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江苏省海门市正余初级中学九年级英语全册《Unit 1 How do you study for a test》练习题_图文

九年级英语全册《Unit 1 How do you study for a test》练习题
Passage 1 导读: 同学们,你们喜欢高科技的玩具吗?玩具店进了一批新玩具,咱们 去看看吧! Welcome to Robot Toy Store!We’ve got some new robot toys. You will love them. Name: Mr Energy Prices: ¥ 219.50 For kids of 8 and up He can move his arms, hands and legs. He can also listen to you and talk with you like a friend. Name: Super Man Prices: ¥ 388.60 For kids of 10 and up There is a screen on his face, and you can play video games. It will also teach you to learn many English words. It’s a 2010 Hot Toy! Come and get your own Super Man. Name: Super Dog Prices: ¥ 98.20 For kids of 6 and up It can feel happy, angry and sad! It will play balls with you, but it will never ask you for water and food. Name: Mr Cute Prices: ¥ 198.80 For kids of 8 and up It will tell interesting stories and play games with you. It will laugh with you. ( ( ) 1. Ben wants a toy from the store, and he has 100 yuan. He can buy _______. A. Mr Energy B. Super Man C. Super Dog D. Mr Cute ) 2. Mr Cute can _______. A. play balls with you B. listen to you and talk with you

C. tell interesting stories D. teach you to learn many English words ( ) 3. Mrs Black wants to buy a robot toy to talk with his son. Then _______ is a good gift. A. Mr Energy B. Super Man C. Super Dog D. Mr Cute ( ) 4.Which robot is for older kids? A. Mr Energy. B. Super Man. C. Super Dog. D. Mr Cute. ( ) 5. What do you know about Super Man?

A. It’s very popular in 2010. food.

B. It will ask you for water and

C. It feels happy if you play with it. D. It can talk with you in simple English. Passage 2 导读:同学们,你们想参观科技博物馆吗?让我们跟随沈老师和他的学生们去参观一下吧! On next day off, Mr. Shen will take his class to the Space Museum in Hong Kong. There are many things about 1 there. First, the children will see a movie about space travel. They will see 2 a space shuttle (航天飞机) takes off and later lands(降落) on the Earth again. After the 3 , Mr. Shen will take them to see some models (模型) of the rockets and space shuttles. 4 the models are much smaller, they look very real. In 1969 two Americans landed on the moon. They put a(an) 5 national flag(国旗) there. Then they came 6 to the Earth safely. The children will also 7 a video about some astronauts’ living and working on a space station. They will stay there 8 a month or two. The Space Museum will be a(n) 9 place for the children to know 10 about space. They will have a great time there. ( ) 1.A. animals B. people C. buildings D. space ( ) 2.A. how B. when C. where D. what ( ) 3.A. travel B. lesson C. movie D. song ( ) 4.A. But B. Though C. However D. Until ( ) 5.A. Chinese B. Japanese C. American D. British ( ) 6.A. close B. back C. front D. behind ( ) 7.A. read B. seem C. watch D. look ( ) 8.A. on B. for C. with D. at ( ) 9.A. boring B. easy C. exciting D. bad ( ) 10.A. fewer B. less C. worse D. more Passage 3 导读:请阅读以下两则 robots 关于的新闻,完成文后各题。 Japan: There are more and more old people, but fewer and fewer care workers(看护 工人) take care of them in Japan. So some scientists are trying to invent(发明) “ special people” – robots- to take care of them. Now most robots are used in factories, but many scientists have begun inventing robots to be used at home and in the hospital. China: China’s first robot t o be used at home will be finished by the end of the year. It can speak, do the cleaning and guard(守卫) the house. It can clean a big room within 20 minutes. It is very careful and it doesn’t touch the things or people in the room. The robot can also distinguish people by their voices(声音). If it knows you, it will be friendly to you. However, when it meets a stranger(陌生人), it will sound an alarm.


( ) 1. From the news, we can know that Japanese scientist are inventing a robot to _______ . A. play with kids B. dance with a partner C. work in factories D. take care of old people ( ) 2. A. schools. ( ) 3. A. house. C. alarm. ( ) 4. A. ( ) 5. A. science Where are most of the robots used now? In hospital. B. In factories.

C. At homes.



Which is NOT mentioned(提及)in the second news? The robot can sweep the floor. B. The robot can guard the The rob ot can hit the stranger. D. The robot can sound an

What’s the meaning of the underlined word “distinguish” ? 问候 B. 辨别 C. 想起 D.帮助 These news may come from a magazine of ________. health B. house C. pollution D.

Passage 4 导读:十年后的你会怎么样呢?Jay 和他的同学们在聊这个话题,我们来读一读吧! Jay ----------------------------------------------------I’m not really sure about my life in the future. I know I’m going to university and I want to have an interesting job. I’m interested in music, so I’ll probably work as a DJ in a station. I’d like to have a family. And I’ll keep some pets as well. Maybe a cute dog or a lovely rabbit . ----------------------------------------------------- Nancy I guess that I will work in ten years, but I don’t know what job I will do. Maybe a reporter or a writer, as I like writing. I’d like to move somewhere exciting. Shanghai sounds like a great city. I’ll live in an apartment with my best friend. And there is one thing I really want to do and that is to travel around the world. Anna ------------------------------------- -------------------------I’d like to be a teacher after leaving university and I hope to teach Chinese in a foreign country, somewhere really interesting like Australia, or even France. I hope to live there with my parents. I don’t want them to be alone. I will celebrate(庆祝) our birthdays together. Now we’re too busy to enjoy our lives. 1. What will Jay probably be in ten years? ___________________________________________________ 2. Who would like to be a teacher?


___________________________________________________ 3. Where will Nancy live in ten years? ___________________________________________________ 4. What pet will Jay keep in the future? ___________________________________________________ 5.Will Anna live with her parents in the future?Why? ___________________________________________________ Passage 5 导读:未来的生活会怎样?科幻作者 Mr Mott 对此做了美好的畅想。 Mr Mott is a science fiction writer. He wrote many novels (小说) about future and robots. They are very popular with teenagers. What does he think people’s life will be like 1 a hundred years? He thinks people’s life 2 a lot better than it is now! Robots will do 3 for us. They will 4 old or sick people, work in factories or companies,and help housewives (家庭主妇) 5 chores. We can see some of them in the Robots Show in Japan now. The robots there have many different 6 . Some look like humans and some look like dogs and snakes. That’s fantastic. He thinks humans will be able to live in space, and a number of 7 are working hard for that. People will also be able to fly to the moon by spaceship and spend their holidays there. Even it’s 8 that we will have robot judges (法官). Some people think there will be more 9 on the earth. But he doesn’t think so. He says people will pay more attention to the environment (环境) and the pollution will be 10 . The earth will be more beautiful. ( ) 1.A. in B. after C. before D. until ( ) 2.A. is B. are C. will D. will be ( ) 3.A. nothing B. everything C. something D. some things ( ) 4.A. look for B. look at C. look after D. take care ( ) 5.A. to B. with C. for D. in ( ) 6.A. colors B. shapes C. sizes D. places ( ) 7.A. writers B. astronauts C. scientists D. engineers ( ) 8.A.possible B. impossible C. necessary D. important ( ) 9.A. people B. robots C. pollution D. space ( )10.A. worse B. fewer C. less D. more Passage 6 导读:谁也不知道未来的世界会怎么样,网上几位青少年留下了他们的未来畅想,我们来看 看他们眼中的未来是怎样的? Topic: The future Tan Yue 15 Date: 2010-2-18 20:36 In 2050, China will be richer than it’s now. Beijing will be th getting ready for the 40 Olympic Games in 2052 . We will see the



blue and clear sky and smell the fresh(新鲜的) air. There will be more pandas living happily in China. I believe that 2050 will be the year of China. Topic: The future Date: 2010-2-20 21:25 Robots will be very popular. They will do what people don’t want to do. We’ll build new homes on other planets(行星). By then, I’ll be fifty years old. Maybe we will have an exciting talk in my new home on another planet! Topic: The future Date: 2010-2-23 21:05 You will never guess where I will spend the Spring Festival(春 节) in 2050—I want to spend it on the moon. A vacation to the moon will no longer be a dream. We can also travel far to other planets and talk with spacemen. We might also eat something like pills(药 丸) instead of today’s meals. Topic: The future Date: 2010-2-26 20:52 By the year of 2050, cloning(克隆) will be used in many ways. It will bring back animals which disappeared(消失) many years ago. There will be no pollution. The whole world will be one big family. There will be no wars(战争). As time passes, we’ll live a much easier and better life.

Sun Lan 13 (Shanghai)

Li Wei 16 ( Ningbo)

Zhang Hao 15 ( Chengdu)


) 1. Who thinks tha t people can spend their vacation on the moon in the future? A. Tan Yue B. Sun Lan C. Li Wei D. Zhang Hao ( ) 2.“You will never guess?” shows that the writer is going to tell you us something . A. dangerous B. useful C. terrible D. surprising ( ) 3. What does Zhang Hao think will happen in the future? A. People can talk with the spaceman. B. People will live in a world without wars. C. There will be more pandas living happily in China. D. Robots will do the things that people don’t want to do. ( ) 4. Which isn’t mentioned (提及) in the talk? A. Houses. B. Vacations. C. Foods. D. Jobs. ( ) 5. From the talk, we can know that _________. A. people are still polluting the earth today th B. the 50 Olympic Games will take place in 2052 C. we will have the same food in 2050 as we do now D. all the people will move to another planet in the future Passage 7 导读:到 2100 年,有人相信我们会到火星上生活,在那儿建立一个新世界。你相信吗?火 星生活与地球生活有什么不同呢?我们来完成下面短文吧! At the moment, it may be difficult to imagine, but many people believe that, by the year 2100, we 1 the planet Mars. Our own planet, 2 , is becoming

more and more crowded and polluted. Luckily, we can build a 3 world on Mars. Here is what life could be like. First of all, transportation should be much better. At present (目前), our 4 are too slow to carry(载) large number of people to Mars. It takes 5 . However, by 2100, spaceship can travel at half the speed (速度) of light. It might take us two or three days to get to Mars! Secondly, humans need food, water and 6 to live. Scientists should be able to develop (发展) plants that can be grown on Mars. These plants will produce (生 产) the food and air we need. However, can these plants produce water for us? There is no water now. There is a problem for us to live on Mars. Mars pulls (吸引) us much less than the earth does. This will be 7 because we could 8 jump too high and fly slowly away into space. To prevent (阻止) this, humans on Mars have to wear special shoes to make 9 heavier. Life on Mars will be better than that on Earth in many ways. People will have 10 space. Living in a large building with only 10 bedrooms is high possible. Many people believe that robots will do most of our work, 11 we have more time for our hobbies. There will probably be no school on Mars. Every 12 will have a computer at home which is connected (连接) to the Internet. They can study, do their 13 and take exams in online schools. Some students will also have their own online teacher called e-teacher. However, in some ways, life on Mars may not be better than that on Earth. Food will not be the same, meals will probably be in the form of pills and will not be as 14 as they are today. Also space travel will make many people feel ill. The spaceship will travel fast but the journey (旅途) to Mars will probably be very 15 . ( )1. A. live on B. are living on C. will live on D. lived on ( )2. A. the earth B. the stars C. the moon D. the sun ( )3. A. good B. better C. bad D. worse ( )4. A. trains B. planes C. subways D. spaceships ( )5. A. hours B. months C. years D. minutes ( )6. A. time B. money C. air D. room ( )7. A. possible B. dangerous C. safe D. simple ( )8. A. hard B. hardly C. easy D. easily ( )9. A. us B. ourselves C. them D. themselves ( )10. A. more B. less C. little D.


fewer ( )11. ( )12. person ( )13. ( )14. many ( )15. unhappy

A. and A. teacher A. job A. cheap A. comfortable

B. but B. student B. work B. expensive

C. if C. parent

D. so D.

C. homework D. housework C. delicious D. C. happy D.

B. uncomfortable

Reading strategy
Look at the title and picture, and predict what you will read about. This helps you get ready to acquire (获得)new information.
Text 1 Before reading: Look at the title and picture, and circle the words and phrases you think you will probably read. 1. forget 2. remember 3. dress 4. answer 5. study 6. think 7. students 8. exams 9. factory 10. company 11. talk to 12. ask questions 13. do homework 14. listen to 15. help ?write 16. look for

The Memory (记忆) Robot Mr Taylor, a teacher in a middle school in Japan, has a very bad memory. He can’t remember his telephone number. He often forgets important meetings. His wife, Erin, is a scientist. She wants to make a new robot for her husband. The memory robot will follow (跟随) Mr Taylor all the time. It will listen to everything he says. It will see everything he does. It will watch him eat his meals. It will watch him talk to students. It will know everything about Mr Taylor. So Mr Taylor can ask the robot questions. It will remember everything and answer them. If Erin asks the robot questions, she can know everything about her husband. After reading: Read and judge the following statements “T” or “F”. ( ) 1. Erin wants to make new robot for herself because she often forgets important meetings. ( ) 2. The robot can do everything and remember everything for Mr Taylor. ( ) 3. Erin will know everything about Mr Taylor if she asks the robot. Text 2


Before reading: Look at the title and picture, tick the things you think the machine can do.
( ( ( ( ( ) 1. It can talk to people. ) 2. It can eat fruit and vegetables. ) 3. It can weigh(称) people’s weight. ) 4. It can help people take exercise. ) 5. It can speak different languages.

A New Machine(机器)

你稍偏重, 请多 吃水果和蔬菜!


Will one of you get off ?

A man made a nice talking machine. It could weigh people’s weight. The man wanted to try the machine before he could make a lot of them. He put the machine into the waiting room of a station. There were always lots of people in and out. The first one who used the machine was a Chinese woman. She stood on the machine. The machine thought for a few seconds to decide which language to speak. “Good morning, madam,” it said in Chinese. “Your weight is 72 kilos. That’s three kilos more. If you eat more fruit and vegetables, you will be soon all right. Please have a nice day.” The second one to use the machine was a Japanese girl. She stood on the machine and waited to hear her weight. “Good morning, Miss,” the machine said in Japanese. “Your weight is 45 kilos. It’s all right for your age and height. Go on to eat what you eat every day. Please have a nice day.” The third one to use the machine was an American man. He thought for a long time to stand on the machine. The machine spoke quickly in English, “Good morning. Will one of you get off?” After reading: Read the passage carefully and choose the best answers. ( )1. The man put his first machine _________. A. in a train B. in the doctor’s waiting room C. in the woman’s room D. in the waiting room of a


station ( )2. The machine in this passage could ________. A. make people laugh B. speak all kinds of languages C. weigh and talk to people D. tell people what they should eat ( )3. The machine told the Chinese woman _______. A. she was a little thinner B. it couldn’t speak Chinese C. she was a little heavier D. to eat what she wanted to eat ( )4. Th e machine said to the Japanese girl that she _______. A. should eat less B. kept herself healthy C. should eat more D. had to eat more fruit ( )5. From the passage we know _________. A. the American man was healthy B. the American man was too heavy C. the American man liked thinking D. the machine didn’t like the American man Text 3 Before reading: Look at the title and pictures, tick the things you think we can do in the space hotel.

1.see the sun 2.watch the earth 3. fly to the moon 4. have training course(课程) 5. travel around the earth 6. do scientific experiments(试验)

A Space Hotel A Spanish company declared( 宣 布 ) that they would finish making a space hotel in 2012. The hotel has 22 rooms. It has bars, dining room as well as bathrooms. You can enjoy a spectacular(壮 观的) star view from their hotel rooms, see the sun rise 15 times a day and take part in scientific experiments. You can travel around the earth every 80 minutes. Of course, it’s very expensive to stay

in the hotel. It will cost about $4.4 million for a 3-night stay at the hotel, with this price including an 18-week training course on Caribbean Islands (加勒比海岛) . Now more than 200 people have showed an interest in traveling to the space hotel and at least 43 people have already reserved (预定). After reading: Read the passage carefully and choose the best answers. ( )1. How much will it cost for a 3-night stay at the space hotel? About___________. A.¥4.4 million. D.£4.4 million. ( B. $30 million. C. ¥30 million.

)2. How many people have already reserved the hotel? A. More than 22. D. More than200. B. At least 43. C. At least 80.


)3. We can not _______________in the space hotel . A. have training course B. see the sun rise 15 D. take part in

times a day C. enjoy a spectacular star view scientific experiments



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