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M5 U3 my new words

M5 Unit 3 New words and expressions 1. toy with 戏弄,摆弄;把…当作儿戏 While he was talking to his secretary, he toyed with a pencil. 2. intention n. The government announced its intention to create 50,000 jobs by the end of the year. They have no intention of getting married at present. 没有意图做 (某事) They went into town with the intention of visiting the library. 抱 有…的目的,打算 Well-intentioned grandparents usually interfere between parents and children. (trying to be helpful to people, but actually making things worse for them) 好意的, 出于善意的 intend v. intend to do intend sb./sth. to do sth. 想要 …做某事 What do you intend me to do about it? I never intended things to turn out the way they did. be intended (meant/designed) for … to do … The book is intended for children aged 5-7. had intended to do / intended to have done I intended to have attended that party, but something unexpected happened and I had to stay to deal with it. The concert is intended to raise money for the famine victim. A. intends for B. is intended for C. is intended to D. intend to I ____ to call on you yesterday, but someone came to see me just when I was about to leave.

A. didn’t intend B. had intended C. intended D. was intending _____ to explore the surface of the Mars, the Explorer Probe was launched yesterday at the Rocket Center. A. intend B. intending C. intended D. to intend 3. anxiety n.忧虑、焦虑;渴望 anxious → various → anxiety variety

be anxious to do sth 急于做某事 be anxious for/about 渴望、担忧某人、某事 The doctor's report removed all their anxieties. His anxiety for knowledge is to be praised. 4. adopt v. (adoption n.)

vt. ①采用,采纳 adopt an approach/policy/attitude ②收养,领养 adopt a child // an adopted child adapt v. 适应 The children are finding it hard to adapt to the new school. How do these insects adapt themselves to new environments? 改编 adapt sth. Many children buy books after they have been adapted for television. The stories are all adapted from Greek myths.

Students nowadays should make full use of their time to equip themselves with knowledge so that they can easily adapt to the competitive society in the future. A. suit to B. keep to C. adopt D. adapt to

5. physician 内科医生 surgeon 外科医生 doctor 医生(称呼) vet 兽医 psychologist 心理医生 6. consequence n.结果、后果 Many believe that poverty is a direct consequence of overpopulation Animals have died as a consequence of coming into contact with this chemical. (as a result of) She was over the age limit and, in consequence, her application was rejected. (as a result) consequently adv. 因此 He had been ill for a long time and consequently he was behind in his work. 因此(作状语) :as a result, as a consequence, in consequence, consequently, therefore; 因为(+名词) :as a result of, because of, as a consequence of, in consequence of, due to, owing to, ……;

7. for sale 待售,出售 on sale 出售,上市; (美)降价出售

8. profession / occupation / job / work / trade / career / position / post / offer

9. breakthrough n.突破 make a breakthrough achieve a breakthrough break through 10. original adj. origin n. 起源 an original play 原创剧本 a truly original approach 全新的方法

11. judge v. judg(e)ment n. argument judge… from/ by …. 依据…来判断 judge … to be 断定,认为…是 in one’s judgment 依某人来看 It's too soon to make a judgment about/on what the outcome will be. 对…做出评价 这次巡回演出被认为是巨大的成功。 The tour was judged to have been a great success. judging from/by 依据…来判断(常在句首作状语) Judging from the number of cars, there were not many people at the club yet.

12.conduct v.进行;实施;组织;安排 conduct a survey / investigation

conduct an experiment /a test / an interview / a campaign

13. adj. n. major --- majority minor --- minority The majority of children in our class have brown eyes; only three have blue eyes. In this city, Muslims are in the majority. in the minority 占少数

14. summary n. a brief summary of the leading facts 主要事实的概要 In summary, all government departments are administered rather differently.概括地说, 各政府部门的管理方式是很不相同的。

15.consider 考虑、认为 consider (doing) sth. consider that 从句 consider … as consider … (to be) + adj. Judging (judge) from / by his accent, he must be from Henan. Judged (judge) innocent, he was set free. Considering (consider) the state of mind she was in, she’d better stay at home. Considered (consider) to be the symbol of our nation, the Great Wall has been well preserved.

take … into consideration (account) 认真考虑,将…考虑进去 Everything taken into consideration, your plan is the most


16. ordinary adj. 普通的,一般的 正常体温 normal body temperature 平常服装 ordinary clothes 常见错误 common mistakes 客 a regular customer 17.reliable adj. a reliable assistant 可靠的助手 a reliable car 经久耐用的汽车 a reliable source of information 可靠的消息来源 18.confirm vt.&vi. confirm a theory 证实一种理论 The hotel confirmed our reservations by telegram. 旅馆给我们来电确认所订膳宿不作变动。

19.in favor of Are you in favor of the plan? Most people surveyed are in favor of the new policy. 大多数接受 调查的人都支持这项新政策。 20.point of view From your point of view this may be important, but from mine it is not. point: n. ①opinion/fact She made several interesting points in the article. 提出观点 ②main meaning/idea

The point is, at least we're all safely back home. 关键是 Your advice was very much to the point.切题、中肯 ③sense There's no point in worrying. 担心是没有意义的。 ④time We were on the point of giving up. 即将…之时,正要…的时候 At this/that point 在…这个(那个)时候(地方)

We are just trying to reach a point where both sides will sit together and talk. A. where B. that C. when D. which

21.frighten vt. 使惊吓,使惊恐 frighten sb. into doing sth.用恐吓手段迫使某人做[不做]某事 frighten sb. out of doing sth.用恐吓手段迫使某人做[不做]某事 You needn’t be frightened at the dog. 你不用怕那条狗。 Your mother has been frightened to death. 你妈妈被吓坏了。 It is frightening that a war could break out at any time. 22.permission n. with your permission 如果你许可的话 ask for permission 请求许可 without permission 未经许可, 擅自 You have my permission to leave.你可以走了。 permit n.许可证 v.允许 permitted,permitting permit sb. to do sth. permit doing sth. She was permitted to leave a bit earlier.

Time permitting, we will go fishing. If time permits, we will go fishing.


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