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Test for U3,M5 life in the future

Unit 3 Life in the future
Class________ NO.______ Name____________ Score _____________ I. 根据提示填写单词。8%
1. The beauty of Xiamen has made a good ________________ on the child. 2. A s__________is a place where people have come to live and have built homes. 3. Although his health was very poor, he was really _________________ (乐观的). 4. Camels(骆驼) can live without food or water for several days in the d______________. 5. People have become increasingly self-centered and _____________. (贪婪的) 6. We take all our bottles and newspapers to be __________________. (回收利用) 7. He can hardly find a job in the canteen, because he has had no________(先前的) experience of this kind of job. 8. The house is situated in very pleasant s________________(环境).

II.用所给短语的适当形式完成下列句子。 (多余一个)18%
be back on one’s feet ; sweep up; slide into; for lack of; previous to; out of sight; as a result of take up; on earth ; catch sight of ; 1. ___________________________ coming here, I worked in Shanghai 2. He decided ________________________ photography as his career. 3. I was walking alone in the street when I ___________________ an old friend of mine. 4. At the railway station, the mother waved goodbye to her daughter until the train was ______________________. 5. Who___________________ is the man you spoke to? 6.Today all flight at the New Baiyun International Airport of Guangzhou have to be cancelled, _____________________foggy weather. 7. Take these tablets the doctor prescribed and you'll soon ___________________________. 8. They ________________________a bad habit of smoking. 9. More and more high-rise buildings have been built in big cities_____________________space.

III.翻译句子。 29%
1.因为担心这次旅行,头几天我心里总是不踏实。结果我得了时间滞后症。 _______ _______ the journey, I was unsettled for the first few days. As a result, I _______ _______ “time lag”. 2.时间舱在轻轻左右摇晃,我们放松地躺在那里做梦。 The capsule began swinging gently side ways as we lay ____________ and _____________.

3.可是,当我们到达一个看上去像大市场的地方时,我看不见王平了,因为太多车子朝四面八方飞 However, I lost sight of Wang Ping when we reached _______ ________ __________ a large market because of too many carriages flying by_______ ____________ _________________. 4.直到那时,我才意识到我被送到未来。 Only then______ __________ _________ that I _________ ______________ ___________ the future. 5.别当心,我不会占用你太多时间的. Don’t worry, I won’t ________ _________ ________ ______ of your time. 6.这些照片使我想起小时候和爷爷一起度过的日子. These photos ______________ ________________ _____________ the days that I spent with my grandpa. 7.使我印象深刻的是那美丽的海滩. _________ _____________ _________ _________ is its beautiful beaches.

Ⅳ. 完形填空 20%
One day I took a bus with my girlfriend. It was so_1__that we stood for several stops until a vacant seat

was__2__for her. Then a pretty girl rushed towards me, saying, “Hi, where are you going?” I was so struck by the stranger that I had a hard time trying to __3__ her. Clearly she had taken me __4__ somebody else. I returned her greeting with politeness, __5__ to give explanation to my girlfriend later. Noticing my dialogue with somebody else, my girlfriend__6__ her eyes and found she was pretty. She asked jealously, “Who's she?” The pretty girl, quite__7__of the situation, spoke out first, “Hi, let me__8__myself. I' m Nancy, used to be __9__. Very glad to meet you.” She behaved very __10__. But I was __11__ to search in my memory for someone called Nancy among my neighbors. I was worrying how to explain this to my girlfriend __12__ the pretty girl again turned to me, “Will you give me your cell phone number so that we __13__ keep contacts(联系) later?”I had to submit to her __14__. Then the girl got off the bus at the next stop. A minute later I got a short __15__ on my phone-from a stranger. My girlfriend __16__ my phone and read the note. It was from the girl, who said, “Just now, two thieves tried to __17__ your pocket. I had to act as an acquaintance to draw your attention. I should have left at the __18__ stop but gave up as I noticed these two thieves also __19__ to leave at the same stop. Because of the __20__ I delayed my departure. Now you' ll understand all I have done to you. Wish you luck.” 1.A. tiring 2.A. ready 3.A. identify 4.A. on 5.A. preferring 6.A. fixed 7.A. proud 8.A. explain 9.A. partners 10.A. naturally 11.A .in a hurry 12.A. while 13.A. would 14.A. request 15.A. suggestion 16.A. removed 17.A. steal 18.A. terminal 19.A. pretending 20.A. incident Ⅵ.阅读 10%

B.slow C.crowded B.available C.special B.realize C.remind B.by C.with B.planning C.managing B.opened C.raised B.careful C.afraid B.enjoy C.introduce B.neighbors C.friends B.generously C.cautiously B.at a loss C.at ease B.before C.when B.can C.should B.question C.command B.warning C.notice B.seized C.found B.reach C.get B.former C.previous B.intending C.demanding B.matter C.accident

D.messy D.suitable D.judge D.for D.promising D.focused D.aware D.help D.colleagues D.normally D.in time D.until D.must D.opinion D.message D.caught D.pick D.latter D.announcing D.affair

Everyone knows that the French are romantic, the Italians are fashionable and the Germans are serious. Or do they? Are these just stereotypes or is there really such a thing as national character? And if there is, can it affect how a nation succeed or fail? At least one group of people is certain that it can. A recent survey of the top 500 entrepreneurs (实业家) in the UK found that 70 percent felt that their efforts were not appreciated by the British public. Britain is hostile to success, they said. It has a culture of jealousy (嫉妒) . As a result, the survey said, entrepreneurs were “unloved, unwanted and misunderstood”. Jealousy is sometimes known as the “green-eyed monster” and the UK is its home. Scientists at Warwich University in the UK recently tested this idea. They gathered a group of people together and gave each an imaginary amount of money. Some were given a little, others a great deal. Those given a little money were given the chance to destroy the large amounts of money given to others—but at the cost of losing their own. Two thirds of the people tested agreed to do this. This seems to prove the entrepreneurs were right to complain. But there is also conflicting evidence. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) recently reported that the UK was now the world’s fourth largest economy .That is not bad for people who are supposed to hate success. People in the UK also work longer hours than anyone else in Europe. So the British people are not lazy, either. “It’s not really success that the British dislike,” says Carey Cooper, a Professor of management at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. “It’s people using their success in a way that seems arrogant (傲慢) or unfair or which separates them from their roots .” Perhaps it is the entrepreneurs who are the problem. They set out to do things in their way. They work long hours. By their own efforts they become millionaires. But instead of being happy they complain that nobody loves them. It hardly seems worth following their example. If they were friendlier, people would like them more. And more people want to be like them. 21. What does the underlined “it” in the second paragraph refer to? A. One group of people B. A great survey C. A nation D. National character 22. Most entrepreneurs surveyed believe that . A. the British public are hardworking B. they are not popular simply because they are successful C. love of success is Britain’s national character D. they are considered as “green-eyed monsters” 23. What does the result of the Warwich University test show ? A. Most people would rather fail than see others succeed B. Two thirds of the people tested didn’t love money C. An imaginary amount of money does not attract people D. Most people are willing to enjoy success with others

24. The writer of the passage seems to suggest that . . A. jealousy is Britain’s national character B. British entrepreneurs are not fairly treated C. the British dislike the entrepreneurs because they do not behave properly D. the scientists at Warwich University did a successful test 25. Which of the following statements is true according to the passage? A. Everyone knows that the French are romantic, the Germans are fashionable and the Italians are serious. B. About 350 entrepreneurs in the UK felt that their efforts were not appreciated by the British public. C. The British people are not lazy and they work longer hours than anyone else in the world. D. Carey Cooper said that the British really dislike success.

26. Though ______ money, his parents managed to send him to university. A. lacked B. lacking of C. lacking D. lacked in 27. She cried ________ she heard the news. A. the instant when B. for an instant C. the instant D. in an instant 28. ______with so much trouble, we have so much difficulty in completing the task on time. A. Face B. Facing C. Faced D.To face 29. In 1942, Columbus reached ______ is now called America. A. that B. what C. where D. which 30. Our teacher treats him well _______ he were his son. A. as though B. as if as C. even if D.even though 31._____in white uniform, he looks more like a cook than a doctor. A. Dressing B. Dressed C. Having dressed D. To dress 32. Among all the presents _____ a very nice watch, which was given by my teacher John. A. includes B. included C. is included D. are included 33. They should make _________ to the new environment A. adjustments B. settlement C. motivation D. combination 34. The teacher walked to lab, ________. A. followed by his students B. and followed by his students C. both A and B 35. ___________ into the house, the thief was soon caught by the police. A. Having seen him steal B. Seeing him steal C. Seen stolen D. Seen stealing 36. The house ______ in the big storm, the workers are rebuilding it now. A. destroyed B. was destroyed C. destroying D. having destroyed 37. ________ from the top of the mountain, we can get a wonderful view of our city. A. See B. Seen C. To see D. Seeing 38. With the book she needed _______, she went out to the bookstore, ______. A. buy, satisfied B. buying , satisfying C. bought, satisfied D. to buy, satisfying 39.The driver is driving his car_____120 kilometers per hour at least, which frightens the passers-by much. A. with a speed B. in a speed of C. at a speed of D. by a speed 40.In many people’s opinion, that company, though relatively small, is pleasant___________. A. to deal with B. dealing with C. to be dealt with D. dealt with


impression; settlement desert; greedy; surroundings

optimistic; recycled ;previous

II. Previous to; to take up; caught sight of; out of sight;on earth; as a result of be back on your feet; has slid into;for lack of Ⅲ1. worried about; suffered from 2. relaxed and dreaming; 3. what looked like; in all directions 4. Did I realize ,was transported into 5. take up too much 6. remind me of 7. what impressed me most 完型 CBADB CDCBA 阅读 D BACB 单选 CCCBA BCAAD





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