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广东省江门市第一中学2015-2016学年人教版高中英语必修一 unit 4(单元复习课件) (共52张ppt)_图文

? 这篇文章描述了地震前的征兆和地震的过程和唐山地震造 成的后果。它显示了地震后的骇人的情景和告诉我们怎样 才能把地震的危害降到最低。 ? The article describes both _________ before an earthquake and __________and _____________Tangshan earthquake in 1976. It shows the signs us ________________of earthquakes and tells us _____________ to minimize the damage by an the course earthquake.

Unit 4

the result of

the terrible image what we should do

Unit 4
? 1.地震 ? 2.地震 ? 3.立刻(phr.) ? 4.井 ? 5.裂缝,开裂 ? 6.发臭的 ? 7.农场 ? 8.管 ? 9.爆裂(发) ? 10.百万 ? 1.earthquake ? 2.quake ? 3.right away ? 4.well ? 5.crack ? 6.smelly ? 7.farmyard ? 8.pipe ? 9.burst, burst, burst ? 10.million

? 11.事件 ? 12.仿佛(phr.) ? 13.结束(phr.) ? 14.民族 ? 15.运河 ? 16.蒸汽 ? 17.污垢,泥土 ? 18.废墟,使破产 ? 19.严重受损(phr.) ? 20.苦难,痛苦

? 11.event ? 12.as if ? 13.at an end ? 14.nation ? 15.canal ? 16.steam ? 17.dirt ? 18.ruin ? 19.in ruins ? 20.suffering

? 21.极度的 ? 22.损害,伤害 ? 23.幸存者,残存物 ? 24.破坏 ? 25.砖 ? 26.水坝 ? 27.轨道,痕迹 ? 28.无用的 ? 29.使陷入困境,陷阱 ? 30.(使)震惊,休克

? 21.extreme ? 22.injure ? 23.survivor ? 24.destroy ? 25.brick ? 26.dam ? 27.track ? 28.useless ? 29.trap ? 30.shock

? 31.electricity ? 31.电(流、学) ? 32.disaster ? 32.灾难 ? 33.rescue ? 33.援救 ? 34.掘出,发现(phr.) ? 34.dig out ? 35.bury ? 35.埋葬 ? 36.mine ? 36.矿(井) ? 37.miner ? 37.矿工 ? 38.shelter ? 38.掩蔽,避身处 ? 39.许多(phr.)(可数) ? 39.a (great) number of ? 40.标题,头衔,资格 ? 40.title

? 41.记者 ? 42.条,棒 ? 43.损失(n.) ? 44.使惊吓 ? 45.受惊的 ? 46.令人恐惧的 ? 47.祝贺(n.) ? 48.裁判员,断定 ? 49.真诚地 ? 50.表达,快车,速递

? 41.reporter ? 42.bar ? 43.damage ? 44.frighten ? 45.frightened ? 46.frighteing ? 47.congratulation ? 48.judge ? 49.sincerely ? 50.express

? 51.要点,大纲,轮廓 ? 52.报刊的大字标题 ? 53.骑自行车的人

? 51.outline ? 52.headline ? 53.cyclist

? Unit 4 1. The firemen r________ three women from the burning rescued house. 2. The forest was d_________ by fire. 3. I really think I ought to get out and get some f_______ air. destroyed 4. The loss of 100 lives in the aircraft crash was a great d_______. fresh was s_______ hands with the parents 5. Our headmaster when I saw him. 6. After the battle they b________ the dead.



7. We tried all sorts of medicine but they were all __________ (无效). useless 8. All these difficulties were caused by natural ___________ (灾难). disasters 9. He has many oil ______(井)in his hand.

wells that you come to visit me. 10. It is a great ________(荣幸) 11. When he was riding, the tire _________(爆裂) honor 12. Have they _________(组织)a new political party? 13. He was one of the_________(裁判员)at the boxing burst match. organized judges

n. 上升,增加,小山 我正在看一本关于罗马帝国兴衰的书。 I am reading a book about the rise and fall of the Roman Empire.

离婚率上升是一种社会现象. It is a social phenomenon that divorce rate is on the rise.
Oil price is on the rise.

vi. rise rose risen 升起,起身,上升,(日、月、星)升起 太阳从东方升起,在西方落下。 The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. 我们的信心增强。 Our confidence rises.
早睡早起使人聪明身体好. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy and wise.

raise raised raised vt. 升起,举起,饲养, 提出;唤起,养育,提高 raise one's head raise the flag raise salaries raise a question raise a family

抬起头 升旗 提高工资 提出问题 供养一家人

? arise arose arisen ? If you do not explain it clearly, problems may arise. ? Accidents often arise from carelessness.
? 事故常起因于粗心。


2. lie
n. 谎言 他总是说谎。 He is always telling lies.

a black lie a white lie

用心险恶的谎言 不怀恶意的谎言

vi. 说谎 lied, lied, lying 我很抱歉向你撒了谎。 I'm sorry I lied to you.

vi. 卧, 躺, 平放, 展现, 展开, 位于 lay, lain, lying The factory lies to the west of town.
The plates lay on the table.


He was lying in the shade of the tree.

展现, 平放

n. 法官, 审判员 栽判员, 鉴赏家 She's a good judge of wine. 她是鉴别酒的专家。

vt. 鉴定, 判断, 断定, 裁判 You can't judge a book by its cover. 不能根据封面判断一本书(不可以貌取人.) 我断定他有40来岁。 I judge him to be about 40.

vi. 下判断, 作评价 人不可以貌相。 Don't judge by appearances. 听她的口音,她准是四川人。 _________by / from her accent, she must be from Sichuan.


n. 光荣 have the honour of (doing) sth. 可以赏光和我跳这个舞吗? May I have the honour of this dance? 今年早些时候, 我有幸见到了布什总统和夫人. Early this year I had the honour of meeting the President and Mrs. Bush.

in honour of
他们建纪念碑为了纪念为国家牺牲的人. They built a monument in honour of those who died for their country.

vt. 尊敬 be / feel honoured to do sth. 感到荣幸

我来这里和你们在一起感到十分荣幸。 I am honoured to be here with you.
I am greatly honoured to be a Chinese.

adj. 光荣的,值得尊敬的, 品德高尚的,
an honourable profession an honourable man

受人尊敬的行业 品德高尚的人


? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1.握手 2.水管 3.自然灾害 4.立刻,马上 5.新鲜的空气 6.百分之二十 7.三分之二 8.数以万计的 9.成千的 10.作为---而闻名


shake hands with water pipe natural disaster
right away / right now / at once fresh air 20 per cent of … two thirds tens of thousands of thousands of

be famous /well-known as

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

11.破败不堪,一片废墟 in riuns 12.太……而不能…… too…to… 13.发出臭的气体 give out a smelly gas 14.为……作准备 prepare for 15.代替,而不是 16.为纪念……,为庆祝……instead of 17.为……而自豪 in honor of 18.从……来判断 be proud of / take pride in 19.超过,不仅仅 20.举手 judging from / by

more than raise / put up one’s hand

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

21.结束,终结 at an end 22.挖掘,发现 dig out 23.为幸存者搭建避身处 build shelters for 24.煤矿 survivors 25.组织一个晚会coal mines 26.营救某人脱离危险 organize an evening party 27.毁坏一个城市 rescue sb from danger 28.弄伤一支胳膊 29.突然大笑起来 destroy a city

injure an arm burst into laughter / out laughing

1.There be
There remains / lies /stands / lives / comes / rises / goes… There ________the bus. There ________ a heavy smoke on the roof.

comes There ______ a great man named Chen Baisha in Jiangmen. There __________ rises just twenty-eight dollars. In front of the cave, there _______ a tall pine tree. lived There ______ the bell. remained stands


There happens to be There seems to be There is likely to be There is going to be There must be There used to be

碰巧有 好像有 可能有 将会有 一定有 过去有


The light is on. There must be someone in the office.

The weatherman says there’ll be a strong 这儿曾一直有家电影院的。 wind in the afternoon.

There used to be a cinema here.

There happened to be nobody in the room

There is no doing… 不可能,无法,没有办法 1)There is no denying that we don’t like him. 2)There 不可否认 was no knowing how long he might be away. 不知道他要离开多久。 3) There is no saying whether we can finish the job according the schedule.


2. too…to
The child is too young to dress himself. The child is not old enough to dress himself. The child is so young that he can’t dress himself. 1. 太… 以至不能(表否定)

The book is too easy to understand.

这本书太容易理解了 . I am too happy to see you here.
He was too anxious to leave.

在这见到你太高兴了. 他急于离开. 2. 表肯定

The girl is only too kind to help us .

这姑娘非常乐于帮助我们 . I am only too willing to do the job. 我非常乐意做这件工作.

3. only / but too 非常

It is never too late to mend.

改过不嫌晚 You can’t be too careful to cross the road.

过马路,再小心也不为过. 4. can’t too …to 再…也不为过

He is too careful not to have noticed it. 他那么细心,不会不注意到这一点的. 5. too … not to (表肯定)

3.think little of 对……不在意,认为……不好 我认为那计划不怎么样。 I think little of that plan. I don’t think much of the plan. All the miners ______________( thought little of 没有把……当回 事) the explosion last month 我们对他赞赏有加。 We all _________________ him. think highly of

4.It seems(ed) as if…
It seems(ed) that… 好像,似乎 □ 在It seems/seemed as if...句型中,从句 的谓语动词常用虚拟语气来表示所设想 的事情不可能发生。 e.g. It seems as if she had read this novel. 看来她好像看过这本小说。 It seems as though he were very stupid. 看来他似乎很笨。

□如果句中的情况可能发生或可能被设想 为真实,则仍然用陈述语气。 e.g. It seems as if our team is going to win. 看来我们队要胜了。 It seems as if he has learned by heart a speech written by someone else. 看来他像 是背了一篇由别人写的演讲稿。

5. All hope was not lost. 不是所有的希望都破灭了。

all...not = not all; some but not all 一些,但不是全部
Not all the boys left.

Only some of the boys left.
All the students don’t like football. (some students don’t like football.)

all, both, every, everybody等与not连用表 部分否定. 并非每一个人都喜欢这故事. Everyone doesn’t like the story. Not everyone likes the story.

如果要表示全否定,则要用: none, neither, nobody ,nothing等. 这些男孩都没有离开. None of the boys left. 这两个学生都不喜欢这故事. Neither of the students likes the story.

Translation: 1.动物们紧张得不吃东西 ________________________________________ The animals were too nervous to eat. 2.老鼠从地里跑出来找地方躲 Mice ran out of the fields looking for places to hide. ___________________________________________ 3.世界似乎到了末日 It seemed that the world was at an end! ______________________________________ 4.也不是所有的希望都没有了 All hopes were not lost. _________________________

?1.许多人对冲红灯造成的后果不当回事. ?(think little of) ?2. 他的父母不都是教师. ?3. 死伤的人数达到40多万.(injure,reach) ?4. 他对她抽烟感到震惊.(shock) ?5. 当所有人听到这好消息,他们都大笑起来. ?(burst) ?6. 政府下定决心遏止恐怖主义活动. ?(put an end to)

? ? ? ? ? ?

? ?

1.许多人对冲红灯造成的后果不当回事. A great number of people think little of the result / consequence of running the red light. 2. 他的父母不都是教师. Both of his parents aren’t teachers. 3. 死伤的人数达到40多万. The number of the people who were killed or injured reached more than 400,000. 4. 他对她抽烟感到震惊. He was shocked at her smoking.

5. 当所有人听到这好消息,他们都大笑起来. All the people burst into laughter/burst out laughing when they heard the news. 6. 政府下定决心遏止恐怖主义活动. The government is determined to put an end to terrorism.

On April 14,2010,a terrible earthquake _________( hit/struck 袭击了)Yushu in Qinghai province and people ______________( were shocked at 感到震惊) the news. It _________________( was considered as 被认为)one of the most terrible disasters in China after Tang Shan earthquake. The earthquake made most areas in Yushu ____________( lie in ruins 成为废墟) within a few minutes and caused great damage and loss to lost their lives the people. About 2,600 people_____________ (失去了生命)during the earthquake and 12,100 or so_____________________( were seriously injured 伤势严重).

Thousands of people became_________ homeless (无家可归). It seemed that the world was

_____________( 结束了). After the earthquake, at an end rescue work was organized __________( right away 马上) and many doctors and soldiers took part in
________________( the rescue work 拯救工作),so

___________________( a great number of 大量的)people were
dug out and sent to hospital ________( in time 及时).

About 10 billion was donated to help the people
in Yushu.


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