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Grammar & Vocabulary

Part I: Structure and Vocabulary (15)
Directions: In this section there are 30 incomplete sentences. For each sentence there are 4 choices marked A. B. C. and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. Mark your answer on the ANSWER SHEET.

1. The bar in the club is for the __________ use of its members. A. enigmatic B. exclusive C. inclusive D. intrinsic

2. The tuition fees are __________ to students coming from low-income families. A. becoming B. empirical C. provisional D. affordable

3. The medical experts warned the authorities of the danger of diseases in the __________ A. legacy B. aftermath of the earthquake. C. hoopla D. recession

4. Experiencing the moment can __________ positive memories from your past. A. trigger B. perceive C. champion D. revel

5. I must leave now. __________, if you want that book I’ll bring it next time. A. Abruptly B. Incidentally C. flaccidly D. megalithic

6. Personal computers are no longer something beyond the ordinary people; they are days. A. promptly B. neurotically C. readily D. solely __________ available these

7. Most analysts believe that the government will maintain its tough __________ on the property market for some months, in order to prevent a new bubble inflating. A. morale B. autonomy C. momentum D. stance

8. According to the new tax law, any money earned over that level is taxed at the A. incident __________ of 59% . B. incidence C. proportion D. rate

9. Thousands of __________ at the stadium came to their feet to pay tribute to an outstanding performance. A. legions B. stampede C. spectators D. observers __________ of

10. We stood still, gazing out over the limitless the desert. A. expand B. expanse C. stretch

D. extend

11. An old __________ says that yawning is caused by the devil and that evil spirits enter the body when your mouth is open wide. A. qualm commandment 12. Moneylenders are common across rural India, often providing loans at __________ rates. It makes many families broken. A. extortionate B. lenient nonjudgemental C. stagnant D. B. condescension C. superstition D.

13. His ideas are invariably condemned as __________ by his colleagues. A. nebulous B. ingenious C. impractical D. fervent

14. Thousands of people turned out into the streets to __________ against the local authorities’ decision to build a highway across the field. A. coincide B. contend C. concur D. protest

15. The majority of nurses are women, but in the higher ranks of the medical profession women are in a __________. A. minority B. scarcity C. serenity D. equity here in this

16. The heat in summer is no less __________ mountain region. A. infectious B. extensive C. intense

D. intensive

17. In course of the Turkish empire declining rapidly, the great powers of Europe started to __________ for the empire’s heritage. A. overpower B. scramble C. shepherd D. obliterate

18. Having felt pressure from her mother-in-law, she didn’t want to __________ pressure on anyone else. A. instill D. concoct B. inflict C. add

19. Hundreds of pedestrians __________ against each other on the streets during the holiday. A. jostle syncronize D. crimp B. clash C.

20. Failure to disclose all material information could ________ the insurance. A. invalidate D. invalid 21. What a nice day! How about the three of us __________ a walk in the park nearby? A. to take B. take C. taking D. to be taking B. validate C. valid

22. If only the patient __________ a different treatment instead of using the antibiotics, he A. had received D. were receiving 23. She __________ fifty or so when I first met her at a conference. A. had been C. has been B. must be D. must have been might still be alive now. B. received C. should receive

24. __________ the boss says, it is unreasonable to ask me to work overtime without pay. A. Whatever B. Whenever C. Whichever D. However

25. A new laptop costs about __________ of a second-hand one.

A. the price of three times

B. three times the price D. three times

C. as much as the three times price more than the price

26. I was very interested in __________ she told me. A. all that B. all which C. all what D. that

27. We consider __________ he should have left without telling anyone beforehand. A. strange why C. it strange that B. it strange what D. that strange

28. Little __________ about her own safety, though she herself was in great danger. A. she cared D. did she care 29. The couple had no sooner got to the station __________ the coach left. A. when B. as C. until D. than B. she may care C. may she care

30. __________ at in his way, the situation doesn’t seem so desperate. A. Looking B. Looked C. Being looked D. To look

1-5 BDBAB 6-10 CDDCB 16-20 CBBAA 21-25 CADAB

11-15 CACDA 26-30 ACDDB

1. Due to low investment, our industrial output this year has remained ________. A. laggard stagnant D. synchronized B. consecutive C.

2. We need to take facts as the basis for judgement and the law as the criterion, and to be ________ with those who confess and severe with those who refuse to. A. lenient D. morale 3. We must develop industries with local advantages and ________ the development of key areas. A. force D. deploy 4. He loses all his money and have to start again completely from ________. A. origin D. opening 5. ________ the car accident, they would have arrived earlier. A. Except for B. But for C. Besides D. Save for? B. scratch C. start B. propel C. defer B. nebulous C. abreast

6. But members of both parties have suggested they might support new stimulus measures to end the economic ________.

A. merger D. diversification

B. recession



7. Some people love to ________ about becoming wealthy overnight instead of accepting the reality of this world. A. fantasize revel 8. No sooner ________ than he realized that he should have remained silent.? A. the words had spoken C. the words had been spoken B. had the words spoken? D. had the words been spoken B. sustain C. glimpse D.

9. We did not ________ that such great storms would burst upon the region three times in a month. A. expect D. remember 10. To some extent, China’s embrace of the car has been a predictable result of growing urban ________. A. crap D. affluence 11. High noon came, and with it hunger. She hunted out an unattractive restaurant and entered, but was disturbed to find that the prices were exorbitant for the size of her purse. B. poverty C. reliance B. perceive C. anticipate

A. sacred D. sedentary

B. exorbitant



12. The desegregation was achieved through a number of struggles, ________ been mentioned in previous chapters. A. a few of which them? C. a few of those D. a few of that? B. a few of

13. It is essential to transcend the differences in social system in handling state-to- state relations, work to seek ________ of common interests and strive for common development. A. condescension divergence D. chasm B. convergence C.

14. In the last couple of days, a number of areas were hit by heavy sandstorms. The extremely bad weather ________ the

transportation system in those areas. A. crippled D. tanned 15. The bad weather ________ with some other unpleasant cause to ruin our picnic in the central park. A. inspire D. stroll B. conspire C. foray B. strained C. assisted

16. I ________ him the Christmas gift by mail because he came home during the Christmas holidays.? A. ought to have sent sent? C. must have sent sent? 17. He was determined to sail around the world ________ his illness and old age.? A. given B. although C. despite D. in spite? D. needn’t have B. couldn’t have

18. ________ she first heard of the man referred to as a specialist. A. That was from Stephen C. It was from Stephen that B. It was Stephen whom D. It was Stephen that

19. The president of the college, together with the deans, ________ planning a conference for the purpose of laying down a series of regulations.? A. were B. are C. is D. will?

20. Letters, cards and postcards have the virtue of being ________ friends can keep them and reread them for years to come. A. tangible reflective D. infectious B. intangible C.

21. It was not until he took up fishing that he ________ to relax.? A. had been beginning B. began ?

C. had begun

D. beginning?

22. By 2009, the ________ and mortality rates of infectious diseases in the region had dropped by 64.79 percent from 2000. A. incident D. occurrence 23. Now there are nuclear weapons; if war broke out, they could ________ untold losses on mankind. A. overpower ingrain 24. Young Americans are in the lead again in becoming increasingly ________ or feeling self-important, a recent study has revealed. A. narcissistic obsessive D. neurotic B. non-judgemental C. B. inflict C. instill D. B. accident C. incidence

25. ________ plastics, the machine is light in weight.? A. To make of B. To be made of? of D. Made of? 26. They consider that the opinion above is only some kind of ___ without any scientific basis. A. assortment D. opacity 27. In China, dragon boat races started as early as 2,100 years ago to ________ the patriotic poet, Qu Yuan. B. pact C. superstition C. Having made

A. commandment D. depict

B. commemorate

C. turbulent

28. The present study attempts to test the truth of the following three ________. A. hypothetical D. intrinsic 29. ________, her suggestion is of greater value than yours. A. All things considering C. All things were considered were considered 30. The little slave uttered ________ cries when beaten by his owner A. anguished D. anguishing B. shudder C. beheaded B. All things considered D. With all things B. hypothesis C. hypotheses

1-5 CABBB 16-20 DCCCA

6-10 BADCD 21-25 BCBAD

11-15 BABAB 26-30 CBCBA


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