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潘基文 在南京大学的演讲 中英文

在南京大学的演讲 联合国秘书长 潘基文 中国 南京 2010 年 10 月 31 日

Chancellor Hong Yinxing, President Chen Jun, Professor Wu Peiheng, Executive Vice-President Zhang Rong, Distinguished Government representatives, Esteemed faculty members, Ladies and gentlemen,

洪银兴党委书记, 陈骏校长, 吴陪亨教授, 张荣副校长, 尊敬的政府代表, 尊敬的各位老师, 女士们,先生们:

I am delighted to be here on this beautiful campus at one of the world's oldest centers of learning. Nanjing has long been one of China's most historic cities. It has seen dynasties rise and fall. It has endured natural disasters and the worst atrocities of war. Today, Nanjing is at the heart of China's growth, and this university is playing a central role.

很高兴能来到这里,来到这个美丽的校园,这是世界最古老的学府之一。南京一直以来都是 中国最具历史意义的城市之一。它曾经经历了起起伏伏,遭遇了各种自然灾害,以及最严重 的战争创伤。今天,南京是中国发展的中心城市,而南京大学则在其中发挥了关键的作用。

Thank you for welcoming me into your distinguished family. I accept this Honorary Doctorate not for myself but for the organization I serve, the United Nations. By honouring me, you are recognizing the critical role of the UN in shaping our modern world, a world that increasingly looks to China.

感谢各位邀请我,加入你们著名的大家庭中。我接受荣誉博士的称号,并不是为了自己,而 是为了我服务的组织——联合国。 而贵校之所以授予我这个荣誉称号, 是因为你们意识到联 合国扮演的重要作用,以及对现代世界的影响。中国在这个世界中越来越具有影响力。

Every time I come to China I marvel at its dynamism, the breath-taking speed at which it is changing. I saw this today on the new Huning High Speed Railway from Shanghai. Three hundred kilometres in just over an hour. This is not even your fastest train. Last week China introduced the world's fastest scheduled service between Shanghai and Hangzhou. And I read in the news that China is a front-runner to build a super-fast computer. China is, indeed, a country on the move.

每次我来到中国, 都被中国所展现出来的活力深深地折服, 同时我也赞叹于中国发生日新月 异的变化。今天,这一点再次得到了印证。从上海到南京的沪宁高铁只需仅仅一个小时便可 完成 300 千米的行程。但这却不是中国速度最快的火车。上周,中国速度最快的高铁沪杭高 铁开通了。并且,从新闻中我获知中国在制造超速计算机领域也是个世界领跑者。中国,的 确是个不断前进的国家。

Its transformation is profound. Its influence is global. Its power is real. By some accounts China's economy is now second only to the United States, larger than that of Japan or any single member of the European Union. The decisions China makes today, on the economy, on the environment, on its political evolution, will reverberate down the generations and across the globe. This is what I want to talk about today.

中国转型是深刻的。它实实在在的力量使得其在全世界具有重要的影响力。一些报道说,中 国的经济总量目前仅次于美国——比日本或欧洲任何一个国家都要大。中国今天在经济发 展、环境保护以及政治发展上所做的种种决策,都将极大地影响着我们的下一代,影响着全 球。这是今天我希望向各位传达的内容。

Ladies and gentlemen,


China is on the cusp between the developing and developed worlds. You have met many of the Millennium Development Goal targets and you have the potential to meet them all by 2015. And yet per capita GDP is one-tenth that of the major developed countries. China's coastal cities are modern and sophisticated. And yet vast inland areas cry out for development. Your economy is mighty. And yet one hundred and fifty million Chinese live below the poverty line. That is why development remains China's top priority. The question on everyone's minds, here in China and abroad, is how to ensure that this development is sustainable.

中国目前正处于发展中国家向发达国家转变的过渡阶段。 你们已经实现了众多的千年发展目 标,并且,你们有能力去继续努力,实现所有的目标。然而,中国的人均 GDP 却只是世界 主要发达国家的十分之一。 中国的沿海城市是现代化发展程度高、 发展程度深的城市。 然而, 广大的内陆地区仍亟须解决最基本的发展问题。你们的经济总量让人惊叹。然而,仍有 1.5 亿中国人生活在贫困线以下。 这便是为什么发展仍是中国第一要务的原因。 萦绕在中国以及 世界人民脑海中的一个问题是:怎样确保实现可持续性的发展?

Yesterday and this morning, in Shanghai, I visited Expo 2010, the first to be hosted in a developing country. The theme of the Expo is "Better City, Better Life". We have entered the urban century. More than half the world's population lives in towns and cities. This presents considerable challenges but also massive opportunities for sustainable development and improving people's well-being. Yesterday, at the China Pavilion, I saw some of the possible solutions: compact urban design, mixed land use, mass transit systems, renewable energy, low carbon living. China is becoming a world leader in pioneering these concepts. This, for me, is one of the most significant aspects of China's development.

今天早上在上海,我参观了 2010 年世博会,这是第一届在发展中国家举办的世博会。本届 世博会的主题是: “城市,让生活更美好。 ”我们已经迎来了一个城市化为特征的世纪,超过 世界人口的一半都居住在城镇中。这带来了很多巨大的挑战,同时也给予了很多的机遇,实 现可持续发展、提高人民生活水平的机遇。今天,在中国馆,我看到未来许多的可行措施: 紧凑的城市布局、土地的多重利用,可再生能源,低碳生活等等。中国在推动实现这些理念 方面是一个世界领导者。这,在我看来,是中国发展最具意义的一个方面。

You are aware of the problems and challenges inherent in your push for growth and development. You are discussing them and you are acting to solve them. But let us be under no illusion. The road ahead is long and hard. It is full of potholes. The Chinese people should be proud of their remarkable achievements in lifting millions out of poverty. The world's most populous country is its fastest growing economy. You have become the world's largest manufacturer and exporter. But you are also the world's greatest emitter of greenhouse gases, the price of feeding the consumption habits of people in developed countries.

你们深知在实现发展与进步过程中所面临的问题与挑战。 你们正在着手研究, 并采取行动加 以解决。但是,请不要盲目自信。前方的道路漫长而曲折,充满着变数。中国人民应当为其 消除贫困工作所取得的显著成绩而感到骄傲。 世界人口最多的国家确实世界发展速度最快的 经济体。你们已经成为世界最大的制造商与出口国。但是,你们也是世界上最大的温室气体 排放国家,这是为发达国家消费型生活习惯买单的代价。

As China rises from poverty, its people, too, will seek more material comforts. You are the fastest growing market for cars in the world. Seven of the world's ten most polluted cities are in China.

随着中国消除贫困的努力不断取得成效, 中国人民也将越来越注重物质生活的质量。 你们是 世界上发展速度最快的汽车市场。世界十大污染最严重的城市有七个都在中国。

Your environmental footprint is growing daily. Ten years of close regulation have seen China's forests start to recover, but your paper mills and furniture makers contribute to the loss of forests in Russia, Indonesia and Brazil.

你们的环保步伐每天都在向前迈进。 十年的禁伐规定已经使中国的森林开始恢复, 但是你们 的造纸厂、家具制造商仍然在砍伐着俄罗斯、印度尼西亚和巴西广阔的森林。

Ladies and gentlemen,


It is right to ask whether such growth is sustainable in China.


Fortunately, China is asking itself these questions.


In fact, many of these questions were raised during recent discussions on the next five-year plan for economic and social development. Increasingly, China is not only fighting poverty. It is also beginning to fight the side-effects of prosperity -- climate change and environmental degradation. You have set a target of controlling biodiversity loss by 2020, backed by state funds. China's biodiversity action plan designates 35 priority conservation areas, covering 23 per cent of the country.

事实上, 许多相关问题已在最近经济社会发展五年计划中得到提出。 中国的工作越来越不仅 仅是努力消除贫困,它也开始着手应对繁荣发展带来的负面影响——气候变化和环境恶化。 你们已经通过政府财政支持为中国设立了一个控制生物多样性损失的目标,截止日期是

2020 年。中国保护生物多样性行动计划指定了 35 个最重要的保护区,面积覆盖全国土地的 23%。

And you are investing in the low-carbon economy, more than 34 billion dollars last year, more than any other nation, including Germany, the other investment leader, double what the United States spent. Three of the top 10 global wind turbine makers are in China. You command half the global solar market. Indeed, the world's first solar energy billionaire is Chinese. These facts tell me that China is serious about sustainable development. We all need to get serious about sustainable development.

同时,你们也积极投资于低碳经济,去年分配了 340 亿美元的资金,比其他投资大国包括德 国都多。数额是美国投资额的两倍。世界十大风力涡轮机制造商有三个在中国。在世界范围 内,你们统领了太阳能半个市场。的确,世界首位太阳能发展领域的亿万富翁是个中国人。 这些事实告诉我们,中国非常重视可持续发展。

That is why, in August, I established a new High Level Panel on Global Sustainability, co-chaired by the Presidents of Finland and South Africa. I am sure you will be pleased to know that Dr. Zheng Guoguang, Administrator of the China Meteorological Administration, and a distinguished alumnus of this university, is a member of the Panel. I have asked this Panel to offer a vision for sustainable development and prosperity for a planet under increasing pressure. I have asked them to find integrated solutions to the global challenges of poverty, climate change, water, food, and energy security. These problems are interconnected. The Panel will report back by the end of 2011. Its work will venture into many issues, many sectors, many cross-cutting areas. I have asked the Panel members to think big, to be bold and ambitious not to shy away from controversy. And I have asked them to be strategic and practical. Their recommendations must be politically viable and lead to tangible progress. Their findings will feed into intergovernmental processes, such as the climate change negotiations. They will play a key part in the Rio 2012 Earth Summit, twenty years after world leaders agreed on Agenda 21, our blueprint for sustainable development. On all these areas - sustainable development, climate change - we will depend on China's leadership.

这也是为什么今年八月,我与芬兰总统、南非总统共同主持了全球可持续问题高级别小组。 中国气象局局长郑国光先生也是这个高级小组的成员,并且,让大家感到高兴地是,他也是 贵校的杰出校友。 我已经恳请小组展望人类未来实现可持续发展和在越来越大的压力下实现 地球繁荣的可能性。我也请求小组为全球应对各种挑战,包括贫穷、气候变化,水危机、食 品危机以及能源安全提供综合解决方案。小组将在 2011 年底提供解决报告。这一工作将涉 及多个领域,穿插于多个问题之中。我要求小组成员放开他们的思维,大胆想象,不要逃避 分歧。 同时, 我还要求他们具有战略性眼光, 务实工作。 他们的相关建议需要在政治上可行, 让工作获得实实在在的进步。 他们的研究成果将在政府间交流中得到讨论, 包括气候变化谈 判。他们将是 2012 年里约热内卢地球峰会的主要组成部分,这离世界各国领导人提出 21 世纪议程——实现可持续发展的蓝图,已经过去 20 年了。在所有问题中,无论是可持续发


On climate change, I thank the Government of China for hosting the latest round of talks under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Tianjin. I am pleased that we are seeing some progress on important issues, such as adaptation, technology cooperation and steps to reduce deforestation. I also believe there has been some progress on financing, both on mobilizing 30 billion dollars of fast-start funding over the next three years and also on the 100 billion dollars a year envisioned by 2020. I am, however, concerned about slow progress in other areas. Among them: setting mitigation targets, monitoring and verification, and the future of the Kyoto Protocol. We must not allow momentum to stall. We must not jeopardize the gains we have made.

在气候变化问题上,我感谢天津市政府在联合国气候变化框架公约下主办的最近一轮谈话。 我非常高兴地看到,在许多重要问题上,例如适应发展、技术合作,减少森林砍伐上,我们 取得了一些进步。同时,我也相信,在资金支持上也有着一些进步。在未来 30 年,300 亿 美元将作为快速启动资金获得使用。并且在 2020 年之前,每年投入 1000 亿美元的承诺。然 而,在其他一些领域,我也非常担忧其停滞不前的发展。例如设立减排目标、监督核查机制 以及京都议定书的有效期问题。 我们一定不能让经济发展的势头停滞。 我们一定不能危及我 们已经取得的成绩。

The UNFCCC process must go forward in Cancun in December. I am therefore calling on all member states, all governments of the world to work together in a spirit of compromise and common sense. Progress on adaptation, technology cooperation, deforestation and finance can achieve powerful results, results that can offer hope and change the lives of hundreds of millions of people, particularly the world's poorest and most vulnerable.

十二月,联合国气候变化框架公约将继续在坎昆推进。因此,我呼吁各国政府共同努力,发 扬互谅互让的精神。我们在适应新发展、技术合作,减少森林砍伐以及加大投资力度方面以 及取得了许多有力的成果。这些成果给我们带来了希望,可以改变数以亿计人民的生活,尤 其是世界最贫穷、最脆弱人民的生活。

Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends,

女士们先生们, 朋友们,

I think people in China understand this. You know the power of nature. You know the dangers of

natural catastrophe that climate change can unleash. The drought in southeast China this year was the worst in living memory. The floods that followed tested the Three Gorges Dam to near-capacity. And hundreds of people in northwest Gansu province recently lost their lives in the country's worst mudslides in decades.

我想在中国的你们都懂得。你们懂得自然的威力。你们懂得气候变化所能带来的自然灾害。 今年发生在中国东南部的旱灾是记忆中最惨痛的。 紧接着发生的洪灾挑战了长江三峡水坝的 极限。最近,中国西北部甘肃省发生了几十年来最严重的泥石流,夺取了数以千计人民的生 命。

But China is also seeing the other side of the coin. You see the economic potential of low carbon growth. The message is clear: the more we delay, the more we will lose in competitiveness, in resources, in human lives. We must take action now to reduce climate risks, strengthen our resilience, and support developing countries in order to build a clean energy future that is safer, healthier and more prosperous for all.

可是中国也看到了事情的另一面: 你们可以看到发展的经济潜能。 这个讯息其实再清楚不过: 我们拖延得愈久,在竞争力上、资源上、生命上,需要付出越大的代价。我们一定要即刻行 动起来,减低气候风险,加强我们的应对能力,并支持发展中国家以洁净能源建立一个更安 全、更健康、更繁荣的未来。

China can and must lead the way. China's people have a legitimate right to development. But we know that the world's resource base cannot support the consumption patterns seen in the industrialized countries. China must seek a different route the path of sustainability. You already have a concept for it, I believe, a vision of an "All-around Xiaokang Society by 2020." The idea is to shift from the old paradigm of "development first" to a new model, a model of sustainable growth, a model that puts far greater emphasis on social equity and environmental sustainability. China is known as a great exporter. Making Xiaokang a reality, perhaps, will ultimately become China's great export, its gift to humankind. Let China be the country to show the way ahead. Let China show the world how to live comfortably, in harmony with the environment and leaving none of its citizens behind.

中国有这个能力, 并且一定要起到领导作用。 中国的人民都有着追求发展的合法权益。 但是, 我们都知道, 世界的资源库并不足以支持工业化国家里所见到的消费模式。 中国必须另找出 路 —— 一条迈向可持续发展的道路。我相信,你们已经有所概念,一个以 2020 年全民小 康为目标的社会的愿景。这代表着一个从“发展为第一目标”的旧有模式,转换成一个新的 模式-一个以可持续发展为重心的模式, 一个注重社会公平的模式, 一个强调环境的可持续 性发展的模式。中国是一个出口大国。也许,实现小康社会,将成为中国一个重要的出口产 品 ——一份对人类的礼物。让中国向世界指明前进的道路。让中国向世界展示如何可以舒


Ladies and gentlemen,


The eyes of the world are on China. As the world's largest developing country as its fastest growing economy as an increasingly important development partner, China is a leader across the United Nations agenda. As a member of the Security Council's Permanent Five, China is central to UN decision making from conflict prevention to peacekeeping and peacebuilding.

整个世界都在关注着中国,作为世界最大的发展中国家,世界发展最快的经济体,世界越来 越重要的发展伙伴, 中国在联合国的议程中扮演着一个领导的角色。 作为联合国安全理事会 中五个常任理事国之一,中国在许多领域,从预防冲突、参与维和行动,到建设和平方面, 在联合国决策中都有着举足轻重的地位。

China has a long history, stretching back thousands of years. Today, China is once again on the rise and I believe this rise is beneficial to the rest of the world. With this rise ... with all this progress come great expectations and great responsibilities. We live, increasingly, in an era of global challenges global crises that no one nation can solve alone. Nations can effectively advance these common interests only if they stand by the same values and principles. For me, we find those common values and shared principles in the UN Charter as well as the body of international agreements ... that are the foundation of our common quest for development, peace and security and human rights. In all this, we need China's full engagement. We need China's leadership.

中国有五千年的历史,源远流长。今天,中国再一次崛起。我相信,这将有利于整个世界。 伴随着发展和进步,中国也被寄予了巨大的期望,肩负了重大的责任。今天,我们生活在一 个越来越充满挑战的时代中, 而这些问题都不是任何一个国家单独可以解决的。 只要我们都 本着相同的价值和原则,各个国家都激昂有效地维护我们的共同利益。我认为,联合国宪章 中所体现的共同价值与原则,以及各个国际条约本身都是我们共同寻求发展、和平、安全和 维护人权的基础。所有这些,我们都需要中国的完全参与。我们需要中国的领导模范作用。

As I said at the beginning of my speech, China is on the move. You, the citizens of China, faculty and student body of this great university are part of this great move forward. You can help China to fully embrace its emerging role as a global leader in the twenty-first century.

正如我在演讲开头所说,中国正不断前进。你们,这所伟大学校的师生们,也是这前进过程 的重要一部分。你们可以帮助中国在 21 世界充分发挥其新兴角色的作用。

I thank you once again for welcoming me today. And once again, I thank your faith and confidence that you place in me and the United Nations.


Xie Xie Ni. [Thank you]




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