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Unit 9
Unit 9 第一课时 Teaching aims


学习一般过去时的被动语态和特殊疑问句。 Teaching of new lesson 1. Warm-up Ask the students to be familiar with the words below according to the pictures on computer. Telephone, calculator, car, personal computer, TV, electric light, light bulb, alarm, clock, microwave oven, electric slipper. 2. Presentation 1) 教学 When was the car invented? It was invented in…… Choose the three inventions of these and ask students to guess when each one was invented. For example, you might choose car, telephone, and personal computer. Have several different students guess and write the dates on the board. Ask the class to repeat the questions and answers. [T=Teacher, S=Student] T: When was the car invented? (Class repeat.) T: Good. Now Jackie, what was your guess? S1: 1900 T: OK. Jackie, repeat after me. The car was invented in 1900. Repeat the process with several different inventions. At last, make students find out the real dates. 2) 教学 Who were the light bulbs invented by? And what are they used for ? 呈现 Edison and light bulbs 的画面。 Tell the students Edison invented light bulbs. Then ask the students to answer the questions below. T: Who were light bulbs invented by? (Class repeat) T: Good. Now Class repeat after me. They were invented by Edison. 3) 教学 操练 1a, 1c, 2c

学生看书本上 1a 的图画,根据图画,把 1a, 1c, 2c 中的语言点综合起来,叫学生相互间 回答问题。并用刚刚学到的目标句型来操练。最后,抽查几对学生,让他们在全班面前,按 要求进行对话。 4) 教学 1b, 2a, 2b 首先, 帮助学生明确本题的要求。 接着, 听力练习, 学生根据录音内容完成 1b, 2a and 2b. 最后,重放一遍录音内容,学生跟读。 3、Consolidation and Extension. 完成一个任务 Ask some students to read about an invention using an encyclopedia or other book from the library, or by looking up information on the Internet. Have the students write up a short report and draw a simple picture of the invention or bring in a photo of it. Ask each students to show the picture and read his or her report to the class.

Homework 1、根据时间和人物写出发明物。 1) 1885____________ 3) 1927____________ 5) Julie Thompson __________ Unit 9 第二课时 2) 1876 ________________ 4) 1976 ________________ 6) Chelsea Lanmon ______

Teaching aims 1、熟练掌握被动语态用法。 2、学会用被动语态表达对创造和发明事物的认识和看法。

Teaching of new lesson 1. Warm – up: Ask the students to practice speaking. A: When was …… invented? B: It was invented in …… A: Who was it invented by ? B: It was invented by ……

A: What is it used for ? B: It is used for …… 2. Presentation. 1) 教学 helpful, annoying Ask students to give some examples to show what each word means. For example. A vacuum cleaner is helpful. 2) 教学 3a 呈现 alarm clock, light bulb, microwave over, tea, and so on 的画面。Then ask the students the following questions. T: Is the light bulb useful or annoying? (Opinions may differ.) S1: I think it’s useful. T: Why is it ? S1: Well, it gives people more time to work and play every day. Then ask the students to make a list of five helpful inventions and five annoying inventions on their own. Give the class about five minutes to do this. 3) 教学 操练 3b Ask the students to work in pair the following talk using the target language. A: What do you think is the most helpful / annoying invention? B: I think the most helpful / annoying invention is …… A: Why is that? B: Well, it gives people…… 3. Consolidation and Extension Imagine that you are alone on a tiny island, Choose five inventions you would like to have on the island with you. Tell the group what you chose and why. A very loud truck is annoying.

Homework 句型转换 1. She was seen to come out of the library by him.(变被动语态) 2. When are trees often planted?(变被动语态) 3. The League was founded in Guangzhou in 1922(就画线部分提问) 4. Did the students wear the school clothes a lot ?(变被动语态)

5. Kate took god care of the baby yesterday evening.(变被动语态) His aunt bought him a bicycle.(变被动语态) His aunt bought him a bicycle.(变被动语态) Unit 9 第三课时

Teaching aims 学会表达由于这些创造和发明对你的生活的帮助和对生活质量的提高认识 Teaching of new lesson 1. Warm – up. Ask the students to practices talking to each other. A: What do you think is the most helpful invention? B: I think the most helpful invention is …… A: Why do you think so ? B: Well, it gives me…… 2. Presentation 教学 1a First the teacher asks the students what kind of fruit food and drink you like the best and writes down on the blackboard. Such as: potato chips, ice cream, tea, lemon, chocolate, oranges, salad, popcorn, pickle and so on. 教学 2a, 2b. 1) 首先,听力前的 brainstorm. First, Let students describe how potato chips taste and describe how helpful the potato chips. Then, ask: When and where were potato chips invented? Who were potato chips invented by? How were potato chips invented? Key words: by accident, customer, restaurant, by mistake. 2) at last,听力练习,要求学生快速阅读 2a, 2b.帮助学生明确听力语言目标的要求。接 着,听力练习,学生根据录音内容完成 2a and 2b. 3) 教学 阅读 3a 呈现 a cup of tea 和 the emperor( who was Shen Nung) was boiling drinking water over an

open fire 的画面。Then ask the students the following questions. T: What is tea used for? Who was it invented by? When was it invented? How was it invented?

Then ask the students to make a list of five helpful inventions and five annoying inventions on their own. Give the class about five minutes to do this. 3. Consolidation and Extension 完成一个任务: Blind Taste Test Ask a student to bring to class some foods that taste sweet, crispy, salty, and sour. Have him or her blindfold students one at a time, let the student taste little piece of each food, and say if each food is sweet, crispy, salty, or sour. Students may use more than one word to describe some foods. Homework 用动词的适当形式填空。 A: When _______ the Dinosaur World ________ (build) ? B: It ________ ______ (build) in 1988. You will see many kinds of dinosaurs in it. Shall we go to see them? A: Yes, I’d love to. But where is the entrance? B: Here, this side door is _______ (use) as an entrance. There’s something wrong with the front door. It’s ________ (lock). A: Wow, these must be dinosaur eggs. Where ____ they ____ (discover) 第四课时 Teaching aims 1、通过对被动语态表达的发明和创造的事物来认识人类科技进步和培养学生的创新能 力来表达情感,态度,价值观的课堂体现。 2、通过对一般过去时被动语态的掌握进一步了解和掌握被动语态其他时态的表达。 Teaching of new lesson 1. Warm-up 呈现: computer, radio, camera, light bulb, car, bicycle, TV, tea, and so on. Then ask students to discuss pictures and say something about what he / she would like best in class. 2. Presentation. 1)教学 首先,写作前的 brainstorm

First, read the instructions to the class and make students look at the sample first sentence of 3a. Then, explain that students can combine more than one point into one sentence. 2)教学 写作 3b, 4a. Finish 3b according to working in pairs. At last, ask a few students to tell the class about the partners they have interviewed. Finish 4b 说明:通过该活动用语言目标提供阅读和写作练习。 3)教学 Self Check 2 让学生找出 Self Check 2. 这些东西是何时发明的并根据如下句子进行俩俩对话。 A: What is it ? B: It’s an abacus. Umbrella / a binoculars, camera, bucycle. A: What is it used for ? B: It’s used for …… A: Oh, that’s cool! Who was it invented by? B: It was invented by …… A: What would you like best ? B: I’d like ……best . 3. Consolidation and Extension 完成一个任务: Crazy Inventions Ask students to build their own crazy inventions using paper, cardboard and other materials they may have at home. Have them bring their inventions to class and say something in class. Homework 汉泽英 1、计算机是何时发明的? 2、谁发明了计算机? 3、计算机是用来做什么? 4、你认为什么是最有用的发明? 5、它能够给人们更多时间工作和玩。



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