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【英语】新人教必修3 达标训练(Unit 5 Canada—“The True North”)

更上一层楼 基础?巩固 Ⅰ .用一个合适的单词完成下列句子? 1.Vancouver is s by mountains on the north and east and the Pacific Ocean on the west.? 2.The population of Canada is only s over thirty million.? 3.In the d ,we can see the misty cloud rising from the Niagara Falls.? 4.The train left late that night and arrived in Shanghai at d the next morning. 5.His grandfather s down in the armchair with a newspaper.?? 答案:1.surrounded 2.slightly 3.distance 4.dawn 5.settled? Ⅱ .翻译词组 1.定居__________ 2.对……天赋__________ 3.计算出__________ 4.远至,至于__________ 5.一路上__________ 6.出发到某地__________ 7.在远处__________ 8.离……近的__________ 9.从东到西__________ 10.以及__________ 答案:1.settle down 2.have a gift for 3.figure out 4.as far as 5.all the way 6.leave for 7.in the distance 8.be close to 9.from east to west 10.as well as? Ⅲ .用正确的表达完成下列对话? Dialogue 1 A:We are planning a sightseeing trip. 1 B:That?s great. 2 But when and where?? A:Tomorrow,to the Great Wall.? B:How shall we go there,by bus or by bike?? A:By bike. 3 ? B:When shall we set out?? A:At six o?clock in the morning.It?ll take us about an hour to get there.? B:All right. 4 ? A:Yes.We?ll have lunch there. 5 ? B:All right.Thank you.I?ll get everything ready.Let?s meet at the school gate tomorrow,shall we?? A:OK.See you tomorrow.? Dialogue 2? ( H—Henry G—George )? H:I hear you?ve been to Switzerland this summer.Did you enjoy yourself?? G: 1 ? H:How did you go? Across France?? G: 2 ? H:I don?t like flying.I flew to Cyprus last year.We flew over the Alps and I didn?t see anything except clouds.? G:Oh,I had a good flight.The weather was fine and it took only two and a half hours.? H: 3 You can see the country so much better.? G:Yes,that?s true.But flying is better for long journeys.How far is it from London to Cyprus? 4 H:Yes,it is.About two thousand miles.? G:Isn?t Cyprus rather hot in summer?? H:It?s hot on the coast.But I spent most of the time several thousand feet above sea-level. 5

答案:Dialogue 1? 1.Would you like to go with us?? 2.I haven?t enjoyed myself for ages.? 3.I think it will be much more interesting.? 4.Is there a restaurant?? 5.By the way,don?t forget to put on more clothes,for it will be colder tomorrow.? Dialogue 2? 1.Yes,thank you.It was a very enjoyable holiday.? 2.I flew.? 3.I think it?s much more interesting to travel by road or rail.? 4.That?s quite a long journey,isn?t it?? 5.It?s quite cool up in the hills.? Ⅳ .语法练习? 1.The fact __________Jenny didn?t catch the train made her very disappointed.? A.which B.what C.that D.why? 答案:C 从句子结构和句意来看,“詹妮未赶上火车”是具体说明 fact 的具体内容,属同位语 从句。? 2.It was proposed that the meeting__________considered at the next meeting.? A.would be B.could be C.be D.was? 答案:C 表示“建议;提议;意见;要求;命令;看法……”等含义的动词所在的名词性从 句中的谓语动词应该用 should do 或省略 should,只保留动词原形的形式。 显然,此题就是一个 这样含义的句子。类似用法的动词还有很多,比如:suggest,advice,insist,ordered,require 等。? 3.There is a new problem involved in the popularity of private cars__________road conditions need__________. A.that;to be improved B.which;to be improved? C.where;improving D.when;improving? 答案:A 此题考查同位语从句的用法。that 在从句中引导同位语从句解释、说明抽象名词 problem 的具体内容。? 4.There is a feeling in me__________we?ll never know what a UFO is—not ever.? A.that B.which C.of which D.what? 答案:A 此题考查同位语从句的用法。从句是用来解释、说明抽象名词“feeling”的具体内 容的,连词只能用 that,而且不能省略。? 5.I read it in some books or other.Does it matter__________it was?? A.where B.what C.how D.which? 答案:D 本题考查名词性从句中连词的使用。which 表达一定范围中的“哪一个”,与前句中 “some...or other”呼应。? 6.(2004 上海春季高考)Along with the letter was his promise__________he would visit me this coming Christmas. A.which B.that C.what D.whether 答案:B 考查本单元的语法重点——同位语从句。本句意思为:“来信中有他的许诺:他 会在即将到来的圣诞节时来看望我。”通过句子结构分析,promise 后面的从句非常完整,并不 缺少任何成分。 根据题意可知道这个从句是用来说明 promise 的内容,所以是一个同位语从句, 用引导词 that。? 综合?应用

Ⅰ .选择填空 1.A typhoon swept across this area with heavy rains and winds__________strong as 113 miles per hour. A.too B.very C.so D.as ? 答案:D 本句是肯定句,根据句中“strong as”知考查“as...as”结构。? 2. __________automatically,the e-mail will be received by all the club members.? A.Mailed out B.Mailing out? C.To be mailed out D.To mail out? 答案:A 由下文知,the e-mail 与 mail out 之间是逻辑上的动宾关系,故用过去分词。? 3.—Andrew won?t like it,you know.? —__________? I don?t care what Andrew thinks!? A.So what B.So where C.So why D.So how? 答案:A 考查交际用语的应答。根据“I don?t care what Andrew thinks!”应选 A。So what?“那 又怎么样呢?”? 4.Nobody believed his reason for being absent from the class __________he had to meet his uncle at the airport.? A.why B.that C.where D.because? 答案: 本题把对同位语从句的考查加大了难度,reason 与同位语从句被作定语的介词短语 B “for being absent from the class”隔开了。? 5.After he retired from office,Rogers__________ painting for a while,but soon lost interest.? A.took up B.saved up C.kept up D.drew up?? 答案: 由后面“but soon lost interest” 可知空白处应为“对……感兴趣”。 A take up 意为“从事, 对……感兴趣”;save up 意为“储蓄”;keep up 意为“使……不掉下来”;draw up 意为“起草” Ⅱ .完形填空? (2006 江苏高考) Pagoda Street is a street like many others—not very 1 ,not very wide, 2 wide enough for two buses 3 .But it is a 4 street all the time, 5 during rush hours.People come and go, 6 to work.When a bus comes,the 7 at the bus stop 8 to rush and push to get 9 .There are a lot of 10 ,buses,trucks,bikes and 11 tractors.The place is noisy and 12 ,and the noise of the tractors is deafening. 13 it is not so 14 when the rush hours are 15 .Old people come out to sit 16 the door-steps and have a smoke and chat.Housewives go shopping 17 bags or baskets on their arms.When friends meet,they ?18 to exchange a few words of 19 .There are also children playing ball games.They don?t 20 the dust or the passing cars.It certainly is not a good place for ball games,but where else can they play?? 1.A.clear B.clean C.far D.fresh? 2.A.also B.even C.too D.only? 3.A.to pass B.to walk C.to drive D.to climb? 4.A.famous B.useful C.busy D.free? 5.A.particularly B.possibly C.strangely D.hardly? 6.A.coming B.going C.hurrying D.running? 7.A.class B.family C.group D.crowd? 8.A.decides B.starts C.hesitates D.wants? 9.A.off B.on C.out D.over?

10.A.ships B.trains C.cars D.carriages? 11.A.even B.still C.already D.yet? 12.A.cloudy B.poor C.harmful D.dusty? 13.A.AndB. But C.So D.As? 14.A.bad B.good C.dirty D.safe? 15.A.back B.away C.over D.here? 16.A.to B.over C.in D.on? 17.A.with B.without C.from D.in? 18.A.hope B.learn C.refuse D.stop? 19.A.greetings B.thanks C.welcome D.praise? 20.A.know B.mind C.took at D.like 答案:1.B 根据文章意思选 B 项,其他选项:A 项意为“清楚、清澈”;C 项意为“遥远”;D 项意为“新鲜”,均与句意不符。? 2.D 根据上句“not very wide”以及下文的暗示选定。说明街道较窄,“仅能让两辆车通过”。? 3.A 根据各选项词义和上下文而定。B、C 两选项的逻辑主语应为 somebody。? 4.C 此空前的 But 表示转折,虽说街道不宽,但它是一个“繁忙”的 street,且与下文照应,故选 C 项。? 5.A 表示进一层含义,意即“尤其是 during rush hours”。? 6.C 下文谈到人们在车站拥挤着上车,这说明人们都是“急急忙忙”去上班,故选 C。? 7.D 此空只能填“人群”,且与上文“people”照应。? 8.B 据文章和选项本身词义而定。? 9.B 据文章先排除 C 和 D,再比较 A 和 B,从搭配上讲两者均可,但从意义上说只可选 B,且与 前句照应。? 10.C 依据此空后几个并列的交通工具名词的提示及与下文(20 空后的 the passing cars)的照 应选 C 项。? 11.A 从搭配上看唯有 A 项才能修饰 tractors。? 12.D 此空前的连词 and 连接的词的意义应该是大致相同的。 根据这一点以及下文的暗示选 D。? 13.B But 在此处表转折。? 14.A 据词义本身和上下文选 A 项。? 15.C be 与 over 搭配才可表示“结束”之意。? 16.D 表示“在……上面”需用介词 on。? 17.A 此句为“with+宾语+介词短语”构成的独立主格结构。? 18.D 从语法上看,四个选项均对,但从意义上讲,只有 D 项最佳。 当朋友相遇,当然要“停下来” 打招呼。? 19.A greetings(问候)与前面特定的情景(朋友们相遇,停下来打招呼)照应。? 20.B 根据事物发展的一般规律选定。 Ⅲ .根据括号中的提示,翻译下列句子。 A 1.我宁愿骑自行车,也不愿乘坐拥挤的公共汽车。(rather than)? _______________________________________________________________________________ _ 2.你能在一周内完成这项工作的想法是错误的。(用 that 引导的同位语从句)? _______________________________________________________________________________

_ 3.他爷爷手拿报纸坐在扶手椅里。(settle down)? _______________________________________________________________________________ _ 4.好像她对音乐有些天赋。(have a gift for)? _______________________________________________________________________________ _ 5.远处的山脉变成了深蓝色。(in the distance)? _______________________________________________________________________________ _ B 6.萨拉和我一直散步到山脚那么远。(as far as)? _______________________________________________________________________________ _ 7.我父亲下个礼拜要到纽约去。(make a trip)? _______________________________________________________________________________ _ 8.街上的噪音一直到午夜才停止。(not...until...)? _______________________________________________________________________________ _ 9.这个遗址在该城市东北大约 400 千米处。(northeast of)? _______________________________________________________________________________ _ 10.他告诉我的消息是我们队已获胜。(that 引导的同位语从句)? _______________________________________________________________________________ _ 答案:1.Rather than ride on a crowded bus,I preferred to ride a bike.? 2.The idea that you can finish the work in a week is wrong.? 3.His grandfather settled down in the armchair with a newspaper.? 4.It seems that she has a gift for music.? 5.The mountains in the distance turned dark blue.? 6.Sarah and I walked as far as the foot of the mountain.? 7.My father will make a trip to New York next week.? 8.The noise of the street didn?t stop until midnight.? 9.The site is about four hundred kilometers northeast of the city.? 10.He told me the news that our team had won the game.? Ⅳ .阅读理解 One Canada,Two Languages Canada is one of the few nations in the world to have two official languages:English and French.There are 10 provinces in the country but only one of these—Quebec is known as“French Canada”.This is because it was founded by French explorers while British adventures discovered the rest.? Canada left the British empire(帝国) in 1867 to become an independent country,and English and French have been recognized as the official languages ever since.?

Most people speak English as their first language and the two national television networks broadcast in English throughout the country.Apart from in Quebec and a few places on the east coast,French television is very rare. The same goes for traffic signs and menus,for example.Outside of Quebec,there are only a few places where you?ll see traffic signs in French.In restaurants,it?s almost impossible to find French on the menu unless you are in the heartland(中心地带)of French Canada.However,all products sold in Canada must,by law,have labels(标签)and instructions in both languages.? In Canada?s English speaking provinces,official bilingualism(双语)means that students can choose to complete a special French language course.Under this programme,they are taught most of their subjects in French. If a student begins the course in kindergarten(幼儿园)or Grade One,it is likely that all their lessons will be in French.However,if they start at junior high school,25 per cent of the teaching will continue to be in English. 1.How many provinces are there in Canada?? A.Ten. B.Nine. C.Eleven. D.Two.? 2.Which country controlled Canada before its independence?? A.France. B.Britain. C.America. D.Germany.? 3.Which of the following sentences is right?? A.English is the only official language,though French is also spoken there.? B.The two national television networks broadcast both in English and French.? C.All products sold in Canada must,by law,have labels and instructions in both English and French.? D.The lessons in kindergarten or Grade One are likely to be only in English. 答案:1.A 根据第一段第二句话“There are 10 provinces in the country but only one of these—Quebec is known as ?French Canada?”可知。 2.B 根据第二段第一句话“Canada left the British empire(帝国) in 1867 to become an independent country”,可知。 3.C 根据文中开始一句“Canada is one of the few nations in the world to have two official languages:English and French”可知加拿大有英语和法语两种官方语言,则 A 项错误。 根据第三 段此句“the two national television networks broadcast in English throughout the country.”可知 B 项错误。根据第四段最后一句话“However,all products sold in Canada must,by law,have labels (标签) and instructions in both languages.”可知 C 项是正确的。? 视野?新知 温哥华位于加拿大西部太平洋岸,是加拿大的第三大城市、北美最大最繁忙的港口之一, 旅游、交通、贸易、金融、林业和服务业等行业十分繁荣。温哥华城市依山傍海,秀丽的风 景以及周边大量的自然景致每年吸引数百万游客。温哥华气候温和,四季宜人,多年来一直名 列世界最适宜居住的城市前列,不断吸引世界各地的移民。?

Situated on British Columbia?s coastline,Vancouver is a “Pacific Pearl”.Lying between the Coast Mountain range and the Pacific Ocean,Vancouver is one of the most scenic cities in the world.Vancouver?s mild temperatures and bounty of rain are also owed to its location,making even the most urban of areas lush year round.Stanley Park,occupying 400 hectares(1000 acres) just north of downtown,is a flourishing example of how Vancouver balances nature with its urban identity.A quintessential west coast city,Vancouver appeals to millions of denizens and visitors who bask in all it offers,from its beaches to its bustling streets.Its cosmopolitan character is reflected in areas like the very urban Robson Street,Canada?s Rodeo Drive,contrasted by trendy Granville Island with its mix of cobblestone streets,artisan studios and eclectic market.? Nowadays more and more Chinese people like to travel abroad to see and learn more of the world.Vancouver,the third biggest city in Canada,is one of their destinations.? 【个性思考】If you were the officer responsible for the tourism development of China,what will you do to attract more overseas visitors to China? ? In my view, _________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _ 读下面关于联合国一项调查的文章,帮你了解更多国家的状况……?

The United Nations Human Development Program has announced its yearly study on the quality of life for people around the world.Started in 1990,the UN report aimed to measure the progress of nations based on the lives of their citizens. 173 countries were on the list on the report this year.It is based on the length of time citizens are expected to live,their education level and the amount of money they earn.Norway was listed as the country providing the best quality of life for the second year.It was followed by Sweden, Canada,Belgium,Australia and the United States.The twenty-four countries at the bottom of the list are all in Africa.? The report says many countries in East Asia have made progress since 1990,including China, Singapore,South Korea,Thailand and Malaysia.? Also,in Latin America and the Caribbean,as many as 9 countries improved since 1990, including Chile,Costa Rica and Panama.At the same time,many countries in Eastern and Central

Europe and the former Soviet Union(前苏联) lost progress in the quality of life for their citizens as a result of problems with economic reforms.They include Russia,Ukraine,Moldova and Tajikistan. This year?s human development report centered on the issue of democracy( 民 主 ) .Researchers found that a majority of people live in countries claiming to be democratic.However,civil rights and political freedoms were limited in 106 nations.Also,the number of voters(投票人) taking part in elections(选举) is decreasing(下降).In addition(除此之 外),cheating,wrongdoing and unfair(不公平的) politics have weakened the democratic process(民 主进程).In some countries,elected governments have not carried out democratic reforms.This has led to public opposition(反对) to the government and a return to military rule(军事统治).? UN officials say that democratic changes are slow in some countries.However,the report shows that international development goals set at the start of the 21st can be met.? For this to happen,they say developing countries need to move quicker toward economic, social and political reforms.And they say rich countries must become more open to trade while increasing aid(帮助)and other resources.?


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