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exercises unit 1&2

unit 1 Task 1

Choose the right answers from A/B/C/D.

1 Contrary to our ( ), he didn?t win in the English –speaking contest. A extend B expansion C expectation D expression 2 According to modern ideas, this explanation is ( ) correct . A basic B base C basical D basically 3 The suburbs are an ( ) of cities. A expansion B extend C expensive D expectation 4 I?ve had my eyes tested and the report says that my ( ) is perfect. A observation B vision C mind D value 5 The experts are introducing ( A position B contributions ) to the farmers, which can increase the C performances D innovations productivity.

6 Passengers have to pay ( ) charges for extra baggage. A many B much C additional d additionally 7 Scientists have made a ( ) in the treatment of that disease . A breakthrough B recommendation C contract D performance 8 It was the first time she had seen him ( ) A by person B in person C on person D for person 9 ( ) speaking ,they were all stylishly dressed middle-aged women. A Frank B Frankly C General D friendly 10 Of twenty people who had applied for the job , only two were ( ) it . A fit for B fit C fit in D fit out 11 To ensure this ,we pay close attention to quality and ()programs. A value-adding B value-add C value-added D to value-add 12 After ( ) with the sales manager about the price , we decided to place an order . A negotiate B to negotiate C negotiated D negotiating 13 Please look at the price list ( ) and compare them, then write a report to me . A carefully B careful C carefulness D care

Task 2 1 additional 2 recommendation 3 innovation 4 bear in mind 5 expectation 6 technical 7 stylish 8 contribute to A The strategy to get rid of this situation is ( recommendation )of value and function B The show last night in national theater did not live up to our ( ) C This company follows the business philosophy: design simply yet (stylish ) clothing ,and do it fast enough to stay ahead of imitators . D All those measures ( ) the company ?s leading share in market in Asia E We will review the case thoroughly and carefully ,after that ,we?ll make an( ). Task 3 Match the words ( )1 Meet A desktops ( )2 Make B timely help ( )3 Consumer/ enterprise C capability ( )4 Volume D breakthrough ( )5 Value-added E sth in mind ( )6 Get F update ( )7 High-speed G customers? needs ( )8 Multimedia H broadband connectivity ( )9 Data I purchase ( )10 Bear J services UNIT 2 TASK 1 1 There are some people insisting that changing job ( )is good to them. A generally B frequently C currently D relatively 2 ( )messaging is a form of real-time direct text –based communication between two . A instant B quick C fast D first 3 Compared with other services, the mail system is crude and ( )but it works. A noisy B fussy C clumsy D unfriendly 4 They are often job-hopping because they regard it as a ( A change B choice C time D challenge 5 Once it is given a correct program , a computer can operate ( A fast B clearly C automatically D badly ) full of stimulation.

) at a high speed.

6 This book is difficult to understand because there are too many technical ( A names B terms C calls D minds

) in it .

7 It is unlikely that the disease will be ( ) from animals to humans ,so we don?t need to be panic . A searched B shared C transferred D changed

8 The main hardware in a computer includes monitor ,keyboard ,main board with CPU,( mouse, hard disk, etc. A modem B software C disk drive D hardware 9 However, if one uses the modern technology in a bad way like ( to our world A car B network C war D stealing 10 This project is too huge. I have to ask my boss for a(n) ( A local B add C extra D existing


) crime , it will be harmful

) week to finish it.

11 Before discussing the individual forms of cancer ,we shall ( ) some common medical terms . A say B tell C claim D define 12 The reform may be seen as( )rather than permanent. A short B temporary C quick D slow 13 We forget to ( ) the computer to the phone line. A contact B connect C touch D reach 14 She spoke with feeling about the high ( ) of unemployment. A time B rate C speed D interest 15 The first thing they did was to ( ) to the old wallpaper and fill any holes in the walls . A install B move C associate D remove TEXT 2 A define B different from C refer to D means E a bunch of F plug into G associated with H setting up 1 Education doesn?t only studying in school but also the ways is which you acquire now things. 2 Before we start this project, we must he target and the date by which it is to be achieved. 3 For the problems hardware ,please call jack smith , our hardware engineer. 4 Modem of communication and transportation make it possible that a person can learn what interests him or her without the limit of time and place. 5 The company was responsible for wireless network base station around the city.

MATCH THE WORDS 1 define A using office tools 2 share B messages and emails 3 transfer C the process of installation 4 link D data at high rates

5 maintain 6 go through 7 be skilled at 8 contact 9 send and receive 10 promote

E the HR department F information with other colleagues G a router to computers H more business online I a technical term J relationship with clients

TRANSLATION The accuracy of the results from one program depends upon the accuracy of the data you put in. In addition to operating in limited space, LANs are also typically owned, controlled, and managed by a person or organizations. Technically , network speed can be expressed in units of bytes per second , abbreviated as “bps”. In the world of computers, networking is the practice of linking two or more computing devices together for the purpose of sharing data.


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