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语法系列复习专题一-----名词 语法系列复习专题一-----名词 ----名词的分类
专有名词:指某人,某地,某机构等专有的名称,其首字母要大写。如 HongKong, China,Bill Clinton,Red Cross 个体名词:表示某类人或东西中的个体,如 student,book 名 词 普 通 可数名词 集体名词:表示若干个体组成的集合体,如:family,school, group, people

名 词 不可数名词 物质名词:表示无法分为个体的实物,如:cotton,air,tea 抽象名词:表示抽象概念,如 :work,happiness,news 2.名词的复数 可数名词有单、复数形式,其复数的构成规则如下: 1)绝大多数在词尾加 s。如: book,books;bag,bags;cup,cups;face,faces. 2)以 ch,sh,s,x,o 结尾的名词加 es。如: watch,watches;brush,brushes;hero,heroes;class,classes; 下列以 o 结尾的词加 s 构成复数:piano , photo ,radio ,zoo, bamboo ,kilo 3)以辅音字母+y 结尾的名词,将 y 改为 i,再加 es。例如:baby,babies;family,families; 以元音字母+y 结尾的名词,直接加 s。例如:boy,boys;key,keys 4) 以 f 或 fe 结尾的名词,先将 f 或 fe 改为 v,再加 es 构成复数形式,如:leaf,leaves; wife,wives.但有些以 f 结尾的名词,是在 f 后加 s 构成复数,常见的有: roof,chief,belief,gulf 等。个别的两种方式都可以,如: 5)少数名词的复数形式是不规则的,要一一背记: man→men; woman→women; Englishman→Englishmen;foot→feet; tooth→teeth; child→children; mouse→mice 少数名词的单、复数形式相同,如:Chinese,Japanese,sheep,deer,fish,means(注: fishes 表不同种类的鱼) 6)复合名词: A.含 man 或 woman 的复合名词,两部分都变为复数形式。如:two men teachers, four women doctors B.将复合名词中的主体名词变为复数形式,如: lookers-on 旁观者,editors-in-chief 总编辑, passers-by 过路人 C.如果没有主体名词,就在词尾后加 s。如: grown-ups 成年人,go-betweens 中间人 7)以复数形式出现的名词:trousers,glasses 眼镜,scales 天平,savings 储蓄, findings 调查结果, doings 行为,surroundings 环境,arms 武器,fireworks 烟火,remains 残余,thanks 感谢,riches 财富,ashes 灰烬 ,stairs 楼梯 8)有些名词在一定的词组中要用复数形式。例如: take pains 下功夫,made preparations 作准备,give regards to 问候 2.名词的所有格


1)名词的所有格一般用于有生命的名词。其构成多在词尾加上“’s”,如:Tom’s bike, Marx’s works 以 s 结尾的专有名词,在词尾后加“’”或“’s” 。如:Engels’/Engels’s works 以 s 结尾的复数名词,只在词尾加“’” 。如:students’ homework,a workers’ night school 一所工人夜校,不以 s 结尾的复数名词,仍在词尾加“’s” 。如:men’s clothes 男士衣服 children’s books 儿童读物 2) 如果一个事物为两个人共有,只在后一个名词的词尾加“’s” ,如果不是共有,就要在两个 名词的词尾分别加上“’s”。例如:Tom and Mike’s room 汤姆和迈克合住的房间 Tom’s and Mike’s rooms 汤姆、迈克各自的房间 3) 表示店铺或某人的家时,常在名词所有格后省去 shop,house 等名词。 如:the tailor’s 裁缝店,the barber’s 理发店,go to the doctor’s 上诊所, at my uncle?s 在我叔叔家 4) 表示时间、距离、国家、城市等无生命的名词,可以在词尾加“’s”或“’”来表示 所有 格。如:today’s newspaper,half an hour’s rest,two weeks’ work,ten minutes′walk,China’s population,Shanghai’s industry 5) 表示无生命的名词一般用 of 短语表示所有关系。如: the students of their school, the teachers of Grade 2 6) 表示所属物的名词前如果有不定冠词、数词、不定代词,常用“of+所有格”来表示所属 关系。例如: He is an old friend of my father’s. 考点分析 1.He gained his _______by printing _______of famous writers A.wealth; work B.wealths; works C.weaths;work D.wealth ;works 析:此题答案 D。因为 wealth 是不可数名词故可排除 B、C 两个选项;work 既可作不 可数名词表“工作”意,又可作可数名词表“作品”意,常用复数形式。根据题目意思,此处 work 应作可数名词用,于是又可排除 A。 2.Many people agree that_______ knowledge of English is a must in ______ international trade today. A.a; × B.the ; an C.the ;the D.×;the 析:knowledge 是抽象名词,一般不与不定冠词连用,但指具体“一门学问”或“一 门学问的掌握了解” 可与不定冠词连用, 这可称之为抽象名词具体化。 类例如: strong character 坚 a 强的性格;a bright future 光明前途;a waste of time 浪费时间;a pressure on sb.对某人的压力;have a good time 玩得痛快; is a failure /a success as a leader 他当领导不行/很出色。 He 抽象名词不与冠词 连用是泛指一般概念、 意义。 what fun! fine weather ;common knowledge 常识; 如: Knowledge begins with practice.foreign trade.因此 international trade 前不用冠词。 由以上两点可确定答案为 A。 3.Oh, John _____you gave us ! A.How a great surprise B.How pleasant surprise C.What a pleasant surprise D.What pleasant surprise 析:正确答案为 C。 “a/an+形容词+抽象名词”是抽象名词具体化的常见形式。又如: an advanced culture 一种先进文化;a great interest 极大的兴趣;do him a good kindness 帮了他一个 大忙。

This is a picture of Mary’s.

4. She broke a _______ while she was washing up . A.glass wine B.wine glass C.wine’s glass D.glass of wine 析:根据 broke 一词及四个选项,可确定空白处应选“酒杯”故可排除 A、D;C 不是表达“酒杯”的正确形 式,只有 B 才是正确答案。英语中用名词作定语修饰名词的情况很多,这些作定语用的名词可表 ①分类意义②表时间、地点、称呼③表目的、手段、原料、来源、所属等意义。 ①例: woman driver ,telephone number ,school education ,research work ,coffee cup ,English teacher ,air pollution ②例:book store ,winter sleep ,country life ,college student ,South China ③例:milk bottle ,steam boat ,goat skin ,stone wall ,gas station ,lunch room ,tooth brush 5.________terrible weather we’ve been having these days! A.What B.What a C.How D.How a 析:这是一个感叹句,how 修饰形容词,副词或动词,what 修饰名词。weather 是不可数名词, 其前不可加不定冠词 a。因此这题正确答案是 A。 6.Shortly after the accident ,two _______police were sent to the spot to keep order . A.dozens of B.dozens C.dozens’ of D.dozen 析: 正确答案是 D。dozen, score ,hundred, thousand ,million 等名词前面有数词或 many ,several 等词, 且表示具体数目时, 这些名词一般不用复数形式, 但在下列短语中却加 S, 并与 of 连用:dozens of (许多的),scores of (好几十的),hundreds of (成百的),thousands of (上千的),millions of (数百 万的) 7.I’ll look into the matter as soon as possible .Just have a little ______. A.wait B.time C.patience D.rest 析:由题干第一句意“我会尽快调查那件事” ,可知下句是要对方不要着急,故答案应为 C。 这是由情景,语境确定答案题目。 8.If by any chance someone comes to see me ,ask them to leave a _________. A.message B.letter C.sentence D.notice 析:答案为 A。道理同第 7 题。


1._________from Beijing to London! A.How long way it is B.What a long way is it C.How long way is it D.What a long way it is 2.We’ve worked out the plan ,and now we must put it into________. A.fact B.practice C.reality D.deed 3.Electrcity , like other forms of ________ ,has greatly increased in price. A.pressure B.force C.strength D.energy 4.That fellow is clever ; he has ___________. A.brain B.a brain C.the brain D.brains 5.Julie went to the ________ to buy a pair of shoes. A.shoes store B.shoe’s store C.shoe store D.shoes’ store 6.Those ______ took lots of ______ in the Summer Palace. A.Germen; photoes B.Germen; photos C.Germans; photos D.Germans; photoes 7.All possible means __________ to save the hero. A.has tried B.have tried C.has been tried D.have been tried 8.——Whose car is it ? ——It’s________. A.Tom and Mary B.Tom’s and Mary’s C.Tom’s and Mary D.Tom and Mary’s 9.There are 5____ in th fields. A.heads of cattles B.heads of cattle C.head of cattles D.head of cattle 10.He is the very thief the police ________ looking for . A.is B.are C.has D.have 11.All but Jack __________ here just now . A.is B.are C.was D.were 12.He knows almost everything .So we say he is a man of many _________. A.knowleges B.presents C.gifts D.rewards 13.Carelessness is the usual __________ of fire. A.way B.excuse C.cause D.reason 14.The girl is quite ________to her mother now . A.a help B.helps C.help D.helpness 15._______is coming to give us a lecture . A.A manager and an expert B.A manager and expert C.Manager and expert D.Manager and an expert 16.Most of the bridges over the river are made of __________. A.stone B.the stone C.a stone D.the stones 17.If you hurt her _________ ,you should apologize. A.feelings B.feel C.feels D.feeling 18.I’ll go and call at __________ right after school. A.the doctor B.the Smiths C.Smith D.my uncle’s 19.The shop will be closed during_________. A.repairs B.a repair C.repair D.repairing

20.The________we saw yesterday come out to the farm once in a while. A.mouse B.deer C.dog D.cow 21.My brother didn’t find army life to his __________. A.like B.taste C.quality D.favour 22.Though they hadn’t met for long ,he recognized her ___________. A.voice B.noise C.sound D.laughter 23.Learning that they were to have a picnic,the children were in _______. A.the high spirit B.high spirits C.a high spirit D.high spirit 24.After _______ silence ,they began to write letters to each other . A.three-year B.a three-year C.three years D.three years?s 25.If these trousers are too big ,buy a smaller__________. A.copy B.pair C.piece D.set 26.That daughter of Jack’s is ______. A.a good fun B.good runs C.good fun D.good funny 27._______will make a trip around the world during the coming Christmas.(93 年上海高考题) A.The Evenses’ B.The Evens’ C.The Evenses D.The Evens 28.He is one of the most successful_______ in the city. A.newspaper’s writer B.newspaper writers C.nesapapers’ writer D.newspaper writer 29.——Where is your brother? ——At_____. A.Mr Green’s B.Greens 30.——Are you _______ ,Mr Black? C.the Mr Green’s D.the Greens

——Yes ,I speak______. A.English ; the English language B.the English ; English C.an Englishman; on English language D.an English ; English

1-5 D B D D C 11-15 D C C A B 21-25 B A B B B

6-10 C D D D B

16-20 A A D A B 26-30 C C B A A






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