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开头的写法,在于灵活运用。 对立法:用于对比事物的优缺点。 1People’s view towards the advantages and disadvantages of (主题 词)very greatly. Some believe (hold ,think)that 观点 1While others argue (support) that 观点 2。As for me, I agree to the former/latter idea because its advantages outweigh its disadvantages. 2 It has been a contentious issue as to whether 题目自述。Some people are of opinion that 观点 1 While others point out that 观点 2. As far as I am concerned, the former /latter opinion holds more weight. 3 When asked about ... , the overwhelming majority of people think(believe、 answer) that ...….,other people regard (view、 see)that ….,I view quite differently.陈述自己的观点 现象法:用于因果型与分析型问题 1Nowadays,with 现象,people are becoming increasingly aware of the significance of 主题词。In my point of view,把标题 现象变成陈述句。 There are numerous reasons to support my point of view and I would explore only a few of the most important ones here. 2Recently the phenomenon (issue) of....has {draw public attention./brought into focus}后面写各种观点,句型用其他的就行 3When the benefit (importance 、 significance)of 题目中关键词。 People share a common view that 论点。As to me, I can’t agree more with then. 题目中关键词 should undoubtedly be an indispensable part of our life。
观点法:适用于解决问题型。 1Nowadays,it is a heatedly topic that 引出话 题 (转述问题) People have put forward various ways, such as 例 1,例 2,etc.As for me, the best way to 主题词 is 论点(自己的观点) 比 较法:多用于对比过去了现在两种不同的倾向,态度和观点的比较 引出论题 1 As a result, some people are worried that A 与 B 之间矛盾 However ,I don’t think their concerns are necessary. Because A has some exclusive advantages over B. 2For years/Until recently....had been seen as ...But that is changing now(people taking a fresh look at it)With the growing of ..people..... 3 Several years ago, people...Now,.....Why has such change take place? 表明立场的句子 1 In my opinion.../Form my perspective..../I would prefer.../as to this issue, I think.../for my part.../as for me... 2Althougt the popular belief is...But I think quite differently.No opinion is more dangerous than.../But I can’t accept that... 文章主题即第二段 1There are probably several(a number of/a variety of)reasons for...First...Second... 2Why...?For one reason/to begin with/one reason is....for another/in the second place/another reason is.../Perhaps the main/primary reason is... 阐释原因句型 1 on the one hand... on the other hand.../it is simply

because... 2First of all...The second reason that can be seen by every person is that... 3The main reason for my inclination for 观 点 is that...Furthermore,....Among all of the supporting evidences the strongest one is....last but not least,.... 结尾部分 结论性结尾;From what has been discussion above/Taking into account of all these factors/ Judging from all evidence offered, we may safely/reasonably arrived at /reach the conclusion that 重申论点 2 So base on the above discussion, there is no doubt that 重申论点或综 述支持论点的理由 1 23。What worth mentioning is that 强调,引申论 点 号召性结尾 It might be time to take the warning/advice of 问题或现象,and to put great/considerable emphasis on the improvement/promotion/development of 观点和问题 建议性结尾 It is hoped suggested that considerable/sustained efforts should be made/focused on the attempt 提出建议或意见 2 While /Although it cannot be solved immediately/is affected by many factors/is simpler to say than to do, still there are ways.提出建议 总结概 括句型 1 In sum, in order to solve the problem, we should... 2 In conclusion, it is important to ... 3 The most striking conclusion is self-evident.(最初的观点已经不言而 喻了) 4No one can doubt the fact.... 5 Judging from all evidence offered, we may reasonably arrive at... 6 The analysis we have made leads to an unshakable view that...

范文赏析 On Dormitory Security It is reported that recently in quite a few universities, dormitories on campus have been broken into and burglaries have happened every now and then. In fact, students have complained a lot that burglaries are like nightmares in their college years. I think it’s high time that both students and universities did something to reduce and eliminate this kind of crime. 引言部分:作者先说明有报道说最近寝室遭窃的现象很多,困扰着学生们,然后提出学生和 学校都应采取措施。 On the one hand, there are some measures which universities can take. First, universities should have all the dormitory doors and windows checked, find out and repair the broken ones so that thieves cannot go in easily. Second, the number of university security staff should be increased. Security personnel should patrol on campus and cross-question any suspicious person.

On the other hand, students should also do something to protect their belongings. First, when they leave their dormitories, they should keep doors and windows locked to keep out sneak10 thieves.Second, students should lock their valuables11 up in lockers12. In this way, they can reduce the risks of burglaries happening. 主体部分:作者分两方面来说,并在每方面下面又分了几个小点,这样一则可以丰富内容, 二则使整篇文章逻辑清晰,衔接紧凑,成为一个完整的整体。 In one word, both students and universities should do something to reduce burglaries in dormitories. And only in a safe dormitory can a student live and study happily. 总结部分:作者用 in one word 自然而然地对上文进行了总结,并进一步说明只有寝室安 全才能让学生生活和学习得更开心。 亮点回放 1. be broken into: “被闯入”,常用于指房子有窃贼闯入。 2. every now and then: “时而,不时” ;近义词有 every now and again , every so often, more often than not 等 。 3. nightmare: “噩梦,使人特别痛苦的事情或经历”。 4. it s high time that: “该做某事的时候到了” ;如果在 time 前面有 high ,the very 等词 ,那么从句中要使用过去时。 5.eliminate: “除去,消除” ;这里还可以使用 get rid of,root out ,wipe out ,weed out 等来表示 同一意思。 6. personnel: “职员” ;作名词 ,注意 personnel 和 personal(个人的)的区别。 7. patrol: “巡逻 ,巡查”。 8. cross-question: “盘问, 审问” ; 该词 的使用体现了作者词汇量的丰富和用词的精到。 9. suspicious: “可疑的,多疑的” ;也可以使用 doubtable 和 questionable 来代替 。 10. sneak : 常用作动词,表示 “偷偷摸摸做/走”,此处用作形容词,表示“出其不意的, 暗中进行的”。 11. valuables: valuable 常用作形容词 ,表示 “贵重的” ;当用作名词且为复数时 , 表示 “贵重物品”。 12. locker: “更衣箱,储物柜” ;该词用得非常到位 。 范文赏析

The Bene?ts and Dangers of Campus Politics Campus politics has improved the quality of students’ life on campus and is playing an important role in college life. While we may advocate it because of the benefits, we cannot ignore its problems. 引言部分:作者先明确表明“校园政治”是大学生活非常重要的一部分, 但在强调其带来的好 处的同时,作者提醒不能忽视其带来的问题。 On the positive side , college students will grow mature and develop their abilities from participation in campus politics. For one thing, by attending campus political activities, students will learn how to handle relationships with all sides in a more mature way, which will better prepare them for life after graduation. For another, they can develop their sense of responsibility as well as practical capabilities, especially management and coordination capacity, because the campus political activities provide students with a stage to show themselves and bring their abilities into full play. On the negative side, campus politics might bring some problems. Too much participation in campus politics might influence study. Besides, some students’ being keen on campus politics is for fame and gain, which is harmful to the healthy development of mentality . Therefore, schools and teachers should give necessary instructions to students on their participation in campus politics. 主体部分: 作者先从积极面分析了参加校园竞选等活动带来的两大益处: 使学生们变得成熟 并增强了责任心和实际能力;接着又从消极面分析了参与“校园政治”可能带来的问题:对学 习和身心健康发展的影响。针对这些问题,作者简单提出学校和老师应给予必要的指导。就 写作手法而言,作者主要是进行逻辑论证,正反对比。全文长短句的运用非常恰当,主要是 用短句点题,说明观点,用长句进行解释说明。 All in all, we cannot deny the bene?ts campus politics brings to college students, but we should also be aware of the potential danger it may hold for them as well. With necessary guidance, campus politics can be a good stage for students to grow. 总结部分:作者用 all in all 自然而然地引入到了文章的结尾。作者先概述了上面提及的两 个方面,然后重申了自己的观点:在恰当的指导下,校园政治是大学生成长的良好舞台。 亮点回放 1. campus politics: “校园政治” ;下文还使用了 campus political activities 来指 同 一意思 。 2. advocate: “提倡, 主张” ; 此处也可以用 support, back 等替代。 另外注意 advocate 也可以作名词使用 ,be an advocate for/of sth.是 ……的提倡者/支持者 。

3. on the positive side: “从积极面来说” ;也可以用 from the positive perspective 来代替 。 4. better prepare: 通常 prepare 的用法是 be prepared for(为……做好 了准备 ), 此处使用 了主动形式 prepare sb. for sth. (让某人为某事做好 了准备 )。better 是 well 的比较级 ,所以此处表示 “使他们更好地为……做好准备”。 5. capability: “能力,性能” ,与下文 的 capacity, ability 为近义词 ,这些近义词 的 使用使文章富有变化性 ,有亮点不单调 。 6. coordination: “协调” ;此处近义词有 organization, regulation 等 。 7. bring their abilities into full play : “使他们的能力充分发挥” ; 此处的 bring ... into full play 是固定搭配 ,比简单使用 fully display 要正式。 8. being keen on: “渴望, 爱好” , 比单纯地使用 like 要好, 此处的 sb. s being keen on 整体用作主语,不过这里还可以使用 enthusiasm,passion,zeal 等,后面接 for 。 9. mentality: “心理状态” ,此处还可以使用 morality 来代替。 10. instruction : “指导”;与下文的 guidance 为近义词,通常的用法是 instruct sb. to do sth.或者 instruct sb. on sth.。 11. deny: “否认,拒绝给予” ;搭配有 deny sb. sth.(拒绝给予某人某物 )。 12. be aware of: “意识到” ;近义词为 be conscious of,realize 等 。

Certification: A Way to Prove Oneself 写作要求 Nowadays many students will choose to study for some kind of certi? cation and it has been recognized as a way to prove one’s ability. Write on Answer Sheet Two a composition of about 200 words on the following topic: Certi?cation: A Way to Prove Oneself You are to write in three parts. In the ? rst part, state speci?cally what your idea is. In the second part, provide reasons to support your opinion OR describe your idea. In the last part, bring what you have written to a natural conclusion or a summary.

Marks will be awarded for content, organization, grammar and appropriateness. Failure to follow the instructions may result in a loss of marks. 审题思路 本题是一道分析利弊/差异型的题目, 要求论述证书对学生的重要性 : 证书是证明自己的一 种方式。因此,本文的侧重点是证书是如何证明自己的,可以从以下方面论述 : 其一 ,证书是学习能力的证明; 其二 ,证书是积极进取的证明; 其三 ,证书是兴趣广泛的证明。 Certi?cation: A Way to Prove Oneself For a growing number of Chinese people, the most productive thing to do with one’s spare time is to study for some kind of certification. From languages to business skills to teaching, certi?cations act as proof of one’s interest, attitude and ability. More and more, a resume with degrees and work experiences looks a bit boring; certi?cations are like accessories —they complete the out?t. 引言部分:作者提出了考证热这个现象,并亮出观点:证书是一个人兴趣爱好 、学习态度 和学习能力的证明,因此 ,概括了主体部分将重点论述的方面。 Certifications accomplish several purposes. First, they show employers that one is diversi?ed. While one’s interest is not limited to only one major, he will win himself more chances of jobs than others, which is likely to result in a good-paying job and better employability. Besides, certi?cations indicate that the owner is proactive; he is not sitting around in his spare time. Instead, he is constantly looking to improve himself. This is what sets one applicant apart from the rest when applying for a sought-after position. What’s more important is that the certifications prove that the person has great potential as he is good at study and has a good sense of balance. He has made an effort to learn more skills while keeping focused on his major or occupation. 主体部分:作者采用的是总分式结构,先概述证书能起到几个作用 ,然后具体分述了三方 面的作用:证书证明兴趣广泛,可以带来更多工作机会;说明态度积极进取,给人更好的印 象表明学习能力出众,有潜力。 All in all, certifications give students more con?dence in the job market as they demonstrate that the owners have wider interest, more proactive attitude and stronger learning ability. 总结部分:作者用 all in all 自然过渡到结尾段落,并再次概述证书的作用,可以给学生带 来更多自信。

亮点回放 1. growing: “增强的,越来越多的” ;近义词为 increasing。

2. certification: “证 明,证书 ,鉴定” ;注意与 certificate 的区别 。 3. act as: “起到……的作用 ,担任 ,充当”;近义词为 perform as ,function as , be used as 等。 4. accessory: “附件 ,配件”。 5. outfit : “配备 ,装备 ” ;此处 complete the outfit 意思为 “使得整体 (这里指 简历 )完整”。 6. accomplish several purposes: “起到几个作用” ,此处也可以用 serve several purposes。 7. diversified: “多样化的,多种多样 的” ;此处也可以用 versatile (多才多艺的 )。 8. win sb. sth.: “为某人赢得某物” ;win 也可以换成 gain 。 9. employability : “可用性 ,受雇就业能力” ;该词 的使用体现了作者较大的词汇量 和灵 活运用能力 。 10. proactive: “先发制人的,积极的”;此处表示 “积极的”,也可以使用 take the initiative。 11. sit around: “坐着没事干” ;不及物动词 ,后面可以接 doing ,表示 “闲坐着干什 么事”。此处可以用 idle away one s spare time 来替代 。 12. set sb. apart: “区别 ,分开 ,使与众不 同” ,后面可以接 from sb. else ,可以 用 make sb. distinguished from sb. else 来替代 。 13. sought-after: “很吃香的,备受欢迎的”;sought 是 seek 的过去分词,此处作形容 词用。 14. demonstrate: “证明, 演示, 示范” ; 本文中出现了很多近义词 : show , indicate , prove 和 demonstrate ,这些增加了文章的变化性 。 审题思路 本题是一个观点选择型的题目, 就目前大学生在毕业后选择 留学的利弊孰大孰小进行分析。 题目可以从以下几个方面入手:

思路 1:利大于弊 虽然有困难 ,但整体上利大于弊,利体现在 :1. 教学软件硬件优异 ;2. 有利于将来就 业等。 思路 2 :弊大于利 虽然有好处 ,但整体上弊大于利 ,弊体现在 :1. 费用昂贵 ;2. 文化差异 ,难以融入 其中等。 思路 3 :应具体问题具体分析 ,因人而异 留学有益 ,体现参考思路 1; 留学也有弊端 ,体现参考思路 2 ; 是否选择留学 ,应根据个人情况而定 。 Studying Abroad: Hardships and Rewards There is no denying the fact that studying abroad is a hotly debated2 topic today. As far as I’m, concerned, I believe hardships and rewards coexist and people have to consider it from all sides. 引言部分:作者先提出留学是个热门话题 ,然后说明留学有利有弊应全面综合来考虑 。这 表明下文将既讲利又讲弊。 Obviously, studying abroad has a number of rewards . In the ?rst place, a student can have access to advanced science and technology as well as desirable working conditions which mightnot be available at home. In the second place, he can be exposed to entirely new ideas and trends. Last but not least, by living and studying in a foreign country, one can improve his foreign language much faster than at home. Nevertheless, as every coin has two sides, studying abroad also confronts one with a series of hardships. For one thing, learning a foreign language is far from an easy thing at the beginning for most people. For another, a completely new environment with different customs and habits may it can cost a lot to study abroad. also be a barrier to overseas students, especially to the young. An added difficulty lies with ?nance:

主体部分:作者先说有几个显而易见的益处是列举观点时常用的句式。然后用“In the first place, ... In the second place, ... Last but not least” 。nevertheless 进行转折, 说明留学会让人遇到很多困难。这时列举所用的句式换为“for one thing ... for another...”使文章更富有变化。 Therefore, studying abroad should be viewed as a two-edged sword, which presents us with10 both bene? ts and troubles. The best policy11, as I see it, is to take into consideration his financial conditions and his ability to adapt to new surrounding. Personally, I’d choose to go abroad and study if I ?nd it necessary. 总结部分 :作者概述上面所列利弊,用“a two-edged sword”来概括再恰 当不过,并提 出选择出国留学的标准应该是“take into consideration his financial conditions and his ability to adapt to new surrounding”。 亮点回放 1. there is no denying that:“无可否认” ;还可以用 undoubtedly ,without doubt 等更为简洁的表达方式 。 2. hotly debated: “被激烈讨论的” ;相当于“heavily/frequently discussed” ,但比 之要 g 更地道些 。 3. rewards: “奖赏、报酬 、报答” ;此处表示“回报”,近义词为“returns”。 4. have access to: “能获得”, access 的形容词 accessible 也经常使用在 be accessible to 的词组中,注意与之区别 。 5.desirable:“令人满意的,称心如意的”,另外它的反义词 undesirable 表 示 “不尽如人意的”。

6. be exposed to: “暴露在……之下”,此处还可以用 “be faced with ,be confronted with”等。 7. confront sb. with sth.: “使某人遭遇到 (某事 )” ,此处注意与 be exposed to 的区别 ,前者不以人为主语 ,用主动语态 ;后者以人为主语 ,用被动语态 。 8. far from: “远离” ,此处表示 “远非” ,相当于 never ,但语气委婉些 。 9. barrier:“障碍” ,近义词还有 “obstacle ,block ,hardship ,setback”等 。

10. present sb. with sth.: “给某人带来某物” ,也可以用 “provide sb. with sth.” , 但 present 显得更正式些 。 11. policy : “政策 、方针 、保险单” ,此处 “the best policy ”表示“最好的办法” ,用 法地道 。 1、大学生难找工作, 2、原因很多, 3、解决的办法。 Job hunting has always been a headache for college students. Though many graduates are employed right after graduation, some are not. Most serious of all, some still have no idea where to go working even a long time after graduation. The reasons for this phenomenon are various. On the one hand, a few years ago colleges and universities enrolled so many students in popular majors, such as economy, finance and so on that the number of graduates was greater than the need in the market. On the other hand, most graduates would rather stay in large cities without suitable job to do than go to the country. I reckon this problem can be solved if both colleges and students take measures. First, they should research the market and develop special skills to suit its need. Second, students’attitude towards employment should be changed. They should go to small cities and country. There they can also give full play to their professional knowledge. In a word, if we pay much attention, the situation can be improved.



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