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朗闻光电助力东盟博览会, 朗闻光电助力东盟博览会,加速布局全球 LED 灯具市场 Longman Adds color to ASEAN Expo & Accelerates the Pace of Entering the Global LED Lighting Market LED 照明技术和产品已在一些重大活动或工程中的广泛应用取得了令人瞩 目的效果,随着我国 LED 照明产业不断发展和完善,LED 绿色照明的理念也被 越来越多的人接受,这为整个照明行业的发展增添了更多动力。近几年,很多优 秀的国内照明企业不断创新、加快发展,频频亮相大型国际展会,引领我国 LED 照明企业走向全球。 The extensive application of LED lighting technology and products in some important events or projects has achieved remarkable effect. With constant development and improvement of LED lighting industry in China, the idea of LED green lighting has been more and more widely accepted, which invigorates the development of the whole lighting industry. In recent years, a large number of excellent enterprises in China begin to appear frequently on large international exhibitions through innovating constantly and speeding up development, leading the LED lighting enterprises of China to the world.

国产 LED 灯具亮相东盟博览会 Domestic LED lighting fixtures appear on ASEAN Expo 泰国政府和东盟商会合作举办的“2012 东盟博览会”于今年 1 月 15 日在泰 国曼谷开幕,此项博览会是国外东盟地区最大的综合性博览会。为了宣传节能环 保的理念,提高东盟地区国家人民的环保意识,此次博览会 70%的灯具采用了 LED 灯具,所以这场盛大的展会更因其绚丽多姿的灯光效果而备受瞩目。 The "2012 ASEAN Expo" held under the cooperation of Thai government and ASEAN Chamber of Commerce was opened in Bangkok on January 15th, 2012. This exposition was the biggest comprehensive one in ASEAN regions out of China. To spread the idea of energy saving and environmental protection, and enhance the awareness of environmental protection of people in ASEAN regions, 70% of the lighting fixtures used in the exposition were LED lighting, so that the grand exposition was paid more attention for the gorgeous lighting effects. 此次博览会很大部分的灯具供应出自我国的 LED 照明企业,其中广州朗闻 光电有限公司更是一口气承接下了 16 个展览馆的灯具供应,灯具种类包括 LED 轨道灯、 洗墙灯、 LED 投光灯、LED 日光管、LEDPar 灯、 LED 埋地灯、LED 水底灯等类别的产品,数量超过 2 万台。 A large number of lighting on this exposition were supplied by the LED lighting enterprises of China, in which Guangzhou Longman Company supplied lighting fixtures for 16 exhibition halls, including LED track light, wash light, LED flood light, LED tube, LED Par Cans, LED underground light, LED underwater light, etc., which were more than 20 thousand pieces.

朗闻光电 LED 产品之所以能登上东盟博览会的舞台也表明其优越的性能已 经广泛受到了国际采购的青睐。而各展览馆的负责人表示本次博览会对 LED 照 明灯具的选择上也要求颇高,要综合考虑对方企业的实力、类似大型项目的服务 经验、保障应急系统等是否完善等多个方面,而朗闻光电凭其多年来的服务经验 和产品优越的品质性能获得了采购商的高度认可。 As the LED products of Longman were able to enter ASEAN Expo, it shows that their superior performance has been widely favored by international purchasers. Moreover, the person in charge of each exhibition hall had said that the performance of LED lighting fixtures were highly required in the exposition, and many aspects had to be considered comprehensively, including the strength of the other side, service experience of similar large-scale projects, and the integrity of support and emergency system, etc. Longman had obtained high recognition of purchasers with years of service experience and superior quality and performance of the products. 当整个展览馆被 LED 灯光的炫彩所装点, 人们不禁惊讶 LED 照明的灯光效 果, 当地政府、 设计公司、 安装公司等单位还特别称赞朗闻公司灯具的节能效率、 光色的稳定性和亮度方面已经在同行业中处于领先地位。 As the whole exhibition hall was decorated by the colors of LED lighting, people could not help marveling at the lighting effects of LED lighting. Besides, it had been specially praised by the local government, design companies, installation companies, etc. that the lighting of Longman had taken the lead in the same industry in the aspects of energy efficiency, color stability and brightness. 创新研发技术, 创新研发技术,接轨国际水准 Innovating R&D technology, catching up with international standard 朗闻光电作为国内专注于 LED 灯具产品及设备的自主研发和生产的企业, 旗下品牌“缔朗照明 缔朗照明”,在多年的发展过程中,依托严格的质量管理标准以及雄厚 缔朗照明 的资金支持,已逐渐形成了一支同国际接轨的专业化研发和生产团队。为不断推 动技术创新,公司加大研发投入,每年推出 20 多种新产品,以质量优良,设计 新颖,以及精致的工艺和优越的性价比而获得业界广泛认同。目前,公司产品已 远销欧美、澳洲、中东、非洲等 80 多个国家和地区,被广泛地应用于舞台,建 筑外部及内部和各种效果照明。 Longman is an enterprise specializing in independent R&D and manufacturing of LED lighting products and equipments. Its brand, "Creation Brilliant", has gradually formed a professional R&D and manufacturing team with the international practice depending on the strict standard of quality management and the support of abundant capital in years of development. To promote technical innovation constantly, our company has increased the investment on R&D, and launched more than 20 types of new products every year which have widely won the acceptance of the industry for the high quality, novel design, exquisite technology and superior cost performance. At present, our products, which have been widely used in stage lighting, external and

internal lighting of constructions and various lighting effects, have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions including Europe and America, Australia, Middle East, and Africa, etc. 然而尽管我国 LED 照明行业的发展如火如荼,但也不可避免地面临着行业 不规范、制作成本高、核心技术少等客观问题,但行业问题并不能制约企业的发 展,朗闻光电相关负责人明确表示:朗闻公司将不断提高技术研发团队实力,引 进更多国内外先进人才,在做好国内业务的同时积极拓展全球市场,为抵御海外 竞争储备力量。 Although the LED lighting industry in China is growing vigorously, it is inevitable that the industry is facing many objective problems including lack of standardization, high production cost, and less core technology, etc. However, the problems of the industry will not restrict the development of the enterprise. The related person in charge in Longman has clearly stated that Longman will improve the strength of technology research and development constantly, introduce more advanced talents at home and abroad, and explore the global market actively while doing well in domestic business, in order to reserve strength to resist the competition overseas. 据悉,朗闻光电目前在国内外拥有了多家代理和经销商,建成了一条成熟 的营销渠道。未来,随着研发技术的提高和市场竞争力的提高,朗闻光电将逐步 完成全球网络的营销布局。 It is reported that Longman has owned many agents and distributors at home presently, and established a mature marketing channel. In the future, Longman will complete the marketing distribution of global network gradually with the improvement of R&D technology and market competitiveness. 我们期待国内能涌现出更多像朗闻光电这样的公司能够在国际舞台上大放 异彩,为促进我国 LED 照明发展和为全球的环境保护做出积极的贡献。 We look forward that more companies in China like Longman will shine brilliantly on international stage to promote the development of LED lighting of China and make active contribution to global environmental protection.



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