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Module 1 Unit 1 Friendship

Module 1 Unit Target Topics vocabulary
Friends and friendship interpersonal relationships

Unit 1


upset, ignore, calm, concern, loose, Netherlands, German, series, outdoors, dusk, thunder, entire, entirely, power, curtain, dusty, partner, settle, suffer, highway, recover, pack, suitcase, overcoat, teenager, exactly, disagree, grateful, dislike, tip , swap, item add up, calm…down, have got to, be concerned about, walk the dog, go through, set down, a series of , on purpose, in order to , at dusk, face to face , no longer, suffer from, get/be tired of , pack (sth) up, get along with, fall in love (with…), join in ,have trouble in doing sth

Functional Items

Agreement and disagreement (同意和不同意) Agreement: I agree. Yes, I think so. So do I. Me too. Exactly. No problem. Sure. Certainly. Of course. All right. You are right/ correct. Good idea. I think that’s a good idea. Disagreement: I don’t think so. Neither do I. That’s not right.. Yes, but… I’m afraid not. No way. I’m sorry, but I don’t agree. Of course not. I disagree. I wonder if…我想是否…… It is … that… 强调句型 There was a time when… 曾经有一段时间…… It is/ was the first time that sb has/ had done sth 这是某人第一次做…… It’s no pleasure doing sth. 做……没有什么乐趣 I would be grateful if … 直接引语和间接引语(Direct and indirect speech) 1. 陈述句 Direct: “I don’t want to set down a series of facts in a diary,” said Anne Indirect: Anne said that she didn’t want to set down a series of facts in a diary. 2. 一般疑问句 Direct “Does a friend always have to be a person?” the writer asks us. Indirect The writer asks us if a friend always has to be a person. 3. 特殊疑问句 Direct “ What do you call your diary?” Anne’s sister asked her. Indirect Anne’s sister asked her what she called her diary.

Sentence Structures

Grammar Focus

Period 1
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I. Learning aims 1. Learn the new words and expressions in this unit by heart. 2. Grasp the usage of the key words and expressions. II. Key words and expressions 预习提示:阅读以下词和词组的用法。翻译例句,找出不懂的用法或例句,理 解并记住词的搭配以及拓展用法。 1. add up… 把…加起来 …add up 积累,累积 Add up all the money I owe you and I will pay it off at a time. The dirt added up on my desk while I was away on business. 拓展 add…to…把…添加到…上 add to…增添(麻烦、欢乐等) add up to 合计达 ,总共为

① The coffee will taste better if you add some sugar to it . ② The cost adds up to 100 million. ③ Fireworks added to the attraction of the festival night. 2. upset adj. 心烦意乱的,不安的 I was very upset because I left my purse on the taxi. 拓展 vt. 使不安,使心烦; 把…打翻; 打乱 His cheating in the exam upset his head teacher. Children’s plan for a picnic was upset by the heavy rain and they were upset about the matter. 3. ignore 忽视;不理睬 We should never ignore the value of knowledge. I made a suggestion, but she ignored it. 4. calm …down… / …calm down (使)平静; (使)镇定 After he had some brandy, he called down. She was mad at first but we finally managed to calm her down. calm adj. (湖面、海面)风平浪静的; (人)镇静的 On the day he left for Australia, the sky was blue and the sea was calm. We are asked to stay calm when a fire breaks out. 5. be concerned about / for 为…担忧(担心) ; be concerned with/in 涉及到…;与…相关连 The mother is concerned about her baby’s health. The news report was concerned with the missing child. 拓展 ① ②

concern vt. 与…相关; 使某人担心 n. 关注,关心 concerning prep. 关于, 与…有关 As far as sb/ sth is concerned, 就…而言 ① ② ③ ④ There is an article that concerns the rise of the prices. Her illness concerns her parents. The local government expressed great concern for the people in the disaster area. As far as I’m concerned, life is not always satisfying.

6. go through 经历 Frank went through many dangers during the war. 下列语境中 go through 的意义你能意会吗? ① She went through the company’s accounts(账目),looking for some problems. 意为 __________________ ② We spent several days going through all the books concerning my report. 意为 ________________ ③ I have gone through all the money my parents gave me in half a month. 意 为 ____________________ 7. set down 写下,记下;使…下车; 制定(规章、法律等) If you set down your wish, it is easier for you to realize it. The school bus set the pupils down at the school gate. Many rules of the game have been set down up to now. 拓 展 set out 出发 set up 成立,建立 set off 动身,引爆 set about doing sth 着手做… set aside 把…放一边;留出,拨出(时间、金钱等) 8. on purpose 故意地,有意地 (= by design) She broke the dish on purpose to show her anger. 拓 展 for/with the purpose of 为了…目的 Yi Jianlian joined the NBA for /with the purpose of further improvement. 9. in order to do 为了做… (= with the purpose of doing …) 否定:in order not to do 为了不做…… He stands on the chair in order to reach the book on the shelf. In order not to forget what his teacher told him, he set it down. 拓展 in order to do 放在句中和句首皆可,放于句中时可换用 so as to do, 句首时不可换用; in order that…为了…,that 后面跟句子 Tell your doctor your detailed medical history in order that / so that he can give you the accurate(准确的) treatment.

10. in one’s power 处于……的控制之中 If I got him in my power, I could ask him to do anything I want. be in power 在掌权,在执政 come to power 开始掌权 11. settle vi. 安家,定居; 停留(常与 on 连用) settle down 定居下来,安定下来 settle vt. 解决 (= solve/ handle) The problem was finally settled. The bird settled on the branch. 12. suffer from (表疾病或造成不幸和痛苦的名词) He often suffers from headaches these days. She suffered from loneliness, but she had to learn to like it. 拓展 Our city suffered serious damage from the earthquake. During the war they suffered many hardships. recover from …从…恢复(痊愈) recover sth 重新获得…,重新找回 It took a long time for him to recover from the operation. Police have so far failed to recover the stolen jewellery. 13. recover v. recovery n.

suffer 可作接物动词,后接 pain/ defeat/ loss/ poverty/ hunger/ hardship/ damage 等。

14. get tired of sth / doing sth 厌烦… (动作) (= get bored with) be tired of sth/ doing sth 厌烦…(状态) We get tired of having the same kind of food every day. 拓展 be tired from/ with… 因为…而疲劳(疲惫) You may be tired with / from reading, but you should not be tired of it. 15. pack (up) sth 把…打包,整理, 收拾…… pack n. 背包 = backpack 16. get along with sb 与某人相处 get along with sth 进展… get along well/ badly / nicely with… He is getting along nicely with his co—workers/ his study. 17. have trouble/ difficulty in doing / with sth 做……有困难 He doesn’t have much trouble/ difficulty with English grammar. I have some trouble in finding my purse. 18. fall in love with… 爱上… (动作) be in love with … 与…相爱 (状态)

He fell in love with music when he was a child. We have been in love with each other for 10 years.


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