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单词拼写、完成句子练习 单词拼写、完成句子练习

Module7 Unit 1
I 单词拼写 1. This model is the newest and most up to date. It only w________ 60 grams. 2.That kind of electronic dictionaries is elegantly shaped, especially s__________ for people with a reading disability. 3. The latest models of mobile phones are on sale. Would you like to a__________ me to have a look? 4. A_________, I appreciate for your invitation. But I’m too busy to go for it. 5. Our electrical bikes have good quality and a one-year g__________. 6. Who can still have _________ (信任) in you despite your shortcomings? 7. The shop was too crowded so that the __________ (录音) made there was not very clear. 8. The girl is so timid and she’s __________ (不愿) to speak in public. 9. I’m a new comer and not __________ (熟悉的) with the local customs. 10. He was charged for not having a _________ (有效的) driving licence. 11. Nobody has been responsible for the accident yet. The police are ______ ______ (调查) the case. 12. Can you tell me what UK _________ ________ (代表,象征)? 13. The engineer __________ (要求) a meeting _________held to discuss this question. 14. It’s ________ _______ (由...决定) you to decide whether it’s in your budget or not. 15. ________ ________ ________ _______ (至于) learning English, he has no superiority. 16. You may purchase a _________ ________ (各种各样的) household appliances in our department store. 17. What he said does ________ _________ (未必) mean that he likes his present job. 18. On the whole, women are not _____ _____ (等于,相当于) men in physical strength. 19. His skin can’t ______ _______ _______ (暴露于,经受) the sun for such a long time. 20. Price of a product _____ usually _______ _______ (与...有关) its quality and brand. II 完成句子 1.独自一人在家时,总是拿不定主意该做什么。 He is always ________ _________ what to do when he is at home alone. 2.一个国家的富裕程度应根据人们的健康、幸福以及可以生产的物质资料来衡量。 The weather of a country should ____ ___________ ____ the health and happiness of its people, as well as by materials it can produce. 3.我不太熟悉化学品的名称,这正是我经常在化学考试中得低分的原因。 I am not very ___________ ___________ the names of _________, which is why I often get a low mark in Chemistry examination. 4.申请工作时,你应当提供详细的个人资料。 When you ______ ____ a job, you should offer your personal information ________ __________. 5.自 1999 年开业以来,这家超市给我们带来了很大的便利。 The supermarket has brought us great _________ since 1999, when _____ ________. 6.雇员们要提高工资的要求遭到雇主的拒绝。 The employees’ demand ____ higher pays was ______ _____ by the employer. 7. 教授在几位助教的陪同下走进了报告厅。 The professor _____ ____the lecture hall ______________ by several assistant teachers. 8. 食物与身体息息相关,即食物供给身体所需的能量。 Food is closely _______ _____ the body. That is, food _________ the body __________ energy.

Module7 Unit 2
I 单词拼写 1. A p____________ is a person who has general skills to treat physical problems.
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2. Penicillin was d___________(发现) the mould that grew on a special t___________ 透明的)jelly. in ( 3. He is the a__________ whose books are best-selling this year. 4. Stoke is a type of serious illness when blood vessels in the brain b_________ suddenly or are b___________. 5. Aspirin can reduce the risk of heart attacks by t__________ blood. 6. He tried to apply for the patent. But his a___________ was not accepted at all. 7. Overeating makes him ___________ (不能) to live a normal life. 8. In 1900, aspirin was sold in shops as a t__________ __________ (含有) 500mg of ASA. 9. His report was ___________ (忽视) at first but later was i__________(证实) very powerful in this field. 10. They realized there was some __________ (潜在的) danger behind the case. 11. There is a high _____________ (可能性) that the murderer just hid in the hill. 12. I’ll put you through to the ______________ (接待员) and she can take down your __________ (详情). II 完成句子 13. In _____________ (当代) society, doctors have many ways to ________ ________ ________ ______ ________ ________(延长人的寿命). 14. The ___________(作用、功能) of the medicine is to _______ ______ _______ _____(减少…的风 险) heart attacks. 15. The widespread use of aspirin required it should be produced ________ ________ _________(大量 地). 16. Only _____ _________ ____ (少数几个) students learned how to __________(净化) the water in the chemistry class. 17. I noted that he didn’t ________ ________ (露面) at the match. It was a pity that he quitted __________ (半路). 18. You’ll have to ________ _______ (填) a form and then we may __________ ______ (在…作决定) the best way to organize the trip. 19. _______ ________ _______ _______ midnight _________ (直到…才) I could go to sleep. 20. We _________ _________ (分成) into groups to discuss the problem. As a result, we would put off the annual conference. At this, she _________ ______ (发出) a sigh. 21. Hard work is ____________ (基本的,根本的) to success. 22.Because he works so hard, there is a high____________(可能性)that he will pass the language exam. 23. He ____________(建议,推荐) I _________ as _______ (多读)English novels as possible. 24. She ___________ _________ (冲进)the office __________ __________(没敲门). 25. The drug has not __________ __________ _________ _______(在…上试用) humans yet. 26. How soon can you ________ ________ ________(拿出) the money? I’m badly in need of it. 27. It was far away and I couldn’t ________ _______ (听得清)what they were saying. 28. Some acupuncturists select points ________ _______ the ___________ that the __________ has. (以 病人的病症为根据) 29. The new medicine has gone through a number of m___________ t___________(医疗实验) before it was ___________ ______________ (大量生产). 30. My father used to ________ ___________ _______ (对…有瘾) cigarettes.

Module7 Unit 3
I 单词拼写 1 Everything has negative effects and also p_______ effects. 2 If you want to know about c_______ affairs, you can read newspapers or surf the Internet. 3 I am fond of skiing while he is a_______ to skating. 4 I believe friendship should be based on c_______ interests. 5 We shouldn’t judge a person by a________.
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We cannot always tell if the information is true or f______. The accident o_______ on a cold night. When you come across new words in the text, it’s better to guess their meaning before c______________ the dictionary. 9 Her books enjoy a high p_________ among teenagers in many countries. 10 Don’t i________ me in your family problems. 11 Before making up your mind, you have to take everything into _________(考虑). 12 The weather f_________ said there would be sunny. 13 She has __________ (获得、习得)a knowledge of English by careful study. 14 Buses run ___________(频繁 ) between the city and the airport. 15 The public remain __________(怀疑 ) of these claims. 16 The figures are not ___________(准确 ). 17 I lost touch with all my friends and I felt d__________ from the world around me. 18 When I come to a new place, it’ll take me a long time to get a____________ to it. 19 One of the greatest __________ (优势 ) is that they can save people lots of time and energy. 20 I don’t think the price is ________(合理 ), so I won’t take it. 21 Earthquakes can’t be prevented, but they can be ________________(预测). 22 The work of a teacher demands great care and ___________ (耐心 ). 23 I like the style of the book, but I don’t like its ____________(内容 ). 24 Every year the company e_______ the workers and then decides their monthly pay. 25 After many years of hard work and study I finally received my _________(文凭 ). II 完成句子 1. How much do you know about international __________ _________ (时事)? 2. Do you know how to ________ _____answers____ questions (搜索问题的答案) on Internet? 3. With no one to ________ _______(求助), she felt hopeless and homesick. 4. He prefers to ________ ________ (上网) ________ _________ (而不是) go shopping with his wife. 5. Have you _________ ________ __________ (把...考虑进去) all the possible delays on the way before leaving for his office? 6. I become __________ _______ _________ (习惯于写) my most private thoughts in my diary. 7. You may come to my home whenever you want to, only letting me know ________ ________ (提前). 8. Whenever we run into new words, we may __________ (查询) the dictionary.

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Module7 Unit4
I 单词拼写 1.Up to now, many people have agreed that t____________ is an important part of our lives. 2.In the 19th century, s___________ trains helped people travel all over the world. 3.In the past, many old men don’t believe buses can carry people o_____________ long distance. 4.If you go to Britain, you will see the sign at the station, “welcome to the London u____________”. 5.Most trains went to the distant b___________ of the city in the northern part of the country. 6.Cars on the road can c___________ off traffic, so some experts don’t agree car’s mass production. 7.The first tunnels were just b______________ the surface of the ground. 8.Sometimes, traveling on these lines was very i______________. So you had better go by car. 9.Many caves in the mountains f____________ as bomb shelters during war times. 10.Some experts in this field think this helps make the system more u______________. 11.It is reported that the train lines were placed under the a______________ of the Board. 12.It was interesting to know about the London U______________ developed. 13.The city has good air c____________ with most large cities on the Chinese mainland. 14.The storms w______________ away soil along the road last night, which made children frightened
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15.The deaths a_____________ from those accidents has increased in the past ten years. 16.We must all be a____________ of the potential causes of traffic accidents and act to prevent them. 17.You are v____________ the law and risking your own life as well as the lives of others. 18.It is u___________ to all of us road users to make sure that we must avoid accident. 19.Many c___________ do not pay attention to the cars around them. so it can lead to accidents. 20.We must pay attention to road s_____________. Only in this way can we keep us safe. II 完成句子 完成句子: 1. 两家机构为了帮助贫穷儿童联合举办了一场慈善活动。 ) The two organizations ______ _____ to hold a charity event for the poor children. 2. 这些新的挖掘方法加快了伦敦地铁的发展步伐。 (accelerate the pace of) These new ways of digging __________ _____ ______ ______the London underground’s development. 3. 一般说来,人们喜欢买各种各样的减价商品。 (discount) _________ _____ , people like to buy all kinds of things _____ ____ ________. 4. 因缺乏交流而引发的家庭问题越来越多。 (arise from) There are more and more family problems ______ _________ __________ ________ _________communication. 5. 由于不知道坐哪路车,她向我们求助。 (not knowing) Not knowing which bus to take, she ______ ________ ______ _________ _________ .

单词拼写 1.weighs 2.suitable 3. accompany 4. Anyway/Anyhow/actually 5. guarantee 6. faith 7. recording 8. unwilling 9. familiar 10. valid 11. looking into 12. stands for 13. demands/demanded, be 14. up to 15. In the case of/When it comes to 16. variety of 17. not necessarily 18. equal to 19. be exposed to 20. is, associated with 完成句子 1. uncertain about 2.be measured by 3. familiar with; chemicals 4. apply for; in detail 5.convenience; it opened 6. for; turned down 7.came into; accompanied 8. associated with; supplies; with

单词拼写+ 单词拼写+ 完成句子 1. physician 2. discovered, transparent 3. author 4. burst, blocked 5. thinning 6. application 7. unable 8. tablet, containing 9. ignored/overlooked, identified 10. potential 11. probability 12. receptionist, details 13. contemporary, increase the length of people’s lives 14. function, reduce the risk of 15. in large quantities 16. a handful of, purify 17. turn up, halfway 18. fill in, decide on 19. It was not until, that 20. split up/were divided, let out 21. fundamental 22. probability 23. recommended, read, many 24. burst into, without knocking 25. been tried out on 26. come up with 27. make out 28. based on, symptoms, patient 29. medical trials, mass produced
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30. have addiction to/be addicted to

单词拼写: 单词拼写: 1 negative, positive 2 current 3 addicted 4 common 5 appearance 6 false 7 occurred 8 consulting 9 popularity 10 involve 11 consideration 12 forecast 13 acquired 14 frequently 15 skeptical 16 accurate 17 disconnected 18 accustomed 19 advantages 20 reasonable 21 predicted 22 patience 23 contents 24 evaluates 25 diploma 完成句子 1. current affairs 2. search for, to 3. turn to 4. go online, rather than 5. taken into consideration 6. used/accustomed to writing 7. in advance 8. consult

单词拼写 1.transport 2.steam 3.over 4.underground 5.boundary 6.choke 7.beneath 8.inconvenient 9.functioned 10. user-friendly. 11.authority 12.Underground 13.connection 14.washed 15.arising 17.violating 18.up 19.cyclists 20.safety 16.aware 完成句子: 完成句子: 1. linked up 2. accelerated the pace of 3. Generally speaking; at a discount 4. arising from the lack of 5. turned to us for help

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