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高考经典长难句分析及重点词汇用法 1. For example, adolescent boys are more likely to buy computer games than any other group, so it makes sense to make computer game ads that appeal to this group. 2. The more exposed young people are to financial issues, and the younger they become aware of them, the more likely they are to become responsible, forward-planning adults who manage their finances confidently and effectively. 3. She found that kids praised for “trying hard” did better on testes and were more likely to take on difficult assignments than those praised for being “smart”. 4. Perhaps more importantly, the better you are at managing the time you devote to your studies, the more time you will have to spend on your outside

interests. 5. He worked there through his school and university years until 1942, a year after he had gained a Master’s degree at university in chemistry. 6. By the end of the century, we will have discovered other places in our solar system suitable for living and we will have discovered ways to go further into space. 7. In today’s world, winners are celebrated and treated as heroes, but if doping and gene-therapy continue to affect the outcomes of major sporting events, the word “hero” will have lost all meaning. 8. One of the earliest epidemics on record happened about 500-550 AD when the Roman emperor at the time was attempting to rebuild the Roman Empire. 9. The last few years have seen

environmental disasters on a grand scale, and experts are predicting far worse to come. 10. In the last few decades, scientists have reached consensus and reported that human beings are causing changes in the Earth’s climate -- something previously seen as beyond our control. 11. Treatments for jellyfish stings and snakebites have also been developed and in the last five years there have been only three deaths from jellyfish stings and about the same number from snakebites. 12. Adverts are not only made and paid for by business, but also by individuals, organizations and associations that wish to inform or educate the public. 广告 不仅 13. Margaret, married with two small children, has been working for the last seven years as a night cleaner, cleaning

offices in a big building. 14. Ever since they were first put on the market in the early 1990s, genetically modified (GM 转 基 因 ) foods have been increasingly developed and marketed in many countries in the world, mainly on the basis of their promise to end the worldwide food crisis. 15. At nine o ’ clock on Saturday morning, I’ll be sitting in the front row and listening to the great professor Willard talking about the future of my brain. 16. The recent case of an American women, Terri Schiavo, whose husband won a legal battle to have her taken off life support machines after she spent 15 years in a coma-like state, has exposed the many sensitive legal and medical issues that surround the care of coma patients. 17. The court gave their approval for

the life support machines to be turned off and while this ruling left Terri’s parents feeling numb and others claiming that life is sacred, which no one has the right to end, many would say it was the right thing to 18. Edmonds is the first African American ever to work as a full-time speechwriter for a U.S. president; he is also the first African American to serve as director of speechwriting for the White House. 19. The Olympic spirit -- the spirit of competition which emphasizes taking part rather than winning -- has been violated by the desire to succeed at all costs. 20. When you set out to do something different, there’s no end in sight, so to find myself in a position where I now have my own name on a contract of the publisher -- to be a published writer -- is unbelievably rewarding.

21. To really develop empathy, you’d better volunteer at a nursing home or a hospital, join a club or a team that has a diverse membership, have a “ sharing circle”with your family, or spend time caring for pets at an animal shelter. 22. Proudly reading my words, I glanced around the room, only to find my classmates bearing big smiles on their faces and tears in their eyes. 23. At 12 years old she won a Guinness Record when she became the youngest female to win the women’s world title for platform diving at the World Championships in Australia in 1991. 24. To get rid of alcohol from the body is a very slow process and it is not possible to speed it up with any measures like taking a shower or having a cup of tea or coffee. 25. Having identified the target group, researchers find out as much as possible

about those in the target group, such as their likes and dislikes, and how the product would fit into their lives. 26. Having heard wolves howling in the forest, Lala accelerated her walk up the path to the caves fearing that there might be wild beasts lying in wait for her. 27. Having scared the little beings, I began struggling to get loose and managed to break the strings that tied my left arm and slightly moved the strings that tied down my hair. 28. Having killed up to 50 million people in 18 months, with a tendency to strike the young and fit rather than the old, the Spanish Flu is believed to have been the most acute epidemic in history. 29. I don’t know what your expectations are of London, but knowing that you’ve never travelled outside of Asia, I thought I’d tell you a bit about what you can expect to find.

30. The best way to get rid of a negative serf-image is to realize that your image is far from objective, and to actively convince yourself of your positive qualities. 31. In setting out its plans for a five-term year, Nottingham City Council is seeking to reduce the summer holiday down to four and a half weeks, with a more balanced five terms of roughly eight weeks, each followed by a two-week break. 32. The computer burst into life and second later, the screen turned into colors, shifting and changing and then two big white words appeared in the center of the screen: “SPACE TRANSPORTER.” 33. People today prefer living together to putting their signatures on a marriage certificate because they refuse to accept responsibility for the relationship. 34. In addition to encouraging reading

as a pursuit to be enjoyed by all, the program allows strangers to communicate by discussing the book on the bus, as well as promoting reading as an experience to be shared in families and schools. 35. Noticing that the driver was struggling to see through the snow covering the windshield, she found herself wondering why there couldn’t be a built-in device for cleaning the window. 36. To get ahead in the world and lead a happy successful life means getting on with other people and being able to understand and react to situations in the best way possible. 37. We even have different word for some foods, meat in particular, depending on whether it is still out in the fields or at home ready to be cooked, which Shows the fact that the Saxon peasants were doing the farming, while

the upper-class Normans were doing most of the eating. 38. It is difficult to measure the quantity of paper used as a result of use of Internet-connected computers, although just about anyone who works in an office can tell you that when e-mail is introduced, the printers start working overtime. 39. In the last three years, Indonesia has had a rough time, suffering several killer quakes and it is still recovering from the Asian tsunami caused by an offshore earthquake on December 26th, 2004. 40. The children played in the courtyards and because of the hutongs, courtyards were joined together for miles around creating a network of people working, playing and living together—a real community. 41. At that time, there were restrictions

on the movement of Europeans and so, in order to travel unnoticed, he developed his fluency in Chinese and dressed as a Chinese man, even shaving his head in the Chinese style. 42. Brave young men took the opportunity of going on botanical expeditions, often facing many dangers including disease, near-starvation, severe environments and conflicts with the local people. 43. A consumer can complain to the organization, giving reasons for their complaint, and if the complaint is correct, the organization can make the company stop using the offending advertisement. 44. In no time, the Del Monte Gold took the market by storm, rapidly becoming the world’s best-selling pineapple variety, and delivering natural levels of sweetness in the mouth, up until then only found in tinned

pineapple. 45. Shay didn’t make it to another summer and died that winter, having never forgotten being the hero and making his father so happy and coming home and seeing his mother tearfully hug her little hero of the day! 46. In the fall of 1985, I was a bright-eyed girl heading off to Howard University, aiming at a legal career and dreaming of sitting on a Super Court bench Somewhere. 47. Some modern art is abstract; that is, the painter doesn’t attempt to paint objects as we see them with our eyes, but instead concentrates on certain qualities of the object, using color, line and shape to represent them. 48. Based on my experience, jogging is the most overvalued form of exercise around, and judging from the number of the people who left our neighborhood jogging army, I’m not alone in my

opinion. 49. She retired from diving after Atlanta and went to study economics at university. While there she decided to make a comeback and went on to compete at the Sydney Olympic Games, where she won her fourth Olympic gold, again making Olympic history. 50. With more than three children, for example, wives took on more of the extra work, clocking about 28 hours a week compared with husbands’ 10 hours.



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