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第六单元-9BU1 知识梳理及练习 牛津英语 9A 第六单元
一、根据汉语提示填词 1. The news was later ____________ (证实)by the government. 2. Wherever you are, you can ____________ (联系)me on this number. 3. The woman was so ____________ (恐惧的,惊吓的) that she couldn’t say anything. 4. It was said that a ____________ (珠宝)shop had been robbed. 5. It is well-known that no ____________ (指纹) are the same in the world. 6. A good beginning makes a good ____________(结尾). 7. I ____________(想知道)if you can come tomorrow. 8. He hurt his finger and it was _________ (流血) badly . 9. The ________ (凶手) was caught by the police at last . 10. There is something wrong with the central ________ (系统). 11. His words _________ (证明) himself to be right . 12. She broke the ______ (记录) of high jump at the sports meeting . 13. They met with a storm at sea. They had been _____(挣扎) until they were saved. 14.The man was guilty of ______(盗窃)last year 二、用所给单词的适当形式填空 1. My necklace is not the only thing that is ___________( miss ). 2. A witness saw a man _______ ( run ) quickly out of the Sunshine Shopping Mall just now. 3. The police _____________( have ) three suspects now. One is a ______ ( cook ) , the other two are ___________( salesman ) . 4. He was charged with ____________ ( break ) into several computer systems. 5. Was the man ___________( real ) at his sister’s wedding that day? 6. The little girl was last seen ____________ ( leave ) home at about 7:00 p.m. 7. Today is an ___________ ( usual ) day, because he won a great prize. 8. When she went to feed Polly, it ____________( disappear ). 9. This ______________ ( rob ) happened at 3 o’clock in the afternoon on Tuesday. 10. I think ______________( complain ) too often isn’t a good thing. 11. We knew who the _____________( murder ) was after the police solved the case. 12.The old man was the first man __________ ( call ) the police after the accident. 13. So far, two witnesses ______( prove ) that Mr Li was not at the scene of the crime at that time. 14. Does the first suspect have a ____________ ( crime) record? 15.If I were a ______( million ) , I would help the _____ ( need ) children in poor countries. 16.The young man isn’t a ____________ ( rob ) , I’m sure he’s not __________( guilt ). 17. No one except Millie and David ____________ ( have ) been to China before. 18. They saw the suspect ____________( stand ) in the doorway of the shop. 19.This street may be very dangerous, _____________( especial ) at night. 20.Detective Lu said that he ____________( put ) up a drawing of the suspect the next day. 21.We’ll want to know if the victim has any ____________( enemy ). 22. On _____________ ( child ) Day , children are________ ( dress ) in beautiful clothes. 23.The ____________( die ) of the dog made the family very sad. 24.Be careful! There may be some ____________ ( thief ) on the bus. 25. I think it’s ______________( high ) possible that he is guilty. 26. We are asking anyone who saw anything ____________ last night to contact us.(usual) 27. He was seen_______ (clean) his office at about 5:30. 28. The young superstar’s ____________ (die) is a great loss to the film industry. 29. Does he have any criminal records for ____________ (thief)? 30. The boss will move to Moon Town for ____________(safe). 31. Who ____________ (want) on the phone just now? 32. She said she ____________(see) the film twice .

三.词汇 (15 分) A) 根据汉语意思,完成句子,每空一词 1. This scientist devoted himself to ________(培育)plants that can grow on Mars. 2. The ________ (大气) of Mars is 95 per cent carbon dioxide. 3. We all know that China has the largest ________ (人口) in the world. 4. The students on Mars will study at online schools instead of _______(正常的)schools on Earth. 5. It’s hard to ________ (想象) living in a place where there are no cars. B) 根据句意及所给首字母提示,写出单词的适当形式,使句子意思完整正确 6. There are eight p________ in the solar system and Earth is one of them. 7. Before the Project of Sanxia, many s________ left their hometown and moved to other places. 8. This kind of skirt is very f________ at the moment. Many young ladies wear it. 9. There are lots of d________ of living on Mars. So we won’t move out of Earth to Mars. 10. C________ with life on Earth, life on Mars will be better in many ways. 四.选词填空(30) cause, different, good, give, early, ten, whether, they, also, return The year’s always seen many comebacks: Faye Wong and The Little Tiger 1__________ long-time-no-see performances at the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. On April 16 and 17, Twins will 2__________ to the Hong Kong Coliseum(红馆) for a concert that marks their 3__________ anniversary(周年纪念). The Twins’ comeback is a bit 4________ from Wong’s and The Little Tigers. Back in 5__________ 2008, the sexually photos taken by Edison Cha 6________the group to break up. In a way, the comeback concert will be a test of 7_______ they can return to where they were, or something 8_______. It’s easy to imagine the pressure they’re under right now. No one is perfect, even some great people. That’s probably because they always show 9_______ bright side on stage or on the red carpet. But they’re people, after all. They 10______ make mistakes and work harder to stand up. 1._________ 2.________ 3. ________ 4. ________ 5. ________ 6. ________ 7. ________ 8. ________ 9. ________ 10. ________ 五、根据汉语意思,完成句子。 (10 分) 1. 我本来认为你在家里。 ____________________________________________________________________ 2. 我们的地球变得越来拥挤了。 ____________________________________________________________________ 3. 数学考试时他太紧张了,以致犯了很多错误。 ____________________________________________________________________ 4. 我不知道将来的生活会是什么样子的。 ____________________________________________________________________ 5. 我们应当尽力防止水被污染。 ____________________________________________________________________



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