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1.还盘的内容 2.还盘信的基本写法 3.还盘信中常用的词汇及表达方式


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counter-offer 还盘,是外贸业务用语,指受盘 人对收到的报盘提出修改条件。该词可作动词或 名词。 If our offer is not acceptable, please fax your best counter-offer. 如果不能接受我方报盘,请发传真告知你方最 好的还盘。 The price you counter-offered is unreasonable. 你方还盘价格不合理。

Definition of a counter-offer:
A counter-offer is virtually a partial rejection of the original offer. It also means a counter proposal put forward by the buyer.

Letters including a counter-offer can be written in the following structure:
1. Open the letter by thanking the recipient for his offer. 2. Decline the original offer by providing the recipient with detailed and reasonable reasons. 3. Put forward the desired business conditions and try to persuade the recipient to accept them. 4. Close the letter by expressing expectations for a favorable reply.

Dear Mr. Zhang,
Re: Green Tea Extract and Porcelain Tea Set

We acknowledge with thanks receipt of your offer of May 8 for the subject goods. In reply, we regret to say that we can’t accept it. Your prices are rather on the high side and out of line with the world market. Information indicates that some parcels of Japanese make have been sold at a much lower level.

We have seen your samples and admit that they are of high quality, but there should not be such a big gap between your prices and those of other suppliers. In order to conclude the transaction, we suggest that you reduce the prices of both products by, say 30%. We hope you can accept the counteroffer and wait for your favorable reply. Truly yours, Global Tea Bags (Pvt) Ltd

Your price is too high. 你方价格太高。 类似的表达方式还有: Your price is a bit high. 你方价格有点高。 Your price is excessive. 你方价格过高。 Your price is rather stiff. 你方价格相当高。 Your price is prohibitive. 你方价格令人望而却步。 Your price is found on the high side. 你方价格偏高。

In regard to

as to

? In regard to shipment, we hope it will be made within one week.
关于装运,我们希望能在一个月之内装运。 ? In regard to insurance, we will cover for 110% of the invoice value. 关于保险,我们将按发票金额的110%投保。

recommend ? We take the advantage of recommending our new products which have been selling well in Europe. 我们利用此次机会向你们推荐新产品,这些产品 在欧洲销售很好。 ? We recommend you to make the payment by L/C for it will give you some additional protection. 我们建议你们用信用证付款,这会给你额外的保护。

make some concessions ? If you could make some concessions, say a reduction of 10%, we may conclude the transaction. 如果你能让步,比方说10%,我们也许能达成交易。 ? We won’t make any concessions, for we will not make any profits at the price you named. 我们不能让步,因为以你们指定的价格我们将无 利可图。

Let us meet each other half way… ? Let us meet each other half way and make the payment by D/P. 让我们双方各让一步,用付款交单的方式付款。

? 让我们双方各让一步,将价格降低5%。
Let us meet each other half way and reduce the price by 5%.

tie up


? To make the payment by L/C will tie up our money. 用信用证付款将占据我们的资金。

? The purchase of raw material has tied up our money, so we can’t make the payment immediately.
购买原材料占据了我们的资金,所以我们不 能立即付款。

make the payment ? For special products like flowers, we request the payment to be made in advance. 对于像花这样的特殊产品,我们要求预先付款。

? 因为订购量很大,所以我们要求用信用证的方 式付款。
Since the order is quite large, we request the payment to be made by L/C.

We regret to say that … ? We regret to say that we are not in a position to reduce the price to the level you mentioned. 我们很遗憾,我们不能将价格降到你提及的水平。

? 我们很遗憾不能在一个月内装运。
We regret to say that we can’t make the payment within one month.

It our usual practice to…我们的惯例是…

? It is our usual practice to cover the insurance for 110% of the invoice value.

? It is our usual practice to place a trial order before placing a large one.


The best we can do… ? The best we can do is to give you a discount of 20%.

? 我们最多只能将价格降到每个23欧元。

The best we can do is to reduce the price to 23 each.

We wish to draw your attention to the fact that … 请注意
? We wish to draw your attention to the fact that we will not accept the payment by D/P for orders of $10,000 or more.

请注意我们对于金额达到1万或1万美元以上 的订购,不接受付款交单的付款方式。 ? 请注意此报盘的有效期为5天。

We wish to draw your attention to the fact that the offer is valid for 5 days.


? If you can guarantee payment, we will forward them the shipment on D/P basis.
如果你们担保付款,我们将按付款交单把这批 货发运给他们。 ? It is impossible for us to guarantee the time of arrival.


guarantee ? We are ready to allow you a 3% commission provided you can guarantee a yearly turnover of ?75000 for a start.

倘若作为开端你方能保证一年营业额达 75000英镑,我方乐于给予3%的佣金。

conclude v. 达成,缔结(条约等);决定 Britain concluded a trade agreement with China. 英国和中国签署了贸易协定。 Once the price had been agreed, a deal was quickly concluded. 价格一经商定,交易很快就达成了。 We have concluded a transaction with ABC Company on a wide variety of light industrial products. 我们与ABC公司就多种轻工业品达成了交易。

conclusion n. 结束,议定,结论

They decided to bring the negotiation to a speedy conclusion. 他们决定尽快结束谈判。 We have come to the conclusion that it would be unnecessary to import a machine at such a high price. 结论是没有必要进口价格如此高的机器。 I came to/ reached the conclusion that we must do business with foreign countries on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. 我认为(我看)我们应该在平等互利的基础上同海外 各国做生意。

valid adj. 有效的 The old price list is valid until the 31 August. 旧价格单有效期至6月31日止。 The L/C is valid up to the end of December. 该信用证有效期至12月末。 The offer is valid for three weeks. 该报盘有效期为三个星期。 validity n. 有效 The agreement shall become null and void automatically upon expiration of its term of validity. 本协议期满后自动无效。 The term of validity is one year. 有效期为一年。

limit n. & v. 限价 limit a price; give a limit 限价 buy (sell) at limit 限价买进(卖出) buy below limit 低于限价买进 sell above limit 高于限价卖出 exceed a limit 超过限价

Exceptional adj. 例外的,异常的 Please understand that this is an exceptional treatment. 这是一个破格的待遇,请理解此点。 Exception n. 例外,除外 To make an exception of 对……破例 It is our practice to require sight L/C. We cannot make an exception of this transaction. 需要即期信用证使我们的惯例。对这笔交易我们不能 例外。

With the exception of 除……以外 All the items listed are of interest to us with the exception of Item 3 and 5. 单上所列除第三和第五项以外我们都感兴趣。 Without exception 一概,无例外的 All the three orders without exception must be shipped in May. 三笔货物一律都须在五月 装运。

? n. 账目,账款,账户 ? We keep an account with the Bank of China, Beijing. 我们在北京那个中国银行开有账户。 ? a. For account of 为…… 代…… 受……委托 ? We hereby issue an irrevocable L/C in your favour for account of China Trading Co.. ? 受中国贸易行的委托,开给你放不可撤销的信用 证一份。

? b. For sb’s account, for the account of sb 由某人 负担 ? The arbitration fees shall be for the account of the losing party. 仲裁费用须由败诉一方承担。

? c. On account of 由于, 因为 ? On account of lack of direct steamer, please allow transhipment in your L/C. ? 因为没有直达船,在你的信用证中请注明准许转 船。

? d. to take …into account 考虑,重视 ? You should take into account not only the price but also the quality. 你应予以考虑的不仅是价格,而且 还有质量。 ? e. on one’s own account 为了自己的利益,自行 负责 ? We buy this commodity for a friend of ours, not on our own account. ? 此商品是我们代朋友买的而非为我们自己。 ? f. not on any account 无论如何不 ? Not on any account shall the safe be opened without my express orders. ? 没有我明确的指示, 无论如何不能打开保险箱。

? v. 与for连用 ? a.说明, 是……原因 ? It is impossible or us to account for the delay. 我 们无法解释耽搁的原因。 ? b. 占…… ? Oil exports account for 30% of the total export bill.石油出口额占出口总账单的30%。

Specimen letter ? Dear sirs, ? Tin Foil Sheets ? We wish to thank you for your letter of the 20th inst. Offering us 50 long tons of the captioned goods at $135 per long ton CFR Shanghai, usual terms. ? In reply, we very much regret to state that our end-users here find your price too high and out of line with the prevailing market level. Information indicates that some parcels of Japanese make have been sold at the level of $125 per long ton. ?

? Such being the case, it is impossible for us to persuade our end-users to accept your price, as material of similar quality is easily obtainable at a much lower figure. Should you be prepare to reduce your limit by, say 8%,we might come to terms.

? It is in view of our long-standing business relationship that we make you such a counteroffer most favourable and fax us acceptance at your earliest convenience. ? We are anticipating your early reply. ? Yours faithfully,

? Inst. =instant: this month ? Prox.= proximo: next month ? Ulti.= ultimo: last month

Translate the following: ? 敬启者: ? 兹确认已收到你方5月17日第LT/531号电传, 请 我们将男士衬衫的价格减10%。 非常抱歉, 我们 发现难以满足你们的要求,要求如果把质量考虑 在内,我们的价格是最合理的价格。然而,为了 在你地拓展市场,我们已决定接受你方还盘,只 此一次,下不为例。 ? 我们希望尽快成交,敬候佳音。 ? 诚挚问候


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