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unit 1 Passage A 体验英语第三册

Unit 1 Caring for Our Earth Passage A: Care for Our Mother Earth Time: 90minutes Teaching steps: Lead-in activity 15’ Background information 5’ Text analysis 40’ Language points 10’ Summary of the text 10’ Exercises 8’ Assignment 2’ I. Lead-in activity Requirements: Work in groups and finish all these tasks within 15 minutes. Finally, report your findings with one representative. Task 1: Analyze the following cases and try to point out the environmental problems that the pictures represent.


air pollution



global warming

Task2: Give some suggestive proposals of solving these environmental problems. Task3 : discuss the following questions. 1.What’s your response to the above pictures? 2. Is our environment at stake now? 3. Who takes the challenge to the Earth? 4. What should we do to care for our mother Earth? 5. Do you want to know some advice from the specialists? II. Background information Global Environment Situation: 1. Global climate trends: The main drive behind climate change is the increasing amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Its level has risen by a third since the industrial revolution started in the 1760s. As co2 has built up, so temperature has risen. The main culprits behind increasing co2 levels are burring fossil fuels and deforestation. The US alone pumps our a quarter of the world’s co2 emissions. 2. Global pollution trends: If the number of cars keeps increasing at the present rate, there will be more than a billion on the road by the 2025. Today, motor vehicles put out 900 million tons of carbon dioxide a year---about 15 percent of our total output. More vehicles will mean more global warming. 3. Aman Motwane: the author of “The Power of Wisdom — When You Change How You See the World, Your Whole World Changes” 4.Walter Semkiw: A medical doctor and occupational medicine expert, as well as a radio show personality and best-selling author of “Astrology for Regular People”. 5. Leon Nacson Leon Nacson, He is an internationally recognized authority on yoga and holistic living. He has been honored with such rare awards and titles as: "Doctor of Yoga," "Jagadacharya," (Universal Teacher) 6. Amrit Desai Amrit Desai, the founder of Australian newspaper, “The Planet”, a publication that treats environmental, health, and personal development topics. III. Text analysis A. Text structure Part One: the biggest treat to the environment today. Part Two: the most pressing environmental issues.

Part Three: some suggestions on helping the environmental problem. Part Four: the specific area of concern. Part Five: the relations between man and environment. Part Six: the conclusion of the interview. B. Detailed study of the text Some questions for group discussion. Divide the whole class into four groups, each group dealing with the interview with one expert. Then ask one representative of each group to answer the questions. 1) According to Aman Motwane, what is the biggest threat to the environment today? —The way humans see the environment is the biggest threat. 2) What environment issues Walter Semkiw find most pressing? —The deforesting and global warming are the most pressing environment issues. 3) What do Leon Macson suggest the readers of awareness Magazine can do to help the environmental problem? —The simplest way to help the environment is not to impact on it. 4) What is Leon Nacson’s specific area of concern regarding the state of environment? —He concerns about air and water pollution. Part One: Biggest treat: People’s attitude to environment For most of people: See everything as independent Be blind to this interconnectedness Don’t see the consequences of their actions. The reality: Everything is part of one interconnected, interrelated whole. Our world is a complete whole where every cause has an effect. Use the picture to illustrate Interrelation.

Part Two:

Most pressing issues: Deforesting and global warming The functions of the tree: 1. Build topsoil 2. Maintain rainfall in dry climates 3. Purify underground water 4. Convert CO2 to Oxygen 5. Bring water from the ground The result of deforesting: Allow water, which is brought up by trees from the ground to evaporate into the atmosphere. The evaporated water returns as rain. Deforested lands will lose this source of rainfall, therefore areas downwind of them will be transformed into deserts. The cause of global warming Burning of fossil fuels Releasing greenhouse gases such as CO2 and CH4 Greenhouse gases trapping heat in the atmosphere Part Three: Suggestions on protecting the environment Retell the paragraph according to the Chinese version: 改善环境的最简单的方法就是不去影响它。 尽量轻的去践踏它们; 尽量少的像它们索取; 尽量多的去回报。 Part Four: Specific area of concern: Air and water pollution Why did Leon Nacson say that air and water pollution are our Number One priorities? These are two elements that are not inexhaustible and once we reach the point of no return, there will be nothing left for future generations. Part Five: The relations between man and environment. Question and answer: Q: Can you please share your wisdom with our readers and tell us where you see the environmental crisis headings? A: We are not separate from the problem. We are the problem. Which of the following best explains Amrit Desai’s words “ we live divided lives”?___A____ A. We pollute Mother Earth in pursuing a better life, which consequently, hurt ourselves. B. We are never satisfied with what we have and we do not make good use of natural resources. C. If mother earth is ill, we can’t live a complete life

D. Though we have created the environmental problem, we try to separate ourselves from it. Part Six: The conclusion of the interview The significance of the interview Let the readers learn a great deal about what an individual can do to help the environment. Take action. Don’t sit back. IV. Language points 1. Expert n. a person with special knowledge or training 专家 易混淆词: Excerpt: 节选,摘录 Expect: 期望,预期 Expire: 期满 Export: 出口 2. Isolate: n. separate or cur off from others 使…孤立,使…隔离 e.g. 1. The scientist’s early success isolated him from his friends. 2. The policy could isolate the country from other members of the United Nations. 3. Priority n. something that needs attention, consideration, service, etc., before others 优先考虑的事, 重点 e.g. Agriculture is still a high priority in most developing country. Prior: adj. 在先的,优先的 Prior to: 在…之前 Superior: 上级的,优越的 Inferior: 下级的,较低的 4. result in: to have as a result; cause 造成 result from: to be the result of; happen because of 起因于 Those problems ____________the poor management. The accident __________ the death of 10 passengers. Many hair problems ___________ what one eats. Answer: 1. resulted from 2. resulted in 3. result form V. Summary of Passage A Fill in the blank according to the contents of the passage In an interview for Awareness magazine, four specialists discuss their views on

environmental issues with Dr. McKinley. Leon Macson is particularly worried about air and water pollution and Walter Semkiw is especially concerned with deforestation and global warming. Aman Motwane believes that we have to realize that everything is related, and therefore that every action has a consequence; and Amrit Desai makes a link between consumption and global resources, arguing that human greed poses a serious threat to Mother Earth. The message is that the environment is OUR responsibility and that we all have a part to play if we want to save our planet. VI. Do some exercises. VII. Assignment 1. Review the text 2. Recite the useful words and expressions. 3. Preview listen and talk, write and produce & Culture Salon. 4. Writing: Environment Protection 1. 目前环保还存在着许多问题。 2. 为了保护环境,各国政府做了大量的工作。 3. 我的看法。




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