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M5 U3 作业 (1)

English Assignment
2018 届高三复习 M5U3 Life in the future

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Class __________ Name ___________No.___________ Mark__________ Ⅰ 卷: 主观题(共 52 分)
Ⅰ.单句语法填空 (共 10 题,每题 2 分,共 20 分) 1.Tim knew it would soon _______________ (swallow) by the waves. 2.Obviously,students are terrible at _______________ (adjust) their sleep cycles to their daily schedule. 3.After a week,the two groups switched ______________ participants. 4.He took a medical examination two days ago and now he is anxious ___________ (know) the result. 5.He's very optimistic _________________ his chances. 6.She made a good impression ________________ his mother. 7._____________ (raise) in the poorest area of Glasgow, he had a long, hard road to becoming a football star. 8.He showed us around the factory,____________ all these used materials would be recycled. 9.Physical expressions of anger are generally considered too socially harmful to ______________ (tolerate). 10.In his black and blue suit and with an oxygen tank _________ (fasten) on his back, Larry dived from boats into the middle of the ocean. Ⅱ.单句改错 (共 6 题,每题 2 分,共 12 分)

【仿写】他的理论很难懂。His theory ___________________________________________. 3.过去分词短语作状语 【仿写】受到老师的责备, 女孩哭了起来。 __________________________________________, the girl began to cry. 4. where 引导定语从句: 【仿写】你能设想这个单词被使用的场合吗? Can you think out a situation _______________________________________________________? IV .阅读理解(共 9 题, 每题 2 分, 共 18 分) A When I began planning to move to Auckland to study, my mother was a little worried about the uncertainty of living in a place that was so different from India, where we lived. She worried particularly about the lack of jobs, the cultural differences and the chance that I would face racism. Despite these worries, I came to New Zealand in July, 2009. I have found the place and people very nice and supportive. Soon after I arrived, I realized the importance of getting a job to supply my living expenses. Determined to do this on my own, I spent a whole day going from door to door asking for a job. However, I received little or no response. This became my routine every day after college for a few weeks. One afternoon, I walked into a building to ask if there were any job opportunities. People there were very surprised, and advised me not to continue my job search in that manner. As I was about to leave, a clerk in the building, who had been listening to what the others had said, approached me and asked if I would wait outside. Fifteen minutes later, he returned. He asked me what my plans were and encouraged me to stay confident. He then offered to take me to the Royal Oak area to search for a job. I was a little surprised, but had a good feeling about him, so I went along. Along the way, I realized that I had run out of copies of my resume (简历).The man stopped at his business partner’s office to make me 15 extra copies. He also gave me tips on dressing and speaking, and added that I should give him a call if I ever needed anything. I handed out my resumes and went home feeling very satisfied. The following day, I received a call from a store in Royal Oak offering me a job. It seems that the world always gives back to you when you need it. And this time, it was a complete stranger who turned out to be a real blessing. 1.What wasn’t the author’s mother worried about? A.People might look down on the author . B.The author couldn’t speak the local language. C.The author wasn’t familiar with local customs. D.It might be difficult for the author to find a job. 2.After staying in New Zealand for a short time, the author________. A.decided to go back to his own country B.felt the local people were not very friendly C.had to find a job to cover his living expenses D.wanted to get a job that needed practical skills 3.When the author went into a building to look for a job, ________. A.a clerk gave him encouragement and advice B.he was confident that he would find a good one C.he found many college students like him already there D.a clerk recommended him to the company he worked for 4.What is the story mainly about? A.How a stranger offered the author a job. B.How a stranger turned out to be a real blessing. C.How the author adapted himself to a new situation. D.How the author was helped to get a job by a stranger.

call in; in sight; take advantage of ; worry about; remind ...of; speed up; lack of; in no time;

as a result of; take on

1. For miles around us there was nothing but an ice desert, without a single plant or tree __ . 2. His mother was seriously ill and a doctor was ___ . 3. Students should ________________their spare time to study. 4. _________ her daughter, the mother came to see her yesterday. 5. They the production of the new car in order to meet the people’s requirements. 6. The film ___ me my life in the countryside. 7. The project had to be given up for ______ money. 8. _______ bad weather, we delayed our sports meeting. 9. After one year’s construction, our school __ a new look. 10. I’ll be ready ________ . Ⅲ. 句子仿写(共 4 题,每题 5 分,共 20 分) 1. 特殊疑问词+插入语(do you think/suppose/expect/believe 等)+陈述语序 【仿写】你为什么认为他们会按时到呢? ______________________________________________________________________________________ 2.形容词+不定式(作状语)

B 篇(2017· 山西太原市高三模拟试题二) How to get along with your boss In your career, you may have to report to a manager, the person you call boss. __1__ Here are some tips to help you develop an effective relationship with your boss. The first step is to develop a positive relationship with your boss. Relationships are based on trust. __2__ Keep timetable commitments (承诺). Never blindside your manager with surprises that you could have predicted or prevented. Keep him/her informed about your projects and interactions with the rest of the organization. Tell the boss when you've made an error or one of your reporting staff has made a mistake. __3__ Lies or efforts to mislead always result in further stress for you as you worry about getting “caught”. Communicate daily or weekly to build the relationship. Recognize that success at work is not all about you. __4__ Identify your boss's areas of weakness or greatest challenges and ask what you can do to help. What are your boss's biggest worries? How can your contribution reduce these concerns? Understand your boss's goals and priorities. Place emphasis on your work to match his/her priorities. Think in terms of the overall success of your department and company, not just about your narrow world at work. __5__ Does he/she like frequent communication, autonomous (自主的) employees, requests in writing in advance of a meeting, or informal conversation as you pass in the hallway? Your boss's preferences are important. The better you understand him/her, the better you will work with him/her. If you sometimes disagree and occasionally experience an emotional reaction, don't hold hatred. Don't make threats about leaving. Disagreement is fine. You need to come to terms with the fact that your boss has more authority and power than you do. A.Value your boss's time. B.Do what you say you'll do. C.Identify what he/she values in an employee. D.Coverups don't contribute to an effective relationship. E.Put your boss's needs at the center of your universe. F.Learning how to read your boss's moods and reactions is also helpful. G.The relationship with your boss is important for your work success and career progress.

Ⅱ.完形填空(共 20 题,每题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) A year ago I went through one of the most difficult times in my life. I had 41 all my business within a month. I chose a less crowded area for tourists to see if I could gain my 42 in life again. I booked a day trip to see the 43 . I sat in a little motor boat with 5 other people to see the whales. We 44 saw a couple of water spouts(水柱), which our guide said were whales. To my amazement, all of a sudden, one 45 right in front of my face. Everyone 46 to take pictures of her under the water 47 she swam away. She looked me right in the eye. I 48 out to touch her. She stayed out of the water long enough for me to 49 her. It was an amazing feeling. Then she swam away. A little later, the guide 50 that two whales were coming close to the boat. It was my new friend with her baby. It was 51 to see how she pushed her baby towards our boat. She was bringing her baby to 52 me! On the trip back everyone was 53 talking about the experience. The guide told us that only once before had he witnessed a whale allowing 54 to touch it. Why did this happen? I have no 55 for why she chose me for the special advantage. Maybe the mother whale 56 my sadness. She helped me to see the light, 57 I was in a very dark place. That 58 meeting paved the way for me to put life back into perspective(远景). That huge beautiful creature made me 59 that despite the obstacles life puts in your way, there is always an opportunity for a new 50 . You must never give up. 41. A. recovered B. gained C. done D. lost 42. A. wealth B. confidence C. victory D. experience 43. A. whales B. friends C. sprouts D. pictures 44. A. still B. already C. also D. soon 45. A. sank B. surfaced C. dived D. escaped 46. A. feared B. hesitated C. tried D. pretended 47. A. before B. when C. after D. while 48. A. climbed B. swam C. jumped D. reached 49. A. smell B. catch C. feel D. see 50. A. yelled B. warned C. urged D. insisted 51. A. boring B. unbelievable C. frightening D. uncomfortable 52. A. attack B. meet C. scold D. thank 53. A. carelessly B. naturally C. regretfully D. cheerfully 54. A. someone B. me C. everyone D. him 55. A. excuse B. explanation C. reason D. responsibility 56. A. sensed B. predicted C. enjoyed D. shared 57. A. for B. even though C. if D. as though 58. A. regular B. normal C. magical D. common 59. A. think B. remember C. recall D. understand 60. A. boating B. swimming C. beginning D. meeting

M5U3 课时作业答案 答案 1.be swallowed 2.adjusting 3.with 6.on 7.Raised 8.where II. 1.in sight 6. reminded; of 2. called in 7. lack of 4.to know 5.about 4. Worried about 5. speeded/sped up 9. takes on 10. in no time 9.be tolerated 10.fastened 3. take advantage of 8.As a result of

5.选 C 此处为该段主题句,根据下文内容可知,本段主要讲述的是,要弄清楚老板喜欢什么样 的员工。C 项意为“确定他/她看重员工的哪方面”,体现了本段的中心,符合语境。故选 C。

完形填空 41—45 DBADB

46—50 CADCA

51—55 BBDAB

56—60 ABDCC

III.1.Why do you think they will arrive on time? 2.is very difficult to understand 3.Scolded by the teacher 4.where this word can be used 1.解析:选 B 细节理解题。根据第一段的最后一句可知,作者的母亲在其去新西兰留学之前担 心他找不到工作、不适应当地文化以及可能会受到种族歧视,文中并没有提到对其语言差异方面的担 心,即 B 项正确。 2.解析:选 C 细节理解题。根据第二段的最后一句可知,到新西兰不久,作者就意识到要找份 工作来补贴生活费的重要性了,即 C 项正确。 3.解析:选 A 细节理解题。根据第四段的倒数第二句以及第五段的“He also gave me tips on dressing and speaking”可知, 作者去一栋写字楼里找工作时, 一个好心的职员给了他一些鼓励和建议, 即 A 项正确。 4.解析:选 D 主旨大意题。根据最后一段的总结以及对全文的整体理解可知,本文主要讲述的 是作者在新西兰留学期间如何在好心人的帮助下找到第一份工作的故事,故 D 项正确。 语篇解读:本文讲述了与老板相处的秘诀。 1.选 G 根据空处上句“在职场你得向你的经理,你称之为‘老板’的人报告”和下句“以下 一些建议帮助你跟老板形成有效的关系”可知,空处选 G“你与老板的关系对于你的工作成就和事业 的进步很重要”。G 项承上启下,符合语境。
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2.选 B 根据空后一句“Keep timetable commitments (承诺).”和空前一句可知,B 项“做你说 你要做的事情”符合语境。 3.选 D 根据上句“当你或你的报告人员犯错误时你要告知你的老板”和空后一句可知,本处 应选 D“掩饰错误并不能有助于形成有效的上下级关系”。 4.选 E 本段主要讲要考虑整个部门和公司的成功,而不是自己的成功。故选 E“把老板的需要 放在首位”,空处下句“发现老板的弱项或者他面临的挑战,问问他你能帮助做什么”承接 E 项。



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