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Module 1 Unit 1 Friendship

Module 1 Unit 1 Friendship

(Introduction & Vocabulary)

学习目标:本单元共 62 个词汇及短语,熟练掌握 23 个。 重点掌握下面 28 个:upset ignore calm concern outdoors settle suffer recover be concerned about go though

pack disagree ; add up calm…down set …down a series of pack ( sth) up

have got to

on purpose at dusk fall in love with

face to face suffer…from get/be tired of join in

get along with

教学重点:记忆课表词汇,要求会读、会写、会用本单元 28 个重点词汇和短语。 教学难点:如何帮助学生省时、省力轻松快乐掌握本单元单词及短语。 学法指导:1.训练法:结合语境,熟练掌握课表词汇的音标.词义及用法。 2. 合作学习法:通过对考.小组考查,进一步巩固所学单词和短语。 Introduction: This unit examines different kinds of friendship. It not only explores friendship between people but also pays particular attention to the friendship one can develop with oneself. In other words, it shows how a person can find comfort and support with an imaginary friend. In these readings from The Diary of Anne Frank, students will see how a lovely and frightened teenager copes with a very unusually stressful situation. She does this by confiding(吐露) in Kitty, the name for her diary. She examines her problems and tries to find a way to deal with them. Vocabulary 第一部分:预习案 1. 翻到教材 92 页大声朗读课表 unit1 的词汇及短语。 2 先不参照教材词表试着给下面重点词汇注音标,然后核对并大声朗读
upset pack ignore disagree calm series concern outdoors settle suffer recover

*语音知识积累:英语 26 个字母中有 5 个元音字母(a、e、i、o、u) ,21 个辅音字母,y 有时也可作为元
音字母。字母和字母组合的读音一般是有规律可循的,但也有许多读音是不规则的。 英语的 48 个音素短元音 [i] [?] [?] [u] [?] [e] [?] ; 长元音 [i:] [?:] [?:] [u:] [a:] ; 双元音 [ei] [ai] [?i] [au] [?u] [i?] [ε?] [u?]; 轻辅音 [p] [t] [k] [f] [θ] [s] [ts] [tr] [?] [t?]; 浊辅音 [b] [d] [g] [v] [? ] [z] [dz] [dr] [?] [d?] ;

其他辅音[h] [m] [n] [l] [?] [r] [j] [w] 3 请写出下列词汇的词性及词义

For example: entirely adv ignore thunder power dusk grateful settle dislike 我的疑惑

完全地;全然地;整个地 outdoors disagree calm exactly concern _____ _________________ _____ _________________ _____ _________________ _____ _________________ _____ _________________ _____ _________________ _____ _________________

_____ _________________ _____ _________________ _____ _________________ _____ _________________ _____ _________________

_____ _________________ suffer _____ _________________ pack

第二部分:探究训练案 4. 探索与发现(观察下面单词拼写、词义、词性的变化规律) 1) adj 心烦意乱的 在分词 v 打包 2 ) v 不理睬 v 使担忧 n 黄昏 adj 整个的 的 v 遭受、忍受 adj 孤独的 adj 精确的 v 同意 n/v 喜欢 3) + + n 遭受 n 孤单、寂寞 adv 确切的、确实如此 v 不同意 n/v 不喜欢 =highway -=overcoat + =suitcase adj 感激的 adv 感激地 n-遭受痛苦的人 n 包裹、小包 n 不理睬、忽视 n 担心、关系 adj 黄昏的 adv 整个地 n 灰尘 adj 不理睬 adj 令人担忧的 adj 有灰尘的 n 能力、 力量 adj 能力强大 v 使心烦 过去式 过去分词 现

5 听写本单元单词及短语

6 请同学们写出下列划线词的词性及词义。 1). I entirely agree with you. 2). I would be grateful if you could give me some advice. 3). The rain prevented them from eating outdoors. 4). He disagreed with his parents on most things. 5). There is growing concern about violence(暴力) on television. 6). We waited inside until things calmed down. 7). Heavy trucks kept thundering past. 8). It happened almost exactly a year ago. 9). I carefully packed up the gifts. 10). It’s all settled--- we’re leaving on the nine o’clock plane. 11). The street lights go on at dusk. 12). He disliked it when she behaved badly in front of her mother. 13). Knowledge is power. 14). He ignored all the “ No Smoking “ signs and lit up a cigarette(香烟). 15). These days he is suffering from a bad cold. 第三部分:当堂检测 7 根据下列各句句意和空白处的汉语提示,写出对应单词的正确形式。 1) I felt very___________(心烦意乱的) because my friend broke her promise. 2) I_________(痊愈) from a bad ache after an operation. 3) Please_____________(加) your daughter ’s name to this list. 4) Air pollution is one of the problems that we can’t afford to _______(忽视). 5) I’m not ___________(十分) happy about the proposal(建议). (exactly adv) 6) The President is deeply_____________(关注) about the situation. 7) She________(安家) in Vienna after her father ’s death. 8) I am extremely___________(感激的) to all the teachers for their help.

9) I know_________(完全地) how she felt. 10) Come to the New Year disco and bring your ____________(舞伴).


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