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I. Choose the best answer. 1). Mr. Smith has a ______ son who lives in London. A. grown up B. grown-up C. grow-up D. grow up 2). I wasn’t injured in the accident because I ______ a seat belt. A. wore B. has on C. dressed D. put on 3). Peter was in trouble himself. Don’t try to _____ him _____ your trouble. A. involved, into B. relate, into C. involve, in D. relate, in 4). Tom and Jerry began to ______ with each other 10 years ago, and now, they still have a good _______. A. operate, operation B. operate, cooperation C. cooperate, cooperation D. cooperate, operation 5). There are a good _______ of choices of vegetables in that grocery. A. variety B. varied C. various D. vary 6). Jim decided to _______ science as his major. A. give up B. get up C. carry up D. take up 7). This performance is given by a team _______ 10 young girls. A. made up B. made up of C. made by D. made from 8). There is ______ water in the kettle. A. no longer B. no more C. not longer D. not more 9). Building the road will _______ the construction of two bridges. A. involve B. contain C. be made of D. include 10). It is the _______ for young girls to wear the necklace. A. fashion B. taste C. style D. habit II. Further Practice 1. Cloze Professor Green, known to the world as a scientist, is not only absent-minded but short-sighted as well. His mind is always busy __1__ scientific problems and seldom notice what is going on around him. One fine day recently, he went for a walk in the countryside, but__2__ he had a book in his hand, and as soon as he set out for his walk he became absorbed in reading. He hadn’t gone far when he bumped into a big cow and fell down. In the fall, he had lost his glasses, without which he couldn’t see. He thought he had his head__3__ a fat lady. “I’m sorry, Madam.” he said politely before searching for his glasses. As soon as he had__4__ , he realized his mistake. __5__ he was fixing his mind on his book__6__ and paid no attention to anything else. He had__7__ been walking for five minutes when he fell over again, __8__ both his book and his glasses. This time he got very angry, taking his umbrella, he gave the “cow” a wild blow. Then, __9__ his glasses, he realized with horror(惊恐) that he made a second mistake. A large fat woman was __10__ away from him in a horror. 1. A. to think B. thinking C. thinking about D. to think of 2. A. sometimes B. as usual C. often D. usually 3. A. to B. against C. about D. onto

4. A. put it on B. taken them off C. put them on D. taken them out 5. A. Very quick B. Fast C. Soon D. At once 6. A. always B. again C. usually D. very much 7. A. hardly B. often C. yet D. still 8. A. holding B. getting C. finding D. losing 9. A. after wearing B. before taking off C. after holding D. before wearing 10. A. run B. to run C. running D. ran 3. Translation: 1.他的演说对大家震动很大。 (impact) ______________________________________________________________ 2.你知道怎样操作这台机器吗?(operate) ______________________________________________________________ 3.Hans 先生 1995 年在德国开始从事工程师的工作。 (take up) ______________________________________________________________ 4.我不希望你牵扯到他们的争吵中去。 (involve) ______________________________________________________________ 5.这所夜校的学生来自社会各界。 (all walks of life) ______________________________________________________________

1. 2. 选择正确答案: Can you tell me the name of the factory _______ you visited last week. a. what b. where c. / d. when I don’t like __________ you speak to her. a. the way b. the way in that c. the way which d. the way of which All _______ is needed is oil. a. the thing b. that c. what d. which Finally, the thief handed everything ________ he had stolen to the police. a. which b. what c. whatever d. that In fact the Swede did not understand the three questions ________ were asked in French. a. where b. who c. in which d. which Is this the factory _________ you visited the other day? a. that b. where c. in which d. the one The wolves hid themselves in the places _________ couldn’t be found. a. that b. where c. in which d. in that Didn’t you see the man ___________ ? a. I shook hands b. whom I shook hands c. I shook hands with him d. I shook hands with The scientist told us it was the smallest living thing ________could be seen under

3. 4. 5.

6. 7. 8.


a microscope. a. that b. which c. with which d. that we 10. Mr. Smith will never forget the days _______ he spent with his students. a. when b. which c. during which d. on which 11. We are talking about the piano and the pianist _______ were in the concert . a. which b. whom c. who d. that 12. The girl _________ an English song in the next room is Tom’s sister. a. who is singing b. is singing c. sang d. was singing 13. Is there anything else __________ you need ? a. which b. that c. who d. what 14. He talked happily about the man and the books ______ interested him greatly in the school. a. which b. who c. when d. that
在下列各句空格中填入适当的关系代词或关系副词或介词+关系代词: 1. The house ___________ I would like to buy is not for sale. 2. Thank you for the help ___________ you have given me. 3. He gave money to the man ___________ carried his luggage. 4. Is there anything ___________ you don’t understand? 5. Do you know anyone __________________ wants to buy a second-hand motor-bike? 6. The bicycle _____________ my uncle gave me was very expensive. 7. The thief _____________ had robbed the man was caught by the policeman. 8. He went to the primary school ______________ he once studied for four years. 9. What’s the address of the factory ____________ advertisement we noticed the other day? 10. All __________ glitters is not gold. 11. I saw some trees __________ leaves were black with disease. 12. Is there any reason _________ you should have a holiday? 13. He may be late, in __________ case we ought to wait for him. 14. This is the longest bridge __________ have ever been built. 15. That is the only thing __________ he has in his pocket. 16. It was a meeting __________ importance I didn’t realize at the time. 17. That was the way ____________ he did it. 18. The monument was the first place ___________ they went to visit while they were in China. 19. I know a forest _______________ you can find wild strawberries. 20. This is the stadium __________ he often goes to on Sundays 21. The students ___________you teach are now doing an experiment in the lab. 22. A friend _________ helps you in time of need is a real one. 23. Have you seen the girl _____________ composition we discussed yesterday? 24. Would you mind lending me the bike _________ you have just bought? 25. I want to see and thank the man __________ daughter helped me a lot. 26. The person ____________ they are talking in the offices is Comrade Li, their English teacher. 27. Do you still remember the time _______ we first went to Beijing together several years ago? 28. I don’t know the reason ________ Little Tom is often late for school. 29. Those __________ want to go to the Great Wall may go with us next Sunday.

30. The fourth lesson ___________ we are to learn is much more difficult than the lesson _________ we learned last week. 31. The house ____________ the rich man used to live is a primary school now. 32. The woman _____________ I am sending this parcel is my aunt. 33. The first thing ____________ you must do well in school is to study hard. 34. The river _____________runs through Shanghai is the Huang Pu River. 35. There is little __________ we can do to help him out. 36. This is the office ________________ our beloved Chairman Mao worked from 1949 to 1983. 37. Do you know any of the music ______________ you have listened? 38. The girl student ______________ our teacher is talking is Li Ming’s sister. 39. This is the advanced worker ________________ we have all learned a lot. 40. That was the very day ________________ I first saw Chairman Mao. 41. The teacher _________________ we are waiting is coming. 42. Is it the girl ___________________ you went to the concert? 43. The sun _________________ we get heat and light is the most important source of energy. 44. I have lost the key to the drawer ______________ a lot of money is kept. 45. She has two daughters, both __________________ are women doctors. 46. The buses, most _________________ were already full, were surrounded by many passengers who were going to work.] 47. Do you know the woman ________________ I shook hands just now?

48. Have you find the cave _____________ a lot of gold was hidden by the thief?



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