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人教版选修七Unit One 基础知识回扣(原创)

选修七 Unit One Living well 基础知识回扣

Ⅰ. Reading:

Marty’s story


一.语言点: 语言点: 1.ambition: 志向,抱负,雄心/野心[c]/[u] achieve /realize one’s ambition 实现某人的夙愿 ambitious: adj. 有志气的;有野心的 He is a man of ambition. = He is full of /filled with ambition. 他是个有志向的人。 Her ambition is to become a film star.她一心追求的是做电影明星。 have an ambition to do sth /of doing sth= be ambitious to do sth/of doing sth 有做…的志向或野心;渴望做某事 have an ambition for sth = be ambitious for sth 有…的志向/野心;渴望得到… He has an ambition for power. = He is ambitious for power.他怀有权利的野心。 2. suitable: adj. 适合的;适宜的: be suitable for…=be fit for… 适合… This toy(玩具)is suitable/fit for children. be suitable to do sth=be fit to do sth 适合做… The food is not suitable /fit to eat. He is suitable /fit for the job.= He is suitable/fit to do the job. 他适合干这份工作。 3. benefit: vt./vi. (使)受益:A benefit B=B benefit from A 为了…的利益 benefit: n.益处,好处[c]/[u]:for one’s benefit=for the benefit of sb 为了 的利益 beneficial: adj. 有益的,受益的: be beneficial to sb/sth…=be of benefit to sb/sth 对…有益 Sunshine benefits plants. = Plants benefit from sunshine. 阳光使植物受益。 Fresh air is beneficial to our health.= Fresh air is of benefit to our health. 新鲜空气有益于我们 的健康。 4. adapt: (1) vt./vi.(使)…适应: adapt (oneself ) to (doing) sth= adjust (oneself) to (doing) sth… 改编,改写(rewrite): adapt A for B :把 A 改编为/成 B 对比:adapt A from B :A 从 B 改编而来,A 由 B 改编而成: 对比 (2)adaptation: n. 适应;改编(本) adaptable: adj. 能适应的;可改编的 (3)辨析 辨析:adapt & adopt: 辨析 adopt: vt. (1)采用,采纳:adopt a suggestion 采纳建议 an adopted girl 一个养女 (2)收养:adopt a girl 收养一个女孩 He adapted (himself) to the new environment / climate/the change/the dark. (新环境/气候/变化/ 黑暗) The story was adapted for a TV play. 这个故事被改编成了电视剧。 The play was adapted from a story. 这部戏剧由一个故事改编而成。 5. annoy: vt. 打搅,干扰,使烦恼,使生气: annoy sb 使某人生气 annoyed : adj.恼怒的,生气的 (主语是人 ) annoying :adj. 令人恼怒/生气的(主语是物) 对比: sb be annoyed with sb:某人对…某人 某人感到生气(= sb be angry with sb ) 对 某人 sb be annoyed at /about /by sth 某人对/因…某事 物感到生气 某事/物 对 因 某事 annoyance: [u] /[c]: 烦恼/气愤 n. (的事情或原因) 令某人生气的是: to one’s annoyance :

We are annoyed at/about/by the annoying news.= The annoying news annoyed us. 6.as well as : (1) 与…一样好(本义) :She cooks as well as her mother does. (厨艺) (2) …和…: (连接两个并列成分)He speaks English as well as French. 他说英语和法语。 (3) (除…之外)又….:(连接两个并列主语时谓语动词的数与前面的主语保持一致): The teacher as well as the students likes the film. 老师喜欢电影,学生们也喜欢。 (4) as well as 用于句首时后面常用动词的 ing 形式:As well as going to the movies, I spend a lot of time with my pets. 除了 除了和我的朋友一起去看电影外,我还花很多时间和我的宠物在一 外 起。 (5) 对比:as well: “也 “(常用于句末) He sent me a letter and some money as well. 对比: (6) may/might as well :“ 还是…好,不妨做…”We might as well give it to him.我们不妨把这个 给他。 7. conduct: v. (1) 做;进行 进行:conduct a meeting /a survey 举行会议/进行一次调查 进行 conduct an interview 进行采访 conduct an experiment 做实验 指导;引导:He conducted me around the museum.他带领我们参观博物馆。 (2) 指导;引导 (3) 经营,管理: conduct/run/operate a firm 经营一家公司 经营,管理 指挥(乐队) :conduct a band 指挥一个乐队 (4) 指挥(乐队) (5) 传导 传导:conduct electricity 导电 (6)表现;为人 表现; 表现 为人:conduct oneself well 表现好 conduct: n. (不可数) the rules of conduct 行为准则 (乐队)指挥;列车员,列车长 conductor: 指导者;管理者; 8. cut—cut---cut---cutting cut out:(1)剪下 剪下一副图画:cut out a picture (2)删去 删去不重要的细节:cut out the unimportant details 剪下 删去 (3)戒掉; 戒掉; 不吃/不喝 不喝…; 停止做某事(doing sth): out smoking and drinking/fatty food cut 戒掉 不吃 不喝 ; 停止做某事 cut across:穿过,走近路: the field 穿过田野走近路 :穿过,走近路: 砍倒树木: cut down trees cut down: (1) 砍倒 (2) 削减, 减少: cut down the expenses /the cost of…/the staff/smoking 削减 减少 削减费用/开支/精减员工/减少吸烟次数 cut in:插嘴,打断别人说话:She cut in . 她插话。对比 插嘴, 对比:She cut in on our conversation.我们 插嘴 打断别人说话: 对比 谈话时她插嘴。 cut up: 切碎 cut up the meat 把肉切碎 切碎: 切断水电供应:cut off the water supply/electricity cut off:(1)切断水电供应 切断水电供应 (2)中断某人的电话 中断某人的电话:cut sb off : 中断某人的电话 We were cut off in the middle of our conversation.我们正说到到一半,电话被中断了。 (3)隔绝,挡住 The village was cut off by the heavy snow. 这个村庄因大雪与外界隔 隔绝, 隔绝 挡住: 绝了。 9. resign:(1)vt./vi.辞去…的职位/辞职:resign one’s post/position 辞职 resign from a job 辞 去工作 (2) resign sb to…把某人委托/托付给…:I resigned my children to her care.我把孩子 托付给她来照顾。 (3)resign oneself to(doing)sth: 听从;顺从;使自己安于某事 ( ) He resigned himself to his fate. 他只好听天由命了。 You must resign yourself to waiting a bit longer.你们得耐心地多等一会

(4) resignation: n. 辞职,辞呈([c]/[u] );听从,顺从([u]) Tom handed in his resignation. 汤姆递交了辞呈。 She accepted her fate with resignation. 她听天由命。 10. assist: v.帮/援助:assist sb to do sth =assist sb in doing sth = assist sb with sth 帮助某人做某事 assistance: n. [u] 帮助;援助:with the assistance/help of sb 在某人的帮助下 be of assistance to sb 有助于某人:Can I be of any assistance?我能帮什么忙吗? come to one’s assistance 来帮助某人 give assistance to sb =assist sb 帮助某人 assistant: adj. 副的,助理的:assistant professor 副教授 assistant manager 副经理 副的,助理的: n. 助手,助理;商店售货员:She is a shop assistant. 她是商店售货员。 重点单词和短语: 单词和短语 二.重点单词和短语: 1. run two laps 跑两圈 a laptop (computer) 一台手提电脑 2. clumsy: adj. 动作笨手笨脚的/笨拙的;为人不灵活的,不圆滑的: be clumsy with sth /at doing sth 干…时笨手笨脚地 The foreigner is clumsy with chopsticks.= The foreigner is clumsy at using chopsticks. 那个外国人不会灵活使用筷子。 3. in other words=that is (to say) 换句话说;也就是说 (对比 对比:in a word 总而言之;总之) 对比 对比:have a word with sb 和某人谈一谈 谈话 have words with sb 和某人吵架 谈一谈/谈话 对比 谈一谈 吵架 消息”、 诺言 诺言”讲时不可数 不可数:keep/break one’s word 遵守/违背诺言 word 当“消息 、“诺言 消息 不可数 Word came that he won the first prize.消息传来说 消息传来说他赢得了一等奖。 (that 引导的是同位 消息传来说 ) 语从句,解释说明 word 的内容。 4. absent: adj. (1) 缺席的,旷工的;不在场的: be absent from school/work 旷课/ 旷工 (反:be present at the meeting 出席会议) (2) 心不在焉的: He is absent—minded. (3) absence:n.[c]/[u]: 在某人不在的时候:in one’s absence=in the absence of sb : She called in your absence. 你不在时她来过电话。 5. my fellow students/wokers 我的同学/同事 6. make fun of sb (fun 为不可数名词)= play a joke /jokes on sb 开某人的玩笑,捉弄某人 =play a trick/tricks on sb 捉弄人 =laugh at sb 嘲笑某人 7. all in all=in a word=in short 总而言之 above all 最重要的是 first of all 首先 in all (数量 总共,总计:There are 55 students in all in our 数量)总共 after all 毕竟;终究; 别忘了 数量 总共,总计: class.我们班总共有 55 个学生。 8. 对比: at a time :一次,每次 You can’t borrow two books at a time. 你一次不能借两本书。 对比: at one time: 以前, 曾经: one time, I intended to study law. 以前我打算学法律。 At 9. congratulate :v. congratulate sb on (doing) sth 就/关于某事向某人表示祝贺 congratulations: n. (常用复数 ) congratulations on (doing) sth Congratulate you on your success. = Congratulations on your success.祝贺你成功。 重点句: 三.重点句: 1. I was too weak to go to school so my education suffered. 我的身体太虚弱,上不了学,因 太 不 此落下了许多功课。(too…to…太……以至于不能,表示否定含义)

2. Every time I returned after an absence, I felt stupid because I was behind the others. 每次 缺课之后,我就觉得自己很笨,因为我比别人落后了。(every time 为名词词组,此处用作连 词,连接两个句子,类似的短语还有:each time, the first time, the moment, the minute, the instant 等) 3. I am happy to have found many things I can do, like writing and computer programming. 我很高兴 很高兴我能做许多事情,比如写作和电脑编程。 (不定时的完成时:be happy to have done 很高兴 sth 很高兴已经做了…….) 4. My ambition is to work for a firm that develops computer software when I grow up. 我有 雄心壮志,长大后我要在开发电脑软件 开发电脑软件 雄心壮志 开发电脑软件的公司里工作。(to work for a firm 为不定时作表语) 5. To look after my pets properly takes a lot of time but I find it worthwhile. 我得花大量时 间来照顾这些宠物 照顾这些宠物,但我觉得很值 (To look after my pets properly 为不定时作主语) 觉得很值。 照顾这些宠物 觉得很值 6. I have a very busy life with no time to sit around feeling sorry for myself. 我的生活很充 实,没有时间坐着 没有时间坐着顾影自怜。 (with 复合结构;另外 feeling sorry for myself 作伴随状语) 没有时间坐着 7. Having a disability does not mean your life is not satisfying. 身体残疾并不意味着生活不 美满。 (Having a disability 为动名词短语作主语) 给他们以鼓励, 8. Give them encouragement to live as rich and full a life as you do.给他们以鼓励 让他们能 给他们以鼓励 一样过得丰富多彩、 充实美满。 像你一样过得丰富多彩、 一样过得丰富多彩 充实美满 (as+形容词+a/an+n.+as+被比较对象,意为“和……一样”)

Ⅱ. Using language: A Letter to an architect
语言点: 一. 语言点: 1.access: n. (1)通往……的道路:This is the only access to the building.这是唯一一条通往那座 楼的路。 (2) have access to sth 有权利或机会接近或使用…… Students have access to the library during the vacation. 学生们假期期间可以去图书馆借书。 (=The library is accessible to the students during the vacation.) (3) accessible:adj. be accessible to :(地方)易到达的; (东西)易使用的;(人)易接近的: : A manager should be accessible to his staff.经理应该让员工感到平易近人。 。 偶遇某人: 2.meet with: (1)偶遇某人:The poor boy met with a warm-hearted woman.这个可怜的男孩遇 偶遇某人 到了一位好心人。 (2)遇到(好或不好的事情) :meet with one’s approval 得到某人的赞 )遇到(好或不好的事情) : 同或批准 meet with success 获得成功 meet with failure/difficulties/ an accident 遭遇失败/遇到困难/ 遇到事故 二. 重点单词和短语: 重点单词和短语: 1. mind (sb /one’s) doing : 介意某人做某事:Would you mind me/my opening the window? . 你介意我把窗户打开吗? 2. graduate from….从….毕业 after graduation 毕业后 receive one’s graduation certificate 获得 毕业证书

3. be adequate for sb/sth 对…..来说是足够的/充足的 足够的/ 足够的 He is adequate for the job. = He is up to the job. 他能胜任 能胜任这项工作。 能胜任 4. approve:(1) vi. 赞成 赞同:approve of sth.: I don’t approve of his conduct. 我不赞成他 赞成,赞同 赞同: : 的做法。 (2) vt. 批准: 批准: approve sth : The manager approved the plan.经理批准了那项计划。 5. in a row: )一排,一行:stand in a row 站成一排 (1)一排,一行: : ( (2)连续地: win the election 3 times in a row 连续 3 次在竞选中获胜 )连续地: 划船: 划船:row a boat 划船 6. in particular 特别,尤其 特别, be particular about….对……挑剔 7. lift a stone 举起一块石头 take the lift down to the first floor 乘电梯到达一楼 give sb a lift home 让某人搭便车回家 8. suggest: 建议:(1) suggest sth 建议 建议: 建议…… (2) suggest (sb/one’s) doing sth 建议做某事 (3) suggest that sb (should) do sth. 建议某人做某事(虚拟语气) 建议某人做某事(虚拟语气) 暗示,表明: 用真实语气) (用真实语气 暗示,表明: 用真实语气) ( They suggested that she (should) make a working plan.= They suggested her making a working plan. 他们建议她做一份工作计划。 His expression on his face suggested that he was delighted.他脸上的表情表明他很快乐。 重点句: 三.重点句: 重点句 1. In particular I wonder if you have considered the following things. 尤其 尤其是以下几点不知 不知 您是否考虑到了。 wonder if 表达一种委婉语气,译为:想知….是否) (I 您是否 2. The buttons in the lifts should be easy for a person in a wheelchair to reach. 电梯的按钮应 当让乘坐轮椅的人容易够到 的人容易够到。(句型:主语+be+adj.+for sb+to do sth 对于某人来说做…是… 让 的人容易够到 样的,不定时主动表被动) 3. It would be handy to have lifts to all parts of the cinema. 影院内的各个部分都安装电梯就会很方便 (it 作形式主语,不定时作真正主语) 方便。 方便 It would be more convenient to place the toilets near the entrance to the cinema. 在影院 入口处的附近安排 安排厕所会让残疾人感觉更加方便 方便。 入口处 安排 方便 课文中的重点短语: 四.课文中的重点短语: take part in competitions 参加比赛 break the record 打破记录 pass the university entrance exams 通过大学入学考试 go to the movies 去看电影 play a major part in the school play 在 学校戏剧中扮演主要角色 take singing and dancing lessons 上歌舞课 in addition 除……之外 be the same as 与…一样 dream of/about doing sth 梦想做…ignore sb/sth 忽视… be ignorant of sth 愚昧无知 feel sorry for sb 同情… become independent 变得独立 have a chance to do sth 有机会做某事 thank sb for doing sth 因为…而感谢某人 make it 成功;按时到达 develop a disease 患上一种疾病 be supposed to do sth 应该做某事 go hungry 挨饿


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