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福建省福州八中2013-2014学年高一下学期期末考试英语试题 Word版含答案

2. How many people will go to the exhibition? A. About 10,000. B. About 20,000. C. About 30,000. 3. What is the woman doing? A. Repairing her computer. B. Working on a paper. C. Surfing the Internet. 4. Where does the conversation take place? A. In a library. B. In a bookstore. C. In a classroom. 5. Why does the woman call the man? A. To report a car accident. B. To give information about a thief. C. To report her stolen car. 第二节(共 15 题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 22.5 分) 听下面 5 段对话或独白。每段对话或独白后有几个小题,从题中所给的 A、B、C 三个选项中选出最佳选项,并标在试卷的相应位置。听每段对话或独白前,你将有时 间阅读每个小题,每小题 5 秒钟;听完后,各小题将给出 5 秒钟的作答时间。每段对 话或独白读两遍。 听第 6 段材料,回答 6 至 7 题 6. Why does the woman refuse to take a walk this Saturday? A. She thinks it’s boring. B. She thinks it’s tiring. C. The weather is too hot. 7. What does the woman suggest doing? A. Going to the gym. B. Having a cup of coffee. C. Buying some books. 听第 7 段材料,回答 8 至 9 题 8. What does the man order? A. Medium steak and red wine. B. French fries and milk tea. C. Rare steak and Coke. 9. How will the man pay for his bill? A. By credit card. B. In cash. C. By cheque. 听第 8 段材料,回答 10 至 12 题 10. What is the relationship between the speakers? A. Teacher and student. B. Employer and employee. C. Interviewer and interviewee. 11. Why does the woman only give the man eight seconds? A. She is very busy. B. She doesn’t like the man. C. She has decided on another person.


12. What shows that the man is careful? A. The way he took off his hat when he came in. B. The way he cleaned his feet at the door. C. The way he cleaned his fingernails. 听第 9 段材料,回答 13 至 16 题 13. What are the speakers mainly talking about? A. How to be a good mother. B. How to deal with stress.(压力) C. How to eat properly. 14. What do we know about the woman? A. She does exercise regularly. B. She has two part-time jobs. C. She has got three little girls. 15. How long does the woman sleep one day? A. About 6 hours. B. About 8 hours. C. About 9 hours. 16. What does the woman prefer to do? A. Run with the dog. B. Cook different cookies C. Eat a piece of dark chocolate. 听第 10 段材料,回答 17 至 20 题 17. Why did the speaker help the boy? A. The teacher asked her to do so. B. He was her good friend. C. She was afraid of him. 18. How did the boy cheat in exams first? A. He wrote his notes on the wall. B. He put his notes in the toilet. C. He hid his notes under the desk. 19. What did the boy ask the speaker to do one day? A. Show her paper to him. B. Help him move his desk. C. Write a composition for him. 20. How did the teacher feel about the speaker in the end? A. Sorry. B. Angry. C. Disappointed. II 单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 21. Shen Zhou X, three astronauts and a space dream of the Chinese nation, was successfully launched on June 11, 2013. A. carried B. was carried C. carrying D. has carried 22. ______ a piece of ice outside in such hot weather, and you’ll soon find it melt. A. To put B. Put C. Putting D. Having put 23. No one in our class but Tom and I the movie American Dreams in China. A. has seen B. am going to see C. see D. have seen 24. Yuan Longping is quite satisfied with his life and he keep time for his hobbies _______ spend money on himself or lead a comfortable life. A. had rather; than B. would rather; than


C. could rather; than D. prefer to; rather than 25.It was so dark in the cinema that I could hardly _______ my friend. A. cut out B. carry out C. pick out D. put out 26.______ is known to us all is that the 2014 World Cup has taken place in Brazil. A. Which B. It C. As D. What 27. --What made you change your mind at the last minute? -- ______________________. A. Because he lied to me B. His lying to me C. He lied to me D. Him lying to me 28. After our government founded a to popularize Chinese language worldwide, lots of Confucius(孔子)college have appeared in foreign universities. A. campaign B. content C. creature D. comment 29. It is a general rule that children’s games and books seek to teach and ______ at the same time. A. satisfy B. appreciate C. entertain D. content 30. Our opinion is that such demands will not lead to any benefit._________, they will only result in more unemployment. A. By that time B. In advance C. Up to now D. On the contrary 31. -- It was _______ of Jack to turn off the radio when I was sleeping in the bedroom. -- So he was. A. confident B. selfish C. considerate D. generous 32. I am not used to living in the Middle East, because they have too many religious festivals to ____. A. observe B. keep C. follow D. respect 33. Only after Mary read her composition the second time _____ the spelling mistake. A. she noticed B. did she notice C. does she notice D. she has noticed 34. Some military(军事的) experts are sure that the army of that nation _________ with more modern and advanced weapons in the near future, especially the navy. A. to equip B. to be equipped C. will equip D. will be equipped 35. --- Shall I explain the problem to you, since it’s too difficult? --- __________. A. It’s up to you B. Of course you can C. If you like D. It couldn’t be better. III.阅读理解:40 分(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,共 40 分) A Olive Bowen made some hot coffee and brought it to her husband Nate, who was over in the barn (牛舍). Olive herself was expecting a baby very soon. The darkness in the barn made Olive nervous and she stood at the door, not sure what to do. Then she saw a light at the far end and called out to Nate. Nate held his lantern high as he came up to Olive and said, "You shouldn't have come out when it's so cold."


"I brought you some hot coffee," Olive kept looking into the darkness of the barn to see where Maudie was. "I don't want you to stay," Nate said. "Oh, no, Nate, I don't want to leave. If it begins to happen, I'11 go back to the house." He helped Olive sit down in a chair and told her again that he did not want her to stay when their cow Maudie's calf came. It wasn't something a young wife should see, especially a young wife who would soon be a mother herself. The cow lay quietly. The husband and wife did not say much as they waited; words did not seem to come easily to them. Time seemed to be moving too slowly for Olive. She looked nervously at the cow. Then Nate began to rub the cow's head, but the cow turned its head away from his hands and then suddenly it came. Olive could see it clearly--- part of the head of the young calf slowly, painfully coming out. But Nate saw that the cow was in trouble. He looked for a nail(钉子) on the wall where he could hang his lamp. There was none. Olive said he should have asked a neighbor to help him. Suddenly, Olive saw that Nate was also afraid---fearful that the cow's struggle would be too much for him alone. And at that moment she decided that nothing could drive her out of the barn. The emergency changed Olive. She no longer felt fearful. There was a sudden new strength in her. Nate told her not to look, but she had to look. As she watched, Olive was afraid, but not of the cow or even herself. She was fearful of the calf. At last, it was done. Olive and Nate were both tired. Olive remembered the coffee she had brought to the barn, She put it on the hot stove. Nate dried the calf with a cloth. As he worked, Olive looked through the barn window. She saw the apple trees with snow on them, the light in her kitchen and the beauty of the morning sun. 36. Nate didn't want Olive to stay in the barn because______. A. it was too cold in the barn B. Olive was afraid of darkness C. there was nothing for Olive to sit on D. it was not good for Olive to see Maudie's giving birth 37. The underlined word "it" in Paragraph 8 probably refers to______ A. the time of the calf's birth B. Nate's nervousness C. a neighbor's frightening voice D. Olive's anxiety 38. How did Olive finally feel about Maudie's giving birth? A. Nervous. B. Fearless. C. Tired. D. Imaginative. 39. The underlined sentence in the last paragraph implies that Olive______. A. began to feel hopeful about life B. appreciated the scene out of the window C. loved apples very much D. would like to have breakfast


B How to sing like a superstar is a question people have been asking for ages. We naturally look up to the stars we want to sound like when we’re young and just experimenting with singing. But as we get older, we find that we have our own voice. In my opinion, you can only be a superstar if you find your own voice. If you want to sound great and attract people, just get comfortable with your own voice. Do you think Bob Dylan has a great voice? Of course not, but people love his voice and his songs. One of the main reasons is that he’s very comfortable with himself and his own voice. So remember this when you’re asking yourself how to sing like a superstar. I hate hearing many singers trying to imitate other singers! But it still happens all the time and yes, some of them do become famous by trying to sound like others. I just don’t feel like I’m listening to real art when I hear these so-called stars trying to imitate someone else with their voice. Now one thing I like to do is to sing other people’s songs in my own voice. Yes, you can practice a great song by an artist you love while you’re driving down the road, but practice it in your own voice not his or her voice. Turn down the volume a little and hear your own natural voice singing the song and giving it a new flavor! That’s exciting and you’re being true to yourself. We’re supposed to be artists and that means expressing ourselves in a unique way. So if you’re asking how to sing like a superstar, remember to just use your own voice. 40. The author uses Bob Dylan as an example in order to tell us _______. A. how to become a great singer B. that we should feel comfortable with our own voice C. how to have a great voice D. that a great voice helps to make a great singer 41. What advice does the author give on practicing singing? A. Never sing others’ songs. B. Practice singing in your car. C. Sing the song in your own style. D. Turn off the music while singing. 42. What can we infer from the text? A. The author is a famous singer. B. Young people tend to imitate the stars they love. C. People love songs sung in a particular way. D. It’s not real art to sing other people’s songs. 43. The text tries to persuade us to ________. A. practice singing in the right way B. express ourselves by singing C. singing in our own voice D. enjoy singing C TV LISTINGS FOR WLS-TV IN CHICAGO Sept. 5, 2013 2:30 AM Save My Planet (Repeat) Learn how to keep electronics out of rubbish; a man that changes old


shipping containers into homes; a community in Costa Rica that does well in eco-tourism. 3:00 AM Mary Talks Money (Repeat, TVPG) Tips on lending money to family and friends. 4:00 AM Mirror Mirror Thrift How to find the best deals in thrift stores (二手店); commonly asked beauty questions, breaking fashion rules. 4:30 AM Home with Lisa Quinn Mixing traditional and modern design elements (元素); how to style impressive food; creating a comfortable home. 5:00 AM Say Ahh (Repeat) The hosts discuss the causes of heart disease, its diagnosis, and the treatments for those with the disease. 6:30 AM Everyday Living Quick beauty tips; protect yourself from money problems; the four most common parenting mistakes. 7:00 AM My Green House Jesse looks into global warming; Andy talks about sustainable (可持续 的) cleaning; an eco-friendly supply store. 7:30 AM Advice for Life (Repeat) Can you save your father from himself? Starting over at 60? Laughter really is the best medicine.

* TVPG: Programs for children with parents' guidance
44. According to the text, Save My Planet is mainly about______. A. science development B. international tourism C. environmental protection D. ways to build homes 45. Which of the following content can't children watch alone? A. Tips on lending money to family and friends. B. The four most common parenting mistakes. C. Commonly asked beauty questions. D. Creating a comfortable home. 46. Which of the following programs may help you deal with money problems? A. Advice for Life. B. Home with Lisa Quinn. C. Say Ahh. D. Everyday Living. 47. If you are interested in the topic of keeping healthy, you can watch TV at______. A. 5:00 AM B. 6:30 AM C. 7:00 AM D. 7:30 AM D Never go into a supermarket hungry! This is a good piece of advice. If you go shopping for food before lunchtime, you’ll probably buy more than you plan to. Unfortunately, however, just this advice isn’t enough for consumers these days. Modern shoppers need an education in how and how not to buy things at the store. First, you check the weekly newspaper ads. Find out the items that are on sale and decide if you really need these things.


In other words, don’t buy anything just because it’s cheaper than usual! “New and Improved!” or “All Natural” on the front of a package influence you. Instead, read the list of ingredients (contents) on the back. Third, compare prices: that is, you should examine the prices of both different brands and different sizes of the same brand. Another suggestion for consumers is to buy ordinary items instead of famous brands. Ordinary items in supermarkets come in plain(普通的)packages. These products are cheaper because producers don’t spend much money on packing or advertising. The quality, however, is usually as good as the quality of well-known name brands. In the same way, in buying clothes, you can often find high quality and low prices in brands that are not famous. Shopping in discount clothing stores can help you save a lot of money. Although these stores aren’t very attractive, and they usually do not have individual dressing rooms, not only are the prices low, but you can often find the same famous brands that you find in high-priced department stores. Wise consumers read magazine ads and watch TV commercials, but they do this with one advantage: knowledge of the psychology ( 心理 ) behind the ads. In other words, well-informed consumers watch for information and check for misinformation. They ask themselves questions: Is the advertiser hiding something in small print at the bottom of the page? Is there any real information in the commercial, or is the advertiser simply showing an attractive image? With the answers to these questions, consumers can make a wise choice. 48. All the following statements are true about the phrase “ordinary items” in Paragraph 2 except ____. A. ordinary items never say “New and Improved” or “All Natural” B. ordinary products are usually cheaper than famous brands C. producers spend less money on packaging of ordinary items D. the quality of ordinary items is usually as good as that of famous brands 49. What does the writer think about ads? A. They are believable. B. They are attractive. C. They are helpful to consumers. D. They are full of misinformation. 50. One of the author’s suggestions to consumers is ____. A. not to buy items with words like “New and Improved” or “All Natural” B. to make use of ads C. to buy high quality items such as famous brands after lunch D. to buy any ordinary items instead of famous brands 51. The author implies that ____. A. ads sometimes don’t tell the truth B. the quality of ordinary items is usually high and the prices are relatively low C. discount clothing stores are good places to go to D. going into the supermarket hungry, you may buy more than you plan to E Thinking is something you choose to do as a fish chooses to live in water. To be human


is to think. But thinking may come naturally without your knowing how you do it. Thinking about thinking is the key to critical (批判性的) thinking. When you think critically, you take control of your thinking processes(过程). Otherwise, you might be controlled by the ideas of others. Indeed, critical thinking is at the heart of education. The word "critical" here has a special meaning. It does not mean taking one view against another view, as when someone criticizes another person for doing something wrong. The nature of critical thinking is thinking beyond the easily seen—beyond the pictures on TV, the untrue reports in the newspapers, and the faulty reasoning (错误的推理). Critical thinking is an attitude as much as an activity. If you are curious about life and desire to dig deeper into it, you are a critical thinker; if you find pleasure in deep thinking about different ideas, characters, and facts, you are a critical thinker. Activities of the mind and higher-order reasoning are processes of deep and careful consideration. They take time, and do not go hand in hand with the fast speed in today's world, fast foods, instant coffee, and self-developing film. If you are among the people who believe that speed is a measure of intelligence, you may learn something new from a story about Albert Einstein. The first time Banish Hoffman, a scientist, was to discuss his work with Albert Einstein, Hoffman was too nervous to speak. But Einstein immediately put Hoffman at ease by saying, "Please go slowly, I don't understand things quickly." 52.Critical thinking is important to us because if we do not think critically,_______. A. it will be hard for us to think naturally and fast B. we will follow the ideas of others naturally C. we might be controlled by other people's ideas D. we might be fooled by other people's ideas 53. If you are a critical thinker, you will________. A. criticize other people for their mistakes B. trust the reports in the newspapers C. take one view against another view D. think deeply about different ideas 54. In the last paragraph, "something new" suggests that________. A. the smarter you are, the faster you do things B. intelligence is not decided by speed C. speed can improve intelligence D. the faster you do things, the smarter you become 55. What would be the best title for the passage? A. Understanding Critical Thinking B. Thinking and Critical Thinking C. Thinking Natural and Human D. Thinking Fast Means Intelligence IV.根据所提供语境,用方框中所给短语的适当形式填空。 (每题 1 分,共 15 分) be likely to cut off rid…of refer to badly off carry on be intended for convince…of crowd in build up lose face react to be curious about come across turn one’s back to


1. You shouldn’t complain (抱怨)so much. Other people are much _______ than you. 2. It _______ rain, for dark clouds are gathering. 3. I looked carefully at the books on the shelf and realized that they________ children. 4. Since you don’t know the word, why not ______ a dictionary. 5. We must find ways to_____ the home __________ beetles.(蟑螂) 6. Memories________ on him when by accident he found an old picture taken over 30 years ago. 7. In winter the town is often __________ by snow. 8. Don’t ______________ others’ personal affairs(事务). 9. He has decided to _________ the research that his father left unfinished. 10. These chemicals in the food supply ________ in people’s bodies over time. 11. We were able to ______ the students ________ the necessity for wider reading. 12. The eyes can_________ the light. 13. In most places around the world, frowning and __________ someone shows anger. 14. __________ in public made him sad. 15. There is no need for you to look up every new word you _______ while reading. 第二卷 (计分:50 分) 注意:本卷完型填空题答案一律填涂在机答卡上,其余试题一律写在答题纸上 ,请看 ............... 清题号作答。 V. 完形填空 (共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,共 20 分) There comes a time in a person's life when childhood fantasies (幻想) end and reality begins. Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny 56 to be Mum and Dad, and 57 fade away(消失). I don't know if most people remember this event, but I know 58 it happened to me. On a(an) 59 summer day, my grandfather told me one of his crazy stories. I headed off to 60 the Indians that grandpa said lived in the woods. But after some hours searching without success I gave up. Tired and 61 , I went to ask grandpa. "How come 62 of your stories ever come true?" "Well, sometimes you have to make them come true," he answered. "I once had a friend named Huck Finn who made his own adventures." He 63 to tell me about his close friend Huck, who floated down the Mississippi River on a raft (木筏). I sat listening to him, 64 every word he said. When he finished, I went off to have my own 65 . Two hours later I had a small and badly made raft. I took it to the 66 along with a branch from a tree to use as an oar (桨). I couldn't 67 and had been told many times to stay away from the pond. But today I had the raft so with a big shove(猛推); I pushed it out and jumped on top.


I was fine for a total of four seconds; then I started to 68 . 69 , I tried to use the branch to paddle (划桨) 70 in, but 71 pushed myself farther out. Knowing that I would drown, I did what any other nine-year-old would do in a similar situation: I 72 , From the edge of the pond came my sister and cousins who easily rescued me. As my raft sank, 73 did my belief in my grandpa. Although I never stopped loving him, something 74 in our relationship that day. Looking back now, I can see that the change wasn't in my grandfather, but in me, I was 75 . 56. A. happen B. end up C. work out D. turn out 57. A. heroes B. friends C. memories D. stories 58. A. how B. when C. so D. clearly 59. A. special B. interesting C. hot D. ordinary 60. A. meet B. track C. find D. check 61. A. unhappy B. cheated C. discouraged D. surprised 62. A. neither B. none C. nothing D. any 63. A. continued B. managed C. started D. agreed 64. A. doubting 65. A. adventure 66. A. river 67. A. row 68. A. fall 69. A. Frightened 70. A. near 71. A. then 72. A. jumped B. believing B. plan B. waters B. swim B. realize B. Nervous B. close B. rather B. screamed C. remembering C. raft C. pond C. water C. fear C. Clear-headed C. back C. right C. sought D. thinking of D. game D. stream D. bathe D. sink D. Fighting D. up D. only D. wept

73. A. thus B. also C. so D. such 74. A. changed B. disappeared C. lost D. happened 75. A. thinking for myself B. becoming cleverer C. growing up D. learning from my experience VI. 阅读填空题。阅读下面短文,根据以下要求:1)汉语提示;2)首字母提示;3) 语境提示, 在每个空格内填入一个适当的英语单词,所填单词要求意义准确、拼写正 确。 (每题 1 分;共 10 分) (题目见答卷纸) Only two years ago I was only told something about computer. I didn’t know _1_____ a computer could do and how to use __2____, I didn’t put my two hands on one computer


___3___ (键盘) until we have computer lessons. The teacher taught us the basic theory of computer _4_____ (系统). Soon I learnt __5____ to find the information needed in computers. Before ____6__ I mastered the way to input what I wanted to store. Now and then I r___7___ and sent e-mails in my free box. I like ___8___ (看) news from computers, for most of the news is the l__9____ ones. Computers do a lot of help to my study. The computer is really the greatest i__10____ of the last century. VII. 书面表达 (满分 20 分) 我校“文山之声”广播站就“高一学生作业现状”进行系列广播。请你写一篇 120 词左右的短文,向广播站投稿。 你的短文应包含以下内容: 1.高一学生课业负担重,许多同学疲于应付; 2.简析当前高中学生现实作业完成情况(1:哪一科老师跟得紧就做哪一科;2: 大部分时间做喜欢的科目;3:…….); 3.谈谈你的建议及理由。 参考词汇:效率 efficiency 要求如下:1、词数:120 左右(题目和开头已给出,不计入总词数) ; 2、可适当发挥,以使行文连贯; 3、文章中不能出现考生相关信息。


听力材料 (Text1) W: I want to go to the south for the holidays. Let’s go to France or Italy. M: Why France? It’s expensive. Why don’t we go to Germany? (Text2) W: Can you tell me how many people will go to the exhibition? M: Of course. We’ve invited about 30,000 students from 150 schools, and two-thirds will come to our exhibition. (Text3) M: Why are you still working on the computer? It’s almost midnight! W: I have to stay up until I finish the paper. It is due tomorrow. (Text4) M: Excuse me. Can I borrow three books at a time? W: Yes, but you must return them in two weeks. M: OK. I will be certain to return them on time. (Text5) W: Err, is that the police station? M: Yes, duty office. W: Right. Now I want to make a complaint, please. My car has been stolen. M: OK, madam. Could you tell me what sort of car it was and where it was stolen? (Text5) W: How will you spend this weekend? Shall we do something together? M: I love taking a walk in the hills this Saturday. Do you want to go with me? W: No way. It’s extremely hot these days. You can go to the hills some other time. Why not join me chatting over a cup of coffee? M: OK. Then I can go to the bookstore down the street. W: My dear! Stop doing such boring things. It’s Saturday; you should just relax. M: All right, I’ll go to the cafe first and go to the gym after that. (Text7) W: Good afternoon, how can I help you? M: I’d like the New York Steak. W: How would you like it? Rare, medium or well done?


M: Medium, please! W: Would you like a baked potato or French fries? M: Baked potato, with some sour cream on the side. W: Anything to drink? Wine, milk tea, or Coke? M: I’ll have a glass of red wine. W: OK, just wait a moment and I’ll get it for you... Here’s your order. That comes to eighty dollars. M: Can I pay the bill with my credit card? W: No, we don’t accept it. You’ll have to pay in cash. M: What about a traveller ’s cheque? W: Yes, sir. That will be all right. (Text8) W: Yes, who’s there? M: Excuse me. I’m here to apply for a job you advertised on the Net. W: Come in, please. You have 8 seconds to impress me. M: I’m afraid I don’t understand. I’m here... W: 3 seconds left. M: Can I at least sit down? W: There’s no need. The interview is over. M: Oh, sorry, but I’m afraid I don’t understand. W: Young man, I’m very busy. I have to interview 50 people today, so I have to act quickly. And you know what? You’ve got the job. M: This is very strange. W: Quite so! But I can tell a lot about a person in 8 seconds. For instance, from the way you cleaned your feet at the door, I could tell that your are careful. I know that you are polite by the way you took off your hat when you came in. And, look at your clean hair and fingernails! I think you’ll be just fine. You can start early tomorrow morning. (Text9) M: Hello, Helen. You’ve got about 3 part-time jobs, and you’re a wife and you’re a mother of 2 little girls. I’m wondering how you manage stress. I mean, when there is just too much going on, what do you do? W: I usually get some exercise, even if it’s only 18 minutes. Sometimes I may take my baby on a fast 18-minute walk with the dog. It’s very relaxing, you know. M: Now, so, you use exercise as one of the ways. How do you find enough time to sleep? You’ve got to do certain things. How do you get enough rest and relaxation? W: I do, yeah. I think, that’s a good point. One of the by-products from exercising regularly is that I can sleep throughout the entire night, 7.5 to 8 hours. M: How about eating habits? Do you think eating probably has something to do with stress? W: Of course, it does. I love to have a piece of dark chocolate but not too much. Many people will overeat when they are stressed out. They stay up and eat all those cookies without thinking about it. That’s going to make things even worse. M: I see. Thank you, Helen. (Text10) W: Have I got any punishment when I was young? Well, yes, of course. I was only punished once while I was at school and that was only because I was forced to do something I didn’t want to do. I got punished because of a boy, who I was really frightened of. He used to cheat in exams by hiding his notes in a toilet paper roll and going to the toilet shortly after the exam had started in order to read them. It was quite a clever idea, but he got caught after a teacher found them. Then he tried writing his notes on the classroom wall but when he moved the desk so that he could read them, a teacher saw him and he had to stop. Then, one day, he told me he would be sitting behind me and I was to move my paper so that he could read what I’d written. I did as he had said, but a teacher saw us and we were both punished. I had to write a composition about honesty but I think the teacher realised what had happened because she apologised for having to punish me. I can hardly forget the experience.




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福建省福州八中2014-2015学年高一下学期期末考试英语试卷 Word版含答案_英语_高中教育_教育专区。福州八中 20142015 学年第二学期期末考试 高一英语 必修 4 考试...


福建省福州八中2013-2014学年高一下学期期末考试数学试题 Word版含答案(新人教A版) - ] 2. 在△ABC 中, a = 2 , b ? 2 3 , A ? 30 , 则 B= ....


福建省福州八中2014-2015学年高一下学期期末考试英语试卷 Word版含答案 - 福州八中 20142015 学年第二学期期末考试 高一英语 必修 4 考试时间:120 分钟 2015....

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福建省福州市第八中学2014-2015学年高一下学期期末考试英语试题 Word版含答案 - 福州八中 20142015 学年第二学期期末考试 高一英语 必修 4 考试时间:120 分钟...

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福建省福州市第八中学2017-2018学年高一下学期期末考试英语试题 Word版含答案 - 福州八中 2017-2018 学年第二学期期末考试 高一英语 必修 4 考试时间:120 分钟 ...

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福建福州市第八中学2014-2015学年高一下学期期中考试英语试题 (Word版含答案) - 福州八中 20142015 学年第二学期期中考试 高一英语 必修 3 考试时间:120 分钟...

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福建省福州市第八中学2017-2018学年高一下学期期末考试英语试题 Word版含答案 - 福州八中 2017-2018 学年第二学期期末考试 高一英语 必修 4 考试时间:120 分钟 ...

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福建省福州市第八中学2014-2015学年高一下学期期末考试数学试题 Word版含答案_高中教育_教育专区。福州八中 20142015 学年第二学期期末考试 高一数学 必修 4 ...

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福建省福州市第八中学2014-2015学年高一下学期期末考试语文试题 Word版含答案.doc - 福州八中 20142015 学年第二学期期末考试 高一语文 必修 4 考试时间:150 ...


福建省福州八中2014-2015学年高一下学期期末考试历史试卷 Word版含答案 - 福州八中 20142015 学年第二学期期末考试 高一历史 考试时间:60 分钟 试卷满分:100 ...

...八中学2014-2015学年高一下学期期末考试物理试题 Wo....doc

福建省福州市第八中学2014-2015学年高一下学期期末考试物理试题 Word版含答案_高中教育_教育专区。福州八中 20142015 学年第二学期期末考试 高一物理 考试时间:...


福建省福州八中2013-2014学年高一学期期中考试数学试题 Word版含答案_数学_高中教育_教育专区。福州八中 2013-2014 学年高一上学期期中考试 数学试题考试时间:120...


福建省福州八中2014-2015学年高一下学期期末考试地理试卷 Word版含答案 - 福州八中 20142015 学年第二学期期末考试 高一地理 考试时间:60 分钟 2015.6.29 ...

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福建省福州市第八中学2015-2016学年高一学期期末考试英语试题 Word版含答案_...福州八中 20152016 学年第一学期期末考试 高一英语 必修 2 考试时间:120 ...


2013-2014学年福建省福州八中高一(下)期末数学试卷与解析word - 2013-2014 学年福建省福州八中高一(下)期末数学试卷 第Ⅰ卷(共 18 题,100 分)一、选择题: ...


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