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2016 江苏建筑职业技术学院单招英语模拟试题及答案
第一节 语法和词汇知识(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 从 A,B,C,D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 21. --_______? --Nothing serious, but a bit tired. A.Is that all anything else C.What‘s the matter with you D.What‘s this B.Is there

22. —Do you enjoy talking with your friends on the telephone or mobile phone? --_______. I like using QQ. A.Neither D.None B.Either C.Any

23. With a travelling speed of up to 350 kilometres per hour, the railway to be built between Beijing and Shanghai _______ the journey time from 12 hours to 5 hours. A.cuts D.has cut B.will cut C.is cutting

24. Friendship is of so sweet and enduring ________ nature that it will last through _______ whole lifetime. A.a;a D.a;the B.不填;a C.the;不填

25.If the building project ________ by the end of this month is delay, the construction company will be fined. A. being completed D.to be completed B. is completed C. completed

26. China, a country with 145 million elderly people, will ________ an aging society during this century, according to Chinese population experts. A.suggest D.become B.remain C.replace

27. ________ by keeping down costs will the company make more money. A.Only D.Yet 28. A book recording former Chinese President Jiang Zemin‘s overseas visits from 1990 to 2002 _______ at Beijing‘s Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. A.had released D.was released B.had been released C.released B.Just C.Still

29. What did the girl come to your factory for? --She wanted a job, ________ she has never experienced before. A.that D.the one 30. I was so ________ with him that I recognied his voice the moment I picked up the phone. A.known D.cautious B.famous C.familiar B.one C.what

31. —Do you find any importance ________ what he said? --No, not at all. A.attached to D.set down B.sent in C.made for

32. –Hi, Jim. _______ you come to my party? --Sorry, I can‘t. I have to do my homework. A.May D.Need B.Must C.Can

33. Though ________ on the farm for ages, he wasn‘t equally treated and wanted to give up the job. A.hiring D.to hire 34. Julia‘s parents were quarrelling about her ________ she was quite unable to tell why. A.unless D.though B.in case C.until B.hired C.hire

_______ difficulties we may come across, we‘ll help one another to overcome them.

35.The actual ____ by which coal is extracted is well worth watching, so the government had a fierce ______ about it. A. process; debate B. progress ; discussion C. procession; quarrel D. procedure; fight

第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每题 1 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从后面所给各题的四个选项(A,B,C 和 D) 中选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 Medicine for the Soul Good advice is like medicine for the soul. What kind of 36 have you recently received? Who do you go to for advice? Do you have a mentor(顾问)? A mentor is a 37 adviser. Parents, teachers and friends are often great 38 . Sports figures, public officials, and nationally known figures can also be good 39 of mentors, but a person with whom you have a personal relationship will most likely be able to 40 you the best advice. Mentors teach things that seem to be 41 sense. Proverbs are wise old sayings that are common in every language and 42 , and can sometimes be 43 for a non-native to understand. For example, all that 44 is not gold (some things are not as 45 as they appear). Advice 46 in newspapers and magazines are another way to 47 advice.

Talk shows on radio and television are also very popular. Americans and Canadians love to 48 themselves. Many people are not 49 to ask for help or 50 about a problem in order to receive advice. People generally will 51 their own experience to 52 their friends. Overcoming a difficult situation is 53 respected in North America. People love to hear motivational(积极的) stories and 54 . One proverb, a friend in need is a friend indeed, shares the concept that a true friend will help you out in times of 55 . 36.A.success 37.A.devoted D.expected B.measure B.united C.position C.trusted D.advice

38.A.interviewers D.competitors 39.A.examples 40.A.consider D.offer 41.A.present D.particular 42.A.experience D.behaviour 43.A.simple D.brief 44.A.glitters 45.A.different D.valuable 46.A.columns 47.A.reduce 48.A.enjoy D.defeat 49.A.brave D.lucky 50.A.talk D.look 51.A.remind D.share 52.A.lead to D.take over 53.A.originally D.closely B.mentors B.methods B.exchange C.followers C.manners C.adapt D.services

B.attractive B.difference B.difficult

C.common C.culture C.natural

B.packages B.negative

C.acts C.primary


B.materials B.add B.teach B.afraid B.bring B.suggest B.set free B.highly

C.wonders C.keep C.express C.honest C.care C.clone C.help out C.equally C.movement C.excitement

D.opinions D.get

54.A.encouragement B.sadness D.adventure 55.A.happiness D.nature B.trouble

第三部分 阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分)
阅读下列短文,从所给的四个选项(A,B,C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 A Dear Dr. Bamford, I know you are a famous scientist who has done great work on cloning animals. Please excuse me for writing to you, but I need your help. Let me explain. I am a 58-year-old man. I‘m very rich. I live in a large house. My wife died three years ago; we didn‘t have children. So, am I lonely? No, because Cindy is with me. Every night we eat dinner together and watch TV. Cindy sits beside me and I feel very happy. I‘m coaxzed with her beautiful green eyes. She‘s also very smart. Sometimes she thinks only about herself. But that‘s what I like about her. She is quite a beautiful Siamese cat. There is no other cat like her in the whole world. These days I worry about losing Cindy. She is getting older and older. Cats don‘t live so long as humans, of course, so she will die before I do. I cannot imagine my life without Cindy. Well, why not get another cat after Cindy dies? Impossible! No other cats ever replace her. I have been thinking about this: Clone Cindy. Scientists are able to clone sheep and mice and other animals. They should be able to clone cats without much difficulty. Luckily, I am a rich man. I don‘t care how much money I will spend cloning Cindy. I think it‘s ok to clone pets. It‘s not cloning humans. What do you think? Could you clone Cindy? Sincerely, A rich man 56. The writer has written the letter to Dr Bamford to _________. A.show how smart his cat is B.explain why he lives alone

C.ask whether the scientist could clone his cat for him D.show what he wants to deal with his cat 57. Which of the underlined word has the same meaning as the underlined word ―coaxzed‖ in the text? A.Children are attracted by the toys in the shop.

B.That‘s an expected answer. C.Who was defeated in the end? D.The door was forced open by the policeman. 58. Which of the following sentences is correct according to the text? A.The man got wealthy by feeding smart cats. B.The man explained how his wife died. C.The man thought cloning humans was more difficult. D.The man thought cloning cats should be permitted. B Please do not buy any Parrot with unknown origin. Facing a pity parrot with bad living condition (or maybe even sick), a kindhearted person may have to deal with a big dilemma. Should I buy the bird, take it to the vet. And then leasrreze the bird? Or keep the bird at home? The person may decide to buy the bird. This gesture may save that particular parrot but at the same time encourage the poachers to catch more, naturally killing many more. Members of the public are encouraged to provide information on illegal import, export, selling and possession of endangered species to ACFD(香港 渔农自然护理署). Person who provides true information leading to successful seizure(没收) of endangered species will be rewarded with cash. Please call the 24hour report hotline 2150-6978. Not only in Hong Kong, buying a wild-caught Parrot in mainland China is also unacceptable. Hope everyone will become the ambassador of wild Parrots. Let us catch the poachers, not parrots. Please cherish our natural environment. There is only one planet called the earth. Let us work together to keep the nature‘s biodiversity(生物多样性). 59. From the theme, this text is _______. A.a narrative report B.a notice C.a comment D.a

60. If you find someone selling a precious type of fish in HK, you can _______. A.get a reward B.deal with it

C.call 2150-6978 nature D.keep the balance of

61. The underlined word ―leasrreze‖ in the text means _______. A.set free D.lock up B.feed on C.bring up

62. What does the text mainly discuss? A.It is important to keep the nature‘s biodiversity. B.The wild parrots in HK are being badly hunted. C.Buying wild parrots is against the law in HK. D.People are called on to save the wild parrots. C C

Dogs Smell Cancer in Patients’ Breath, Study Shows
Dogs can detect if someone has cancer just by sniffing the person‘s breath, a new study shows. Ordinary household dogs with only a few weeks of basic "puppy training" learned to accurately distinguish between breath samples of lung - and breast-cancer patients and healthy subjects. "Our study provides clear evidence that cancers hidden beneath the skin can be detected simply by dogs examining the odors of a person‘s breath, "said Michael McCulloch, who led the research. Early detection of cancers greatly improves a patient‘s survival chances, and researchers hope that man‘s best friend, the dog, can become an important tool in early screening. Dogs can identify chemical traces in the range of parts per trillion(万 亿). Previous studies have confirmed the ability of trained dogs to detect skin cancer melanomas by sniffing skin injuries. Also, some researchers hope to prove dogs can detect prostate(前列腺) cancer by smelling patients‘ urine. "Cancer cells emit different metabolic waste products than normal cells,”Broffman said. "The differences between these metabolic( 新陈 代谢的) products are so great that they can be detected by a dog‘s keen sense of smell, even in the early stages of disease. " The researchers used a food reward - based method to train five ordinary household dogs. Encountering breath samples captured in tubes, the dogs gave a positive identification of a cancer patient by sitting or lying down in front of a test

station. By smell alone, the dogs identified 55 lung and 31 breast cancer patients from those of 83 healthy humans. The results of the study showed that the dogs could detect breast cancer and lung cancer between 88 and 97 percent of the time. The high degree of accuracy went on even after results were adjusted to take into account whether the lung cancer patients were currently smokers. "It did not seem to matter which dog it was or which stage cancer it was, in terms of our results, "Broffman said. 63. How long does it take the ordinary household to learn to identify the people suffered from lung and breast cancer? A. A few days. D. A few years. B. A few weeks. C. A few months.

64.If dogs can identify the patients who suffered cancers in early screening, ________. A. the patients will also die the same time as those unidentified B. the patients will die earlier than those unidentified







possibilities to survive
D. the patients will have less possibilities to survive 65. What is not the reason why dogs can detect some cancers even in the early stages of diseases? A. Cancer cells emit different metabolic waste products than normal cells‘. B.Dogs can identify chemical traces in the range of parts per trillion than normal cells. C.Cancer cells‘ metabolic waste products are much different than normal cells‘. D. Because all the cancers are easy to detect.

66. It can be inferred that by smelling the person‘s breath, dogs can detect most of the patients who suffered ___. A. prostate cancer and skin cancer and lung cancer C. prostate cancer and breast cancer cancer B. breast cancer D. lung cancer and skin

D When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876, he could never have predicted what it would be able to do in the future. Now, 130 years later, it‘s no surprise when someone takes out a cell phone to make a call while on the move. But phones are no longer just used to make calls. Japan‘s 90 million cell phone owners also use their machine‘s modern technology and tiny screens (half the size of a business card) to play video games, send e-mails, read news, download music, store photos and surf the Internet. Since April, they‘ve been able to use their cell phones to watch TV. Following several months of test broadcasts, digital TV broadcasts for cell phones with special receivers began in Japan‘s major cities. The special cell phones are hard to find because only a small number were put on sale. The excitement surrounding mobile TV means that the limited number of handsets quickly sold out. Misogo Kado, a 37-year-old software designer from Yokohama, near Tokyo, bought one of the new cell phones earlier this month. He is a big fan of the new technology. ―You know how every cell phone now comes with a digital camera? In the same way, this is going to become a standard feature,‖ Kado said of the TV service. ―It‘s not something you have to pay for. If you‘re buying a cell phone, you might as well get one with it.‖ While the service is new for Japan, it is not the world‘s first. South Korea and Britain have made TV available to their cell phone customers with the use of slightly different technology. The new service in Japan, however, is free. Not only that, it uses broadcasting airwaves(电视频道) instead of an Internet connection. The images are sent through the air by TV towers, not satellites. This terrestrial(陆地的) digital broadcast system means that more people will be able to use the service. Imagine what our phones will be able to do in another 130 years‘ time! 67. What is the best title of the text?

A.A special cell phone. C.How quickly cell phones change. B.Hi-tech into life. D.TV goes mobile.

68. Which function doesn‘t refer to for an advanced mobile phone in Japan in the text? A.Being used as an ID. C.Getting online. music. 69. The writer took Misogo Kado for example to show _______. A.the mobile service is enjoyed only by IT workers B.new technology is always gone after by someone C.it‘s a must to get a cell phone with TV programmes D.digital products are very common in Japanese life 70. From the text we know ________. A.there are 90 million cell phone owners can watch TV with their cell phones in the world B.it‘s easy to buy a cell phone which can receive TV programmes in Japan C.the mobile TV service in Japan differs from those in South Korea and Britain D.it‘s by satellites that the mobile service is sent through the air E
Washington----As high school students in the US head back to class, they might be surprised to find that several different theories on how humankind came to this world might be taught in their science class in the new semester. There is already a centuries-long hot debate about whether people were

B.Taking photos. D. Downloading

created by God or the result of evolution(进化). Started in 1858, when British scientist Charles Darwin published his famous book, The Origin of Species, the debate seems to have never stopped. A third theory called ―intelligent design‖ has joined the debate recently. It says that the evolution of all life is under the guide of a super and unknown power, perhaps it is God. Critics say this opinion is also religious rather than scientific. Many students in religious schools in the US are still taught that all life was created by God, as it says in the Bible.___________Darwin‘s

evolutionary theory says all life on earth has developed from simpler forms of life. The difference between one species and another is due to generations of struggle for survival, resulting in genetic and physical changes. By studying living species and fossils(化石), Darwin came up with the theory of natural selection. He said that over time, only the fittest of the species would survive. These survivors pass on their changes to the next generation to ensure continued survival. Today, the scientific community largely believes evolution is the fact. But some Christians who criticize Darwin‘s theory say it does not show clearly where life come from. People who support intelligent design argue that Darwin failed to fully explain why there are so many different forms of life on the planet. So evolution is also a theory instead of fact. Therefore, other theories should also be taught. Scientists, teachers and even US President George W. Bush are arguing as to whether students should be taught creationism, intelligent design, evolution, or all of them. It may be still early to say where the debate goes. It seems that students need to make their own choice. 71. Which of the following can be put into the blank in the text? A.This is called evolution. creationism. C.The Bible is a great book. B.This is called D.Students don‘t believe it.

72. What are high school students likely to be surprised at according to the text? A.They are to do research study in class on how human came to this world. B.They will head back to class in this new semester to study nature science. C.They need to make the latest choice about several different evolution theories. D.They have to be taught in their science on creationism, intelligent design and evolution. 73. Which of the following belongs to The Origin of Species according to the text? A.God created the world in seven days according to the Bible.

B.Darwin‘s theory does not show clearly where life comes from. C.Darwin fails to fully explain so many different forms of life. D.All life on earth has developed from simpler forms. 74. The underlined word ―It‖ in the third paragraph refers to ―________‖. A.The Origin of Species D.Creationism B.Intelligent design C.Evolution

75. According to the text, the writer‘s attitude is _______. A.that the debate on evolution by Darwin should go on B.the three theories should be taught in the USA C.that it‘s up to the students by themselves in the USA D.that debate among the three theories never ends

第四部分 写作(共两节,满分 45)
第一节 阅读表达:阅读所给的一篇短文,并根据文章后的题目要求进行简答(共 5 小 题;每小题 3 分,满分 15 分) A person, like a commodity(商品),needs packaging. But going too far is absol utely undesirable. A little exaggeration, however, does no harm when it shows the p erson‘s unique qualities to their advantages. To show personal attractiveness in a cas ual and natural way, it is important for one to have a clear knowledge of oneself. A s killed packager knows how to add art to nature without any signs of embellishment (装饰),so that the person so packaged is not a commodity but a human being, li vely and lovely. A young person, especially a female, shining with beauty and full of life, has all t he favor granted by God. Any attempt ____________. Youth, however, comes and go es in a flash. Packaging for the middle-aged is primarily to hide the marks made by y ears. If you still enjoy life enough to keep self-confidence and work at pioneering wo rk, you are unique in your natural qualities, and your attractiveness and grace will re main. Elderly people are beautiful if their river of life has been, through plains, moun tains and jungles, running its course, as it should. You have really lived your life, whi ch now arrives at a self-satisfied stage of quietness and calmness with no interest in fame or wealth. There is no need to make use of hair dyeing. The snow-capped mou ntain is itself a beautiful scene of fairyland. Let your looks change from young to old i n step with the natural ageing process so as to keep in harmony(和谐)with nature,

for harmony itself is beauty, while the other way round will only end in unpleasantne ss. Elderly people are usually packed like a finely—made book st as a As long as one finds where one stands, one knows how to package oneself, ju

commodity sets up its brand by the right packaging. 1.What is the best title of the passage? (Please answer within 10 words) _________________________________________________________________________ _____ 2. Which sentence in the passage can be replaced by the following one? To be in the elder‘s company is like reading a thick book of deluxe (better qual ity) edition that attracts one so much as to be unwilling to part with.

___________________________________________________________________________ __ 3. Please fill in the blank in the passage with proper words or phrases to complete the sentence. (Please answer within 10 words.)

___________________________________________________________________________ _ 4. What do you think of ―to keep in harmony with nature‖ according to the author? (Please answer within 30 words.)

___________________________________________________________________________ _ 5. Translate the last paragraph into Chinese.


___________________________________________________________________________ _


第二节 书面表达(满分 30 分) 假定你是李华,看到班上有部分同学在完成作业时,不自己独立完成而是抄袭他 人的作业,针对这种现象,请你以 My opinion on copying others‘ homework 为题谈谈 你自己的看法。 主要 原因 作业量大,偏难 对功课不感兴趣,懒惰 完成任务,取悦老师 个人 看法 抄袭不对,违反校规 要诚实,勤奋学习 有困难可请教同学和老师 注意:1. 短文必须包括所有内容要点,可适当发挥;2. 短文标题与开头已为你写 好,不计入总词数:3.词数:100 左右。 My opinion on copying others‘ homework It is known to us all that some students copy others‘ homework.______________________ _____________________________________________________________________ ________


[单项填空] 21.C 22.A 23.B 24.A 考查交际用语。从答语可知是表示“你怎么了”。 考查不定代词区别。题干中提到两种谈话方式均不喜欢,故用 neither。 考查动词时态理解。从题干中的 the railway to be built 知应该用将来时态。 考查冠词用法。第一空后的名词 nature 意为“本性”,再根据此处的 so…that 结构知应该填 a;第二空 lifetime 前有形容词修饰,表示泛指,也 应该用 a。本题较难,易误选 B 和 D。 25.D 考查非谓语。to be completed 用作定语表示将来动作。being completed 表示正在进行的动作。completed 表示已完成的动作。 26.B 考查动词区别。根据题意知应该是“仍然保持在老龄社会”这种状态,故用 B 项。由于前面提到已经有 145 million elderly people,因此,不应该是 become(变成)老龄社会。本题较难,易误选 D。 27.A 考查倒装句理解。本题表面上考查副词区别,其实应该是“only+状语”用于 句首时,主、谓部分倒装。 28.D 考查动词语态。首先根据题干只能用过去时态,而 book 与 release 之间只能 是被动关系。 29.B 考查定语从句理解。此定语从句缺少先行词,故用 one 代替,而且它作前面 a job 的同位语,因此,不用 the one。 30.C 31.A 考查形容词区别。这里构成 be familiar with 搭配,符合语境要求。 考查动词短语区别。选项用过去分词短语作定语,根据题干知只有 A 项符 合,其意为“与……有联系”。 32.C 33.B 34.D 考查情态动词区别。从答语知表示能力,故用 can。 考查非谓动词理解。主语 he 与 hire 之间是被动关系,故用过去分词作状语。 考查状语从句理解。根据题意知应该用 though 引导让步状语从句。

35. A 考查名词辨析。process 意为―过程;?进程;工序;手续‖,可与介词 by 搭 配, debate “辩论”,一般指在正式会议上就重大问题所进行的,严肃认真的,常常 是激烈的争论。;progress 意为―前进:进展;进步:(帝王等的)游历‖, discussion “讨论”:procession 意为―(列队的)行进;(人或车辆等的)队列;一(长)列‖, quarrel“争吵”;procedure 意为―步聚:(外交、军队等的)礼仪‖,fight“战争”。根 据题目的意思结合选项应选 A。

[完型填空] 36.D 37.C 38.B 39.A 考查主题理解。本文的主题就是讲获取建议,从前后句提示可知。 考查推理判断。既然你找一个顾问,他肯定是个值得信任(trusted)的人。 考查上下文提示。从上文提示可知。 考查推理判断。前面提到是体育明星等,显然是作为顾问的好“例子”。本题

较难,易误选 D。 40.D 41.C 42.C 43.B 考查句意理解。这里指提供建议。 考查句意理解。这里 common sense 意为“常识”,结合下文提示可知。 考查推理判断。谚语当然是产生于各种语言和文化中的。 考查常识理解。显然一个谚语对非母语的人来说理解是“困难的”。本题较

难,易误选 A。 44.A 考查动词区别。这里 glitter 意为“发光”,构成谚语,即“发光的不一定都是 金子”。本题较难,易误选 B。 45.D 46.A 考查名意理解。这句是对前面谚语的解释,显然只有 valuable 符合句意。 考查推理判断。从后面的 another way 可知是指媒体上的“建议专栏”。本题

较难,易误选 B。 47.D 48.C 考查句意理解。这里指获取建议。 考查动词区别。这里构成 express oneself 搭配,意为“表达自己的心声”, 符合语境。本题较难,易误选 A。

49.B 50.A 51.D 52.C 53.B 54.A 考查上下文提示。从下文知他们是不害怕寻求帮助。本题较难,易误选 A。 考查动词区别。这里是“谈论”自己的问题。 考查句意理解。这里指“分享”自己的经历。 考查句意理解。这里应该是“帮助朋友摆脱困境”,故用 help out。 考查推理判断。这里指十分受尊重。 考查上下文提示。从前面的 motivational stories 可知应该是积极向上的内容, 故 A 项正确。本题较难,易误选 D。 55.B 考查推理判断。既然是帮助朋友,当然是在他们有 trouble 的时候了。


考查目的推断。通读文章可知这个富人写信的目的就是想打听是否可以克隆 他的猫。


考查词义猜测。文章中划线词是命题者虚构的一个单词,根据该词所在的句 意知其意为“使入迷;被吸引”,故 A 项正确。


考查正误判断。A 项与文章意思不符合,文中没提到他是如何致富的;B 项文 章中没提到;C 项并不是那个人的观点;通过推理判断知 D 项正确。


考查文体理解。A 项指“记叙”,B 项指“通知、告示”,C 项指“评/议 论”,D 项指“报道”。本文是提醒人们不要购买野生的 Parrots,以及如何 对付那些贩卖野生动物者,显然本文是一个告示,故 B 项正确。

60.C 61.A

考查细节理解。从第二段最后一句可知。 考查词义猜测。文章中划线词是命题者虚构的一个单词,从该词所在句的意思 及后一句 Or keep the bird at home?的意思可知其意为“释放”,故 A 项正 确。


考查主旨理解。文章第一段讲述不要购买 wild parrots,第二段讲述非法拥有 wild parrots 都是违法的,最后一段讲述保护生物多样性的重要性,因此,D 项最能概括文章的主旨。



64.C 65.D 66.B 67.D 推断题。根据文章第二段首句得出答案。 判断题。根据第三段内容得出答案。 推断题。根据文章倒数第二段最后一句可知答案。 考查主旨理解。A 项太普通,不吸引人;B、C 两太笼统,与文章联系不紧 密;D 项既点题,又吸引人,故为文章的标题。本题较难,易误选 C。 68.A 69.B 考查细节理解。从文章第二段知只有 A 项手机用作“身份证”没提到。 考查推理判断。A 项中 only by IT workers 与文章内容不符合;C 项与文章第 五段中的倒数第二句不吻合;D 项显然与本主题联系不大,故只有 B 项正 确,从该手机受欢迎的程度可推知。 70.C 考查推理判断。A 项中 in the world 不对,应该是 in Japan;B 项容易购买此 新型手机与文章内容不吻合;C 与文章中六段正好吻合;D 项与文章第七段 不吻合。 71.B 考查篇章结构理解。该空前面讲述上帝创造人,后面才讲述达尔文的进化 论,因此,应该是 B 正确。其中 C、D 项干扰很强,C 项与下文联系不大, 而 D 项与前文则矛盾。 72.A 考查细节理解。从文章的第一段可知。另从倒数第二段可知 D 项内容还没有 确定,因此错误。本题较难,易误选 D。 73.D 考查推理判断。The Origin of Species 一书是达尔文写的,再从第四段空格后 的内容可知。 74.B 75.C 性。 阅读表达答案及简析 1. Packaging A Person (人的包装)或 Proper Packing Makes People Attractive 简析:从整篇文章来看,主要在讲打扮对一个人的重要性,就象商品的包装一 样,打扮能使一个人保持他/她独特的魅力(文章一开始就说“A person, like a commodity(商品),needs packaging.”。)。 考查词义指代。从 It 前的一句可知,这两的并列关系。 考查态度推断。从文章最后一句话可知,其它选项可用排除法来排除其正确

2. elderly people are usually packed like a finely-made book
简析:所给句子的意思是“老年人的社会阅历丰富,就象一本高质量的书对作者有很 大的吸引力,这就是他们的魅力所在。”正好与倒数第二段最后一句中的内容意思相 符。

3. to make up would be self-defeating 简析:第二段一开始就说“青年有着充盈的生命的底气,她亮丽诱人,这是上帝 赐予的神采,任何涂抹都是多余的败笔,...。 4. I think we should follow the ageing process.(Any answer like this can be OK.) 简析:从第二段“Let your looks change from young to old in step with the natural ageing process so as to keep in harmony(和谐)with nature,….”中,我 们可以得知打扮必须随着年龄的变化而变化,不能可以追求与年龄不相符的打 扮,否则会适得其反。 5.①人只要真正找到了自己,就找到了品牌,就找到了恰当的包装。 ② 只要你理解自己所处的境地,就知道该如何包装自己,正如拥有合适包装的商品 成为知名品牌。 ③人只要了解了自己的特点;就知道应该怎样正确地包装自己,就像商品通过适当 的包装之后建立了属于它自己的品牌一样。 简析:as long as“只要......”;just as“就象......一样”

书面表达 [One possible version] My opinion on copying others‘ homework It is known to us all that some students copy others‘ homework. As students, we have to do plenty of homework both at home and at school, but sometimes we have some homework which is too difficult for us. On the other hand, some students are lazy, and are not interested in their lessons. They don‘t work hard. In order to finish the assignments and please their teachers, some students copy others‘ homework. In my opinion, it is wrong to copy others‘ homework because it breaks the school rules. Students should be honest and try to finish our homework by ourselves instead of by copying. Even though we have trouble doing our homework we can ask our classmates or teachers for help.




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