句,what在 从句中充当宾语。


what 引 导名词性从句时,可在从句中充当主语、表语和宾语。
when,where,why,how,who等疑问词也可引导主语从句。 What you have done might do harm to others. 你所做的事情可能会对别人有害。 He isn't what he used to be. 他不再是以前的他了。 It is not decided who will be sent to go abroad.

Why he did that is still not clear. 他为什么那么做还不清楚。


It is by no means clear________the president can do to end
the strike. A.how 解析 B.which C.that (2012· 新课标) D.what



答案 D

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