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英语:Module 4 Unit 2教学设计(外研版七年级上)

Module 4 My family Unit 2 I have got a small family
一、语言知识目标 1、词汇 aunt grandfather grandmother grandparent uncle have got email him 2、语法 have(has)got 表示―有‖(肯定 、否定、疑问) there be 句型的 阅读与应用 二、语言技能目标 1、能阅读包含 there be 句型的有关家庭介绍的短文。并会在 there be 句 型中,用 how many 提问。 2、能用 have(has)got 句型写出简短的介绍家庭的句子,并能正确运用大 小写,以及句号和问号。关于这个问题要重点强调。 3、能从电子邮件中获取信息 4.能用 have got 写一篇小作文 My family. 三、情感态度目标 1、培养对家庭的爱和对家庭成员的关心 2、培养对不幸家庭同学的同情和帮助

教学过程 Teachers’ Activity Teaching steps 1.Warming-up Ask the students’ to bring out their family photo to introduce their family members. Students ’Activity The students introduce their members to the class and write the new words about their family name in this unit

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2.In put

1. Ask Ss ―What do you call your father’s / mother’s brother / sister ?‖ 2. Discuss the pictures and run through the phrases on page22 with the class 3.点拨: (1) Thank you for ―因…而感谢‖ 例如: Thanks for your help=Thanks for helping me (2) or 的 用 法 . ①选择问句中意思是 ―或者,还是。‖例如: Is he a doctor or a teacher? ②否 定 句 中 意 思 是 ―和,与。‖例如 He can’t speak or walk. ③句 型 ― 祈 使 句 +or+ 陈述句‖中意思是―否 则,要不然。‖例如: Work hard or you’ll fall behind。 Ask Ss work in pairs.

1. Answer the questions and match the words in box A with the words in Box B. 2. Work in pairs. Talk about their own families like this: A: Have you got a small or a big family? B: I’ve got a small /a big family, There are___ people in my family. 3.Read the email,找 出里面的知识点,读 一读, 背一背。 (Read and write the import words, phrases and sentences.)


1:Ask and Answer like this: A: I’ve got a small/a big family. There are ________ people Have you got a small or a big family? B: ____________

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4:Out put

1:play the tape. Ask Ss to listen carefully and answer the questions. 2:Ask Ss to read the Email 3:Ask Ss Do Wb Ex.12 on page86. 4:Ask Ss to say what we use each one for eg: Capital letters for names and at the beginning of a sentence question mark at the end of the questions?

1:Listen to the tape carefully and answer the questions: (1).How many people are there in Betty’s family? (2).Is Betty’s family small? (3).Has Betty got any brothers or sisters? (4).How many people are there in Tony’s family? 4:Do parts4 and5 on Page23.


1. Thank you for _________(help)me. 2. I’ve got a pen (用 a pencil 改为选择疑问 句) 3. She has got some brothers and sisters,(改为 否定句) 4. There are five people in her family.(对划线 部分提问) What have you learnt this class? 归纳总结

6;Summing-up 7:Homework

1.用 have got 写一篇小作文 My family. 2. Do Wb Ex.12 on page86.


本单元阅读的特点与前三个模块中的阅读不同, 这里是问题在前, 根 据问题选择不同的阅读方式是阅读的策略之一, 能帮助学生养成有目 的阅读的好习惯。

达标题 一、根据句意和首字母提示完成句中单词 1、 I’ve got a s_____ family. 2、 My g____is a teacher in a university .She loves her students 3、 Thank you for your e____ 4、 Lingling has got an American f____. 5、 Tony is in China w____his mum and dad. 6、 Tony hasn’t got any grandparents with h____in China . 7、 There is a l____ next to the classroom.
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8、 Wang Hui is from Shanghai .He is t____years old. 9、 Helen isn’t in C____Two .She is in Class One. 10、Have you g____ a picture of Jackie Chan? 二、单项选择 ( )1、Are there any children in the boat? Yes,_____ A .there aren’t B.they are C. there are D.there is ( ) 2、___cats are there in the tree? There aren’t any. A What B How many C Where D How old ( )3、___the boy in front of the classroom? He’s Tom A Who’s B How’s C Where D What’s ( )4、_on the floor? There are ten chairs. A How many B What’s C How old D Where’s ( )5、What’s this? ____a bike. A its B It’s C Its D That is ( )6、I think the man ____in your school. A is B are C isn’t D aren’t ( )7、On the wall ____a map of the world . A have B has C there has D there is ( )8、There ____picture in the book. A isn’t B isn’t a C isn’t any D aren’t any ( )9、In his bag he ____a new story book. A there is B is C has D have ( )10、Are there ____flowers in the picture? Yes,there is _____ A any,any B some ,some C any,one D some,any 三、按要求改写句子 1、 She has got some brothers and sisters.(改为否定句) She____got____brothers____sisters. 2、 There are five people in her family.(对划线部分提问)
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____ ____people____ ____in her family ? 3、 My friends have got some books. (改为一般疑问句) ____your friends____ ____books? 4、 Have you got any sisters? (作否定回答) ____,I____. 5、I can see six monkeys in the park. (就划线部分提问) ____ _____ ____ can you see in the park 。 达标题答案 一、1.small 2.grandmother 3.emil 4.friend 5.with 6.him 7.library 8.twelve 9.Class 10.got 二、1.C 2.B 3.A 4.B 5.B 6.A 7.D 8.C 9.C 10.C 三、 1.hasn’t,any,or 2.How many ,are there 3.Have,got,any 4.No,haven’t 5.How many monkeys Module 4 达标检测题 一、根据句意及首字母提示补全句中所缺单词 1、How about g _______to Paris for a holiday? 2、I’m from China、I can speak C_______ . 3、My mum works in a hospital、She is a d_________. 4、It’s 12:00 . I usually have l________ at school. 5、The New Year Festival f ______at the Lantern Festival After two weeks. 6、I’m thirsty. 1 would like a cold d_______. 7、In Spring Festival, people put up red l ____to get good luck. 8、It’s very late now. I have to 1_______.Good bye,dear. 9、There are many famous r______ on this street、Let’s go and try some food. 10、C _______are very useful machines now. They help people do many things. 二、用所给单词的适当形式填空 1、—Where _______your mother_____(work)? —She_______ (work)in the library . 2、Would you please let me_______ (have)a break? 3、She often_______ (wash)her face at six o’clock . 4、_______ (Joy)sister studies in England .
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5、_______ (they)clothes are wet in the rain . 6、— _______Jim’s mother_______ (make)a kite at the moment? —No,she’s_______ (cook) . 7、Who usually_______ (do)the shopping in your family? 8、—_______Ann and Kate_______ (shop)now? 9、Little Bob_______ (have)a nice toy car now . 10、There_______ (be)some books and pens on the desk . 三 单项选择 ( )1、—____you like some milk,please? A、Can B、Do —No,thanks . D、Are —Yes,they are .


( )2、—What are you doing? —We are getting ready____ the Spring Festival . A、for B、to C、with D、of

( )3、____ you ____ the room every day? A、Does,clean C、Is,cleaning B、Are,cleaning D、Do,clean

( )4、—____do you come late?—Because I get up late . A、When B、Why C、What D、Where

( )5、There ___a 1ot of people at the Taijiquan class every day . A、is B、has C、have D 、are

( )6、What clothes ____ she____ today? A、do,wear C、is,wearing B、does,put on D、do, wear —Yes,it ____ . C、don’t D、doesn’t

( )7、—Does the snake eat meat? A、do B、does

( )8、Can you ____Chinese . Mr Gteen? A、talk B、speak C、tell D、say

( )9、—Would you like____ drinks? —Yes,please. 1 want some____. A、some,orange
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( )10、Hart Mei likes apples very much,but she doesn’t like oranges ____. A、a little C、a11 B、very much D、at all

( )11、—What do your brothers do? —One is a teacher,____are students. A、the two C、two other B、the others D、others

( )12、—What does Jim do on Sundays? —He usually goes to ____his parents in New York. A、watch B、look C、see D、with

( )13、—Hi! Ann,I have good news for you. — ____?What is it? A、What B、Who C、OK D、Really

( )14、—What’s Betty doing in her room? —She’s putting____ her clothes. A、in B、on C、for D、at

( )1 5、____people are there in your family? —There are five. A、How many C、How old 四、完形填空 Men don’t cross the Arctic Ocean very 1 2 .It is dangerous、It is dark in winter and very quickly. 5 February 1968, B、How much D、Where

.The ice is 3 ,too. In summer the ice melts(融化)and 4

Wally Herbert started his journey across(横穿)the Arctic、 went 6 He The dogs pulls(拉)sledges(雪撬)that carried equipment(装备)over the slowly for five months、 summer the ice melted In 8

three men and some dogs. 7 .The men travelled

they stopped their journey. They stayed on

a 9 of ice. The ice floated(漂浮)in the water and took(带)them to the north. A 10

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dropped(丢)food and equipment. On April 6th1 9 6 9,they got to the North Pole. Then they travelled to the south. They moved fast and got to land on May 19th. ( )1、A、often B、usually C、always C、hot C、easy C、moves C、/ C、in C、ice C、but C、lots C、bus D、sometimes D、good D、dangerous D、1ives D、With D、for D、grassland D、in the way D、1ittle D、plane

( )2、A、warm B、cold ( )3、A、danger B、safe ( )4、A、gets ( )5、A、In ( ( ( ( ( )6、A、on )7、A、forest )8、A、that )9、A、piece )10、A、train B、carries B、On B、with

B、water B、so B、some B、ship

五、阅读理解 (A) Dear Dad and Mum, How are you ? I’m fine in London at the International School of English . I’m in Class Six with eleven other students. They are from Canada , Japan and Australia . Our teacher’s name is Emma Joans. She helps me a lot and I like her very much . I’m living with an English family . Mr and Mrs Hill have three children . They are David, fifteen, Helen, twelve and Becky , nine . They are all very kind to me . I like to make friends with them, but it’s not easy to understand each other. London is very big and interesting . The weather is good – cold but sunny . English food is OK , too . But I don’t like coffee at all . Write to me soon , please

Love from Han Mei 根据信上内容选择正确答案。 ( )1、How many students are there in Han Mei’s class ? A、Ten. B、Eleven . C、Twelve. D、Thirteen

( )2、In the International School , Han Mei is studying_____ .
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B、French C、Japanese D、English

( )3、Who’s the youngest child in the Hill’s family ? A、Helen. B、Becky . C、David. D、Emma.

( )4、From the letter we know Han Mei doesn’t like_____ . A、the parks in London B、the school in London

C、the weather in London D、some of English drink ( )5、Han Mei writes this letter in______ . A、England B、Japan C、America D、China (B) 这是 Ann 给 Jim 发出的请柬,为了帮助 Jim 记住请柬的主要内容,请根据请柬选择正确 答案。 IT’S MY BIRTHDAY Ann Read hopes you can come to her party ! Time:4:30 Date:Sunday , February 16th Place:Flat 15A Dong Qian Building Telephone:890621 ( )6、This is_______ party . A、a Teacher’s Day C、a birthday ( )7、It is______ party. A、my B、Ann Read’s C、your D、her B、an English D、a Chinese

( )8、It’s going to start at_____ . A、half past five C、a quarter to five ( )9、February 16th is_____ . A、Sunday C、Friday B、Monday D、Saturday B、half past four D、a quarter to four

( )10、She’s going to have her party at_____ .

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A、Flat 1A C、Flat 5B 六、完成句子 1、谢谢你参加我的晚会。

B、Flat 15B D、Flat 15A

_______ you_______ coming to my party . 2、该上学了。 It’s time _____ _____ to school now . . 3、我长大了想当一名医生。 I want_______ _______a doctor when I grow up . 4、他们正在跑步吗? _______ they_______ now ? 5、我们十点半上英语课。 We_______ English lesson_______ half past ten. 七、书面表达

FAMILY TREE Grandmother Li Feng Grandfather Zhang ianguo

Mother WangLan

Father ZhangJun

Son Zhang Ming

Son Zhang Liang

根据上面的家谱来介绍一下 Zhang Liang 的家庭。开头以给出。 Zhang Liang is my classmate.
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检测题答案 一、1.going 2.Chinese3.doctor 4.lunch 5.finish 6.drink 7.lanterns 8.leave 9.restaurant 10.Computers 二、1.dose,work,works 2.have 3.washes 4.Joy’s 5.Theirs 6.Is,making,cooking 7.dose 8.Are,shopping 9.is having 10.are 三、1.C 2.B3.D 4.B 5.D 6.C 7.B 8.B 9.A 10.D 11.B 12.C13.D14.B15.A 四、1.A2.B3.D4.C5.A6.B7.C8.B9.A10.D 五、1.C2.D3.B4.D5.A6.C7.B8.B9.A10.D 六、1.Thank,for 2.to go 3.to be4.Are running 5.have,at 七、答案略

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