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必修一 unit1 friendship_图文

Unit 1 Friendship

Important words
? 心烦意乱的 ? 使平静、使镇静 ? 系列、连续 ? 在户外、在野外 ? upset ? calm ? series ? outdoors

? 打雷、雷声
? 窗帘、门帘 ? 伙伴、合伙人 ? 遭受、忍受 ? 痊愈、恢复

? thunder
? curtain ? partner ? suffer ? recover

? 十几岁的青少年

? teenager

? 正是、确切地 ? 感激的、表示感谢

? exactly ? grateful

的 ? 条款、项目 ? 不理睬、忽视 ? 松开的、松的 ? 安家、解决 ? 不同意 ? 积满灰尘的 ? 德国人、德语 ? 不喜欢

? item
? ignore ? loose ? settle ? disagree ? dusty ? German ? dislike

? entirely

Useful phrases
? 合计、加起来 ? 在黄昏时刻 ? 与…相处、进展 ? 一连串的、一套 ? 放下、登记 ? 对…关心,挂念 ? add

? 经历、经受
? 故意 ? 参加、加入

up ? at dusk ? get along/on with ? a series of ? set down ? be concerned about ? go through ? on purpose ? join in

? 为了 ? 对…厌倦 ? 不再 ? 平静下来 ? 面对面地 ? 遭受、患病

? in

? 装箱打包
? 相爱、爱上 ? 遛狗

order to ? be/get tired of ? no longer/not…any longer ? calm down ? face to face ? suffer from ? pack up ? fall/be in love with ? walk the dog

用本单元所学单词、短语及用法完成下列句子 1.我对你为我们所做的一切感到非常感激。 grateful to you for what you have done for us. I’m very _______________ 2.他的父母都患有高血压。 suffer from high blood pressure. Both his parents __________ 3汤姆刚刚从病中恢复过来,还不能上班。 from his illness, so he still can’t work. Tom has just recovered ____________ 4.天气很冷,不要待在外面,要不然你会感冒的。

Don’t ___________ stay outdoors as it is so cold or you will catch cold.

5.这位年轻的母亲经常参加孩子们玩的游戏。 joins in the games the children play. The young mother always_______ 6.我不相信你所说的,我要去当面向他问清楚。 face to face . I don't believe what you said; I'll go to ask him__________ 7.把所有的钱加起来看看我们为希望工程筹了多少款。 Add up _______all the money and see how much we have raised for the Hope Project.

8.我们应该关注别人所做的而不是所说的。 be concerned about We should__________________what others do rather than what they say. 9.在同一个公司上班,他们相爱了;两年后,结婚了。 Working together in the same company, they______________ fell in love with

each other; two years later, they got married.

in order to / so as to / in order that he could / so He hurried out ______________________________________ that he could catch the train. ___________

单句改错: 1. He is upset to _______ leaving his hometown soon. leave __________ he lives alone. concerned 2. As far as I am concerning, 3. The old man has suffered headaches for years. /\ from 4. The two sides finally reached __ a agreement. an 5. Some of them like the story while the others ______ unlike dislike it. ______ resources since they 6.We should not waste nature natural are limited. 7. It was yesterday _____ when they went to the cinema. that ___ make a plan first. would 8. She asked us if we will

语法填空: When Jack got to London, his face became bright (1)___ he started looking around the city. He thought he knew English very (2)___ (good). (3)___ when he was in London, he found he couldn't understand a word and nobody (4)___ (understand) him. He had many difficulties and got to know he must learn (5)____ (speak) English well. An English friend of his lived next to him. He asked him (6)___ help.With his (7)___ (friend) advice, he began going to all kinds of meetings. He always sat in the front seats and (8)___ (careful) studied the speaker's mouth. Listening to 1.and English 2.well 3.But a lot 4.understood spoken did (9)___ of good. Little by little 5.spoken


____ had bicycles. I When I was in high school, most of my friend friends _ One day I saw a second-hand bicycle, hoped I could also have it. one that was only one hundred yuan. I asked my father/\the money. ___ for which But he said he could only give me half of the money. He __ should I find the other half myself. ____ me pleased __ if I showed him the money a month ____ after. He gives later gave when the other fifty. You can imagine how much \ happy I was when I rode to school on my own bicycle. So I went to sell newspapers after the \ school. My father was

写作练习;根据下面的提示写一篇英语短文。 标题:我的姐姐 内容提示:


更是关怀备至,得到了患者和同事们的好评。 她是我学习的好榜样。



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