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教师版Unit 1 Friendship

2011 级高三英语复习 Book 1 Unit1

Unit 1 Friendship(教师版)
考纲词 1、 upset a. 心烦的,苦恼的 2、 ignore vt. 忽视 3、 calm a. 镇静的,沉着的 4、 concern n. 关系;关心 5、 loose a. 松散的;宽松的 6、 outdoors adv. 在户外 7、 dusk n. 黄昏 8、 thunder n. 雷声 9、 entire a. 整个的,全部的 10、 entirely adv. 完全地,彻底地 11、 power n. 力,动力 12、 curtain n. 窗帘;幕 13、 dusty a. 尘土多的 14、 partner n. 搭档,合作者 重要短语 1. be good to 对……友好 be good for 对……有益; be good at 擅长 2. add up 加起来; add up to 总计达 add… to… 把…加到… in addition to in addition add to 增加 add 补充说 15、 16、 17、 18、 19、 20、 21、 22、 23、 24、 25、 26、 27、 28、 29、 settle vi. 安家,定居 suffer vi. 受苦,遭受 highway n. 公路,高速公路 recover vi. 痊愈;恢复 pack n. 包裹 suitcase n. (旅行用)小提箱 overcoat n. 大衣 teenager n. 青少年 exactly adv. 精确地,确切地 disagree vi. 持不同意见 grateful a. 感激的,感谢的 dislike vt. 不喜欢,厌恶 tip n. 尖端;提示;小费 secondly adv. 第二;其次 swap n. 交换之物 查看详细

as/so far as …be concerned 就 … 而 言 ; feel/show concern about/for 担心/关心… concerning prep. 关于 6. go on holiday 度假 be on holiday 正在休假 for the holiday 去度假 7. take care of 爱护,照料 take care 注意,当心; (告别用语)走好,保重 care for 关心;照顾;喜欢;想要 care about 关心,在意 8. take the end-of-term exam/mid-term exam 参加期末考试/期中考试 9. cheat in the exam 考试作弊 10. make a list of reasons 列举一些原因 11. on purpose 故意地; by accident/chance 偶然地; for the purpose of 为了…,目的是… 12. go through 用光;通过;检查;经历;完成

3. get sth done 让某事被做; get sb. to do sth/(doing). 让 sb(一直)做 sb 对比 make/have/let sb. do sth. 让(使)某人做某事 have/make sb./ sth./ oneself +v-ed 让某人/某事/自己被… make sb. /sth. +adj.使某人/物… make sb.+n. 使某人成为… 4. calm(…)down(使)平息, 使平静 keep/remain calm 保持镇静 5. be concerned about/with 关心,挂念; be concerned with 与…有关;

2011 级高三英语复习 Book 1 Unit1

对比:get through 用光;通过; 完成(熬过困境) ;完成; 13. set down 写下,记下;让…下车 写下,记下 write/put down 14. everything to do with nature 一切与大自然有关的事物 have sth/nth/little/much to do with… 15. stay (wide/fully) awake 拓展:be fast asleep (非常)清醒 a sound sleep

make sb./ sth./ oneself +v-ed 让某人/某事/自己被… make sb.+n. 使某人成为… 25. communicate with sb. communicate with sth. (房间、花园、道路等)相连 communicate one’s ideas/feelings/thoughts to sb 传达传递(想法、感情、思想等) 26. show (an) interest in sth. 对 sth 表现出兴趣 27. be grateful/thankful to sb. for sth .因某事而感谢某人 be grateful to do sth. 因做…而感激; be grateful that… 感激… 28. join in the discussion 加入讨论中 join take part in attend 29 . Why not do sth.? 为什么不做某事呢? 30. recover from 从..中痊愈; recover oneself 恢复健康 recover 重新获得;复原,恢复常态; 恢复,痊愈 31. be/get upset about/at 为/对…感到不安 32. face to face 面对面地; hand in hand 手拉手地; shoulder to shoulder 肩并肩地; heart to heart 贴心地,坦诚地; side by side 并排地,并肩地 arm in arm 臂挽着臂地; a face-to-face talk 一次面对面的谈话 33. fall in love (with sb.) 爱上…; be in love (with sb.) 与…相爱 34. in class 上课; after class 课下; between classes 课间 35.catch sb. doing 抓住某人做某事 36. keep a diary 写日记


16. sth happen to sb 某人发生某事 sb happen to do sth 某人碰巧做某事 It (so) happens/happened that… come to/into power 掌权,上台 beyond/out of one’s power 力所不能及的 power:能力;控制力,影响力;力量, 威力;动力,电力 18. It’s no pleasure doing sth 做 sth 没有乐趣的 It’s no use/good doing sth 做 sth 是没有用的 19.suffer+pain/loss/defeat/punishment/disappointment 遭受痛苦/损失/失败/惩罚/失望 suffer from + a headache/the earthquake 患…病; 因…而受苦 suffering (u) 疼痛;痛苦(pl)苦难,折磨 20. fun 不可数名词 What fun it is to do sth.! 做某事是多么大的乐趣啊! 21. be/got tired of (doing) sth. 厌烦(做)… be/get tired from/with sth. 因…而劳累/疲惫 22. have some trouble with sb/ sth.(in doing) 在…上遇到了麻烦 23. get along/on … with sb/sth. 与某人相处怎样/某事进展如何 24. make sb. do sth.让(使)某人做某事 make sb. /sth. +adj.使某人/物… 正巧 17. in power 执政; lose power 丧失权利;

2011 级高三英语复习 Book 1 Unit1

37 take notice of 注意… 38.the first time 可作从属连词用, 引导时间状 语从句,相当于 when…for the first time The first time I met him, I remembered his name.=When I met him for the first time, I 重要句式

remembered his name. 39. walk the dog 遛狗 walk: vi.走;步行,散步 vt.蹓动物,陪某人走 40. set down 记下 41. face to face 面对面

1. 课文原句:While walking the dog, you were careless and it got loose and was hit by a car. =While you were walking the dog, …在遛狗时,你不小心让狗挣脱了绳子,结果狗被车撞了。 2. 课文原句: I wonder if it because I haven’t been able to be outdoors for so long that I’ve grown so crazy about everything to do with nature.

3. 课文原句: I can well remember that there was a time when a deep blue sky, the song of birds, moonlight and flowers could never have kept me spellbound.

5. 课文原句:It was the first time in a year and a half that I’d seen the night face to face. 这是我一年半以来第一次目睹夜晚。 It is the first (second…etc) time that sb have done…. (从句谓语动词用现在完成时) It was the first (second…etc) time that sb had done….(从句谓语动词用过去完成时) 6. 课文原句: I would be grateful if you could give me some advice. 如果您给我提些建议,我会非常感谢的。 (I would be grateful if… 委婉客气提出请求)



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