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2014 高考英语阅读理解冲刺全程训练(24)及答案

阅读理解-----A Tel epathy is the ability to communicate withou t the use of the five senses.It ’s an instinct which can be woken up in times of emergency or need. When we feel that something is happening or about to happen by instinct, we’re using resources wihtin the unconscious mind. When the resources of two persons’ unconscious minds think link together into the same frequency. We call it telepathy. We can either send or receive telepathy. If you know who is calling before you answer the ringing phone, you are probably a good receiver. If you think of a person, and they call you, you are most likely better at sending. You can easily put your abilities to the test. Think of somebody and will them to contact you. Be patient. The other person may not be a good receiver, but they should contact you much earlier than would normally be expected. Or whenever the phone rings, try "feeling" who's contacting you. Don't guess, try to feel the vibrations. However, if neither of these work for you, that doesn't mean that you are not capable of telepathy. As mentioned earlier, telepathy is most likely to turn up in case of emergency. Telepathic Dreams often contain telepathic messages. Two people may both dream of the other, and find that their dreams have a clear connection. These people are probably linking to each other ’s uncounscious mind. Telepathy&Relationships The more people spend time together, the more likely they are to be able to link up to the others mind, especially when separated.There are two reasons for this. One is that they understand the others, mind through time spent together;the other is that there is usually a strong desire to communicate. A mother will often sense that her child is in danger. This is due to the child desperately wanting his/her mother, knowing that this is the person who would always want to be there for them, and the mothers deep desire to protect her child from harm. 1. When does telepathy occur?

A. It occurs when one senses that a close friend of his/her is in danger. B. It occurs when one has very good five senses. C. It occurs when one wants to call his/her best friend. D. It occurs when one doesn’t know a stranger. 答案解析: 答案为 A。 本题为推理题。 由第一段第一、 二句话 “Telepathy is the ability to communicate without the use of the five senses.It ’s an instinct which can be woken up in times of emergency or need.” 可知,心灵感应不依靠五官感觉,而是在紧急关 头或 者有需要的时候,这种潜能才能被激发出来。故 A 选项正确。

2. Which of the following can be used as the title of the passage? A. Receiving Telepathy C. Telepathy: People’s Dream B. Telepathy: Mind-to Mind Contact D. Dream of Telepathy

答案解析:答案为 B。本题考查文章的标题。全文都是围绕心灵感应而展开,故答 案为 B。 3. Which of the following is true according to the passage? A. The more people separate, the more likely that telepathy will occur. B. It is by using the five senses that telepathy occurs. C. Telepahy happens when people live far away and have no chance to see one another. D. One is better at sending than receiving telepathy if one receives a friend’s call as one wishes.
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答案解析: 答案为 D。 本题为细节题。 由第二段 “If you think of a person, and they call you, you are most likely better at sending.” 可知,如果你正在想着某人,然后他就给 你打电话了,那么你可能更擅长于发送感应,D 选项意思与文章符合。 故答案为 D。 由最后一段 “ The more people spend time together, the more likely they are to be able to link up to the others mind, especially when separated.” 可知,人们在一起 相处的时间越长,他们的心灵相互间就越有可能产生共鸣,尤其是当分开的时候, 故 A、C 选项错误,结合第一题分析知 B 选项同样错误。

4. Which of the following belongs to telepathy? A. By accident, yo u are aware of a friend of yours is coming to see you. B. People’s communication over the telephone. C. A mother ’s sense of her child is in danger. D. A couple’s long separation. 答案解析:答案为 C。本题为推理题。由最后一段 “ A mother will often sense that her child is in danger..”可知,C 选项正确。结合前面几题的分析可知,A、D 不 正确,B 选项与文章毫不相干。

【2014 高考英语广东省中山市华侨中学一模试题】A
阅读下列短文,从每题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题 卡上将该项涂黑。 Some years ago, writing in my diary used to be a usual activity. I would return from school and spend the expected half hour recording the day’s events, feelings, and impressions in my little blue diary. I did not really need to express my emotions by way of words, but I gained a certain satisfaction from seeing my experiences forever recorded on paper. After all, isn’t accumulating memories a way of preserving the past? When I was thirteen years old, I went on a long journey on foot in a great valley, well-equipped with pens, a diary, and a camera. During the trip, I was busy recording every incident, name and place I came across. I felt proud to be spending my time productively, dutifully preserving for future generations a detailed description of my travels. On my last night there, I wandered out of my tent, diary in hand. The sky was clear and lit by the glare of the moon, and the walls of the valley looked threatening behind their screen of shadows. I automatically took out my pen… At that point, I understood that nothing I wrote could ever match or replace the few seconds I allowed myself to experience the dramatic beauty of the valley. All I

remembered of the previous few days were the dull characterizations I had set down in my diary. Now, I only write in my diary when I need to write down a special thought or feeling. I still love to record ideas and quotations that strike me in books, or observations that are particularly meaningful. I take pictures, but not very often--only of objects I find really beautiful. I’m no longer blindly satisfied with having s omething to remember when I grow old. I realize that life will simply pass me by if I stay behind the camera, busy preserving the present so as to live it in the future. I don’t want to wake up one day and have nothing but a pile of pictures and notes. Maybe I won’t have as many exact representations of people and places; maybe I’ll forget certain facts, but at least the experiences will always remain inside me. I don’t live to make memories--I just live, and the memories form themselves.
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26. Before thirteen, the author regarded keeping a diary as a way of ________. A. observing her school routine C. impressing her classmates 27. On a journey at thirteen, the author ________. A. nearly ignored the beauty of nature while busy making records B. hardly made preparations for a journal while appreciating nature C. suddenly felt it impossible and unnecessary to write everything down D. was entirely struck by nature and forgot to record anything 28. What caused a change in the author’s understanding of keeping a diary? A. A dull night on the journey. B. The beauty of the great valley. C. A striking quotation from a book. D. Her concerns for future gen erations. 29. What does the author put in her diary now? A. Notes and beautiful pictures. B. Special thoughts and feelings. B. expressing her satisfaction D. preserving her history

C. Detailed accounts of daily activities. D. Descriptions of unforgettable events. 30. The author comes to realize that to live a meaningful life is ______.

A. to experience it C. to make memories 【参考答案】26-30. DCBBA

B. to live the present in the future D. to give accurate representations of it

阅读理解 An Australian company, Smart Car Technologies, has developed a system that lets drivers know when they’re speeding. When the technology becomes commercially

available, it could help lead-footed drivers avoid tickets and also save lives. The company that developed the product hopes to convince Australian government agencies to put the technology into use in their automobile fleets. The product, called Speed Alert, links real-time location data and speed obtained with the help of GPS to a database of posted speed limits stored in a driver’s PDA or programmable mobile phone. The setup of the product does not need to be hooked u p to a car’s speedometer. In fact, it is entirely portable. It will also work with newer phones and PDAs that have built-in GPS receivers. If a driver exceeds the speed limit, the speed is shown and an alert sounds. Michael Paine, an Australian vehicle design engineer and traffic safety consultant, was hired to analyze the produ ct. He told Live Science that his colleagues in the road

safety field are “very enthusiastic” about what they’re now calling “intelligent speed alert.” Oth er research, according to Paine, shows that 40 percent of all traffic deaths involve speeding. There is also a potentially controversial future use: “Since the system is so portable, it would be easy to make it a requirement for teenage drivers to always use a speed alert device when driving,” Paine said. “The system even has the capability to record speeding violations, so parents can monitor their teenage drivers.” The product will soon go on sale in Sydney. 48. What’s the purpose of the new product? A. To inform us of the new car system. B. To introduce some improvement in cars.

C. To limit certain drivers to safe driving. D. To popularize the built-in car system. 49. The second paragraph mainly talks about A. the project of the built-in product C. the functions of GPS in cars .

B. why the system becomes popular D. how the product is programmed

50. Which of the following is true of Speed Alert according to Michael Paine? A. Most of the traffic deaths can be avoided. found out. C. The system will excite some teenage drivers. D. The product will not be available for adults. 51. What can be the best title of the passage? A. Speed Alert and Its Future Use. B. Progress in Car-making Science.

B. Speeding violations can be easily

C. Warning for Adventurous Drivers. D. New In-Car Device against Speeding. 体裁:科普文章 时:7 分钟 类别:推理判断题+主旨大意题+词义猜测题+细节理解题 本文标题: …An alert device against speeding… 【文章大意】 :文章主要 向人们讲述了一种现代科学技术下的汽车超速提示系统。 48.【考点分析】推理判断题。 【参考答案】C。 【解题思路】 文中第一段提到这个系统能够帮助驾驶员降低速度减少收到罚单的 几率并能够保证司机的驾驶安全。根据这些分析我们可以发现 C 项正确。其余几 项说明的不是这个新产品的目的。而是这个文章的目的。 49.【考点分析】主旨大意题。 【参考答案】D。 【解题思路】 通读第二段我们可知该段主要讲述了这种产品的运行程序。 50.【考点分析】细节理解题。 【参考答案】B。
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【解题思路】文章最后一段提到的 Michael Paine 的看法。A 项的说法是错误的。C 项没有根据,文中仅提到了这个产品对 Teenagers 的限制。D 项说法错误。故文 中提到 teenagers 的超速驾驶将会被记录下来,B 项正确。 51.【考点分析】主旨大意题。 【参考答案】D。 【解题思路】本文介绍限制汽车超速的装置,因此选 D。A 项指代不清,没有明确 指出是汽车。B、C 项过于片面。

【2014 高考英语广东省中山市华侨中学一模试题】B
It’s such a happy-looking library, painted yellow, decorated with palm-tree stickers and sheltered from the Florida sun by its own roof. About the size of a microwave oven, it’s pedestrian-friendly, too, waiting for book lovers next to a sidewalk in Palm Beach country Estates, along the northern boundary of Palm Beach Gardens. It’s a library built with love. A year ago, shortly after Janey Henriksen saw a Brian Williams report about the Little Free Library organization, a Wisconsin-based nonprofit that aims to promote literacy and build a sense of community in a neighborhood by making books freely available, she announced to her family of four, “That’s what we’re going to do for our spring break!” Son Austin, now a 10th-grader, didn’t see the point of building a library that resembles a mailbox. But Janey insisted, and husband Peter unwillingly got to work. The 51-year-old owner of a ship supply company modified a small wooden house that he’d built years earlier for daughter Abbie’s toy horses, and made a door of glass. After adding the library’s final touches (装点), the family hung a signboard on the front, instructing users to “take a book, return a book,” and making the Henriksen library, now one of several hundred like it nationwide and among more than 2,500 in the world, the only Little Free Library in Palm Beach County.

They stocked it with 20 or so books they’d already read, a mix of science fiction, reference titles, novels and kids’ favorites. “I told them, keep in mind that you might not see it again,” said Janey, a stay-at-home mom. Since then, the collection keeps replenishing ( 补充) itself, thanks to ongoing donations from borrowers. The library now gets an average of five visits a day. The project’s best payoff, says Peter, are the thank-you notes left behind. “We had no idea in the beginning that it would be so popular.”

31. In what way is the library “pedestrian-friendly”? A. It owns a yellow roof. B. It stands near a sidewalk. C. It protects book lovers from the sun. D. It uses palm-tree stickers as decorations. 32. Janey got the idea to build a library from __________. A. a visit to Brian Williams B. a spring break with her family C. a book sent by one of her neighbors D. a report on a Wisconsin-based organization 33. The library was built __________. A. by a ship supply company C. like a mailbox B. on the basis of toy horses D. with glass

34. What can we infer about the signboard? A. It was made by a user of the library. B. It marked a final touch to the library. C. It aimed at making the library last long. D. It indicated the library was a family property. 35. The passage tells us that the users __________. A. donate books to the library B. get paid to collect books for the library C. receive thank-you notes for using the library

D. visit the library over 5 times on average daily 【参考答案】31-35. BDCCA



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