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上海牛津英语8年级 补习1

上海牛津英语 8 年级 补习 1
一、词组 Unit 1 1.own v. 拥有=have owner 主人(表人) 2.nearby adv. 附近=not far away 3.ski v.滑雪 go skiing 去滑雪 4. happy adj. 高兴的 happily adv. happiness n. unhappy adj.不高兴的 5.physics n.物理 physical adj. 物理的;身体的 physical education 体育 6.maybe adv. 也许=perhaps, probably 7.high adj. 高的 height n.高度 8.Britain n. 英国 British adj.英国的 9. Germany n. 德国 German adj./n .德国的,德国人,德语 some Germans 一些德国人 10.England n.英格兰 English adj.英国的 11.act v.行动 actor 男演员 actress 女演员 active adj 积极的, 活跃的 activity n 活动 action n. 行动 take action to 采取行动 12.friend n. 朋友 friendly 友好的 adj. be friendly to sb. 对某人友好 13.Australia n. 澳大利亚 Australian adj./n 澳大利亚的, 澳大利亚人 14. engineer 工程师 engine 发动机 16.an address 一个地址 addresses 地址(复数) 17.at the end of 在……的末尾 18.in the end = finally = at last 最后 19.a boy called Jon 一个叫 Jon 的男孩 20.write to sb = write a letter to sb 写信给某人 21.hear from sb. = receive/ get a letter from sb. 收到某人的来信 22.deliver letters 发送信件 23. play chess 下棋 24.play the violin 拉小提琴 25.in a magazine 在杂志上 26.in a newspaper 在报纸上 27.in a book 在书上(纸张类介词用 in) 28.I would like to be your penfriend. = I want to be your penfriend. 我想成为你的笔友 29.tell you sth about myself 告诉你关于我的事情 30.one and a half metres tall = one metre and a half tall 一米五高 31.My hobby is playing chess. 我的爱好是下棋 32.live with my parents 和我爸妈一起住 33.own a Chinese restaurant nearby 在附近拥有一家中餐馆 34.work in a college 在一所大学工作 35.at university = at college 在读大学

36.come back home = return home 回到家里 37.give back = return 归还 38.during the holidays 在假期中 39.in Year 7 = in Grade 7 = in Form 7 在七年级 40.walk to school 走路去学校=go to school on foot 41.I am keen on sports 我热衷于运动 =I’m interested in sports=I really like sports. 42.be keen on doing sth = be interested in doing sth = like doing sth very much 非常喜欢做某事 43.enjoy skiing and playing table tennis 喜欢滑雪和打乒乓 44.My best subject is Physics 我最好的学科是物理 45.My ambition is to be an architect. 我的目标是成为一名建筑师 ambition n. 志向 ambitious adj.有雄心的 46.a photo of myself 我自己的照片 47.in the middle 在中间 48.sincerely 尊敬的;诚挚的 49 不规则比较级最高级: bad – worse – worst 坏的 ill – worse – worst 生病的,坏的 far – farther – farthest (距离)远的 far – further – furthest 深入的,进一步的 many – more – most 多的(可数) much – more – most 多的(不可数) little – less – least 少的 good(well) –better—best 好的 50.weigh v. 称……的重量;重…… weight n.重量 lose weight 减肥 How much do you weigh? 你多重? 51.long adj. 长的, length n.长度 52. an hour 一个小时 an unusual day 不同寻常的一天 an umbrella 一把雨伞 an honest boy 一个诚实的男孩 a university 一所大学 a useful book 一本有用的书 a European boy 一个欧洲的男孩 a UFO 一个 UFO a uniform 一件校服 a 100-word article 一篇一百字的文章 an 80-word article

53.look for pen friends 寻找笔友 54.think of some questions 考虑几个问题 55.welcome to my blog 欢迎来我的博客 56.like listening to pop music 喜欢听流行音乐 57.share a room with my sister 和我妹妹共住一间房间 58.attend school = go to school 去学校 59.on weekdays 在工作日 60.all over the world = throughout the world 在全世界 B.

1.棒球 2.角 在角落里 在直角的顶点上 在拐角周围 3.标题,题目 4.米,公尺 5.拥有,自己的,特有的 6.在附近,附近的,在...附近 7.学院,职业学校 8.大学,高等学府 9.会计,会计师 10.在......期间 11.喜爱,有兴趣 12.滑雪 13.乒乓球运动 14.最好的 15.物理学 16.追求的目标;志向 17.或许,可能 18.身高,高度 19.梦想,理想 20.很可能,大概 21.领带,系 22.顶部,屋顶

baseball corner in the corner on the corner at the corner title meter-kilometer-decimeter own---owner nearby college university accountant---account during keen---keenly---keenness be keen on ski---skier---skiing ski---skied---skied table tennis best---worse physics---physicist---physical ambition---ambitious maybe---may be height---high weight---weigh dream---dreamed---dreamed probably---probable tie tie---tied---tied roof---roofs

1.在角落里(直角的内角里) 在直角的顶点上 在拐角周围 2.收到......的来信 3.想要,愿意 4.身高 1 米 5 重 66 千克

in the corner on the corner at the corner get a letter from=hear from sb. would like to=want to one and a half meters tall 66 kilograms heavy

告诉某人关于......的一些事 把 A 和 B 区别出来 让某人做某事 担任 从事......,钻研...... 为......工作 5.七年级 6.根本不 总共 筋疲力尽的 7.喜欢 8.在中间

tell sb. sth. About... tell A from B tell sb. to do sth. work as work at work for Year Seven not ... at all in all be all in be keen on =be very interested in in the middle

My favorite hobby is playing computer games. 我最大爱好是玩电脑游戏。 She's 4 feet 5 inches 她高 5 英尺 8 英寸 We usually let our voices fall at the end, too. 我们也通常在句尾降低音调。 We do this to express surprise, and sometimes other feelings such as happiness 我们这样做以表达惊奇,有时也表达其他的感情例如快乐。 His father went to Australia and worked as chief cook in the American Embassy 他父亲去了澳大利亚,在美国大使馆担任厨师。

Notes for Unit 1
1. 英文书信中的“写信人地址、邮编和写信日期”常写在右上角。 Address: 从小地址到大地址换行书写,如:门牌号+街名 ? 镇名 ? 区名 ? 城市 名…? 国名 …Postcode / Postal code / Area code / Zip code (AmE.): 字母加数字,书写时紧接着城市名下书写。 Writing date:常写在地址下,并空一行。 2. write (a letter) to sb. 给某人写封信 receive / get a letter from sb. = hear from sb. 收到某人的来信 Here’s a letter for A (from B). 这里有封给 A 的信,是由 B 记过来的。 write back to sb. = write to sb. in reply 给某人回信 I have a letter to answer.我有封信要回。answer a letter 回信 3. magazine ---- a large, thin book with pictures, usually published once a week or month (可数 n.) 杂志 4. pen-friend ---- someone you write (letters) to, as a hobby= pen pal 5. I would like to be your penfriend.我想做你的笔友。

would like to + 动词原形 6. I will tell you something about myself. tell sb. sth. about …告诉某人有关于…的事 tell the time (从时钟/手表上读时间) tell sb. the truth 告诉某人真相/tell sb. a story / stories 给某人讲故事 7. You can call me Jon. call sb. …叫某人…(call + 双宾语) name sb. …给某人取名…(name + 双宾语) a boy called Jon 一个叫 Jon 的男生 (called …过去分词短语作定语修饰男孩) a girl named May 一名名叫 May 的女生 (named …过去分词短语作定语修饰 女生) A girl is called May.一位女生被取名为 May。(这句话是被动语态)以上所有 call = name;called = named 8. I am about one and a half metres tall. (1) about 大约= around (2) one and a half metres = one metre and a half 1.5 米 one and a half hours = one hour and a half 一个半小时 (3) 划线提问 How tall are you? 表示身高还可以使用 I’m about five feet tall. foot (1) one part of the body(脚;足) (2) a unit of measure(英尺)? (pl.) feetinch ? (pl.) inches 英寸 9. I have very short black hair. = I’m a boy with very short black hair. (这里用介词 “with”长有) (1) have – has – had – had (v.) 这里用作实意动词“长着”,实意动词 have / has / had 变“否定句”或“疑问句”要借用助动词“does/do 比较其它 have 用法: I have a brother called Edwin ( . 有) My school has many sports fields (有) I have never been there .(“现完”助动词) have to do ; has to do; had to do (不得不去做) (2) hair 头发 (常用作不可数名词,如果讲几丝白发等可以加 s: some white hairs) 10. My hobby is playing chess. (1) hobby ---- an interest or activity such as collecting stamps or making models(pl.) hobbies (2) My hobby is + V-ing(动名词短语). (3) chess ---- a common board game* play chess / cards / football / …games* p lay the violin 11. I live with my parents in the UK. the UK 英国(也常用 Britain / England) = the United Kingdom of Great Britain and North Ireland 大不列颠及北爱尔兰联合 王国(简称“英国”) 12. My dad owns a Chinese restaurant nearby and my mum works in a college. (1) own ① (v.) = run ; have 拥有;开办 own a Chinese restaurant ② (a.) 短语… of one’s own 某人自己的…… e.g. I have a bedroom of my own . 短语… on one’s own 靠某人自己

e.g. Edwin won the game on his own .?owner (n.) 主人 (2) nearby (adj. & adv.)= not far away (放在句末:在附近;放在名词前:附近的) (3) work in a college 在一所学院工作 13. He is at university in London.他在伦敦一所大学读书。 at university 在大学读书 at school 在校读书 Joe’s father works in a university. Joe 的父亲在一所大学工作。 14. He is studying to be an accountant. (1)这里的不定式 to do …是表示“目的”的不定式,= in order to do …为了去 做…… (2) accountant (n.) -- person (in a company) who looks after the money and keeps the financial records 会计员 出纳 ? count (v.) 数(数) 15. He comes back home during the holidays. (1) come back home 返回家 (这里的 back 和 home 都是 adv.) (2) during (prep.) -- all the time that something is happening 在……期间 16. I am in Year 7 at Walker School. in Year 7 = in Grade 7 = in Form 7 在七年级 17. I like my school because the teachers are very friendly. (1) because(因为), 引导“原因状语从句”。注意:在主从句中,用了 because 不能同时使用 so(所以)。 (2) friendly (adj.) 友好的 be friendly to sb. 对某人友好的 make friends with sb. 和 某人交朋友 18. I am keen on sports. be keen on sth. / doing sth. 酷爱 = be very interested in … be fond of … wanting to do something e.g. She is keen on pop music and writing poetry. 19. I enjoy skiing and playing table tennis. (1) enjoy doing sth. 喜欢做某事 ? enjoyable (adj.) 愉快的;快乐的 (2) ski (v.) 滑雪 – skied – skied – skiing 20. My ambition is to be an architect, or maybe an engineer. (1) ambition ---- wish or goal? ambitious (a.)One’s ambition is to be ... (这里 不定式“作表语”) (2) maybe (adv.) 可能;或许(只能放在陈述句子的开头,或者省略说法的词语 前)= Probably, possibly That boy may be from America.那位男生可能是来自美国。句子中间分开书 写的“may be”是“情态动词 may+动词原形 be”,用作句子的“谓语”。 21. I enclosed a photo of myself and some of my school friends. (1) enclose (v.) – put … inside (2) a photo of myself and some of school friends 一张我和一些朋友在一起拍的 照片 a photo of mine = one of my photos 我的所有照片中的一张照片 a photo of Jon’s = one of Jon’s photos Jon 所有的照片中的一张照片 基础训练 V.Choose the best answer{~的答案,用 A、B、c 或 D 表示):(共 22 分) ( )31.----Do you know Taiwan.Jenny?

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

( ( ( ( (

( (



Yes, of course.Taiwan is_____ island.It belongs to China, A.a B.an C.the D./ )32.My mother has worked ________the factory since 1990. A.in B.of C.as D.on )33.Susan is a friend of _______ . A.myself B.mine C.My D.me )34.My pet is lovely puppy.I ______him Sam. A.call B.called C.name D.calling )35.I am keen_________ chess but not very good at it. A.in B.to C.of D.on )36.How long have they ______the computer? A.bought B.borrowed C.sold D.had )37.We’11 have a picnic if it ________fine this afternoon. A.are B.is C.will be D.was )38.Sidney enjoys_______ the music after supper. A.hearing B.to listen to C.to hear D.1istening to )39.Lily’s parents _______in French for 30 years. A.went B.has been C.have been D.arrived )40.My ambition is ______a business woman. A./ B.be C.to be D.to being )41._______did you ______1ast Sunday?-1 went to Nanjing with Mary. A.What;go B.How;do C.Where;go D.When;go )42. _________is my favorite subject. A.Summer B.Watching TV C.Physics D.Rugby )43.Danny would like to tell me ________ about his school life in Hong Kong. A.some thing B.somethings C.some things D.anything )44.Mary would like _______Sidney’s pen—friend. A.be B.to be C.is D.being )45.My brother’s hobby is ________ match boxes. A.collecting B.collect C.collects D.collected )46.Disney land is a wonderful place.I________ there twice. A.have gone B.have gone to C.have been to D.have been )47. Study Still harder, _________you won’t be able to pass the exam next week. A.and B.then C.or D.for )48.The dog looked at me _______,I looked ________. A.angry;angry B.angrily;angrily C.angrily;angry D.angry;angrily )49. _______colour do you like better,red or green? ——Green. A.Which B.HOW C.Where D.What )50.一 How was your weekend On the farm? 一 Great! We ______with the farmers.

A.enjoy ourselves B.went fishing C.will work D.make friends ( )51. My father bought me a pair of new trainers as a present. The underlined part means. A.hats B.shoes C.coach D.skirts ( )52.His uncle owns a computer company in our city.The underlined part means A.sells B.has C.buys D.had V1.Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms[用括号中所 给单词的适当形式完成下列句子):(共 8 分) 53.Today is the first day of the new term,the teacher let us introduce _______ in class.(we) 54.He has been to________________ twice.(English) 55.Uncle Li is a ___________in a Chinese restaurant.(cooker) 56.Grandma is____________ ill and she’s in hospital now.(terrible) 57 . It was the best known and_____________ the most popular of her songs.(probable) 58 . At the age of 13 , Bill Gates was already the_________ of a computer company.(own) 59.My new flat is on the________ floor of that building.(twelve) 60.His ambition is to be an ________(engine) Ⅶ.Rewrite tell following sentences (按要求改写句子,每空格限填一词):(共 10 分) 61.Tim often has a walk after dinner every day.(改为否定句) Tim ______often _______a walk after dinner every day. 62 The railway station is 15 kilometers away.(对划线部分提问) _______ ________is the railway station? 63.You are very kind to help me.(保持原旬意思) _________very kind_______ you to help me. 64.I am keen on seeing American movies.(保持原句意思) I am ______ ______seeing American movies. 65.Mary had a bad cold.(对划线部分提问) What______ wrong _____Mary?
67. “I can help repair the bike.” said Jerry. (改为宾语从句) Jerry said __________ he __________ help repair the bike. 68. She arrived early in order to get a good seat. (保持句意基本不变) She arrived early __________ __________ she could get a good seat.

Part 3 Reading and Writing
(第三部分读写) Ⅷ.Reading comprehension(阅读理解): III. Complete the following passage with the words or phrases in the box. Each word or phrase can only be used once. (将下列单词或词组填入空格。每空格限填

一词,每个单词或词组只能填一次)(共 8 分) A. own B. carefully C. playing D. at the same time F. cor rectly G. swim H. dangerous

E. in the end

I. sentences

All the students at the beach party were members of the English club. Before they began to ____51____ or to play games, Miss Barnes wanted them to learn some new words. She taught them how to say beach, sand, ocean and waves in English. The students repeated the new words and tried to use them in ____52____. After the English lesson the boys started ____53____ volleyball. Miss Barnes helped them to keep score in English. The students laughed at their ____54____ mistakes, but they enjoyed practicing their new words and having fun ____55____. Afterwards, there was plenty of time for those who liked to swim in the water. Some of the waves were quite large and could be __56___ for people who do not swim well. Miss Barnes watched them very ____57___. When it was time for lunch, Miss Barnes asked each member of the club a question in English. If the students could not answer their questions, she taught them how to say it ___58___. Everyone thanked Miss Barnes for being such a nice teacher. III. G I C A DHBF

B.Choose the best answer(根据短文内容,选择最恰当的答案):(i0 分) Dick was an English painter.He painted beautiful pictures. Once the king of England asked him to paint some pictures on the walls of the palaces.Several workers came and made a big platform .Then Dick began to paint.He worked With a man who helped him. At the end of the year the pictures were ready. They were beautiful. Dick looked for a long time.How beautiful they were! He took one step back and looked again. Now the pie—tures were more beautiful. He took another step, then another, until he was at the very edge of the platform.But he didn’t know it.He thought of only his pictures. The worker who helped him saw everything.“What shall I do?”he thought.“Dick is at the very edge of the platform.If I cry Out,he will take another step and will fall down to the stone floor.It will kill him.”The worker quickly took a pot of paint,ran to a Dleture and threw the paint at the picture.‘'What are you doing?”cried the painter running back to his picture. ( )7l Dick worked . A.with another painter B.with some workers C.alone D.with a worker ( )72.The painter didn’t know he was in danger because . A.he was looking at the picture B.he was walking about C.he was painting the picture D.he was talking t。the worker ( )73.The worker to save the Dainter A.cried out B.asked the King C.threw the paint at the picture D.ran away ( )74.The painter was very when the worker threw the paint at the picture.

A.happy B.pleased C.surprised D.angry ( )75.At last the painter . A.fell down to the stone floor B.took another step C. was saved D.ran away quickly C. Choose the words or expressions and complete the passage(选择最恰当的单词或 词语,完成短文):(12 分) About ten years ago when 1 was a student at college,I 76 my s ummer holidays working at a museum.Life was hard for me then.Dad had 1 0st his job and Mum was sick in bed.I was wondering if 1 would be able t o go on with my study the next term.One day while 1 was working,I saw an old man come in with a little girl in wheel—chair. As I looked 77 at this girl,I found that she had no arms and legs.S

he was wearing a little white dress and she also had a hat on.As the old ma n pushed the wheelchair up some, 1was busy with my work I 78 my head toward the girl and gave her a wink(眨眼).When I took the money from her grandfather,I looked back at the girl,who was giving me the prettiest smile I have 79 seen.Suddenly her handicap(生理缺陷)was 80 and a11 I saw was this beautiful girl,whose smile almost gave me a better understandin g of what life is all about, She 81 me from a poor, unhappy college student and brought me into her world of smiles.love and warmth. I'm now a successful businessman and whenever I get down and think abo ut the troubles of the world, I think about that little girl and the forgettable le sson about life that she taught me. ( )76.A.took B,spent C.cost D.had ( )77.A.further B.nearer C.closer D.1onger ( )78.A.turned B.guided C.held D.1ifted ( )79.A.almost B.ever C.never D.even ( )80.A.drive B,covered C.1ost D.gone ( )81.A.saved B.helped C.took D.taught BCACDA D.Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words(在短文的空格内填入 适当的词,使其内容通顺,每空格限填一词,首字母已给): British Milkman Steve Leech saved some shops and flats with milk and won a National Bravery Award.(国家勇敢奖) Leech,35 years old,said that when he was sending out milk as u 82 along Pine Street,he s 83 heard a loud,strange sound behind him and then he saw smoke coming out of a shop in Cornwall,southern England.“That must be a fire,I thought,”Leech said.“Then I quickly

d 84

to do something.So I pushed the door in and then I shouted for

the people inside.Then I started pouring milk e 85 .”He used 320 pints of milk to stop the fire.When firefighters r 86 the shop, the fire was under contr01.Leech helped save the lives of eight people in the flats above the shops.“It was hard work o 87 all those bottles.But it was even harder trying to tell my boss where all the milk had gone,”Leech said jokingly. 82.u ______83.s_______ 84.d_______ 85.e_______86.r _____87.o________ Usual suddenly decided everywhere reached opening E.Answer the questions(根据短文内容回答下列问题): Some parents are used to doing almost everything for their children .They see their older children(and sometimes even adults)as babies! It can be a very common problem in China,where parents only have one child.Some parents care so much about the safety of their children that they are afraid to let them go anywhere or do anything by themselves. As a result, their children fail to learn soda skills, and come to depend more on the parents] In fact,no children really enjoy being looked after by their parents all the time .No parents would be happy knowing that,as a result of too much care,their children don’t know a thing about the world! Children need their own time to develop into adults and to learn how to deal with problems.Too much care spoils(破坏)their fun when they are growing up . And when suddenly they can’t depend on their parents.these children will be in big trouble! It is nice that parents show their care and attention to their children.it is nice that children know that their parents’care and attention is the result of love,and it will be ni—eer if the children let their parents know how much love they really need.and how much10ve is too much. 88.What is the common problem in China according to the passage? ___________________________________________________________________ 89.Do all the parents let their children go anywhere or do anything by themselves? ————————————————————————————————— 90.What’s the result? ___________________________________________________________ 91.What do children need when they meet problems? ___________________________________________________________ 92· Do you think your parents are doing almost everything for you?(give an example) _________________________________________________________________




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Unit 8 English week(1)同步测试 (牛津上海八年级上册)_英语_初中教育_教育...Unit 8 English week(1)同步测试 (牛津上海八年级上册) Ⅰ.完形填空。 (...

Unit 8 English week(1)学案(牛津上海版八年级上册)

Unit 8 English week(1)学案(牛津上海八年级上册)_英语_初中教育_教育专区。Unit 8 English week(1)学案(牛津上海八年级上册) ...


上海牛津八年级英语8AU3练习卷一和参考答案 - 八年级(上)英 8AU3 练习卷一 姓名 一 Choose the best answer ( )1.The park is so popu...


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