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株洲二中 2016 届高三英语复习伴手礼 No.1—— “It”用法总结


A. It 用法第一类: It 充当句子的形式主语,代指不定式 to do, 动名词 v.ing 及 that 从句。
1. (It is) no wonder/surprise+ that cl… 难怪…… 例:It is no wonder that she is so excellent since she is so hardworking. 她学习如此勤奋,难怪她如此优秀。 例:What a big pity it is for him not to make good use of the chance! 他没有好好利用这次机会真是太可惜了! 例:It is everyone’s responsibility/duty to respect and take care of the elderly. 尊重照顾老年人是我们每个人的义务职 责。 例: It is my great honour to give a speech to all of you about building a harmonious school! 我很荣幸在此做关于创建和谐校园的演 讲! 例:It is always a pleasure to greet a friend from afar. 有朋自远方来,不亦乐乎。


口语中,no wonder 前的 it is 经常省略;

2. It is a pity/shame for sb. to do /that cl. 3.It is one’s responsibility/duty to do sth./that cl.

某人做某事 令人遗憾。 做某事是某 人的责任。

此类句型中的名词 还有:a shame, a (big)surprise, sb.’s belief 等。

4. It is one’s (great)pleasure / honor to do sth./that cl.

某人倍感高 兴/荣幸做某 事。

5.It is/was the+ 序数词 + time for sb. to do/ that sb. have/had done sth.

某人第 x 次 做某事。

例:It is/was the first time that he has/had 1)此句型中可用 tried a ski, but he is/was doing well. This 代替 It; 这是他第一次尝试滑雪,但他表现很棒。 2)that 从句的时态 注意前后一致。 例 : It is quite necessary for us to read different English materials to enlarge our vocabulary. =It is quite necessary that we (should) read different English materials to enlarge our vocabulary. 为了扩大我们的词汇量, 我们 必须阅读不同的英语材料。 1) 此句型中的形 容词还有很 多,如: exciting,happy, surprising, terrible, common, clear, natural, important 等。 2) 当形容词是描 述人的性质, 品行,性格时, 用 of sb. 如: nice,kind, right, wrong, clever, stupid, careful, careless 等。 1)worth 后面主动 形式表被动。

6.It is adj. for sb. to do sth./that cl. It is adj. of sb. to do sth./that cl.

某人做某事 怎样。

例:It is wise of parents to read bed-time stories for their children before sleep. =Parents are wise to read bed-time stories for their children before sleep. 父母亲睡前给孩子讲故事是非常智慧的 行为。

7. It is worthwhile to do/doing sth.

某 事 值 得 做。

例 : It is worthwhile to read /reading Dickens’ books.

株洲二中 2016 届高三英语复习伴手礼 No.1—— “It”用法总结


=Sth. is worth doing. =Sth. is worthy of being done / to be done. 8. It is no use/ no good doing sth. 做某事无益/ 不好。

=Dickens’ books are worth reading. =Dickens’ books are worthy of being read/ to be read. 狄更斯的书籍值得一读。 例:It is no use arguing with him. 和他争吵没用。 例:It is no good worrying about it. 没必要担心此事。 例:It is said that this flu is caused by a special virus. =This flu is said to be caused by a special virus. 这种流感据说是由一种特殊的病毒引起 的。

2)worthy 后接 to be done 或 being done。

9. It is +过去分词 (said/reported /announced/believed/ acknowledged/expected/ supposed/known)+that cl.

据说/据报道 /据宣布 大家公认/预 料/设想/知 道……

该句型可变化为 sb./sth. is said/ reported / announced / believed / expected/ supposed/known to do (不定式根据具 体表达而变化)

10. It counts/matters much that cl. It doesn’t matter whether sb. do sth.or not. 11. It happened/chanced that cl.= Sb. happened/chanced to do sth.

……很重要/ 有关系

例:It counts/matters a lot that you can leave a good impression in your first interview. 初次面试留下好印象十分重要。 例: It happened/chanced that I was out when he came. =I happened/chanced to be out when he came. 他来的时候我碰巧出去了。 例:It occurred to me that I should have a try. 我突然感到自己应该试一试。 有时人们也说 An idea occured/ came to me that I should have a try.

碰巧某人做 某事…

12. It occurs/comes to sb. that cl. It turns out that cl.

某人突然想 到...; 最终证明...

B. It 用法第二类:It 充当句子的形式宾语,代指不定式 to do 及 that 从句。
13. Sb. feel / think / consider / find / /believe/suppose it +adj./n. + to do / that cl. 14. Sb. take it for granted to do sth./thatcl. 15.Sb./Sth. make it+adj./n.+ to do / that cl. 16. Sb. see to it that+cl. 17.Sb. depend/rely on it that+cl. 某人认为做 某事怎样 例:We consider it a great honor that our country can hold the World Expo. = We consider it a great honor for our country to hold the World Expo. 我们认为在自己的国家举办世博会是一种荣誉。 例: We shouldn’t take it for granted that parents should do everything for us. 我们不要理所当然认为父母亲该为我们做一切事情。 例:Our school makes it a rule to wear school uniforms at school. 学校规定必须穿校服上学。 例:Please see to it that kid must be away from fire. 例:You can depend on it that we won’t miss this party.

某人认为某 事理所当然

某人/某事 使…怎样 保证,确保 相信……

株洲二中 2016 届高三英语复习伴手礼 No.1—— “It”用法总结


18.Sb. like/hate/dislike that/when+cl. Sb.appreciate it if/when+cl.


I dislike it when you whistle. 我不爱听你吹口哨。 We really appreciate it when she offered to help. 她来帮忙 了,我们十分感激。

能用于此结构的 动词不多, 常见的 还有 enjoy, love, prefer 等。

It 用法第三类: It 在指代时间意义时引导的特定句型。
19. It is/was high time for sb. to do sth./that cl. 某人该做某 事了 例:It is time to begin our discussion. =It is time that we should begin/began our discussion. 我们讨论的时间到了。 例:Usually it will take us about one week to get used to a new teacher ’s teaching. =Usually it will take about one week for us to get used to a new teacher ’s teaching. 通常需要大约一个星期我们才能适应新 老师的教学。 that 从句用一般 过去式或 should do,属于虚拟语气 表达, 其中 should 不省。 该句型也可改为: Sb. spend time (in) doing sth./ on sth. 故我们可以说: We usually spend about one week getting used to a new teacher ’s teaching. 1)该句型主要使 用一般过去时和 一般将来时; 2)before 后的状 语从句用一般现 在时表将来。 Since 后面的动 词一定要用一般 过去式。 此处 it 表时间。

20. It takes sb. +时间段+ to do sth. = It takes +时间段+for sb. to do sth.

某人花多少 时间做某事

21. It was/will be took/will take +时间段+ before …

过 多 久 … 才…

例:It was long before they found out their way out in the rainforest. 他们用了很久时间才走出热带森林。 例: It will not be long before we say goodbye to our high school life. 我们很快就要告别高中生活了。 例:It is ages since I enjoyed myself last. 我很久没有这么开心了。 例: It was 10 o’clock when the train left the station. 火车在十点离站。

22. It is/has been+时间段+since cl. 23.It was/will be+ 时 间 点 +when cl.

自从…以来 有多久 某人在某时 做某事

C. It 用法第四类:It 的其他常用特定句型
24.It is/was+ 被 强 调 的 部 分 +that/who +原句其他部分. It is/was+ 被 强 调 的 人 +that/who +原句其他部分. 25. It looks/ seems/appears/feels like that cl./as if cl. 26. When it comes to …,主句. 看起来似乎/ 好像/… 当 我 们 谈 道 …… 的 时 候,......。 例:It seems that/as if it is going to snow with the freezing wind in the air.寒风刺骨,好像要下雪了。 例:When it comes to Chinese folk music, we can’t help thinking of a famous singer, Song Zuying.谈到中 就是…… 例: It was not until 1978 that China began its economic reform. 中国在 1978 年才开始经济改革。

as if/that 引导表语从 句。 When it comes to…, = Coming to…,

株洲二中 2016 届高三英语复习伴手礼 No.1—— “It”用法总结


国民乐时, 我们不免会想到一位著 名的歌唱家——宋祖英。 二. 读下面的文章,并划记理解相关 It 句型。 (全篇 13 个 it) It was a nice autumn afternoon. President Obama came to visit Fudan University of Shanghai. He said it was a great honor for him to come to China. He also stated that it was his first time to see this majestic country and it was his hope not only to answer the students’ questions but also to take questions back to the US. He even learnt to speak some Shanghai dialect, which left a humorous and easy-going impression on the audience. It seemed that he enjoyed the time with those university students. It is recognized that Shanghai has a vital place in building the relationship between China and US. It was here, 37 years ago, that Shanghai Communique(联合公报)opened the door to the engagement between the two countries. Since then, America’s ties to this city—to China—have stretched further. Actually, the relationship can date back to 1784, when Gorge Washington ordered a ship to pursue trade with the Qing Dynasty. The partnership was strengthened in the World War II. It is known that American people fought together with Chinese people against the Fascist and attained the great success. 20 years later, both of the two countries found it necessary and important to recontinue the friendship since we are two big countries in the world. It should be our responsibility to develop better friendship in order to create a better world. As an old Chinese saying goes, “Consider the past, and you shall know the future”. It took both countries a long time to understand each other and Mr. Obama expressed that it is high time that China and the USA should cooperate in a more active way. He also said it won’t take long before the world, especially the USA gets rid of the influence of the economic crisis.
(改编自 President Obama 在复旦大学的演讲稿)

I. Express the sentences in another way using it. 1. Playing basketball after school is great fun. 2. To master a foreign language is a challenging task. 3. To memorize the English words every day takes us only a few minutes. 4. The idea has proved to be practical. 5. The way turns out to work well. 6. The cars seem to be flying. 7. I happened to sit by her in the cinema. II. Fill in the blanks with one word. 1.-So far it has been 3 hours _____ you arrived here? -But it will be half an hour _____ we leave here. 2.—It was 3 o’clock______ we arrived at the village. —Oh, it was at 3 o’clock ______we arrived at the village . 3.—Where did you meet Mr. Smith?” —It was in the hotel ______he stayed. III. Translate the following sentences into Chinese. 1. When you feel it the most difficult, it won’t be long before you reach your goal. 2. It will be seven months before we finish middle school. 3. It was 1945 when the World War Two was over. 4. It is just a week since we arrived in Beijing. IV. Correction 1.It is impolite for you to speak ill of others behind them. 2.It is amazing you made so great progress in English ! 3.It has been announced is that we shall have our final exams next month.



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