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M6 Unit4 Project

1. who works for / joining / of 2. flood 3. Problems / Situations 4. a lifestyle 5. used 6. a lack 7. gain 8. talk / communicate 9. feelings 10. pride

Check our words: (page 62-63)
1. commitment 2. barrier 3. crowd 4. shelter 5. vacant 6. colleague 7. staff 8. in chaos 9. remind sb of 10. think back to 11. make a difference 12. get a hold of 1. 承诺;奉献 2. 障碍 3. 人群 4. 住所 5. 空着的、 6. 同事 7. 全体员工、 8. 处于混乱状态 9. 让某人想起某事 10.回想 11.有作用;有影响 12.得到;抓住

1. ~ oneself to sth./ doing …
sb. be ~ed to sth. 承诺做…… 我已经承诺接受她的邀请,不能反悔了。
I have ~ed myself to accepting her invitation and cannot draw back. 2. 犯罪 ~ murder / a crime / suicide 3. 忠于……,全身心投入(事业、活动等) 他投身于慈善事业。 He ~ed himself to the cause of charity.

commit v.

Changing the world

Going to Africa
? What problems is Africa facing now?

Lack of food

Lack of education

Lack of drinking water

Going to Africa
? What cause the problems in Africa?






Going to Africa
? What has our country done to help them? ? What can we do to help them ?

In the 1960s and the 1970s, for several times China sent medical teams to Africa to help the poor people there.

Read the passage quickly and answer the questions.
① Who wrote the diary entry?
② Where has she been to in Africa? ③ Does she enjoy the experience of working there? Why?

1. Who wrote the diary entry? A nurse who works for Doctors without Borders. 2. Where has she been to in Africa? Kenya and Sudan.

3. Does she enjoy the experience of working there? Why?
Yes. Because this experience makes her appreciate all the things she has and gives her the chance to see things from another angle.

Read paragraph 1 and answer the questions;
1. How are things there on the island?
Everything ____; The island ____; The hospital _____

2. How did she help in Kenya and Sudan?
Set up ___; Checked ___; Gave ____; Conducted____

Detailed reading
How are things there on the island?

Para 1

was in chaos Everything ___________ is flooded The island _____________

The hospital is damaged, in unusable a mess and _________

Detailed reading
How did she help in Kenya and Sudan?

Para 1

Set up centers to ensure ______________________ that people got food _____________________________ Checked___________________ the health of babies ___________________________ to make sure they were __________________________ putting on weight Gave_______________________ children shots to stop ___________________________ them dying from diseases
campaign in villages Conducted__________________ where there was lots of ___________________________ fighting, far from the city. ___________________________

Useful expressions
1. 一切乱糟糟的 2. 逃到山上 3. 目前 4. 体重增加 给孩子们打针、 5. 不让他们死于疾病6. 在战乱频繁的村子7. 里 8. 随处飞扬的沙尘 8.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

everything was in chaos flee to the mountains at the moment put on weight give children shots stop them dying from diseases in villages where there was lots of fighting sand blowing everywhere

die of 死于…(强调内因) die out 灭绝 die off 相继死掉 die away 逐渐减弱/消失die for sth./to do sth. 迫切要做某事 die down 逐渐变弱/平息

dying for 1. I am _____________a cup of tea. dying down 2. The fire is _________. Please put more coal. 3. After her three sons _________, she died off committed suicide at last. 4. We are making every effort to prevent the northeast tigers from dying out __________.

1. find everything was in chaos

Language points

The house was in chaos after the party. The desk was a chaos of papers and unopened letters. 2. flee to the mountains to escape escape, flee和run away 都作“逃跑”。 escape 往往指罪犯逃跑或逃脱惩罚; flee 强调逃脱的行为不强调成功与否; run away只表示逃跑的 动作,有时可和escape换用, 表示兽类逃跑通常用run away. flee He was to _______ his native village to join the rebel army. 他被迫逃离家乡参加了叛军。 escape from The hotel guests tried their best to _________ ______ the burning building.
旅客们尽力从燃烧的大楼中逃出来。 桌上杂乱地堆放着一些纸张和未拆的信.

① Arrived here _________ everything was in to find chaos. 不定式表示____________的结果。 出乎意料的 ② Have not had time to write my diary for a whole week.

? 辗转奔波已经成了家常便饭。
Running from one place to another became a way of life.

? 这里情形不一样,存在的问题也不同。
The situation is different here, ___ are the problems. as
as 在这里是连词,补充说明某人或某物的情况与 前文提到的情况相同,句子一般要倒装。

Eve 很高,她的妈妈也很高。 Eve is very tall, as is her mother. 我买了一台电脑,我哥哥也买了 I bought a new computer, as did my brother.

? 这里没有随处飞扬的沙尘,但是到处都是泥浆和 水,因此从一个地方转移到另一个地方非常困难。
Instead of sand blowing everywhere, there is mud and water everywhere, _________ it difficult to travel making from place to place. 现在分词表示_________的结果 顺理成章

1. He was caught in the rain, thus_____ himself catch cold. A catching B catches C caught D to catch 2. I hurried to school, only __ that it was Sunday. A finding B finds C found D to find 3. His father died, ____ the family even worse off. A leaving B leaves C left D to leave 4. European Football is played in 80 countries, _____ it the most popular sport in the world. A making B makes C made D to make

In a vacant health center on the north side of the town. Where?

Para 2
People who have regular medication cannot get hold of it in a disaster.

A temporary clinic
Problems? Small injuries also
Shelter and access to food and clean water need to be taken care of

Useful expressions
1. 我医疗队的 同事 2. 一个废弃的 医疗中心 3. 建立一个临 时的诊所 4. 定期的服药 5. 得到 6. 食物和干净 水的供给

1. my colleagues on the medical team 2. a vacant health center 3. set up a temporary clinic 4. take medicines regularly 5. get hold of 6. access to food and clean water

hold 常用短语:
hold back vt. 缩回,阻止;抑制(感情等) hold on vi. 继续,持续;坚持下去;(打电话)不挂断 hold on to vt. 抓住,固守 hold out vt.vi. 伸出; 继续 ,食品等持续 hold up vt. 举起;阻止,使延误 catch/get/lay/seize/take/keep hold of 捕捉,获得 lose hold of vt. 松手放走;失去。。。的线索

Phrases (Para 2)
1. 来自海外的医疗设备正在运输途中
Medical supplies are now on their way from abroad.

2. One of the health problems is_______ people that ________ need to take medicines regularly cannot who get hold of ______ in a disaster such as this. them
有关健康的问题之一是:那些需要定期服药的病人遇 到这样的灾难后无法得到药品. 3. 轻微伤口也需要处理,特别是在如此泥泞和潮湿的时 候。 Small injuries also need to be taken care of, especially as it is so muddy and damp.

4.这里的水使伤口难以愈合,也容易传播疾病。 The water makes it difficult for the cuts and wounds to get better and easy for bacteria to spread.
5. A lack of food will be a problem in the future. 食物的缺乏在将来会成为问题.

Para 3-4
1. How do they communicate? by speaking English or French 2. How do they communicate when there is a language barrier ? using acting skills. 3. What does she do besides as a nurse ? a person who can listen to and comfort others.

Useful expressions: Para.3---4
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 使我想起 弄清;找出 表演技巧 语言障碍 不仅仅是做一 个护士 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. remind me of … find out acting skills a language barrier be not limited to being a nurse

Sentence (Paras 3-4)
where 1. I reminded me ______ my time in Sudan, ________ of
several Doctors without Borders staff were attacked as ______people tried to get the food. that 2. One good thing is _______many people can or This speak English _______ French. _______ makes it ______ easier to communicate and found out about people’s problems.

that 3. It seems ______ many people here just need to talk, so to ______ I’m finding that my job is not limited _____ being who being a nurse. It’s also ______ a person _____ can listen to and comfort others.

Para 5-6
1. What are horrible things for her? 2. Does she enjoy the experience of working there? Why?

What are horrible things for her?
It is quite horrible to imagine losing

everything, including some of your
family. That was a really horrible job to bury the dead bodies as quickly as possible to stop disease spreading.

2. Does she enjoy the experience of working there? Why?

Yes. This experience makes her appreciate all the things she has and gives her the chance to see things from another side.

1. 尽快

Useful expressions: Para.5---6

1. as soon as possible 2. stop disease spreading 2. 阻止疾病的蔓延 3. think back to all the 3. 回想所有的经历 experiences 4. 做一些有价值的事 4. do sth. worthwhile 5. 珍惜所拥有的一切 5. appreciate all the things I have 6. 从另一个角度看待 6. see things from another 事物 angle 7. 改变人们的生活 7. make a difference to people’s lives

think 习惯用语 think of 考虑;思考; (= think about) think out 想出;想通;想透;仔细考虑 ( think over) think through 想透 think over 仔细考虑一下(指想过了, 再想) think highly [much, no end, well] of...
评价极高; 重视, 赞美; 器重, 看得起

think little [nothing] of
轻视, 满不在乎; 对...毫不考虑, 毫不踌躇

think aloud think twice


1.It quite horrible to imagine losing everything.
想象一下,失去一切,其中包括你的 部分家人,是多么可怕。

2.When I think back to all the experiences that I have had around the world since joining Doctors without Borders, I feel that I have been very lucky to be able to help others and do something worthwhile.
回想起我参加“无国界医生组织”以来在全世 界范围的所有经历,我觉得自己非常幸运,能 够帮助别人,做一些有价值的事情。

1. If you have a chance to go to Africa now, what do you think you can do to help? 2. What problem do you think should be

solved first? Why?

Finish the exercises in the workbook P126-127.

convenience lucky pride difference give work destroy far cause act preserve.
Before I came here, I once worked as an nurse in the areas, such as Sudan and Kenya, where there was no enough water. Working there, we usually helped people ,babies or children by setting up feeding centers, checking the health of babies or giving injection of vaccination to children. Unluckily , the life there was full of fighting and we had to look out for bullets and from time to time moved from one place to another. However, things are entirely different here. The problem people meet here is not the lack of water but the mud and water everywhere.. It is not convenient _________for people to travel from place to place. The water makes it hard for the cuts and wounds to heal and destroys the fields and harvests, causing _________the further problem of people’s malnutrition. Sometimes, when food came, people fight with each other to get it. Luckily, I can communicate with the people with the help of my good acting skills Thinking of what I did and am doing, I feel so proud of myself because I do all I can to make a difference to people’s life on an individual level.


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