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湖南省益阳市箴言中学2014-2015学年高一上学期12月月考试题 英语 Word版含答案

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益阳市箴言中学 2014—2015 学年高一 12 月月考

时间:120 分钟 总分:150 分 Part Ⅰ Listening Comprehension (30 marks) Section A (22.5 marks) Directions : In this section, you will hear six conversations between two speakers. For each conversation, there are several questions and each question is followed by three choices marked A, B and C. Listen carefully and then choose the best answer for each question. You will hear each conversation TWICE. Conversation 1 1. Why does the man look upset? A. He doesn’t get on well with his neighbours. B. He can’t go on the trip with his family. C. He can’t take his dog on the trip. 2. What will the man do next? A. Watch TV B. Surf the Internet C. Talk with his father Conversation 2 3. What does the coach ask the speakers to do? A. Travel to Middle High together. B. Arrive at Middle High on time. C. Go to Middle High by car. 4. What are the speakers going to do in Middle High this Saturday? A. Watch a game B. Have a match C. Practise for a game Conversation 3 5. What does the woman persuade the man to do? A. Develop a sense of teamwork. B. Join the basketball team. C. Have a physical check-up. 6. What do we know about the man? A. He doesn’t look very healthy. B. He follows the woman’s advice in the end. C. He has fallen down on the basketball court before. Conversation 4 7. How did the woman get her tea set? A. She picked it up in a supermarket. B. She bought it in a tea house. C. She got it from a friend. 8. What does the woman think of the neighbourhood? A. It is noisy B. It is exciting C. It is convenient 9. What will the speakers do this afternoon? A. Visit a bookstore B. Do some exercise C. Eat in a restaurant Conversation 5

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10. What is the weather like in Florida? A. Very cold B. Always rainy C. Changeable 11. Where did the woman spend her vacation? A. In the mountains B. On the beach C. In the forests 12. What did the woman enjoy about her vacation? A. The beautiful night sky. B. The comfortable weather. C. The fresh air Conversation 6 13. What advice does Sean give students taking a year out? A. Spare some time for studying. B. Choose work useful for the future job. C. Decide the university course in advance. 14. What does Sean think students traveling abroad should do? A. Save a lot of money for the traveling. B. Have a medical examination in advance. C. Do some research on the countries carefully. 15. What does Sean say about working abroad? A. It is difficult B. It’s an easy choice C. It offers better opportunities. Section B (7.5 marks) Directions: In. this section, you will hear a short passage, Listen carefully and then fill in the numbered blanks with the information you have heard. Fill in each blank with NO MORE THAN THREF, WORDS. You'll hear the short passage TWICE. How to Plan a Schedule Ⅰ .Weekdays ● Take out eight hours for 16 ● About six hours for school attendance and about two for 17 ● Eight hours for 18 , and free time Ⅱ.Weekends ● Focus on certain 19 ● 20 and spend more time with families Part Ⅱ Language Knowledge (45 marks) Section A (15 marks) Directions: For each of the following unfinished sentences there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. 21. The flight _______ set off at 11;30, but it was an hour later. A. were supposed to B. was likely to C. was about to D. was sure to 22. Isn’t it lovely to think that I myself on the sunny beach at this time tomorrow? A. will enjoy B. am enjoying C. will be enjoying D. shall enjoy 23. He found that the homework was not so heavy as ______ he used to get in his old school. A. that B. which C. what D. the one which

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24. People like the house _________ windows face south. A. where B. of which C. in which D. whose 25. Great changes __________ to him since he left school. A. have been taken place B. was taken place C. had taken place D. have taken place 26. --- Is this the shop ________sells children’s clothing? --- Yes, it is. A. which B. where C. in which D. whom 27. When about the possibility that Justin was taken away by aliens, Sam Peterson told journalists that sometimes people such amazing stories. A. Asking, make up B. to ask, make up C. asked, made up D. Ask, to make up 28. --- What do you think of the movie you saw last week? --- It is the most boring movie __________ I have seen. A. which B. that C. on which D. where 29. I _______ 7 kilograms in the last two months. A. lost B. will lost C. have lost D. am losing 30. I’m sure you will do better in the test because you so hard this year. A. studied B. had studied C. will study D. have been studying 31. He had his camera ready he saw something that would make a good picture. A. even if B. if only C. in case D. so that 32. The food smells delicious! I can’t wait ______ it. A. taste B. to taste C. tasting D. tasted 33. She seldom tells a lie, ______ ? A doesn’t she B. didn’t she C. does she D. did she 34. Walking and riding your bike count, and ______ . A. so school sports do B. so do school sports C. so school sports did D. so did school sports 35. I regret ______ those weight-loss pills, because I am now in hospital . A. to take B. taking C. taken D. take Section B (18 marks) Directions: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context. The telephone rang in the police station at Richmond, California, US. “ 36 station? A train for Santa Fe collided (相撞) a 37 at the McDonald Street Crossing. Please come here at once. With an ambulance, too. A man is badly wounded,” said an anxious voice of a young woman. “OK. We’ll come soon. Please stay there and wait.” Replied the policeman. Within a minute, a police car and an ambulance(救护车) 38 off. Soon they got to the crossing, but only to find everything was fine. No collision, no wounded man. “What a dirty 39 !” said the policeman angrily. “ We must find out that woman and…” They had not been able to say anything about a 40 when they heard the whistle of a train was nearing them quickly. All of a sudden, a truck appeared. It came 41 towards them, too. When it was passing the crossing, it suddenly 42 to move on. Right then and there, before the eyes of all the people present, the train collided with the truck heavily and struck it

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dozens of metres away. When Randolph Bruce, the driver, was helped out of the damaged truck, he was badly wounded just as the young woman had predicted on the phone. As he was taken to hospital in time, he was 43 at last. Later the police did whatever they could to 44 the woman who had 45 them, but failed. It is really 46 that a prediction should agree with the fact so 47 . 36.A. Weather B. Railway C. Fire D. Police 37.A. bus B. truck C. taxi D. train 38.A. turned B. took C. set D. walked 39.A. call B. signal C. trick D. arrangement 40.A. reward B. praise C. thanks D. punishment 41.A. turning B. running C. starting D. passing 42. A. continued B. refused C. began D. stopped 43. A. saved B. dead C. awake D. alive 44. A. find B. attack C. award D. thank 45. A. laughed B. visited C. repeated D. telephoned 46. A. exciting B. pleasing C. surprising D. interesting 47. A. equally B. truly C. exactly D. carefully Section C(12marks) Directions:Complete the following passage by filling in each blank with one word that best fits the context. For centuries, people have reported seeing a wild creature in the Himalayas called Yeti. The Yeti is said to 48 a large, hairy animal that walks on 49 feet like a human being. People believe that Yetis sometimes come down from the mountain to attack villagers. In 1998, 50 American mountain climber said that he saw a Yeti 51 the Chinese side of Himalayas. ‘It walked like a human, but 52 had thick black fur and was about six feet tall 53 huge shoulders, very long arms and large hands,’ he said. Scientists hope 54 the mystery will be solved one day. 55 such creatures really exist, we might have the chance to see one with our own eyes. Part Ⅲ Reading Comprehension (20 marks) Directions: Read the following three passages. Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage. A Where can you find a nice place to relax on holiday for both you and your children? Well, I suggest you try the beautiful and green Isle of Wight (IOW). The Isle of Wight is one of the main tourist attractions. Here is some information on a few of the attractions on the IOW. Dinosaur Isle It is located in Sandown, a seaside town on the southeast coast. It's a large, lovely museum, both fun and educational. Here you can see a large fossil collection of all kinds of dinosaurs, as well as a gift shop. You can walk into the past and then the future, learning about the history and the development of the civilization of dinosaurs that lived 120 million years ago.

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Robin Hill Country Park The park is in the beautiful countryside, and is suitable for children's parties and games. It has five new gardens, and offers great opportunities to see and take pictures of the rare red squirrels. The West of the Wight Here we have the Marine Aquarium, the Archaeology Exhibition and the Model Railway. They offer another opportunity to combine entertainment (娱乐) with learning. This is a great place to see ancient boats crossing the narrow strait between the island and the mainland. The Wight Bus Museum This museum is run completely by unpaid volunteers. It has a bus collection stored in what was once a warehouse (仓库) . Most of the buses in the museum date back to around the 1910's. With all of these choices, what are you waiting for? IOW Tourism welcomes you! 56. Where can you visit the dinosaur museum? A. In the west of the isle. B. In a seaside town. C. In the beautiful countryside. D. On the northeast coast. 57. Where can you learn something as well as have a good time? A. Dinosaur Isle and Robin Hill Country Park. B. The Wight Bus Museum and Robin Hill Country Park. C. The Wight Bus Museum and the West of the Wight. D. Dinosaur Isle and the West of the Wight. 58.We can learn from the passage that ____. A. those running the Wight Bus Museum work for free B. on Dinosaur Isle we can learn about all kinds of animals C. there are five new gardens on Dinosaur Isle D. the Wight Bus Museum can be visited free of charge 59. The purpose of this passage is to ____. A. attract readers to come to the IOW B. tell readers what is worth visiting C. show the development of tourism on the IOW D. advise readers how to relax on holidays 60. You can read this article in a ______. A. science journal B. book review C. travel magazine D. film advertisement B Steven Spielberg has always had one goal: to tell as many great stories to as many people as possible. Spielberg spent his early childhood in New Jersey and,later, Arizona. Some of his childhood memories became the inspiration for his filmmaking. Even decades later, Spielberg says he has clear memories of his earliest years, which are the origins of some of his biggest hits. He believes that E.T.is the result of the difficult years leading up to his parent’s 1966 divorce, “It is really about a young boy who was in search of some stability in his life.” “He was scared of just about everything,” recalls his mother, “When trees brushed against the house,he would jump into my bed. And that’s just the kind of scary stuff he would put in films like Poltergeist.” To this day, Spielberg’s wife, actress Kate Capshaw , says her husband remains terrified of airplanes. Spielberg was 11 when he first got his hands on his dad’s movie camera and began shooting short movies about World War ΙΙ battles. These homemade movies gave him a way to escape his

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fears. From the very beginning, he had a creative imagination. With his talent for scary storytelling, he could terrify his three younger sisters. It also made it easier for him to make friends. On camping trips, when night fell,young Spielberg became the center of attention. He would start telling his ghost stories, and everyone would suddenly get quiet so that they could all hear it. Spielberg moved to California with his father and went to high school there, but his grades were so bad that he hardly graduated. Both UCLA and USC film schools rejected him,so he entered California State University at Long Beach because it was close to Hollywood. Spielberg was determined to make movies,and he managed to get an unpaid,non-credit internship(实 习)in Hollywood. Soon he was given a contract, and he dropped out of college. He never looked back. Now, many years later, Spielberg is still telling stories with as much enthusiasm as when he was a boy. 61. We can infer that Poltergeist is probably a(n)___________. A romance film B horror film C comedy film D action film 62. Paragraph 3 mainly tells us that Steven Spielberg ___________. A. was a good communicator B. was good at making friends C. had a talent for filmmaking D. made some classic movies 63. Which of the following is TRUE about Steven Spielberg according to Paragraph 4 ? A. He is kind-hearted . B. He performed well in high school . C. He is strong-minded D. He lacked confidence about his career. 64. According to Paragraph 4, Steven Spielberg ________. A. didn’t finish college B never went to college C. got bad grades in college D. rejected two film schools 65. The author writes the text to ________. A. advertise readers B. inform readers C. entertain readers D. persuade readers

In the past two years, his wife, Merlie, and their seven children have said “goodbye” to him four times, most recently last month. Each time it has been unnecessary. Mr. Smart had a hip (髋关节) replacement in February at the Burnie hospital but was rushed back two months later with internal bleeding. “The doctors couldn’t stop the bleeding,”Mrs. Smart said. Medical staff told Mrs. Smart to contact her family, which includes children in Western Australia. “It took two days for them to get here. We had to hope he hung on .” He did. “The doctors were there 24 hours a day and they stopped the bleeding. They brought him back,”Mrs. Smart said. “I certainly believe in miracles because I’ve seen one happen, but it wouldn’t have happened if the doctors didn’t do what they did.” It was the second time Mrs. Smart thought she was losing her husband of 54 years. Two years ago, Mr. Smart was admitted to the Launceston General Hospital after a heart attack and a few days later with Hospital after a heart attack and a few days later with intense pain caused by a hemorrhage (出血) .Again, the family was called to say goodbye---twice.

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“I was given a 50-50 chance of coming out of it, ” Mr. Smart said. Going through the ordeal(苦难,折磨) then was trying on the family, who had prepared themselves for the worst. But to face the same situation only two years later was hard. The Smarts said the support they received at the Burnie hospital helped them through. And it seems the experience has also left an impression at the hospital. Mrs. Smart said when she rang recently and mentioned her husband’s name, the reply was “ah the miracle man”. 66. The first time Mrs. Smart and the children said goodbye to Mr. Smart was when he had . A. a hip replacement B. internal bleeding C. a heart attack D. intense pain caused by a hemorrhage 67. When Mr. Smart was rushed back to the hospital with internal bleeding, . A. only his wife believed he could survive B. no one believed that he could survive C. he had given up hope of recovering D. it didn’t take the doctors long to stop the bleeding 68. The experience Mr. Smart had at the hospital could be that of . A. concern B. puzzle C. fear D. wonder 69. The underlined phrase “hung on ”in the third paragraph can be replaced by A. beat the pain B. came back to life C. lived through D. make his fortune 70. What would be the best title for the passage? A. The Miracle Man. B. The Kind Doctors and Nurses. C. A Devoted Wife. D. A Great Family. .

Part Ⅳ Writing (45 marks) Section A (10 marks) Directions: Read the following passage. Fill in the numbered blanks by using the information from the passage. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer. Anna Craig, 11, has a paper doll covered with stickers(贴纸). On each sticker is written a word, such as cheerful, smart or kind. “We choose stickers that can best describe ourselves and put them on our dolls,” explains Anna, who took part in the activity with a group of girls in the fourth grade last year. The activity is part of a program called “Beautiful Me.” The program’s goals are to help girls achieve a normal and healthy level of self-respect and develop basic skills of solving problems and handling relationships with others. So far, about 6,000 girls in New York, Chicago and Philadelphia, have joined in it. The organizers of “Beautiful Me” train teachers to present the program material to small groups of girls. They guide groups to carry out different activities. The activities include hands-on art activities, role-playing games and discussions on topics like making lasting friendships. Groups will show their performance, when they are ready. The organizers of “Beautiful Me” say the program helps girls understand their feelings,

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solve problems and get along well with others. Anna Craig says that she learns so many things from the program. But most importantly, she starts to appreciate the special qualities of other people. She also thinks that it’s important to feel good about herself. When people feel good about themselves, it is easy to make other people around them feel good too!

Activity ——

? ? ?

Title: The Program of “71
Preparing stickers with words on like cheerful and smart. 72 paper dolls with stickers Choosing words best describing the girl’s 73


? ? —— ?

To help girls achieve a normal and healthy level of self-respect To develop basic 75 skills To develop basic interpersonal relationship-handling skills Training teachers to present groups of girls with 76 77 to carry out different activities Making groups show their performance

? ? Program —— ?

? Helping girls 78 ? Helping girls solve problems and build good interpersonal relationships Advantages ? Teaching girls to appreciate others’ 79 ———— ? 80 a good feeling about themselves ——

Section B(10 marks) Directions Read the following passage.Answer the questions according to the information given in the passage. Many students find it hard to make friends when they are in high school. Keeping my suggestions in mind may give you a hand.They certainly helped me, and by the end of my three years of high school I had formed my group of friends, with whom I still keep in touch now. Here are my tips: Say hello anytime I see an acquaintance(相识的人). Because I was always smiling and greeting the people I knew, people naturally thought I was friendly(though I am not naturally sociable).And high school students want to be friends with sociable people. Take the first step. All the girls there already knew each other—they didn't need another friend. But I did, so I had to make the effort. I had to be the first one to invite somebody to go to a movie with me,or come to my house. Once I did that they started to respond(回应)with the same thing. Use classes to get to know people. I met most of my first friends because I sat next to them in class.Class (before, after, or even during class time)is a great opportunity to begin a conversation.For example, ask for help about

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homework. Make friends slowly. I couldn't get discouraged when it took a while to make friends. It really takes some time to make new friends.In a word, making new friends is not easy. Above all, remember that it can and will get better.You may have to work a little to make your high school experience a great one,but it' s really worth it! 81.Why does the writer write this passage? (no more than 10 words) 82.How many tips are given in the passage? (no more than 2 words) (3 points) (2 point)

83.What does the writer think of making new friends? (no more than 5 words) (2 points) 84. Why does the writer give the tip to use classes to get to know people? (no more than 10 words) (3 points) Section C (25 marks) Directions: Write an English composition according to the instructions given below in Chinese.

11 月的第四个星期四是感恩节。2014 年的感恩节是 11 月 27 日星 期四。假如你是李华,为了感恩母亲,请你依据所提供的信息,给你 妈妈发一封电子邮件。 内容提示:1、感谢母亲多年的养育和教育之恩; 2、儿时美好回忆; 3、将来的理想和打算。 注意:1、词数 120 左右; 2、语言通顺,结构严谨。 参考词汇:感激某人 be grateful to

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英语答案 1—15 CBABC 16. sleep time friends 21-35 ACCDD


18. sports and work

19. activities

20. See

【考点】日常生活类—记叙文 【文章大意】主要讲述警察接到报警电话,赶到事发地未有事故,就在那时却发生了和报警 电话描述的一样的故事。 36. 【答案】D 【试题解析】从第一段第一句和第二段中的 police 可知,接电话的是 police station。 37. 【答案】B 【试题解析】第六段第二句和第三句得知,是 truck 和 train 相撞。 38. 【答案】C 【试题解析】警察接到报警电话,立刻(within a minute)出发,set off 出发,动身的意思。 A. turn off 关掉,避开;B take off 脱掉,起飞;D walk off 离开,带走。 39. 【答案】C 【试题解析】 警察们赶到报警电话说的地点,发现什么事没发生,感到这是个“糟糕的骗 局” ,trick 诡计,骗局,恶作剧。B 信号 D 安排。 40. 【答案】D 【试题解析】警察们受骗之后理所当然地想到的是惩罚 punishment。 41. 【答案】B 【试题解析】 从句子 they heard the whistle of a train was nearing them quickly. All of a sudden, a truck appeared. It came 36 towards them, too.中可以看出“他们听到火车的呼啸声快速靠 近他们。立刻,一辆卡车出现了。卡车也飞快向他们附近开过来。 ”可以理解,卡车飞快开 过来即 running,不是拐弯 turning,不是开始 starting,不是路过 passing。 42. 【答案】B 【试题解析】句子是形象的说法 When it was passing the crossing, it suddenly 37 to move on,当卡车正在过道口的时候,她突然拒绝继续前行。A continue 继续前行,若继续前行就 不会发生事故了;C 开始前行,根本没停下来;D 停下开始前行,车没停下。 43. 【答案】A 【试题解析】从句子中 As he was taken to hospital in time, he was 38 at last.的 in time 及时 和 at last 可以理解,the driver 被拯救了,故选 A。 44. 【答案】A 【试题解析】因为那个妇女报警,司机被拯救了,所以警察尽他们所能去找到 find 那个妇 女,而不是 attack 袭击她;也只有先找到她,才能奖励 award 和 thank 她,故选 A find。 45. 【答案】D 【试题解析】从第一句中得知是找打电话的妇女。 46. 【答案】C 【试题解析】因为妇女打的报警电话和事后发生的事情一致,所以事情非常的令人惊奇。A exciting 令人激动的;B pleasing 令人愉悦的;D interesting 有趣的。 47. 【答案】C 【试题解析】 通过事件的叙述, 包括所有的细节, 都和预测的那么严密地一致, 所以选 exactly,

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严密地,精确地。 【长难句解析】 1.They had not been able to say anything about a punishment when they heard the whistle of a train was nearing them quickly. 【翻译】 他们还没能说什么关于惩罚的话, 这事突然他们听到火车的呼啸声飞快地向他们附 近靠近。 【分析】本句的主干是 They had not been able to say anything about a punishment ,when 引 导的是时间状语从句。 2. Later the police did whatever they could to find the woman who had telephoned them, but failed. 【翻译】后来,警察们尽他们所能去找那位打电话的妇女,但是没找到。 【分析】 Later 是时间状语, the police did whatever they could 是主句,whatever they could 用作 did 的宾语, to find the woman who had telephoned them 不定式用作目的状语, who had telephoned them 是定语从句,修饰 woman。. 48. be 49. two 50. an 51. on 52. it 53. with 54. that 55. If 56-60 BDAAC 61-65 BCCAB 【考点】社会生活类—记叙文 【文章大意】文章介绍了 Smart 先生两次被医院下发死亡通知两次化险为夷的故事。 66. 【答案】C 【试题解析】 细节理解题。 较易。 从第五段第二句中 after a heart attack 中可直接选出答案 C。 67. 【答案】B 【试题解析】 推理判断题。 较易。 第三段中的关键词 couldn’t stop the bleed, contact her family, includes children in Western Australia 和 took two days to get here 可知意识通知家人准备后事, 即使再远也要回来, “没有人相信他(Mr. Smart)能活” ,故选 B。 68. 【答案】D 【试题解析】细节理解题。较易。从文章最后一段关键词 miracle 可知, 医院认为 Mr.Smart 能够活下来简直就是个奇迹。 69. 【答案】C 【试题解析】词义猜测题。中等。根据语境可知, 孩子们无法立刻赶回来与他告别, 因此大 家只是期望 Mr. Smart 能够‘挺过来’. B 项为干扰项,意为 come back to life 意为‘苏醒’。 70. 【答案】A 【试题解析】文章大意题。较易。标题要能统领全文,有吸引力;从 Mr.Smart 的经历以及 文章最后的语言叙述可知“一位奇迹的人” 。 【长难句分析】 1. I certainly believe in miracles because I’ve seen one happen, but it wouldn’t have happened if the doctors didn’t do what they did. 【翻译】我当然相信奇迹因为我见过一次;但是如果医生没有做他们该做的,奇迹就不会发 生。 【分析】本句的主干是 I certainly believe in miracles,because I’ve seen one happen 是原因状 语从句, but 连词,连接两个句子 it wouldn’t have happened 是对过去的判断, if the doctors didn’t do what they did 条件状语从句. 2. Two years ago, Mr. Smart was admitted to the Launceston General Hospital after a heart attack and a few days later with Hospital after a heart attack and a few days later with intense pain caused by a hemorrhage (出血) .

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【翻译】两年前,Mr. Smart 在心脏病发作之后被 the Launceston General Hospital 接收,几天 后因为心脏病又到医院,几天后因为由于出血引起的疼痛又到医院。 【分析】Two years ago 时间状语从句, Mr. Smart was admitted to the Launceston General Hospital after a heart attack 是主句,and a few days later with Hospital after a heart attack and a few days later with intense pain caused by a hemorrhage (出血)是两个省略句, 第二句比第一句 省了 with hospital。 71. 【答案】Beautiful Me 【试题解析】 较易。第二段第一句点出了答案 a program called “Beautiful Me。 72. 【答案】Covering【试题解析】较难。第一段第一句 a paper doll covered with stickers, 题目变化成 paper dolls with stickers;根据方框内上下句的内涵要求,需用 cover 的 ing 形式。 73. 【答案】 Personalities/Character /Features 【试题解析】 中等。 第一段第二句中 cheerful, smart or kind 等词是描述人的个性、性格或特点等的词。 74. 【答案】Goals/ Purposes/ Intentions【试题解析】较易。第二段第二句中有 goals 这个词, 它的同义词也可。 75. 【答案】Problem-solving【试题解析】较易。第二段第二行 basic skills of solving problems 的 of 后置定语变为前置定语。 76. 【答案】the program material/ program materials【试题解析】较易。第三段第一句有 the program material,复数也可。 77.【答案】 Guiding groups / Teaching groups 【试题解析】较易。 第三段第二句有 Guiding groups; 根据内涵要求要大写。 78. 【答案】understand their feelings【试题解析】较易。第四段第一句可直接找到所需内容。 79. 【答案】special qualities【试题解析】 较易。第四段倒数第三行有句子所需的 special qualities。 80. 【答案】Giving girls /Bringing girls/Helping girls have 【试题解析】较难。根据最后一段 和方框内可推理出 Giving girls /Bringing girls/Helping girls have 的答案。 81. Because many students find it hard to friends when they are in high school. Or: To give students suggestions (about how to make friends) 82. Four tips/suggestions or: Four 83. (It’s) not easy. Or: (It’s ) hard 84. Because class is a great opportunity to begin a conversation Possible version: Dear Mum, How are you? Thanksgiving Day is drawing near, and I would like to say “ Thank you” here. I love you and thank you so much for everything you have done for me. Thank you for educating me and bringing me up. I’m very grateful to you for taking care of me. In my heart are many beautiful memories. When I was very young, I always made you angry, but you were always very understanding. When I was sick, you were always looking after me. When I failed an exam, you encouraged me. What ’s more, you always encouraged me to help others who are in trouble. When I did good deeds, you were always praising me. I am really thankful to you for your teaching me how to be “a real person”. Now I have grown up. I will work harder and make greater progress in my study. Mum, I am

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doing very well on my study. My schoolmates and teachers are all very nice, so don’t worry about me. I hope you are happy every all day. Yours, Li Hua


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