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2013届高考英语复习 Unit3 The Million Pound Bank Note专题课件 新人教版必修3

Ⅰ.高频单词必记 1. novel n. adj. 2. adventure n. 3. wander vi. 4. stare vi. 5. fault n. 小说;长篇故事 新奇的;异常的 奇遇;冒险 漫游;漫步;漂泊 凝视;盯着看 过错;缺点;故障

6. spot vt.


7. seek vt.& vi. 8. amount n. 9. manner n. 10. scream vi. n.

寻找;探索;寻求 数量 礼貌;举止;方式 尖声叫 尖叫声;喊叫声

11.bow vi.&n. 鞠躬;弯腰
12. scene n.(戏剧)一场;现场;场面;景色→ scenery . n.风景;景色(总称) 13. permit vt.& vi.许可;允许;准许; n.通行证;许可 证;执照→ permission n.许可;批准

14. account vi.& vt.认为;说明;总计有; n.说明;理由;

计算;账目→ accountant n.会计
15. patience n.耐性;忍耐→ patient adj.&n.有耐心的;病人 16.unbelievable adj.难以置信的→ believe v.相信;信任 → belief n.信念;信仰

1. bring up 2. go ahead 3. by accident 4. stare at 5. account for 抚养;培养;教育;提出 前进;(用于祈使句)可以;往下说 偶然;无意中;不小心 盯着看;凝视 导致;做出解释

6. on the contrary
7.take a chance


8. in rags
9. as for 10. to be honest

关于;至于 说实话

Ⅲ.经典句型必会 1.Well, towards nightfall I found myself carried out to

sea by a strong wind.

解读:found myself carried out为“find+宾语+宾补”结构。

When we wanted to go through the forest, we ________________________. 答案:found ourselves lost

2.The next morning I'd just about given myself up for lost when I was spotted by a ship. 第二天早晨我正在感到绝望的时候,一艘船发现了我。

解读:had just done ...when ... “刚做完……,这时……”。

_______________ the phone _________ there was a knock
on the door.

答案:I had just hung up; when

3.Indeed, sir, I hope you'll come here whenever you like. 真的,先生,我希望您随时光临。

解读:whenever = no matter when,在此引导让步状语从 句。 仿写:无论何时有困难,请向我求助。

______________________, please turn to me for help. 答案:Whenever you are in trouble

4.Well, it is wellknown that Americans like to eat a lot. 嗯,美国人喜欢吃得多,这是大家都知道的。

解读:it is well?known that ...“众所周知……”,在该句中it
作形式主语,后面的that从句作真正的主语。 仿写:众所周知,对学生来说恰当使用因特网是很重要的。 ____________________________ it is important for the students to use the Internet properly. 答案:It is wellknown to us that

1.scene n.(戏剧)一场;现场;场面;景色 on the scene 在现场;当场

appear/come on the scene
behind the scenes the scene of the accident

在幕后;暗中 事故现场

①Reporters were soon on the scene after the accident. 那事故发生后不久记者们就赶到了现场。 ② Seeing the happy scene of children playing in the park, I'm full of joy and confidence in the future of our country. 看到孩子们在公园里玩耍的欢乐场景,对祖国的未来我既 高兴又充满自信心。

③Such decisions are made behind the scenes without

public knowledge.

2.fault n.责任;过错;缺点vt.对……挑毛病 it's one's fault at fault find fault in find fault with 是某人的错 有过错;应当负责 看出……的缺点;找出……的毛病 对……不满;挑剔

[教材P18原句] 这都是我的错。

It was all my fault.

①Perhaps the railway authorities are at fault for poor signalling system.(摘自2011浙江高考·阅读理解A) 或许铁路部门应当为质量差的信号系统负责。

②Somehow, people seem to think it's my fault for letting

him in.
不知什么原因,人们似乎认为让他进来是我的过错。 ③He is such a man who is always finding fault with other people. 他是一个总是爱挑别人毛病的人。

3.spot vt.发现;认出;点缀n.斑点;污点;地点
?sth./sb.doing ? (1)spot? ?that ... ?

发现某事/某人做…… 发现…… 散布;点缀 当场;在现场

(2)be spotted with (3)on the spot


The next morning I'd just about given

myself up for lost when I was spotted by a ship. 第二天早上,我正感到绝望的时候,一艘船发现了我。 ①We could hardly distinguish the orangecolored spots of the kites.(摘自2011浙江高考·阅读理解D) 我们几乎辨别不出风筝上的桔色斑点。

② Findingth e right spot to camp

is the first step to

guaranteeing a good night's sleep.(摘自2009北京高考·阅读 理解E) 找到合适的野营地点是保证夜间良好睡眠的第一步。 ③I had just sat down to work when I spotted something moving on the wall.


④The bus overturned, leaving seven dead on the spot
and 29 others injured. 公共汽车翻车了,致使7人当场死亡,另有29人受伤。

4.account vi.&vt.认为;说明;总计有 n.说明;理由;
计算;账目;报道 (1)account for (2)on account of on no account on any account 装) 无论如何 考虑…… (4)open an account 开设账户 解释;说明 由于;因为 决不(置于句首时,句子用部分倒

(3)take ...into account = take ...into consideration


The fact is that I earned my passage by

working as an unpaid hand, which accounts for my appearance. 事实上我靠做义工来顶替船费,这就是我为什么衣冠不整了。

①How do you account for the sudden disappearance of the murder weapon? 你如何解释凶器突然消失? ②He retired on account of poor health. 他由于身体不好而退休了。

③ On no account should the house be

left unlocked.
离开住宅时千万要锁门。 ④The difficulty is that it did not take the human mind into account.(摘自2011福建高考·阅读理解E) 困难是它没有把人类的大脑考虑在内。


1.The reason he gave to ________________________ (解释
他缺席) was unbelievable. 答案:account for his absence

2.As is known to all, we should never _______________ ______ (依貌取人). 答案:judge a person only by his/her appearance

3.__________________ (有礼貌) to say goodbye to the host when leaving. 答案:It's good manners

4.Nine people __________________ (当场死亡) and one

more person died in hospital in the car crash.
答案:died on the scene/spot

5.He lost his job, but __________________________ (是 他自己的过错). 答案:it was his own fault

Ⅱ.单项填空 1.(2012· 辽宁六校模拟)—Jack can't concentrate on his lessons recently.

—Yes, that might ________ why he did so badly in the
last test.

A.answer for
C.account for

B.apply for
D.call for

解析:考查动词短语辨析。句意:那有可能是他上次考试 如此糟糕的原因。account for “说明……的原因”,符合语 境。answer for “对……负责”; apply for “向……申请”; call for “需要”。 答案:C

2.Wearing a red skirt, Alice was easily ________ in the crowd when I met her at the railway station. A.remembered B.reminded



她时很容易就认出了她。spot “认出;发现”,符合句意。

remember “记住;牢记”; remind “提醒;使想起”;
reveal “揭示;揭露”。


3.When I was a little boy, I lived in a small fishing

village.The visit to the village reminded me of the
________ of my childhood. A.views C.scenery B.scenes D.sights

解析:句意:参观这个村庄使我想起童年的场景。views “观点;景色”; scenes “场景”; scenery “自然风景;景色 ”; sights “名胜;风景”。根据句意,B正确。 答案:B

4.I broke my relationship with John because he always
found ________ with me.



岔。find fault with “挑剔;找……的岔子”,符合句意。


1.bring up 培养;抚养;教育;提出;呕吐 ①Christophe Pires was born and brought up in France, but he speaks English fluently.(摘自2011陕西高考·单词 拼写)

Christophe Pires是在法国出生和被抚养长大,但他说一

②Some people laughed at the idea when I first brought it up .

③He was so sick that he brought up his lunch.


bring about


bring sth.back
bring down bring in

让……降下来;使倒下 引入

④The photographs brought back many pleasant memories. 那些照片给人带来很多美好的回忆。 ⑤In the animal kingdom, weakness can bring about aggression in other animals.(摘自2011广东高考·阅读理解A) 在动物王国里,柔弱可能带来别的动物的侵犯。

2.go ahead前进;(用于祈使句)可以;往下说 ①The building of the new bridge will go ahead as planned. 新桥的修建将按计划进行。 ②—I wonder if I could use your car tonight? ——我今晚能用你的车吗? —Sure, go ahead .I'm not using it anyhow tonight. ——当然可以,用吧。反正今晚我也不用。

3.take a chance 冒险;试图做某事;碰运气
[教材P22原句] Well, we'll have to take a chance.

①Let's take a chance.There may still be some tickets left.

② You should never take a chance/chances when driving a car. 开车时,千万别冒险。

(1)take a chance = take one's chance/take chances 冒险

(2)by chance (= by accident)
(3)(The) chance is/(The) chances are+that ...


有可能…… There is a chance that ... 可能……

③Whether by chance or by design, it so happened that there were almost exactly 150 people in the station.(摘自2011上海 高考·Section D) 是偶然还是故意安排,电视台恰巧有150人。 ④ The chances are that she's already heard the news. 可能她已经听到那则消息了。


1.The research shows that if children are badly
________________, they may behave badly.

答案:brought up

2.The manager had mercy on the children dressed ________________ and gave them some food. 答案:in rags

3.I had eye pains because I spent a lot of my time

________________ the computer screen.
答案:staring at

4.We ________________ on the weather and planned to have our party in the open air. 答案:took a chance

5.The lecture was not boring.________________, it was very interesting.

答案:On the contrary

6.Jack ________________ with his brother that he could finish his homework first. 答案:made a bet

1.—May I open the window to let in some fresh air?

A.Come on! C.Go ahead! B.Take care! D.Hold on!

”come on “加油”; take care “小心”; go ahead “干吧;做

吧”; hold on “别挂断”。由句意可知应选C项。

2.(2011· 福建高考)Born into a family with three brothers,
David was________ to value the sense of sharing.

A.brought up
C.looked after

B.turned down
D.held back

解析:考查动词短语辨析。David 出生在有三个兄弟的家

庭,受到要重视分享的教育。bring up “养育;教养”;
turn down “关小;拒绝”; look after “照料”; hold back “阻碍”。


3.(2011· 湖北高考)The government has taken measures
to________ the high prices of daily goods to keep the

market stable.
A.take down C.hand down B.bring down D.tear down

解析: 考查动词短语辨析。 句意: 政府已经采取措施降
低日用品价格以保持市场稳定。 take down “写下; 拆除”; bring down “降低;减少”; hand down “把…… 传下来”; tear down “拆除;拆毁”。 答案: B

4.—Is it dangerous?

—Yes, but I have to ________ a chance; after all, this is
the last opportunity for me. A.make C.catch B.hold D.take

解析:答语句意:是的,但是我必须得冒险;毕竟对我来 说这是最后一次机会。take a chance “冒险”,固定搭配。 答案:D

1.Well, towards nightfall I found_myself_carried__out to sea by a strong wind. 嗯,傍晚时分我发现自己被一阵大风刮到海上去了。 find 后接复合宾语, carried out 为过去分词短语,在 句子中作宾语补足语,表被动。 ?现在分词 ? ?过去分词 find+宾语+? ?形容词 ?介词短语 ?

①I found myself surrounded by a group of children full of curiosity. 我发现自己被一群充满好奇心的孩子围住了。 ②Peter, who was usually shy, found himself talking to the girls. 彼得通常很害羞,但却发现自己不知不觉已在跟女孩子们


③After wandering around, we found ourselves back at the

[关键一点] 可用于这种结构的动词有:see, hear, watch,

notice, have等。

2.The next morning I'd_just_about_given myself up for lost when I was spotted by a ship. 第二天早晨,我正感到绝望的时候,一艘船发现了我。 had just done ... when ...刚做完……这时…… ①He had just rushed into the classroom when the teacher came in. 他刚跑进教室,这时老师进来了。

be doing ...when .... be about to do ...when ...

正在做……这时…… 正要做……这时……

be on the point of doing ...when ... 正要做……这时……

②She was wandering through the street when she caught sight of a tailor's shop. 她正在街上徘徊,这时忽然看见了一家裁缝店。 ③I was on the point of telephoning him when his letter



He ______________________________ the telephone
rang. 答案:had just gone to bed when


She __________________________ he called.
答案:was reading when


I hurriedly got to the airport only to
________________________________ . 答案:find my wallet lost

Ⅱ.单项填空 1.(2012· 北京朝阳区模拟)The performance________begin when the news came that a storm was on the way. A.was to C.was about to B.had to D.was going to

解析:句意:演出正要开始,这时消息传来,一场暴风雨 即将来到。 be about to do ...when ... “正要做……这 时……”。 答案:C

2.He found his son ________ by letters and papers and

________ very worried.
A.surrounding; looked C.surrounding; looking B.surrounded; looked D.surrounded; looking



3.A cook will be immediately fired if he is found ________ in the kitchen. A.smoke C.to smoke B.smoking D.smoked

解析:句意:如果发现厨师在厨房里吸烟,他将马上被解 雇。本题考查的是“find+宾语+宾补”的结构,主语补足 语的选择与宾语补足语的选择方法相同。由“发现厨师在厨 房里吸烟”,可知“厨师”与“吸烟”之间在逻辑上是主谓关系 (或主动关系)且强调“吸烟”这一动作正在进行之中,所以


宾语从句和表语从句 单项填空 1.(2011· 山东高考)I'm afraid he's more of a talker than a doer, which is________ he never finishes anything. A.that C.where B.when D.why

解析:考查表语从句。很显然,前文所说的(他是一个空谈 家而不是一个实干家)是下文(他一事无成)的原因,由此可 知应该选why。


2.(2012· 江苏启东模拟)— I?m afraid I have to give it up.
—Don't be discouraged.Remember ________ sticks to

his work will succeed one day.
A.anyone C.no matter who B.who D.whoever

解析:句意:“恐怕我得放弃了”。“别灰心。记住,坚持的 人迟早会成功”。remember 后是一宾语从句,在这个宾语 从句中又含有一个主语从句。whoever = anyone who ..., 故本题还可说成:Remember anyone who sticks to his work will succeed one day.。


3.(2011· 安徽高考)His writing is so confusing that it's
difficult to make out ________ it is he is trying to express. A.that C.who B.how D.what

解析:考查句子结构。句意:他的书写如此令人困惑,以 致于难以辨认他在试图表达什么。 分析句子结构可知,定 语从句 he is trying to express 后缺少宾语,因此用what。


4.(2012· 烟台市第一次诊断)What the students are worried

about is ________ their teacherwill recover from the
serious disease soon. A.when C.whether B.if D.what


句是whether 引导的表语从句。

5.(2012· 南京二模)I don't know ________ the future holds
in store for me, but I'll face the storms of life bravely.



解析:考查宾语从句。句意:我不知道自己的将来会是什 么样子,但是我将勇敢地面对人生的暴风雨。what the future holds in store for me 是宾语从句, what 在从句中作 holds的宾语。 答案:D



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