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?Focus: Reading ?Studying aims:
? 1. To master some words and ? expressions. ? 2. To improve reading skills. ? 3.To Know something about ? three Chinese philosophers and their ideas.

1.Exploring the old and deducing(推论)the new makes a teacher. Confucius (孔子) 2. Good chances, favorable environment and support from the people. Mencius(孟子)


温故而知新, 可以为师矣 。 天时地利人和。

3.Universal love, condemnation of aggression(侵略). Mozi (墨子)


孔子(前551~前479)名 丘,字仲尼,鲁国人。春秋 后期伟大的思想家 (thinker)、教育家,儒家的 创始人。提出了“仁”的 学说(teachings),是中国 古代著名哲学家 (philosopher)。 philosophy: the study of nature and meaning of existence, truth, good and evil, etc.

孟子(前372—前289)名轲, 战国中期鲁国邹人。受业 于子思(孔子之孙,名)之 门人,曾游历于宋、滕、 魏、齐等国,阐述他的政 治原则(principle),还 曾在齐为顾问(adviser)。 晚年退而著书,传世有 《孟子 》七篇。他是战国 中期儒家的代表。


墨翟(公元前 476—390),人 们尊称墨子。他是 战国初年的鲁国人, 思想家、学者,墨 家学派创始人。著 有《墨子》一书 。

Philosophers of Ancient China




Topic sentences
Confucius is the philosopher whose influence has been the greatest.

Mencius was a thinker whose teachings were very similar to those of Confucius.

Mozi founded the philosophy called Mohism.

order (n.) bring up found (v.) principle belief stressed position resign adviser influential following sb’s advice
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1. an idea that influences the way you behave _________ principle found 2. to start an organisation or philosophy _________ belief 3. the feeling that something is true and exists _________ order 4. when people obey laws and rules and do not cause trouble _______ bring up 5. to look after children until they are adults __________ stress 6. give a lot of importance to __________ position 7. job __________ following sb’s advice 8. Doing what he suggested __________________ 9. tell your employer that you are going to leave your job __________ resign 10. someone who gives advice ___________ adviser 11. having a lot of influence ___________ influential

Read the passage and fill in the blanks
Paragraph 1

Confucius Introduction about __________
551BC ________ --- 479BC The greatest influence (more than2,000years)

He stressed the importance of kindness duty and ______ order in ________, _______ society.

Read the passage and fill in the blanks
Mencius 2 Introduction about ________ born in ______ BC and brought 372 his _______ mother only up by ____ at an important ________ position in the government _________ first and later resigned _______ The Book of ___________ Mencius Man was ________ . kind People were more important _______ than ______ rulers hate the _____ cruel ___________ government

Read the passage and fill in the blanks
Paragraph Mozi 3 Introduction about ___________ 476BC --- 390 BC _________ Government was most important . __________ All man are _________ equal . love all ______ human ________ beings and look after the weak war hate the idea of ______

1. Whose influence has been the greatest among all the philosophers of ancient China? A. Mencius B. Mozi C. Confucius

2. Confucius stressed the importance of the following aspects except__________ A. Kindness B. friendship C. order D. duty

3. Which is NOT the right statement about Mozi? A. He was known for his unusual clothes and behavior.

B. He hated the idea of war.
C. All his beliefs were the same as Confucius. D. He believed all men were equal.

4. “If the government was kind, then people would be good.” is the teaching of _________. A. Mencius B.Confucius C. Mozi

5. In some ways, Mozi’s beliefs were similar to those of______. A. Mozi B. Mencius C. Confucius

6. Which shows the right order of time when the three great thinkers lived? A.Confucius--- Mencius ---Mozi B.Mencius----Mozi----Confucius C. Confucius---Mozi---Mencius D.Mozi--- Mencius---Confucius

7. What’s main idea of the passage?

A. The author wants to make people believe in the teachings by thinkers of ancient.
B. The author wants to introduce three influential philosophers of ancient China. C. The author wants to tell interesting stories about three important teachers in ancient China. D. The author wants to show the history of philosophy in ancient China.

Read again and decide which statements are true or false.

1. Mozi stress the importance of kindness, duty and order in society. 2. Mencius’ teachings were very similar to Mozi’s. 3. Mencius was brought up by his grandmother. 4. Mencius resigned because the ruler didn’t pay him. 5. Mencius believe that man is good, and the rulers were more important than people. 6. Mozi’s idea of love was the same with the Confucian idea of kindness. 7. Mozi considered that government was most important, but he hated the idea of war.

1.Which of the following opinions do you think is the most important? And why? (1)All men are equal. (2)Kindness and love. (3)Peace.

2.Who, in ancient China, has impressed you the most so far? Qin Shihuang or Li Shimin? Confucius, Mencius, Mozi? Why ?

1.All men are equal. equal rights, equal pay for equal work, attend schools for free 2. kindness, love and look after the weak in society. hope project, One in trouble, all to help.(一方有难, 八方支援), harmonious society(和谐社会)。 3.Peace. In history, great damage of wars, lose one’s life, destroy buildings ,homeless, lead a …life, peace and development, one world one dream.

“The Warm 2008”.
As we all know, in the winter,2008 ,the snowstorm hit many provinces in China. Many people were leading a hard life, without enough water, food and electricity. Our people gave a helping hand to those in disaster. The snowstorm has no love, but we have love, the snowstorm is cold, but we are warm. One in trouble, all to help. We will never forget “the warm 2008”.

The Hope Project

In some parts of our country, some children are so poor that they can’t afford to go to school. people of all walks of life pay more attention to the problem and contribute much money to help them return to school.

? Peace and development are the two subjects of our modern world. In history, wars have caused great damage to people. Many people lost their lives, many people became homeless, and people led a hard and poor life. People all over the world wants a peaceful environment. “One world, one dream” ,the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games calls on us to make contributions to a peaceful and harmonious world.

Anybody can help others with a willing heart. Let’s try our best to lend others a helping hand and work hand in hand to create a harmonious society(和谐社会). Just do it!

1.Try to retell the passage “philosophers of ancient China” 2.Write a composition about a famous person in ancient China.

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