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第六届外语调频新闻部 2014 年春期第二期播音稿件

Part I News Express
1. President Xi Jinping said that all sides needed to act with calm and restraint in the Ukraine crisis to avoid an escalation of tensions.
习近平总统表示,就乌克兰问题上,各方需要凭着谨慎平定的态度采取行动,避免紧 张局势进一步升级。

2. The United States said on Monday that it was encouraging Japan's leadership to handle the historical issues in a manner that contributes to better ties with neighboring nations. 白宫在周一发表的声明提到,美国正在鼓励日本高层领导以本着发展友好邻 国关系的态度来看待历史问题。

3. Chengdu, a city in southwestern China, plans to open more international air routes and attract 20 leading global companies this year to make itself more international. 成都,一个位于中国西南部的城市,计划开通更多的国际直通航线,吸引全 球 20 大领先企业来使自己更具国际化魅力。 4. The chairman of the Tibet autonomous region's government said the region is trying to create a world-class travel destination and he expects more travelers from around the world. 西藏自治区政府主席说,该地区正试图建设一个世界级的旅游地。他期盼更 多来自世界各地的旅行者前来观光。

Part II Campus News




Benefits and Employment Prospects of Aboard Petroleum- Major-Students in Canada Ambitious collegers as we are, we seek not only job security but also wider horizons and better quality life. Therefore, studying aboard has gradually turned to be a great vogue in education field. Large quantities of Chinese students are falling over each other to get the opportunity to do their major overseas. For us SWPU students, though petroleum major is so technical that our choice of foreign universities has been imitated to a great extend, still there are some top ranking collage suits us well. Study expert from E.A Canada pointed out, “Due to their (oil related majors) excessively professional and regional association, only Memorial University of Newfoundland, Dalhousie University, University of Alberta and the University of Calgary in Alberta province offer courses related to petroleum engineering.” “Since oil related majors, like OGST, aren?t that common as those Economical ones. Requirements for applier stand pretty high. Therefore, those who want to enter their dream college must apply in advance, because once the quota is full, the collage will done accepting applications.” Professor Witold Pedrycz form University of Alberta said. The oil industry has been developing at an astonishing speed during this century, and demands for Petroleum talent never diminish. So those who graduate from oil related majors always received more job offers, and also they get richer pay.

加拿大留学就读石油专业的好处及就业前景 加拿大教育部门专家指出,由于专业性强,并且和地域相关联,在加拿大大学中,开 设石油方面课程的学校,只有位于东部大西洋边的纽芬兰纪念大学,新斯科舍省的戴豪斯 大学,阿尔伯塔省的阿尔伯塔大学和卡尔加里大学。中部地区,只有位于萨斯喀彻温省的 里贾纳大学开设此类课程。在这 5 所大学中,纪念大学和戴豪斯大学的石油和天然气工程 专业,会介绍海洋石油的开采,石油产品的加工和控制流程;而其他三所,会侧重于陆地石 油的开采,石油产品的加工,以及控制过程。 “由于开设专业并不像商科那样普遍,学校对录取的学生要求相对也比较高。再加上 申请的人数较多,竞争自然也就很激烈。所以,攻读研究生专业的学生如果申请这些大学 一定要提前申请,否则,学校一旦招生名额满了,就会停止接受。”阿尔伯塔大学的 Witold Pedrycz 教授这样说到。 由于石油行业的发展很快,涉及的方面很多,技术的要求也是多方面的。所以对毕业 生的需求量一直很高。从石油相关专业毕业的学生,不仅就业率高,而且薪水也比其他行 业相对要好很多。目前,阿尔伯塔省是加拿大就业率最高的省份。




The Birth of Cartoon Image of Prime Minister Li Keqiang On the night of February 26th, a news release called “The First Official Comic of Li Keqiang” Spread widely in many portal sites, mobile clients and micro-blogs, which are heated, discussed and praised by the netizens. The director of the comic said: “In order to let the netizens understand the contents of executive meetings of the State Council Intuitively. We integrate the cartoon image of prime into graphic by using bold ideas. And increase the affinity and the vitality to highlight the figure of the government. In this comic which is made by GOV.cn and Xinhua net, Prime Minister Li Keqiang is wearing a Navy Blue suit with a Light blue tie, wearing glasses with a warm smile on his face, he looks serious but compatible. After intense work, the cartoon image of prime was finally released in 10pm of the night . 李克强总理漫画形象诞生记
2 月 26 日晚,一条新闻稿以“官方首次发布李克强漫画”命名的,在各门户网站、 移动客户端、微博中传播,受到网民的热议和点“赞”。 漫画的负责人表示,漫画是为了方便网民更直观准确地了解把握国务院常务会议内容, 在创作过程中,运用大胆设想,在图解中融入总理卡通动漫形象,进一步增加亲和力和生 动性,彰显政府形象。 在这幅由中国政府网与新华网多媒体产品中心共同推出的漫画中,李克强总理身着深 蓝色西服搭配浅蓝色领带,戴眼镜,嘴角微扬,神态亲和自然,又不失庄重。 经过紧张工作,配有“总理漫画形象”的图解新闻于当晚 22 时对外发布。[

撰稿人:吴佳丽 学号:1101020110 班级:油气储运2011级1班

University of Alabama in Huntsville Seeks for Cooperation Opportunity with SWPU From March 6th to 7th , professor from University of Alabama in Huntsville in America gave information sessions to students from three different schools of SWPU, including school of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and Computer Science. On the sessions, various situations about UAH were introduced to all the students present synthetically. As the president of the Engineering College of UAH, Professor Shankar came to attempt to launch a training plan of cooperation with our university. At the very beginning, Professor Shankar expressed his cooperation intent of joint training plan sincerely and then displayed relevant conditions about UAH from the aspects of geographical position, research work and school life concretely. After that, he introduced some essential information like course requirements, English language requirement, scholarship and living cost for this joint project. In the end, based on their personal focus, attendant students asked Professor Shankar diverse questions showing their profound interest of studying abroad. The sessions had achieved favorable results which definitely accelerate the process of this program. It is expected that the first batch of students in SWPU will be able to start to prepare for the application for UAH at the end of April and study in UAH from the end of August.

美国阿拉巴马大学汉茨维尔分校寻求与我校建立2+2合作项目 3月6日至7日,来自美国阿拉巴马大学汉茨维尔分校的 Shankar Mahalingam 教授来我校土木工程与建筑学院、化学化工学院以及计算机科学 学院分别举行了三场宣讲会,为各学院参会学生综合介绍了阿拉巴马大学汗茨 维尔分校的各类情况。Shankar 教授是阿拉巴马大学汗茨维尔分校工程学院院 长,此次来我校举行宣讲会的目的是寻求与我校建立本科2+2合作项目。 Shankar 教授在宣讲会中首先诚恳地表达了与我校建立2+2本科生合作培 养的意向,并从地理位置、科研水平、专业学习、学生生活等各方面具体展示 了阿拉巴马大学汉茨维尔分校的相关情况。然后,他详细地介绍了2+2合作项 目的课程学习要求、英语语言要求、学费情况、奖学金以及生活费用等情况。 最后,参会学生就自己所关注的各类问题向 Shankar 教授进行了详细的咨询和 提问,表达了出国求学的浓厚兴趣。宣讲会效果良好、收效颇丰,双方学校会 尽快着手准备学生申请程序事宜,预计最快我校相关学院的学生将能于今年4月 底开始着手入学申请,并于今年8月底赴阿拉巴马大学汉茨维尔分校就读。




The Lost Flight: Malaysia Airlines MH370 On march 8th, Malaysia airlines MH 370, which was supposed to departure at Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 0:35 and arrive at Peking International Airport at 6:53 was completely lost at 2:40 after the last contact with Ho Chi Minh airport at 1:20.And it hasn?t been found yet after nearly 60 hours ?effort from 11 countries. There are 227 passengers and 12 cabin crews on board altogether , including 153 from China and 1 from Taiwan province. According to the latest report, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Police Security of China have already left for Malaysia. The first related families will go to Malaysia by Malaysia airlines. Mianyang frigate has arrived at the goal ocean in advance and started to search and rescue. International Criminal Police Organization announced more fake passports boarding record are found. Ministry of Interior of Malaysia has begun the survey about the faked passports. Official organizations have given some possible results. We can?t deny the possibility of air crash. And it may result from air break at the height of 10000 meters. It may also get attacked by the terrorists. But anyway, we all hope that miracles do happen and people aboard MH370 will get back home soon.

马来西亚航空 MH370 次航班失踪 3 月 8 号,本应于凌晨 0 点 35 分从马来西亚吉隆坡国际机场起飞,于 当日 6 点 35 分到达北京首都国际机场的马来西亚航空公司 MH370 次航班于 凌晨 2 点 40 分失联,最后一次与胡志明控制区联系的时间为 1 点 20 分。迄今 为止,在接近近 60 个小时、来自世界 11 国的搜救后仍然无果。机上共有 227 名乘客以及 12 名机组成员,包括 153 名中国人以及 1 名台湾籍旅客。

据最新报道,中国外交部和公安部相关人员已经赴马。第一批 MH370 次航班的乘客家属也将乘坐马来西亚航空公司班机飞抵马来西亚。中国绵阳舰 已经提前抵达飞机失联海域并且开始搜救。国际刑警称发现更多假护照登机乘 客。马来西亚内政部开始对假护照展开调查。 相关机构给出了一些可能性结果。我们不能排除坠机的可能,这有可能 是因为飞机在万米高空解体所导致的。但同时也有可能是飞机遭遇了恐怖分子 的袭击。但是不管怎样,我们都期待奇迹的发生,MH370 次航班的乘客能够 早日回家。


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