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module 1 Our body and healthy habits introduction & reading and vocabulary (2)


Which of them are connected with illness? ? toothache flu/influenza ? get/catch a cold ? health ? fat fit unhealthy wealthy

rare dentist diet

Guess the meanings:
You are what you eat. 你的身心是否健康由饮食决定的。

Healthy mind in a healthy body.

Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. 早睡早起令人健康、富有而且聪明。

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

A good medicine tastes bitter.

All work and no play makes Jack
a dull boy. 只工作不休息,会使人变得迟钝。 Light supper makes long life.


Reading & vocabulary

Look at these words and answer the questions.


break (an arm)

captain fever injure injury



1.Which words are connected with food ? Sweets 2.which words are connected with the body? Break an arm , fever, injure , injury , pain , painful 3.Which word means usual or ordinary ? Normal 4.Which word means leader? Captain 5.Which word means worried about something may be happen? Anxious

Read passage 1.Answer these questions:
Q1.Why is Zhou Kai’s mother anxious? Because he is going out to play football in the rain. Q2.What does she think will happen? She thinks Zhou Kai will catch a bad cold.

Q3.What does she ask him to do?
She asks him to at least wear

his jacket.

Read Zhou Kai (2) and finish the following exercises.

1. Zhou Kai’s family ________.
(a) avoid eating too much fat or sugar (b) eat a lot of vegetables, fruit and meat

2. Zhou Kai _________.
(a) sometimes gets colds and flu (b) seldom gets colds or flu

3. A week ago, Zhou Kai _________. (a) caught a cold (b) injured his arm

4. Two years ago, Zhou Kai _____ while playing football.

(a) hurt his leg

(b) hurt his arm

5.Zhou Kai describes himself as ______. (a) crazy (b) someone who loves football

Complete these sentences using one of the words and expressions from the passage. You may need to change the form.

1. Do you think that a _______ arm is very painful? broken 2. When was the last time you had a bad ______? cold exercises 3. I have a friend who often ________ because she wants to be thinner. 4. I hurt my leg while playing football. Because of injury this ______, I had to miss school for a week. 5. _____ is an illness in which you get a cold and a Flu fever. 6. If you exercise a lot and eat well, then you are healthy probably very _______.

Pick out the phrases from the text:
1.与…有联系 2.朝…方向运动 3.担心地盯着 4.至少 5.喜好甜食 6.不必节食 7.有点发烧 8.患流冒 9.进行大量锻炼 10.对…着迷 11.胃口好

be connected with head towards/for… eye sb. anxiously at least have a sweet tooth never have to diet have a bit of a fever get flu take a lot of exercise be crazy about have a good diet

1. be connected with… 与…有联系;与…相连
Eg. It is closely connected with this affair. 它与这件事密切相关。 She has connected with this firm since 1990. 她自从1990年起就一直与这家公司有联系。

链接:connect …with/to…

connection n.


in connection with… 与……有关系

2. fit adj. 健康的;合适的;胜任的
keep/ stay fit / healthy 保持健康 Eg. In order to keep fit, you should have a balanced diet . be fit for sth./ be fit (for sb.) to do sth. 适合… Eg.He is very fit for the job. The house isn’t fit for the old to live in. She isn’t fit to take care of little children. v. 适合,适应,符合 (指大小、尺寸等) Eg. The jacket fits me well.

fits The dress ___ you well, but its suit color doesn’t ____ you . (suit / fit)
---How about five o’clock outside the theatre ? D --- That ____ me fine. A. fits C. satisfies B. meets D. suits

3. anxious adj.



be anxious about sth. 为某事担心 be anxious for sb. 为某人担心 Eg. John is very anxious about his exams. We were anxious for you. 2 渴望的,急切希望的 be anxious to do sth. 渴望做某事 be anxious for sth. 渴望得到…. Eg. We were anxious for the news of your safe return. We were anxious to know the news of your safe return.

4. pain n. 痛苦,痛 be in pain 处于痛苦之中 Eg. I have a sharp pain in my back. She was in pain when she lost her son. pains (pl.) 苦心,辛苦,努力 take pains /spare no pains to do sth. 不辞辛苦做某事,煞费苦心做某事 Eg. He takes pains to work . No pains, no gains. painful adj. 痛苦的 ,疼痛的 a painful injury/ experience

5.head vi . 朝…… 走 head for/towards


Eg : He is heading for his office.

n. 头, 脑袋; 头目
hit sb. on the head be taller by a head 保持镇定/慌张

在……率领下 put one’s heads together 集思广益 50 heads of cattle 50头牛 Three heads are better than one. 三个臭皮匠顶个诸葛亮.

keep / lose one’s head at the head of …

n. /pron adj. + 宾语+ 补语 do done 6. make prep. phrase to do sth. it +n. / adj. + 从句 Eg. Experience will make him a true man. He made me at home yesterday. She made it her duty to look after

other’s affairs.

7.would rather
would rather

宁愿 ,宁可

do do… than do…

that did (表示与现在或将来事实相反) 从句 had done(表示与过去事实相反)

Eg. I would rather not tell you about it.

I would rather stay at home than go out
for a walk.

I’d rather you came next week.
I’d rather you hadn’t told him the bad news. 拓展: or rather rather than 更确切地说 而不是

8. That’s why …
那是……的原因 ; 后接结果

That’s because…
那是因为…… 后接原因

Eg. She was sad. That’s because her
son was killed in an accident.

Her son was killed in an accident.
That’s why she was sad.

9. be crazy about 对……狂热/ 痴迷,热衷于… Eg : He is crazy about rock music . 10. breathe v. breath n. 呼吸 breathe deeply = take a deep breath 深呼吸 hold one’s breath 屏住呼吸 out of breath = lose one’s breath 上气不接下气 Eg. Although Tom was out of breath when he got to the classroom, he thought it was well worth the effort.

11. pick up His father picks him up to school every day. 用车接送 I believe things will pick up soon. 好转 The doctor said my mother would pick up soon after the operation 恢复 Sam picked up some knowledge of the computer just by watching others (偶然)学会 working on it.

My radio can pick up the BBC
World Service .

The bus gradually picked up speed and

disappeared in the distance.
加(速度) The teenagers pick up bad habits easily.

患,染上(病/ 习惯)

Culture corner

12.做…… 的方法 a / the way of doing sth. a / the way to do sth. the way ( that / in which ) Eg. The teacher has a strange way to make / of making his class lively and interesting. What surprised me was not what he said but the way ( that /in which) he said it.

13. Britain was the first country in
the world to have a free health

care system.

Eg. He is the first to come to school.

The old teacher is the last one to
leave the office.

14. pay for sth. 为……付钱 pay sb. some money for sth. 为某事/ 某物给某人报酬 pay back 偿还;报复 pay off 还清; 得到回报 Eg.He paid for the book. He paid me 20 dollars for teaching him English. How can I pay you back for all your kindness? The athlete’s years of hard training paid off when she finally won the Olympic gold medal.

wound 主要指在战斗、攻击中受伤,如刀伤, 枪伤等 injured/ hurt They were badly_____ when their car hit a tree. The _____ (people) in the accident were injured taken to hospital. injuries He suffered serious ______ to the arms and legs. hurt She was rather ______ by what you said about her.

I can’t sleep well because my back ______. hurts My chest _____ when I breathe. hurts

8. normal adj. return to normal恢复正常
区别:normal adj.正常的,标准的 ordinary adj.普通的,平凡的 common adj.常见的,共同的,共有的 common mistakes/ common sense常识 usual adj.通常的,照常的,照例的



I’m lucky because I don’t have a sweet tooth--- I’d rather eat a piece of fruit. I would rather go to the cinama. 宁愿做…不愿做…(3种表达) would rather do… than do.. prefer to do… rather than do … prefer doing … to doing

I’d rather you came to my birthday party next Sunday. I’d rather you hadn’t come yesterday. ACB
take a lot of exercise/ have a sweet tooth

start / begin with—反义:end up with

pain --- n.痛苦,痛 I have a sharp pain in my back. 我后背痛的厉害。 ----pains(复数)苦心,刻苦,苦恼 No pains, no gains. take pains to do sth.煞费苦心做某事

adj. painful
a painful injury/ experience

The injury was quite painful and I couldn’t move my arm for a month. 补充:

1. 周凯的妈妈看到他没有穿夹克衫就往前门走 去时,她担心的盯着周凯。 When Zhou Kai’s mother saw him heading towards the front door without a jacket on, she eyed him anxiously.

on 穿着,戴着 She came in with a cap on.
2. 我一星期锻炼至少两个小时。 I take at least two hours’ exercise a week . at least 至少---反义:at most The village is far away from here indeed. It’s _____ walk . C A. a four hour B. a four hour’s C. a four—hour D. a four hours’

3. I make sure I have a good diet . 复习make sure 弄清楚、查清、确保 搭配: make sure of / +从句 你介意去把电影的时间弄清楚吗? 你必须确保五点之前我们能到那里。 Would you mind making sure of the time of the film ?

You must make sure that we can get there before 5.

4. I had a bad cold and a bit of a fever last week. a bit of a (口语)稍微、有点 He is a bit of a sad. 5. Two years ago I broke my arm playing football. 这里的playing football 做什么成分? I feel sad hearing the news.

6. 文章中出现了四个“as ”引导的句子
(1) … as he opened the door.

“as”引导时间状语,“当…时候 / 随着…./ 一 边…,一边….”
当我抬头的时候,我看到老师正站在我身边。 As I looked up, I saw my teacher standing besides me.

他一边听一边记笔记。 He took notes as he listened.

As time went on, he became less patient. (2)… and did as he was told.
“as”引导方式状语,“按照” 你必须按照老师告诉你的做这个实验。 You must do the experiment as your teacher told you to.

We must operate the machine as the instructions show you.
as I’ ve said as 引导非限定性定语从句,“正如、正像” 正如我们都知道的/众所周知,地球是圆的。 众所周知,中国正变得越来越强大。


as you can see from what I’v said.

As we all know, the earth is round. As is known to us all, China is becoming stronger and stronger.


1. 定义:表示将来某个时间要发生的动作或存 在的状态,也可以用来表示将来的意愿、允诺、 命令和决心等;同时一般将来时还可以用来揣 测或者打算,计划做某事。 2. 区别: (1)will表示对将来要发生事情的揣测或者表 示说话人时要做的事情,表达一种意愿。

be going to:表示现在打算在最近或者将来要 做的事情,含有“计划、打算、准备”的意 思,或者表示很有可能要发生的事情。 eg: I think Chen Gang will make a lot of friends.(揣测) The football match will be finished by now. (揣测) Can you lie down, please , and I’ll exam you. (意愿)

-- Have you informed her of the news ?
--- Sorry, I’ve forgotton it. I’ll tell her in the afternoon. (意愿) My wife is going to pick me up in fifteen minutes. (安排,计划)

He is going to visit his grandparents this afternoon. (计划,安排) Dark clouds are gathering. It is going to rain.(很有可能发生的事)


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