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梁冠华 非谓语动词易错题解析

非谓语动词易错题解析 1. _________________(face) with a bill for $ 10,000, John has taken an extra job.(难度 0.5) 2.He hurried to the booking office only _____________(tell)that all the tickets had been sold out.(难度 0.6) 3. _____________ (convince ) that the government can lead them out of the financial crisis, people are optimistic about the future of the country. (难度 0.5) 4.After he became conscious , he remembered ___________(attack) and_______(hit)on the head with a rod.(难度 0.5) 5. Isn't it time you got down to ____________ (mark )the papers? (难度 0.5) 6. I don’t know whether you happen_______________(hear) it, but I am going to study in the United States this September.(难度 1) 7. The country has already sent up three unmanned spacecraft, the most recent ______________________ (launch) at the end of last March. (难度 0.9) 8. When asked why he went there, he said he was sent there _____________ (train) for a space flight. (难度 0.5) 9. __ (say) that she didn’t do a good job, I don’t think I am abler than her. (难度 0.9) 10. She wants her paintings ___________ (display) in the gallery, but we don t think they would be very popular. (难度 0.6) 11. The flowers his friend gave him will die unless ______________ (water) every day. (难度 0.6) 12. I feel greatly honored _________________(welcome) into their society. (难度 0.7) 13. _______________(wait) in the queue for half an hour, the old man suddenly realized he had left the cheque in the car. (难度 0.8) 14. _________ (search) the website of the Fire Department in your city, and you will learn a lot about firefighting. (难度 0.6) 15. I hear they’ve promoted Tom, but he didn’t mention __________________(promote) when we talked on the phone. (难度 0.7) 16. ___________(show) around the Water Cube, we were then taken to see the Bird’s Nest for the 2008 Olympic Games. (难度 0.7) 17. ___________ (fail) to reach them on the phone, we sent an email instead. (难度 0.6) 18. He was busy writing a story, only _____________(stop) once in a while to smoke a cigarette. (难度 0.8) 19. If we have illegal immigrants ___________(come) in, many local workers will lose their jobs. (难度 0.8) 20. Schools across China are expected to hire 50,000 college graduates this year as short-term teachers, almost three times the number hired last year, ____________ (help) reduce unemployment pressures.(难度 0.6) 21. The government plans to bring in new laws ____________ (force) parents to take more responsibility for the education of their children. (难度 0.6) 22. There is a great deal of evidence ______________ (indicate) that music activities engage different parts of the brain. (难度 0.5) 23.In April, thousands of holidaymakers remained _______________(stick) abroad due to the volcanic ash cloud. (难度 0.8) 24. Dina,_______________________(struggle) for months to find a job as a waitress, finally

took a position at a local advertising agency. (难度 0.6) 25. I have a lot of readings __________________(complete) before the end of this term. (难度 0.5) 26. The living room is clean and tidy, with a dining table already ______________(lay) for a meal to be cooked. (难度 0.5) 27 . In many people’s opinion , that company , though relatively small, is pleasant _____________(deal with). (难度 0.7) 28. The traffic rule says young children under the age of four and _________________(weigh) less than 40 pounds must be in a child safety seat. (难度 0.7) 【答案及解析】 1. Faced: 面对 1 万美元的账单,约翰找了份额外的工作。Faced with a bill for $ 10,000, 是过去分词作原因状语,相当于(As he was) faced with a bill for $ 10,000, John has taken an extra job. 固定结构 be faced with(面对)。 2. to be told: 他匆匆忙忙去预售票办公室,仅被告知票已售完。only+to do sth 不定式作 结果状语。he 与 tell 是被动关系,故用 only to be told 。only 放在不定式前面,常表示不 愉快或出乎人们的意料的结果。又如:She got there only to be told that they had gone on holiday. 她到达那里,被告知他们度假去了。 3. Convinced: 人们相信政府能带领他们走出金融危机,所以他们对国家的未来很乐观。 sb. be convinced that…意为“某人被说服……; 某人相信……”, 为固定搭配。 句中 convinced 以及其后的从句作状语,相当于:As people are convinced that the government can lead them out of the financial crisis, … 4. having been attacked/being attacked; hit: remember+doing/having done sth.记得做 过了某事。强调 attack 在 became 之前做了,且是被动。 5. marking:get down to doing sth.开始做某事,to 是介词。 6. to have heard:我不知道你是否已碰巧听见,但今年九月我准备去美国读书了。固定 搭配 happen to do sth. 不定式动词 hear 在 know 之前已经发生,故用 to have heard。句 子分析:主(I )+ 谓动(don't know)+ 宾从( whether you happen to have heard it),but(并 列连词, 连接两个分句) I'm going to study in the USA this September. 7. having been launched:这个国家已经发射了三艘无人驾驶飞船,最近一艘是在去年三 月底。此题考查独立主格结构。因为已经发射了所以要用完成时态,而逗号后面没有连词连 接句子,所以逗号后面的成份要用非谓语,飞船是被发射。 8. to be trained:send sb to do sth 派/让 sb 做 sth,train 和主语 he 是被动关系所以用 被动语态。 9. Having said:say 先于 think 完成,say 与 I 是主动关系。 10. displayed:want sth. done 结构。paintings 被 displayed(展示) 。 11. watered:unless watered every day=unless they(the flowers) are watered。 12. to be welcomed: 注意结构 feel/be honored to do sth.很荣幸去做某事, I 被 welcome, 故用被动结构。 13. Having waited: 强调 wait 在 realize 之前一直在做, wait 与 the old man 是主动关系。 14. Search:搜索一下你们城市的消防部门网站,你对灭火知识就会了解很多。祈使句, 连词 and 连接前后两个并列句。又如:Use your head, and you’ll find a way. 15. having been promoted:我听说他们已经提拔了汤姆,但是当我们(我和汤姆)在电 话里交谈时,他没有提到已经被提拔/晋升(这件事) 。固定搭配 mention doing sth,意思 是“提到/提及做过某事”, 没有 mention to do sth 短语。he 和 promote 之间为被动关系,

所以必须用被动结构 being done,且 be promoted 这个动作当时已经发生,所以用其完成 形式 having been done 即 having been promoted。 16. Having been shown:在被领着参观了水立方之后我们被带去参观鸟巢。参观水立方 是在参观鸟巢之前,所以应该用现在分词的完成式,也就是 having done 的形式,既要体现 完成 having done,又要体现被动 be done ,所以合在一起就构成了分词的完成被动式 having been done 指的是先前已经被做的事。 17. Having failed:由于打给他们的电话无法接通,我们转而发送了一份邮件。fail 先于 send 完成,也就是 Since we had failed to reach them on the phone, we sent an email instead. 18. stopping:他忙于写一个故事,只是偶尔停下来吸根烟。此题考查非谓语动词做伴随 状语。可转成…and he only stopped once in a while to smoke a cigarette.伴随状语一般可 以转成一个独立分句。 19. coming:如果我们让非法移民(不断/持续)涌入,很多本地工人将会失业。此题考 查 have 作为使役动词的用法。现在分词 coming 做使役动词 have 的宾语补足语时,一则 表明宾语(illegal immigrants)和宾补动词 come 的主动关系,二则表明宾补动词所表示的 动作持续进行。 20. to help :句子结构是 Schools are expected to hire graduates to help reduce unemployment pressures. "to help…”是目的状语,almost three times the number hired last year 是插入语。 21. forcing:政府计划引入新的法律,(新的法律)迫使家长承担更多起其孩子教育的责任。 此题考查非谓语动词做后置定语的用法,可转成…new laws that force parents to…。如果 采用不定式 to force,则理解成“政府计划引入新的法律以迫使家长承担更多起其孩子教育 的责任。”根据句意,“迫使家长承担更多孩子教育的责任”的逻辑主语应该是 laws,而不是 the government。 22. indicating:有大量证据表明,音乐可以使大脑不同部分都参与到活动中。Indicating that music…是后置定语,可转成定语从句…evidence which indicates that music… 23.stuck:由于火山灰的原因,四月份仍有成千上万的度假者滞留在国外。remain 用作连 系动词,接过去分词作表语,表示主语所处的状态或已经发生的被动动作。这里 stuck 意思 是被困,因此要用被动的形式,过去分词。 24.Having struggled:迪娜,在挣扎了几个月仍旧找不到一份饭店服务员的工作之后, 终于接受被聘为附近的一家广告公司的职员。 现在分词的完成式表示其动作在谓语动词的动 作之前已完成,从语境我们知道迪娜“找一份饭店服务员的工作”在 took 之前已结束,故用 现在分词的完成式。 25. to complete :在这个学期结束之前,我还有很多阅读材料需要完成。句型 sb have/has/had something to do,固定搭配。主语是 I,是"I"去完成,所以要用主动形式。如 果说是 readings 做主语:A lot of readings have to be completed.这样才能用被动。也可以 说 complete 前省略了 for me: I have a lot of readings for me to complete before the end of this term. 又如:I have much homework to do./I have an apple to eat. 26.laid:客厅又干净又整洁,餐桌已经放好了,准备放做好的的饭菜。此处是过去分词短 语作后置定语,含有被动的意思。laid 为 lay 过去分词,含有“被放置”之意。 27.to deal with:在很多人看来,那个公司虽然小,和他们做起生意来倒也很愉快。 is pleasant to do· · · 表示“做· · · 是令人愉快的”,于是在 A 和 C 之间选择。is pleasant to deal with 是用来修饰 that company 的,当不定式与被修饰的名词是逻辑上的被动关系时,则 用主动表被动,句子中的意思是“公司被处理”,所以不选 C

28.weighing:交通法规规定,4 岁以下并且少于 40 磅的小孩必须坐在儿童安全座位上。 under the age of four and weighing less than 40 pounds 是两个并列定语,修饰 children。 weigh 表示“重达” 概念时,用主动形式且直接加重量:The child weighs less than 40 pounds. 因此,作为非谓语定语修饰 children 时用 weighing。 编辑:梁冠华


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